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Poppy Seed Street Lesson 3:


1)  FYI:  West Central Park Project

2)  The Structure of Love is Indestructible

3)  Teach In on Coal Exports

5)  FOR Peace Vigil

6)  Really Really Free Market

7)  Leafleting Party for Sue Gunn and Kyle Taylor Lucas

8)  Scott Yoos Legal Defense Silent Auction and Music Fundraiser

9)  What the Heck Heck?

10)  Bonus Tip of the Day




Hey Kids!


I will start right off with good news!  Obomber is getting his ass handed to him on a platter!  Saint Barack has finally had his halo tarnished!  Our smooth talking charismatic sold-out sack-of-shite Murderer in Chief has been humbled and thwarted from lying us into yet another Mid-Eastern war!  His Big Push seems to be dying on the vine; no support from anyone!


Maybe there is hope after all…




And now, in our dedication to public service and to educating our children, The Thunderbolt once again proudly steps up to the plate to joyously discharge our civic duty!


Yes, The Thunderbolt believes that we must protect and serve our hope for the future:  Our children!


The Thunderbolt believes that children should learn about the actual world that they will actually be inheriting!  Thus, The Thunderbolt feels that children are never too young to learn about genocidal slaughter prostitution and drugs!


So contain your excitement, Kids, because this week the Thunderbolt is airing the next segment of…


Poppy Seed Street Lesson Three:

Role Models for Aspiring Youth!


Why hello children!  Welcome back to my neighborhood!


Since all of you have survived this far without being executed or imprisoned then it is with very surely positiveness that I feel all of you who remain have what it takes to become our future Top Consumers in Capitalist World!




Now:  Recently this radical low-rent radio show called The Thunderbolt out of Olympia, Washington aired a ‘Role Call of Honour’ for a bunch of radical non-white pinko Communist terrorist cop killing scumbags like Martin Luther King and Leonard Peltier — and thus, this week Poppy Seed Street is proud to announce that we also have our own Roll Call of Honour!


And so, kids, today we will learn about Fascism by studying the Masters!


We begin Lesson Three with a quote from our first honouree:


Control the oil and you control the nation

Control the food and you control the people

                                                —Henry Kissinger


Ah yes!  Sir Henry!  He is one of our Revered Masters, kids!  Believe me, ole Henry did a hell of a lot of ‘controlling’ in his time and there were Third World governments falling like flies whilst Henry had his finger on the CIA’s buttons!  That man knew of which he spake let me tell you!


Benito Mussolini, who invented the term, defined Fascism as the merger of corporate and state interests.  Now, you must learn to love Fascism, children, because Fascism greatly assists us in ‘controlling’ everything — and as long as we can continue to control everything then we can continue looting and pillaging for fun and profit without hindrance!


So:  The bright students who understand the lessons of Poppy Seed Street know that the Golden Rule in Capitalist World is that he who owns the gold makes the rules!  They also know that the Prime Directive in Capitalist World is that in order to steal all the gold and in order to compete successfully with your fellow top predators — then you must first kill lots of people and then steal all their stuff!


Whilst doing this, though, you must always keep in mind that humans almost always get really pissed off about it when you start killing all of them and stealing their stuff and sometimes they really raise a stink — and then sometimes even the people on ‘our’ side start questioning whatever bullshite we are feeding them to justify whatever war de jour we are fighting at that particular time.  When this happens we simply make up specious patriotic justifications and we encourage the sheep to focus on the big picture and then they will understand that our efforts are ultimately to the benefit of humanity — which is true; it’s just that it only benefits a very small slice of humanity.  Thus, we must convince the peons that slavery is freedom and that war is peace!  We must convince them that having child slaves in Third World countries working in mines so that we can have cheap cell phones us is good for the child slaves — and then we hammer that message into their brains over and over repeatedly and then yet again once more and we hammer it in their schools and on their TV’s and on their Internets and we will hammer it on the beaches in the fields and on the streets!


In spite of the fact that our justifications would not survive even the most cursory critical scrutiny, most of the general public actually believe our justifications!  This is probably because humans often have an amazing ability to do that when it is in their best interests to do so.


The power of the Press!  Yes siree bob!


However, lessons other than those concerning his theories on government should also be taken from Mr. Mussolini; i.e. specifically upon the manner in which Mr. Mussolini departed this world…


The lesson there, children, is that you should always keep a wary eye if the peasants start picking up torches and pitchforks…




We’re Number One!


