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The Thunderbolt!!!


Action Alert:


1)  FYI Section:

  1A)  Monsanto Attempting to Subvert Democracy (Surprise Surprise!)

  1B)  Support Dave’s PBJ Project Here

  1C)  Local Celebrity ‘Dude Man’ Hounded Mercilessly by City of Olympia Before Committing Suicide

  1D)  Power Past Coal Update

2)  Dennis Kucinich Coming to Olympia:  Yes on GMO Labeling

3)  What the Heck Heck?

4)  Memorial Service for Derrick ‘Dude Man’ McDougal

5)  Skill Sharing Workshops

6)  International Day of Peace

7)  Really Really Free Market

8)  Community Rights Action in Portland

9)  Rising Tide:  Coal Train Hearing Debrief

10)  Lummi Nation Totem Pole Journey:  KWEL HOY (We draw the line)

11)  Bonus Tip of the Day




1)  FYI Section:


1A)  Monsanto Attempting to Subvert Democracy (Surprise Surprise!)


Organic Bytes at Organic Consumers Association

Monsanto, Dupont Spend $8.2M to Buy Washington Election


We knew they’d be back.  With their bald-faced lies. Their brazen disregard for your health and our environment.  Their arrogant plans to deny you the right to know what franken-ingredients they’re cooking up in their labs and disguising as “food” on your grocery shelves.

And their deep, deep pockets.


Sure enough, they are back.  This week, Monsanto and Dupont dumped millions more of their GMO-tainted dollars into the campaign to defeat I-522, Washington State’s GMO labeling initiative.  To date, Monsanto has ponied up $4.8 million.  Dupont as kicked in $3.4 million.  In all, so far, the NO on 522 campaign has raised more than $11 million. All from a handful of corporations.  Not a penny from people like you.

Who’s supporting the YES on I-522 campaign?  You.  Your family.  Your neighbors.  Your friends.  Tens of thousands of us.  To their four chemical companies and one big front group representing junk food makers.


The polls show us winning in Washington. But the opposition is trying to whittle away at our poll numbers by rallying newspaper editors (who take advertising dollars from biotech and Big Food) and Big Ag trade groups to their side.  Soon they’ll launch a full-on media blitz to try to scare voters into taking their side.


We recovered from, were galvanized around, the loss in California last year.  Can we lose this battle again this year and still win the war?  Let’s not go there. 


Pat Rasmussen 

World Temperate Rainforest Network 

PO Box 13273 

Olympia, WA 98508 





1B)  Support Dave’s PBJ Project Here


Dave’s P.B.J. Project is the revival of an outreach project first initiated many years ago by Olympia’s own “Long Hair David” Fawver, long-time homeless advocate and social activist.


Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 12:00 noon, @ the Artesian Well, volunteers distribute quality homemade peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to anyone hungry enough to show up and ask.  No questions, just sandwiches.  Healthy, natural and organic standards because these people in need, have enough garbage in their diet.  We serve those who are lost, banished or bewildered.  All Volunteer operated.  All donations go directly to ingredients.


Current cost:

One Dollar = One Sandwich




1C)  Local Celebrity ‘Dude Man’ Hounded Mercilessly by City of Olympia Before Committing Suicide


I plan to write a lot more about this sometime soon.  I am about to meet some of Dude Man’s longtime friends.


Here is a video of Dude Man addressing the Olympia City Council:


Here is the Facebook page for one of the local homeless advocacy organizations:




1D)  Power Past Coal Update


Coal companies are proposing to export 44 million tons of coal each year out of Longview, WA. We have to speak up and raise our concerns for all the ways this proposal would impact our communities, economy, and environment. Your voice matters and makes a difference!  Please come to a hearing, submit a comment, and testify 

There are four hearings left.  Please try to attend one near you.  Absolutely everyone needs to comment whether you can attend a hearing or not.

