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1)  FYI Section:

   1A)  Bill of Rights Defense Committee News Roundup Discontinued in the Thunderbolt

   1B)  San Francisco ‘Public Bank’ is Happening!

   1C)  Rural Thurston County Under Attack!

   1D)  Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation Newsletter

   1E)  Robert Greenwald Requests Donations to Bring Drone Victims to Washington

   1F)  California Prisoners Hunger Strike Update

2)  Decomposing the Shadow Book Reading and Book Signing

3)  Anarchists in the Current Social Struggle in Barcelona

4)  Plastic Ocean; Author Charles Moore Speaks about the Plastic Desert in the Pacific Gyre

5)  Maia Mural Brigade #Water4Gaza Fundraiser

6)  Bonus Tip of the Day




The Truth can pose no threat to a just cause

                                    —Mahatma Gandhi



Hey Kids!


Who is Winning the War on Terror?


According to Osama bin Laden’s public words, he organized the 9-11 attacks with three stated strategic goals:

            US Troops out of Saudi Arabia (Check)

            Oil over $100 per barrel (Check)

            Bankrupting the United States (Mate)


Destroying the most basic core civil liberties of American citizens was not specifically stated in Mr. bin Laden’s bucket list, but if his consciousness is still following events in some manner then I’m sure he is smiling in whatever heaven or hell that he currently occupies as he watches the US implode in reaction to his acts.


So excuse me, but who is winning the ‘War on Terror’?


Profile in Fascism:  Denny Heck


In my view, if the ‘terrorists’ succeed in destroying our Constitution then the ‘terrorists’ have won.


In calling Denny Heck (D WA) a ‘fascist’, I am not engaging in hyperbole or exaggeration of any kind; I mean it quite literally.  Imprisoning or executing people without due process was legally done away with in 1215 ce when English King John signed the Magna Carta.


Barack Obama has thus taken us back to the 13th Century as far as civil liberties go.


And — again exactly as I predicted — our local 10th District House rep, Denny Heck, is one of the bad guys.


Thanks to Edward Snowden we now know that the NSA has the metadata (if not the actual recordings) (right) of every phone call and every email that you have made or sent over the last several years — in contradiction of our most basic core civil liberties that millions have died to win and to defend.


Since their Boss in Chief is a Constitutional scholar, you would think he would have known about that part about needing probable cause to search our private shite and all that, but maybe he smoked too much pot that day or something and missed that part.  Give the guy a break.


Anyway, surprise surprise shock gasp:  Denny Heck just voted to continue funding the program that the NSA is using to illegally and unconstitutionally spy on you.


I called Mr. Heck’s office at (202) 225-3121 and expressed my displeasure at length.  I encourage others to do so also, especially since the aide I spoke to seem very harried by the overwhelming number of calls Mr. Heck’s office has been receiving on his vote.  (I’ll bet.)  Mr. Heck’s aide said Mr. Heck had put a lot of thought into his vote.  (Translation from political double speak:  Mr. Heck put a lot of political calculation into his vote and decided to maintain his designated role as rubber stamp for Barack Obama’s Police State.)  The aide almost begged me to provide an email address so Mr. Heck could explain his reasoning.  I informed him that my policy with politicians is to ignore what they say and watch what they do — and that what Mr. Heck had done was to vote to continue funding the NSA’s illegal and unconstitutional program to spy on me and that I would have no interest in hearing Mr. Heck’s politically calculated justifications even if there were anything he could say to justify such a vote — which there wasn’t.


Denny Heck also favours prosecuting Edward Snowden who, unlike Mr. Heck, had the integrity to take his oath to defend the Constitution seriously and the courage to take great personal risk to inform us of government criminality, fraud, and abuse.


And — on top of everything else — Glen Anderson informs me that the good Mr. Heck also supports the TPP, which I hadn’t known but would have predicted had I thought about it.


The Democrats!  They’re just like the Republicans — only a little nicer!


Threats to Unjust Causes:


As much as they tried to sweep the revelations of Bradley Manning under the table, the fact is that Mr. Manning’s revelations shook the world.  Amongst many other earth-shattering results accredited at least partly to Mr. Manning’s revelations was the Tunisian Uprising — which came about when a bunch of young and highly educated but unemployed Tunisians learned what a complete piece of shite bin Ali was which eventually led to the Arab Spring.


And while they tried their best — there was just no way they could spin that Collateral Murder video.


And now, as much as they are trying to sweep Edward Snowden’s revelations under the rug, Mr. Snowden’s revelations seem likely to exceed even Manning’s in effect.


There is major shite coming down all over the frigging world, Kids!  It’s awesome!  This has dealt a truly major blow to the fascists — and according to Glen Greenwald, there is much more to come!  Yippee!  The NSA thing has to be the stinkiest of the numerous highly odiferous stink-bombs that Snowden has unleashed thus far and Obama’s police state is suffering its first serious blowback as a result.  When the congress critters thought that the NSA was just spying on us then they were copacetic; when they discovered that Obama’s NSA storm troopers are actually spying on literally everyone — including them — then outrage finally began flowing forth.