And now, children:  If Henry Kissinger is a Revered Master then Goldman $achs is our Patron Saint!  For you see:  Goldman $achs is hands-down by-far the most successful criminal gang in all human history!  Forget even that gang of Nazi nutcases back in the 40’s!  When Hitler was a still a pauper stewing in his jail cell and writing books, Goldman was there playing an instrumental role in orchestrating the Great Depression in 1929 and Goldman has been the prime architect of every major financial scam that has been pulled upon the American public ever since, including the Great 2007 Real Estate Bubble Scam!


Now, not everyone is fooled and you must keep a very careful eye upon such people lest they infect many others with their heretical truths.  As an example here is Matt Taibbi’s masterpiece investigatory exposé of Goldman.  Taibbi has a knack for explaining things in terms anyone can understand and he is also very funny:


Goldman $achs was the top private contributor that put Barack Obama first in the Senate and then in the White House.


Here is a list of Goldman apparatchiks that currently dominate Obama’s White House — and also included is the list of the Goldman puppets that previously dominated George Bush’s White House:


Fascism?  We’re already there, Kids…




Portraits in Fascism:  Monsanto


While Goldman is the tip-top-numero-uno-number-one-bestest-of the bestest of the best — honourable mention must also go to Monsanto, that merry band of transgenic fish -oil salesmen!


Here is just a partial list of some of Monsanto’s most recent activities:

  • Suing small farmers for patent infringement after Monsanto’s GM seeds spread wildly into surrounding farmers’ fields, contaminating their conventional crops
  • Secretly discharging PCB-laden toxic waste into an Alabama creek, and dumping millions of pounds of PCBs into open-pit landfills for decades after PCBs were banned in the US for being a possible carcinogen.
  • Being found guilty of bribery to bypass Indonesian law requiring an environmental assessment review for its genetically engineered cotton.
  • Last year, the supreme court of France found Monsanto guilty of falsely advertising its herbicide Roundup as “biodegradable” and “environmentally friendly.”  Scientific evaluation discovered that glyphosate, the active ingredient in RoundUp, is acutely toxic to fish and birds and can kill beneficial insects and soil organisms that maintain ecological balance.  Additionally, the surfactant ingredient in Roundup is more acutely toxic than glyphosate itself, and the combination of the two is even more toxic.
  • In 2007, the South African Advertising Standards Authority also found Monsanto guilty of lying when advertising that “no negative reactions to Genetically Modified food have been reported.”
  • According to one EPA scientist, Monsanto doctored studies and covered-up dioxin contamination of a wide range of its products.  She concluded that the company’s behaviour constituted “a long pattern of fraud.”
  • In 1999, the New York Times exposed that Monsanto’s PR firm, Burson Marsteller, had paid fake “pro-GMO” food demonstrators to counteract a group of anti-biotech protesters outside a Washington, DC FDA meeting.

And here is evidence of the results of some of Monsanto’s most recent activities:

  • No increase in yields; on the contrary GM soya has decreased yields by up to 20 percent compared with non-GM soya.  Up to 100 percent failures of Bt cotton have been recorded in India.  And recent studies by scientists from the USDA and the University of Georgia found that growing GM cotton in the U.S. can result in a drop in income by up to 40 percent.
  • No reduction in pesticides use; on the contrary, USDA data shows that GM crops has increased pesticide use by 50 million pounds from 1996 to 2003 in the U.S., and the use of glyphosate went up more than 15-fold between 1994 and 2005, along with increases in other herbicides to cope with rising glyphosate resistant superweeds.
  • Roundup herbicide is lethal to frogs and toxic to human placental and embryonic cells.  Roundup is used in more than 80 percent of all GM crops planted in the world.
  • GM crops harm wildlife, as revealed by UK and U.S. studies.
  • Bt resistant pests and Roundup tolerant superweeds render the two major GM crop traits useless.  The evolution of Bt resistant bollworms worldwide have now been confirmed and documented.
  • Vast areas of forests, pampas and cerrados lost to GM soya in Latin America.
  • Epidemic of suicides in the cotton belt of India.  100,000 farmers between 1993-2003, and an estimated 16,000 farmers a year since, have committed suicide since Bt cotton was introduced.
  • Transgene contamination is completely unavoidable, as science has recently revealed that the genome (whether plant, animal or human) is NOT constant and static, which is the scientific base for genetic engineering of plants and animals.  Instead, geneticists have discovered that the genome is remarkably dynamic and changeable, and constantly ‘conversing’ and adapting to the environment.  This interaction determines which genes are turned on, when, where, by what and how much, and for how long.  They’ve also found that the genetic material itself has the ability to be changed according to experience, passing it on to subsequent generations.
  • GM food and feed linked to deaths and sicknesses both in the fields in India and in lab tests around the world.  For example, in April 2006, more than 70 Indian shepherds reported that 25 percent of their herds died within 5-7 days of continuous grazing on Bt cotton plants.