The hearing dates/locations are below (all are 5-8 p.m. Doors open at 4).  Please RSVP today

• Sept. 25, Spokane Convention Center, Spokane
• Oct. 1, The Trac Center, Pasco
• Oct. 9, Clark County Fairgrounds, Vancouver
• Oct. 17, Tacoma Convention Center, Tacoma

Wanna ride to the October 17 hearing in Tacoma?   Hop on board a bus leaving from Thurston County mid-afternoon and return at the end of the hearing. TC Pro-Net is managing the bus reservations. Please RSVP to

Plastic Bag Ban
Make your voice heard! Thurston County Solid Waste staff has been working with the community to explore ways to reduce the estimated 90 million plastic shopping bags we use annually. This work was requested by the Thurston County Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC), which is made up of city, citizen, and industry representatives.

Public Hearing Schedule

Thurston County

Tues, Sept 24, 2013

5:30 p.m.

County courthouse, Building One 
Room 280
2000 Lakeridge Dr. SW, Olympia




2)  Dennis Kucinich Coming to Olympia:  Yes on GMO Labeling

Thursday September 19th from 7 to 9 pm @ Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 2300 East End Street


It’s Kucinich.


From the organizers:


Dennis Kucinich will be speaking at the Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation on September 19th.  Kucinich is a strong advocate for the Yes on 522 Campaign to require that labels indicate whether foods have been genetically engineered or include genetically engineered ingredients.

“VOTE Yes on Initiative 522” proposed initiative states:  “The purpose of this chapter is to ensure people are fully informed about whether the food they purchase and eat was produced through genetic engineering so they may choose for themselves whether to purchase and eat such food.”

Don’t forget to invite your friends and family!

Sponsored locally by Yes on 522 Grassroots Volunteers and supported by Thurston County National Organization for Women.



3)  What the Heck Heck?

Thursday September 19th at 9 pm and Friday September 20th at 9:30 pm @ 420 College St, Lacey


Come artistically and ingeniously give 10th District rep Denny Heck some hell.  He supports TPP and he supports the NSA Spy Program.  That sucks a truly big one.


Let’s have — a light show!


This from the organizer:


 Congressman Denny Heck is still, “on the fence” about the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) free trade deal and the fast track process!  He continues to ignore the concerns of real people and our issues about free trade!  President Obama is pressuring Congress to pass fast track legislation, giving up their right to negotiate trade, as they head back after their recess!  It is time to apply more pressure and send out the Bat call and lightup his office in lacey!

Join us for an evening light show at his offices on 420 college street se in lacey!



4)  Memorial Service for Derrick ‘Dude Man’ McDougal

Friday September 20th at 1 pm @ Woodlawn Funeral Home, 5930 Mullen Rd SE, Lacey


It’s a service for a local institution.


This from the organizers:


Olympia, you did it, and we can finally lay Derrick to rest thanks to your kindness and generosity.

Derrick’s ashes will be scattered this Friday at 1pm at Woodlawn Funeral Home’s Scattering Garden.  Family and friends of Derrick’s are invited to come and take part in this final send off.

Everyone who comes and participates will be there for the same reason, to honor Derrick.  This is why we trust that everyone will be respectful of this ceremony and one another.



5)  Skill Sharing Workshops

Saturday September 21st from 10 am to 5 pm @ Friends Meeting House, Priest Point Park


Come learn to survive in the world that is coming!


This from the organizers:


A Day of Skill Sharing


To live in this changing world, we’ll need to learn to acquire new skills – which are often old skills…

Do you have skills you would like to share or learn?  Check out the comments below.


We can’t know the particulars of what the future will look like, but that we’ll live in a more frugal and more local world is certain – there just aren’t enough resources to continue consuming at our present rate. To live in this changing world, we’ll need to learn to acquire new skills – which are often old skills – to make that transition.


To do this, we need folks willing to share their skills – skills that our grandparents took for granted, such as how to use hand tools, how to build our own structures, how to mend and make clothing, how to make our own medicine, how to grow, preserve and store our food. And we need new skills for living with less energy – such as how to build a bicycle generator or a solar oven or a cook stove.


A day of skill sharing will enable us pass on what we know in a multi-generational setting through talks, demonstrations and workshops to enhance our resilience and better face the coming changes.


A schedule of events will be posted here soon.


Contact Susi O’Bryan at or Gita Moulton at



6)  International Day of Peace

Saturday September 21st 11:30 am to 8 pm @ Percival Landing, 5th and Water Streets Downtown


All we are saying?  Give peace a chance!