A House vote to defund the NSA Spy Program was barely defeated — and as mentioned, Denny Heck voted against the Constitution and for the police state.


There was much hooptee-do over the fact that the votes both for and against were bi-partisan and thus the spy program was not a partisan issue.


No, it wasn’t a partisan issue — as usual, it was a MONEY issue:  It turns out that those 217 ‘no’ voters received twice as much campaign financing from the defense and intelligence industry as the 205 ‘yes’ voters.  The House members that voted to continue the criminal spy program, on average, raked in 122 percent more money from defense contractors than those who voted to dismantle it.


Surprise, surprise!


So I suspect many of those ‘yes’ votes were a signal to the Machine that they’d better start kicking down to their campaigns too if’n they wanna keep spying on their grandmothers.


In reaction Obama once again seems to be emulating George Bush and borrowing yet another move from his playbook:  Remember how every time Bush came under fire for being a fascist then suddenly some new ‘terrorist’ threat would emerge from nowhere and they would raise the ‘Terrorist Threat Level’?  Do you remember how subsequently nothing would ever actually happen?


Now that the NSA’s program has been exposed and come under heavy criticism —  after years of Obama repeatedly claiming that he had completely marginalized al Qaeda, evidently al Qaeda suddenly poses such a massive threat that the mighty United States was forced to close many of our foreign embassies for a week.


I have no evidence this is what happened, but the timing of all of this seems entirely too convenient and I think that Occam’s Razor can probably be applied here.


Threat Assessment


To get to the core and to put it simply:  Obama is claiming he can execute people without a trial and that he doesn’t have to prove doodly squat.


That is the very definition of a fascist police state…


…but evidently Obama’s contention is now considered to be ‘debatable’.


I’m sorry, but no it’s not.


I consider any elected official that thinks that it is ok for the NSA to spy on me to pose a much greater threat to my freedom and to my country than any ‘terrorist’.


Many times in the past I have pointed out how once you give the government an inch then they immediately take an astronomical unit.  When they first passed the ‘conspiracy’ laws back in the 70’s they admitted that they were unconstitutional but they insisted that they were absolutely necessary to take down the Dire Threat to National Security of the Day, which title at that time was in the process of being transferred from organized crime to drugs.  They promised that they would only use these fascist laws against organized crime and drug dealers because they represented such a dire threat to our way of life and thus ‘deserved’ to have their constitutional rights marginalized.


Predictably, as soon as the precedent is set that someone doesn’t ‘deserve’ as many Constitutional rights as the rest of us then the definition of who doesn’t deserve Constitutional rights immediately begins expanding.


These days virtually all federal prosecutions are for ‘conspiracy’ rather than for actual crimes because the bar convicting someone of ‘conspiracy’ is so incredibly low and because they can prove ‘conspiracy’ without any evidence of any kind other than coerced testimony from blackmailed snitches.


That is why federal prosecutors have a 95% conviction rate.


As Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, Thomas Drake, Barrett Brown, and all the other whistleblowers continue to demonstrate over and over again:  These new police state tactics are being employed NOT to defend ‘national security’ or to protect us from the ‘terrorists’, but to cover up criminality, waste, fraud, and abuse.


Yes, Kids, we have truly fallen through a very warped looking glass:  Under Obama, committing an actual crime isn’t a crime anymore — but reporting a crime has become the crime!


Now that they can summarily execute ‘terrorists’ without a trial and since they don’t need to prove anything in such a scenario, then this is a new power that they will be especially interested in expanding real quickly while they can still get away with it — and I have long maintained that people such as left-wing political activists and drug dealers could soon look forward to being designated as ‘terrorists’.


In even yet another case of Obama proving that everything I am saying about him is 100% spot on, his administration has been busily prosecuting members of the Earth Liberation Front as ‘terrorists’ and even though ELF has NEVER so much as injured ANYONE much less killed anyone.  Under the ‘terrorism’ enhancements in the federal sentencing guidelines, several members of ELF have received ten-year prison sentences simply for damaging property.


Had their motivation for damaging property been ripping off an insurance company rather than doing so for political reasons then they would have received two-to-three year sentences for exactly the same crime.


But we don’t have ‘political prisoners’ in the United States!




If anyone wants to call me on this I’ll go into my archives and try to find it — but I specifically remember predicting ALL of this many years ago.


Sworn Words


And as for the NSA’s literal sworn word that they are only using this illegal program on ‘terrorists’ — surprise, surprise — their sworn words are yet once again proven to be all lies!


Reuters has just reveled that the Drug Enforcement Agency is just one of several federal government agencies (the IRS, Homeland Security, and the FBI amongst others) that have also been using evidence obtained by secret NSA wiretaps to prosecute criminal cases!


Straight up.


And in another ugly twist on this particular nastiness, it turns out that they are not only using the illegal NSA Spy Program to illegally obtain evidence to convict regular criminals and then lying to us about it, but they are also lying about it to the defense attorneys, the judges, and even the prosecutors.  The NSA even put out an instructional manual that taught law enforcement officials from other agencies how to cover up the fact they were using evidence obtained illegally from the NSA in their prosecutions.