Fortunately for Monsanto, the poorly funded and rather hapless anti-GMO people mostly don’t know what they are talking about and they mostly depend upon scaring people with specious emotional appeals rather than with the truly scary facts.  I highlighted that one paragraph myself because this is one of the scariest aspects of transgenic manipulation — yet it is an aspect that seems virtually ignored by the anti-GMO people.  When you start getting into genomes, all of this stuff is almost infinitely complex and it is all interwoven and genes often do completely different things when placed in different contexts.  The people at Monsanto are playing with dynamite when they don’t have the slightest frigging clue of what the hell they’re doing.  In addition to the fact that they are playing with the basic building blocks of life when they don’t have a frigging clue of what they are doing and in addition to the fact that they providing numerous species — and their parasites and pathogens as it very alarmingly turns out — the fact is that they are providing all of these species and their parasites and their pathogens with an artificial man-made dna makeover containing viral and bacterial vectors that are specifically designed to carry genetic information across species barriers — which means that in addition to everything else — there is also the fact that they are doing things that could theoretically present several potentially catastrophic side effects — such as teaching pathogens how to jump species barriers, for instance.


…and now…


…in even further addition to all of that


…we now learn…




Surprise, surprise!


Yet such is the genius of Monsanto that — in spite of the facts — it is still a highly successful scam!  Transgenic crops are, in fact, taking over the whole world — and Monsanto has now seized control of 90% of the entire planet’s supply of transgenic crops!


You go-go-go Monsanto-to-to-to!


So you see children, this is why we so love Fascism!  When you own a government then you can get away with doing things like this!  Monsanto is not only seizing control of the food supply without government interference — but thanks to Monsanto’s legendary palm-greasing activities (their palms are so greasy they must have their aides open doors for them) they actually have the enthusiastic and wholehearted assistance and support of the government!


After all:  That’s what we pay them for!


As a result of vomiting our tainted river of stinky lucre into the foul spittoons and bedpans of their campaign coffers, we now completely dominate the federal government in almost every way and on almost every level!  And now we are free to empty those spittoons and bedpans all over the heads of the working people and the poor!


For instance:  Just in the field of intelligence there are fully 18 completely separate civilian and government intelligence agencies within the federal government — and 70% of their enourmous combined black budgets are outsourced to us!  All of this top-secret highly intrusive information is now being processed by for-profit sociopaths.  The Pentagon has privatized 69% of its workforce.  The Afghan war machine is almost fully privatized and so now they can pretend that they aren’t still occupying Afghanistan.  We are taking over the whole shebang, let me tell you kids!


We even run all the wars now!  We play a much larger role than any state does in major policy decisions these days!


And we make all the profits resulting from those policies too!


You see kids:  We love Fascism because we love tax dollars!


Under Fascism, they pay and we play! 


Also, when you own the government, then you need not care not one scintilla of doodly squat about anything but making more money!  We are free to exploit impoverish oppress murder and destroy!  We throw poor families out of homes and we let the uninsured die!  We create useless wars for profit and we destroy the environmental infrastructure!  We loot the public treasury and we brutally crush any movement that seeks justice for working people!


And then our pet newspapers blame the victims and say that it is their own fault that they are out on the streets!


And so effective have we become at public manipulation that even the actual people who are actually out on the streets believe our crap!


It’s amazing!  You can’t fool all the people all the time — but you can certainly fool enough of them to marginalize the un-fooled ones by making them so few in number and so vilified in the press that they don’t matter…


The irony to all of this, of course, is that governments in general and representative democracies in particular were originally formed to protect them from people such as us!