This from the local organizers:


International Day of Peace to be Celebrated in Olympia – September 20-22


Saturday, September 21st, Olympians and peacemakers around the world celebrate the 33rd International Day of Peace! Locally, a full weekend of free activities for adults and kids begins Friday afternoon, September 20th and continues through Sunday, September 22nd at Heritage Park, 5th and Water Streets, in downtown Olympia. Schedule of events below.


Singing, dancing, creation of peace banners in multiple languages, memorial displays reflecting the shared cost of war, tribal welcomes and blessings, a singing bowl concert, evening luminaries, a meditative peace walk around Capitol Lake, kids kite-making and art for peace are only some of the opportunities! The Global Day of Listening, founded by the Afghan Peace Volunteers and Olympia members of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, will connect each hour with those across the world who are marking the International Day of Peace with a noon minute of silent reflection in their own time zones, followed by conversations about how to raise the voices of peace!

The International Day of Peace was established by the United Nations as a time to encourage conversations about peace and the current obstacles to it, and to foster commitment for creating a peaceful world.

Olympia’s free, public event is coordinated by Veterans for Peace 109 Rachel Corrie Chapter, Traditions Fair Trade and Cafe, Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice, Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace, Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation, Interfaith Works, and Global Days of Listening National Chapter of FOR.

Come and be present to demonstrate the ever-growing need and desire for communication and understanding that rises above violence. Join us in celebrating the universally shared hope for a peaceful future.


For information, Contact:

Jennifer Martinez or Mairin McKnight Slottee

(360) 754-3998


Schedule of Events


Global Day of Listening begins at 5 PM. More information to come!


11:30- Olympia Peace Choir begins opening ceremony which includes:

  • Robert Satiacum invokation
  • Zahid Chaudhry as VFP president welcome
  • Minute of silence at noon
  • Peace signs placement on continents

Noon- children’s activities begin

1 pm- Puget Sound Peace photo, taken by Kay Schultz with music by the Artisian Rumble Arkestra

2 pm- Singing Bowl Concert by Open Heart Open Mind Singing Bowls & a meditative peace walk around Capitol Lake

  • Peace doves meet the walkers as they return to the Singing Bowl concert with a photo taken from the six story building
  • Music will continue throughout the rest of the afternoon

8 pm- Luminaries placed in ANW & the IMtL and will remain in place all night


Noon- Children’s activity area opens till 4pm

  • Water Blessing Ceremony followed by Dances of Universal Peace for an hour
  • Kite making and flying until 4
  • Music all afternoon – including the Lincoln Parent Band and Holly Gwinn Graham

5 pm- Closing ceremony, taps and take-up ANW and IMtL



7)  Really Really Free Market

Saturday September 21st from 2 pm to Whenever @ Grass Patch Just West of Traditions, 300 5th Ave SW


It’s the gift economy at work!  (Sort of the opposite of capitalism).


Check it out:


In conjunction with International Day of Peace Event at Heritage Park

Stay tuned for details _______________________________________


8)  Community Rights Action in Portland

Saturday and Sunday September 21st and 22nd  in Portland, OR


I don’t usually promote out-of-town events but this is a very important movement and Paul Cienfuegos, Evergreen grad and leader in the Community Rights Movement, is the organizer.  This event features Thomas Linzey, co-founder with Paul of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund.


This from the organizers:


Thomas Linzey, a founder of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund and co-author of “Be the Change” is coming to Portland for events on Saturday and Sunday, September 21 and 22:


Saturday, September 21st

Ballot Initiative Campaign Kickoff Event
Ban Growing of GMOs in Multnomah County

  • 7-10 PM
  • Doors open to the public at 6:40
  • Talk by Thomas Linzey
  • Sliding scale $5-50
  • No one turned away for lack of funds
  • Venue: Immaculate Heart Church
  • 2910 N Williams Ave Portland, OR 97227

Fundraiser Dinner (5 PM, ahead of Thomas’ Talk)


Sunday, September 22nd

Topic: Why Not Local Democracy?


Join Community Rights PDX in a kickoff party to launch a ballot initiative campaign banning the growing of GMOs in Multnomah County! There will be a catered dinner with limited seating at 5:30 PM (doors open at 5) followed by a presentation and discussion with Thomas Linzey at 7 PM that is open to the public (doors open at 6:40 pm).