People such as us indeed:  Over and over and over and over and over again we have proven that we are perfectly willing to murder their families if we can make enough money at it and if we think that we can get away with it — it is literally our default position, in fact — and when you own a government then that also makes getting away with that much easier!


The above list only includes the most recent crimes of Monsanto; they have a decades-long history of thoroughly nasty heinous mass-murder of children for profit (i.e. business-as-usual for the modern corporate person).  These idiots are allowing a company like Monsanto — which has a long history of knowingly poisoning children and then lying about and covering it up even as they continued to poison them for many more years — they allow these same people to seize complete control over their government and their food and their world!


Of all the weapons that are available in our arsenal, though, the two most useful attributes that we wish to drill into the vox populi are apathy and fear.  Thus, if they can’t be gently lulled to sleep then we can simply jolt them with a…




Terror Alert!


The terrorists are coming!  The terrorists are coming!  We must trash your most basic core civil liberties and we must trash your Constitution and you must give up our privacy rights and you must let us spend a kajillion dollars on defense and you must let us mass-murder civilians in the Middle East because the terrorists are coming!  Be afraid!  Be terrified!  You must give us a blank check to do anything we want to do because the terrorists are coming!


DUDE!  CHILL THE HELL OUT!  Americans literally face about the same chance of being killed by a terrorist as they do of being struck by frigging lightning!


Yes, this is true; but when you own the press and the government, then none of that matters!


However, children, the wise imperialist always has a contingency plan waiting in case things head south!  We must have a new ‘enemy’ waiting in the wings with which to terrorize the American public so we can spend multi-kajillions of dollars on the military and turn the United States into a police state.  We have created this multi-kajillion dollar Wars R Us industry and now that it is there we need to keep it busy!


So how about this:  An average of 195,000 people in the USA die each year due to potentially preventable, in-hospital medical errors!


That means that over the last 15 years there have been 975 Americans killed by their own doctor for every one that has been killed by the terrorists!


The doctors are coming!  The doctors are coming!  We must trash our Constitution and we must give up our privacy rights…




And that’s all for Poppy Seed Street this week kids — but don’t be sad!  You can tune in next week for a very exciting episode!  We will learn how start a war by committing a heinous crime and then framing your ‘enemy’ for the crime so that you can then justify killing him and stealing all his stuff!


Won’t you be my neighbor?




Syrian Follies Continued


One more word on Syria before getting to the calendar:  I always work under the assumption that anything any politician says is always a lie.  This is not a foolproof method as they will gleefully tell the truth in the few instances where it is politically advantageous to do so — but since nearly everything they do is slimy underhanded and ethically vile, then telling the truth is a rare luxury for them.


Thus, making the assumption that everything they say is a lie works more often than not.  Therefore, as soon as I heard John Kerry emphatically stating that they knew for a fact that Basher Assad was responsible for the chemical weapon attacks and that they knew this due to ‘secret’ evidence that they couldn’t share with the public, my alarm bells began immediately clanging and so I went and consulted some reliable sources — and sure enough, there is much disbelief in ‘Fact World’ (as opposed to ‘Government Propaganda World’) that Assad was actually responsible for the attack.


The situation is that the Syrian Civil War is pretty much at a stalemate with Assad in the superior position.  It appears that the only thing that would change this paradigm would be a foreign intervention.  Therefore, attacking civilians with chemical weapons after Obama had drawn a line in the sand on that issue would have been an incredibly stupid thing for Assad to have done — but a very smart thing for the opposition to have done if they could successfully blame Assad — and with American help they could possibly get away with that.


John Kerry also stated that the Assad government was the only player in the country that had the capability of mounting such an attack.


Already now you have an opportunity to refer to my rule about what to assume whenever any politician says anything!  There are not only two other forces capable of deploying nasty illegal weapons in the neighborhood, but both forces have done so several times in the past!  And if you are operating — as I am — from the theory that the O-bombers and the Israelis want a proxy war with Iran then both these forces have hefty incentive to create a cassus belli in this particular case!


Yes, Kids, I am speaking of Israel and the CIA!


You can always count on them, let me tell you!


I have not yet heard anyone else even conjecture about this much less seen any evidence to corroborate it — but to me the whole Syrian chemical weapon attack stinks to high heaven of a covert operation conducted by a Western intelligence agency.


Sadly, if true this still wouldn’t be anywhere near the worst thing that either the Israelis or the CIA has ever done.


Now — surprise, surprise — there is evidence surfacing that the White House ‘mischaracterized’ their alleged evidence that the Syrian government was responsible for the chemical attacks!


Oh, Joe!  Say it aint so!


Yes, Kids, I’m afraid that according to Kenneth Timmerman over at the Daily Caller, rather than indicating that they were orchestrating the chemical weapon attack, Assad officials instead expressed surprise over it…


Concerning that report, here is a very revealing exchange between Representative Alan Grayson and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel at a recent House hearing:


REP. ALAN GRAYSON: Secretary Hagel, there’s been a report in the media that the administration has mischaracterized post-attack Syrian military communications and that these communications actually express surprise about the attack.  This is a very serious charge.  Can you please release the original transcripts so that the American people can make their own judgment about that important issue?


SECRETARY OF DEFENSE CHUCK HAGEL: Well, that’s probably classified.


Of course it is classified!  What the hell else are they going to say?  “I don’t want to release those papers because it constitutes proof that we are once again lying through our teeth to cover up a thoroughly nasty vile criminal and murderous political agenda.”


But take comfort, Kids; maybe we will be able to read the Syrian military communications on Wikileaks sometime soon…


It’s time to get to work…



1)  FYI:  West Central Park Project


There was a plan to put a 7-11 store at the southeast corner of Harrison and Division streets; the community rose up in outrage and defeated this plan.  Instead we now have a true People’s Park at that location!  There are numerous activities happening there all the time.


Here is a link to their calendar:


Here is a link to their Facebook page:



2)  The Structure of Love is Indestructible

Thursday September 11th thru Sunday September 15th @ The Harbor House at Percival Landing, 405 Columbia St NW


This is hard to describe but worth checking out.


From the organizers:


The Structure of Love is Indestructible

5 days of events Sept 11- 15th


Free live music and keynote speakers daily
September 11 – 15, 2013
Address for The Harbor House on Percival Landing:

405 Columbia St NW Olympia, WA 98501


12:30pm – Harbor House open for viewing of sculpture

7:00 pm – 8:00pm Dan Walker and Shannon DeLong (guitar and vocal) performs

9:00pm – Harbor House closes for day

A short video presentation will be shown throughout the day in the Harbor House. It will honor event sponsors, as well as share information on Ross’ work including the story of The Structure of Love Is Indestructible.  The subject, “Courage in Journalism” will be addressed in a video segment from Alice Musabende of Rwanda.


9/12/13 Thursday


Day 2 Theme – Recognizing Peace and Justice

9:00am – Harbor House opens for viewing of sculpture

7:00-7:30pm – Jim Page (activist, improvisational folk-singer/poet, guitar and



7:30pm – Cindy Corrie (President, Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice) and Ross Matteson speak


8:00-9:00pm – Jim Page (activist, improvisational folk-singer/poet, guitar and


9:00pm – Harbor House closes

A short video presentation will be shown throughout the day in the Harbor House. It will honor event sponsors, as well as share information on Ross’ work including the story of The Structure of Love Is Indestructible. The subject, “Courage in Journalism” will be addressed in a video segment from Alice Musabende of Rwanda


Local firefighters will be ushering from 6:30pm-9:00pm.

Music DJ’d by McKane Cutler 6-7pm


9/13/13 Friday
Day 3 Theme – Courage in Journalism


9:00am – Harbor House opens for viewing of sculpture
12:15pm – John Dodge (inspirationalist writer and journalist for The Olympian) and Ross Matteson speak


12:30pm- 1:00pm Tarik Bentlemsani (of The Brown Edition- guitar)
5:00-6:15pm – Chickadee (4 Person Jazz Band) performs
6:15-7:00pm – Artesian Rumble Arkestra (15 Piece Social Justice Marching Band)

9:00pm – Harbor House closes

A short video presentation will be shown throughout the day in the Harbor House. It will honor event sponsors, as well as share information on Ross’ work including the story of The Structure of Love Is Indestructible. The subject, “Courage in Journalism” will be addressed in a video segment from Alice Musabende of Rwanda.  Local firefighters will be ushering from 11:30am-1:30pm.