Enjoy an intimate, locally-sourced, seasonal dinner (allergen-friendly) with Thomas Linzey from 5-6:30 pm. The seats for this dinner are filling up fast, so be sure to register and buy your dinner ticket now through the Permaculture PDX MeetUp. It includes dinner, a drink, and a chance to chat one-on-one with Thomas Linzey. The food will be served by a top-notch local caterer. The cider is provided by Reverend Nat’s Cidery in NE Portland. It is also locally-sourced and gluten-free. At 7 pm, Thomas Linzey will give a presentation about how he has helped over 150 communities to reclaim their rights from corporations. There will be a chance to ask questions afterwards, and local beer and cider will be served while you have a chance to talk and mingle with people interested in this groundbreaking movement. Entry is a sliding scale from $5-50 with no one turned away for lack of funds. The proceeds for this event will help Community Rights PDX to prepare for a ballot initiative campaign to ban the growing of GMOs in Multnomah County.


The very next night, don’t miss a rare opportunity to listen to and ask questions of the nation’s leading expert on dismantling corporate constitutional “rights” and creating in its place truly democratic governance structures. Thomas Linzey will talk at 6 pm, doors open at 5:30 on Sunday, September 22nd, 2013 at First Unitarian Church.


There will be local organizations tabling, and a chance to meet local people who are interested in campaign finance reform and reclaiming political power for our local community and limiting corporate harm. Entry is a sliding scale from $5-20 with no one turned away for lack of funds.



9)  Rising Tide:  Coal Train Hearing Debrief

Monday September 23rd from 7 to 9 pm @ Traditions, 300 5th Ave SW


Come debrief on protecting our community from coal trains.


From the organizers:


MONDAY September 23th 7-9pm at Traditions
Join Southsound Rising Tide and other fellow activists to have a round
table discussion about how the hearings went and to brainstorm some next steps
for the Tacoma hearings.

GROUPS/PEOPLE that it would be good to reach out too.

Farmers, Food Procurement people at stores like our Co-op, Parks &Recreation folks, Emergency responders , families, schools, churches, tourism industry,native plant society, OSHA, Industrial managers, dept. of health, school teachers, people living by the tracks, aquaculture people, union workers, solution based economic analyst other already impacted communities (Appalachia), scientist and academics, ,medical communities….
Please if you have connection to some of these folks and want to plug them but are not sure how… you can bring them to the September 23rd event or the Oct 5th. You can also contact us.

Let’s keep the momentum from the hearings Going!

SouthSound Rising Tide



10)  Lummi Nation Totem Pole Journey:  KWEL HOY (We draw the line)

Tuesday September 24th from Noon to 1 pm @ Tivoli Fountain on State Capitol Campus


Come welcome the original people of this land.


Lummi Nation Totem Pole Journey: KWEL HOY’ (“We Draw the Line”)


Tuesday, September 24, 2013


12PM – 1PM


Tivoli Fountain on the Capitol Campus
Olympia, WA


Please join us in welcoming the Lummi Nation to our community on their totem pole journey to reclaim the sacred and protect Xwe’chi’eXen (Cherry Point) from Coal.

The House of Tears carvers of the Lummi community have created a tradition of carving and delivering totem poles to areas struck by disaster or otherwise in need of hope and healing. 


Now it is Lummi Nation’s own sacred landscape, Xwe’chi’eXen, that needs hope, healing and protection. The most imminent threat to this sacred landscape and to treaty rights associated with Xwe’chi’eXen comes from a proposal to build North America’s largest coal port: the Gateway Pacific Terminal.




The Kwel hoy’ Totem Pole journey, September 15-29, 2013, will start in the Powder River Basin in Montana and follow the coal train route to Xwe’chi’eXen.  The journey will conclude in British Columbia, where the totem pole will be placed in the homeland of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, demonstrating unity with the Canadian First Nations’ position opposing the transport of Tar Sands by pipelines across their territories.  There, the totem pole will be met by  Tribes and First Nations that have traveled from all directions.  The Totem Pole will be placed as a means of  reinforcing the message: Kwel hoy.’


TO RSVP (not necessary for you to come – just helping with a head count):


To DONATE go to IndieGoGo.  For more information



11)  Bonus Tip of the Day:


Keep your karma clean.







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