Music DJ’d by McKane Cutler 5-8pm


9/14/13 Saturday

Day 4 ThemeUncovering Truth in Nature


9:00am – Harbor House opens for viewing of sculpture

3:30-5:00pm – Buckshot Brass Band (Washington’s funkiest brass band) perform

5:00-5:30pm – Ross Matteson (artist/activist) speaks

5:30-6:00pm – Rob Saecker (Mbira) performs

6:00-8:00pm – Dale Russ (fiddle) and Tom Creegan (Uilleann Irish pipes) perform

9:00pm – Harbor House closes

A short video presentation will be shown throughout the day in the Harbor House. It will honor event sponsors, as well as share information on Ross’ work including the story of The Structure of Love Is Indestructible.  The subject, “Courage in Journalism” will be addressed in a video segment from Alice Musabende of Rwanda.  Local firefighters will be ushering from 12:00pm-9:00pm.


9/15/13 Sunday

Day 5 Theme – Interfaith Unity


9:00 – Harbor House opens for viewing of sculpture


B) Blackfish at OfS starts FRiday go to their website for details



3)  Teach In on Coal Exports

Thursday September 12th from 7 to 9 pm @ Traditions, 300 5th Ave SW


Come educate yourself about why you don’t want several miles-long coal trains passing through our communities every day.


This from the organizers:


Your invited to a teach about coal issues sponsored by Greenpeace and Rising Tide.  Please help spread the word!


The Longview coal export terminal hearings taking place on Sept. 17 in Longview and October 17th in Tacoma are important to attend!  Come and learn more about the scoping process and the impacts of coal.  We’ll have updates and learn more about effective testimony, particular areas of interest, and how to help get supporters to the hearing.  Come meet other concerned neighbors and grab your dinner or a drink with us!


Where: Traditions Cafe 


When : Sept 12th 6pm-8pm


Why:  Local, state, and federal agencies will use the comments submitted to draft an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and make permit decisions for Millennium’s coal export proposal.  If approved, the proposed 44 million tons per year coal export terminal (which would be the largest in the United States) would bring 16 dirty coal trains down the Columbia and through Longview each day en route to Asian markets.


The EIS must address all of the impacts that you put in your comments.  Comment today!


In addition to saying NO to dirty coal, this is your opportunity to tell decision makers how coal export will affect you and your community.  Impacts to air quality, traffic congestion, water quality, river recreation, and our climate are just a few of the vital things that you can ask to be considered in the EIS.




Because of the huge risk coal export poses to our region, five public hearings are planned.  Please attend one near you we absolutely need everyone to comment whether you can attend a hearing or not.


Prepare testimony & comments for the hearing at one of our pre-hearing workshops!


The five hearings are planned for Longview, Spokane, Pasco, Vancouver, and Tacoma. All hearings are 5-8PM, doors open at 4PM.


We are planning rallies at all 5 hearings, starting at 4PM.  Please wear red to the rally and hearing, and RSVP with us by clicking on the hearing you’re planning to attend:


*Sept. 17, Cowlitz Expo Center, Longview


*Sept. 25, Spokane Convention Center, Spokane


*Oct. 1, The Trac Center, Pasco


*Oct. 9, Clark County Fairgrounds, Vancouver


*Oct. 17, Tacoma Convention Center, Tacoma


Click here to download Riverkeeper’s useful guide to providing oral and written testimony about Longview’s proposed coal export project.


Over 124,000 people submitted comments during a similar comment period for the proposed coal terminal at Cherry Point, near Bellingham, Washington.  As a result, a broad environmental review will be conducted.  Longview deserves the same!



4)  Support for the Childbearing Year

Friday thru Sunday September 13th thru 15th @ the TESC Longhouse


Mothers make our world.  Literally.  They are the revolution.


Come learn everything you ever wanted to know about motherhood.


This from Rebeka:



Herbs, Energy & Nutrition for the Childbearing Year


September 13, 14, & 15

Friday – Sunday


Join us in expanding the awareness & consciousness around birth while meeting & eating with Olympia, Tacoma, & Seattle area (& beyond!) birthing support, in three days of panels, workshops, concerts, yoga classes, sample treatments, self-care support, and engagement.

We will be showcasing local momma powered businesses & crafters. affordable on-site child care, directory of birthing support, and raffle of momma minded prizes.


3 panels of wise women

15 workshops

2 Concerts (not included in weekend pass)

daily family friendly yoga classes

sample treatment sessions

pre & post natal nutrition experts…



Suzanne Arms, Jessica Ryan, Jessica Olsen, Diksha Berebitsky, Lindsey Rhodes. Kristen Rubis, Emily Pixie, Denise Robison, and more…



Friday: $30

Evening Concert: $30

Saturday: $60

Evening Concert: $30

Sunday: $60

Evening Sister Ceremony with Suzanne Arms: $35


Weekend passes before August 15th: $100 w/Concerts $150

Weekend passes after August 15th: $125 w/Concerts $175


Sponsored by Colorado 501c3 Non-Profit & International NGO Birthing The Future & founder Suzanne Arms

Where the heart’s knowing

meets ancient wisdom & the edge of science,

To guide us forward and home…


In the Primal Period

lies the path to full human potential.



5)  FOR Peace Vigil

Friday September 13th from 4:30 to 6 pm @ Percival Landing, 4th and Water Streets SW


Reminder:  The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation has been doing this every Friday for decades now.  Come demonstrate support for peace.


Peace Vigil — Friday afternoon rush hour


Friday, September 13, 2013


4:30PM – 6:00PM


Percival Landing
4th & Water SW, downtown
Olympia, WA 98501


Peace Vigil from 4:30 to 6:00 pm at south end of Percival Landing near W 4th Ave.

Please join us for whatever length of time you can. We provide plenty of signs.  Also enjoy the Artesian Rumble Arkestra jazz band that performs here from 5:00 to 6:00 to support our vigil!

Sponsor: Olympia FOR.  Info: 491-9093  

See information about our vigils at


See the Olympia FOR’s website for our many other activities.



6)  Really Really Free Market

Sunday September 15th from 2 pm to Whenever @ Woodruff Park, Harrison and Thomas Streets SW


It’s the return of the Really Really Free Market and their famous no-questions-asked non-money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with any product you obtain at the RRFM!


From the organizers:


Food, music, clothes, books…. bring what you want, take what you want.  A free gift economy in the park!



7)  Leafleting Party for Sue Gunn and Kyle Taylor Lucas

Sunday September 15th Meet at 10 am @ Tumwater Falls, 110 Deschutes Way, Tumwater


It’s a leafleting party for some political candidates (for Port Commissioner and Tumwater City Council) that actually represent people rather than Machines!


From the organizers:


Meet at Tumwater Falls Park at 10:00am

We will work with supporters of Kyle Taylor Lucas for Tumwater City Council to deliver campaign materials for both campaigns to likely voters.


We will provide walking lists of likely voters and campaign materials to be left on doorsteps.



8)  Scott Yoos Legal Defense Silent Auction and Music Fundraiser

Sunday September 15th from 6:30 to 9 pm @ Traditions, 300 5th Ave SW


The case is over but the bills aren’t.  Come help Scott pay for his battle.


This from the organizers:


Join us for a lively evening of community and fun!
• 6:30 pm – Silent Auction Viewing
• 7:00 pm – Music
Music by Vince Brown – Monica Peabody – Greg Voelker & Friends
and other local musicians

Scott was falsely accused of assaulting an Olympia Police Department officer and has been through a long legal ordeal which has finally ended with the assault charge dropped!  The Scott Yoos Legal Defense Fund and friends will come together to mark this bittersweet ending.

And we still need to raise close to $2,000 to pay off legal and court debts.

♥If you can donate an item or service to the Silent Auction,
contact Wendy at: or call 360-915-9035.

Suggested donation: $10 – $50.  No one turned away



9)  What the Heck Heck?

Thursday September 19th at 9 pm and Friday September 20th at 9:30 pm @ 420 College St, Lacey


Come artistically and ingeniously give 10th District rep Denny Heck some hell.  He supports TPP and he supports the NSA Spy Program.  That sucks a truly big one.


Let’s have — a light show!


This from the organizer:


 Congressman Denny Heck is still, “on the fence” about the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) free trade deal and the fast track process!  He continues to ignore the concerns of real people and our issues about free trade!  President Obama is pressuring Congress to pass fast track legislation, giving up their right to negotiate trade, as they head back after their recess!  It is time to apply more pressure and send out the Bat call and lightup his office in lacey!

Join us for an evening light show at his offices on 420 college street se in lacey!



10)  Bonus Tip of the Day:


Honour a Fascist in the manner they deserve today.







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