Surprise, surprise.


I actually found it comforting that there are still federal prosecutors from whom such shenanigans must be hidden, though, because most of the time the prosecutors are in on it at best but at worst and most often they are the perpetrators.


Sacrificial Goats


And now Obama is also pulling another old trick; the Justice Department has finally convicted a token Wall Street thief so that Obama can now claim that he is prosecuting Wall Street evildoers!




I don’t know the details, but I am thinking that the indicted person almost certainly pissed off the wrong people and/or made the same mistake as that made by Bernie Madoff and ripped off other rich people rather than sticking to stealing the homes and pension funds of working people.  The Justice Department needed a sacrificial goat so they can pretend they are doing something about Wall Street criminality.


But don’t worry, the sky is not falling:  All of the real Wall Street criminals are still running Obama’s White House!  Everything is still normal.


And that’s the problem.


It’s time to get to work…



1)  FYI Section:


1A)  Bill of Rights Defense Committee News Roundup Discontinued in the Thunderbolt


Last week I posted a list of news stories that BORDC thought we should know about and said I was going to make it a regular feature.  BORDC does really good work and I figured they would focus upon civil liberties issues in their news roundup.


I actually did post it again in this very space — but then I saw a suspicious title to one of the articles and upon clicking to the story I found a Christian Science Monitor article that was pure Machine pap that was dismissing anyone who claimed that the closure of the embassies could possibly be a PR ruse by Obama to justify the NSA spy program as lunatic fringe idiots.


Then — believe me, I could not make this up — the author actually invited readers to take a quiz to learn how much they know about the NSA and the CIA!


Wow.  That could be interesting but I’m afraid that if you pass this quiz then you might win an all-expenses paid eternal vacation in Guantanamo Bay…


So maybe BORDC does good work, but they need to monitor their news sources a little better and they should stay on topic.




1B)  San Francisco ‘Public Bank’ is Happening!


This is the Great Secret Way that we can vastly reduce Wall Street’s power over us!  PUBLIC BANKS!


Check it out:


Now check out the Bank of North Dakota, building the North Dakota economy for over 100 years now — without Wall Street!




1C)  Rural Thurston County Under Attack!


The Developer Machine wants to build an off-road Motocross race track near Rainier.  The local residents don’t want it but the Developer Machine is buying influence and this might go through anyway.


This is also a chance to build connections between Olympia and rural Thurston County.


This from the Rainier Vail Neighborhood Group:


You’ve helped preserve rural peace and livability by signing the petition to say NO to an off-road vehicle Motocross race track that is getting a special use permit from Thurston County to get underway in rural Rainier.


You are heading off a PRECEDENT that can erode the rural character and quiet clean environment of rural Thurston and destroy the rural environment a bit at a time.


The Rainier Neighborhood Group says NO to the Cadillac Ranch Race Track.




1D)  Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation Newsletter


Oly FOR has been doing good works for decades now.  I suggest you sign up for their newsletter; you can get it either in hard copy or electronically.


Here is a link if you want to check it out:




1E)  Robert Greenwald Requests Donations to Bring Drone Victims to Washington


This from Robert Greenwald:


Last year, many of you helped fund my trip to Pakistan to investigate, interview, and film the devastation that the U.S.’s use of drones has caused in the region.  I saw, first hand, the destruction that drones have caused, including the loss of innocent lives and dismantled families and communities.  I was able to collect incredible footage and interviews because of your continued support.


We are planning to release our documentary Unmanned: America’s Drone Wars this fall.  As part of the release we are planning a social outreach and ground action plan and we need your help.  We want to bring some of the actual victims of drone strikes as well as family members who lost innocent loved ones because of the drone strikes to the US.  Please consider donating $10 or more to help us with this effort.  We need to raise $10,000 to make this possible. 


With your support we will allow the people who have been most directly affected by our government’s drone policy to tell their stories firsthand.  They will be able to attend the premiere of the film in Washington, DC.  They will be able to talk to reporters, legislators and educators about their experience and let people understand that we must change this policy.  These are people who haven’t traveled far from their birth cities, let alone out of the country.  We need to get passports, visas, and plane tickets and we need your help to get it done!


I will have more information about the film and our expansive outreach plans next month including an exciting opportunity for you to attend the premiere in Washington DC.


Thanks for your support,

Robert Greenwald





1F)  California Prisoners Hunger Strike Update


Challenging Jeffrey Beard’s Disinformation and Lies – 

Stop Solitary Confinement Torture in CA Prisons – 

Support 5 Demands of Hunger Strikers


Wednesday is Day 31 of the CA prisoner’s hunger strike to stop the torture of solitary confinement.  In the midst of a serious medical emergency in CA prisons and when one inmate has already died in relation to this hunger strike, Jeffrey Beard, head of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, published an article filled with disinformation and lies in the LA Times on Tuesday.  


This press conference on Wednesday at 10am at the LA Times Building will challenge point by point Jeffrey Beards claims, and lay bare over 10 thousand people in prison in CA are in fact in conditions of solitary confinement and are being tortured by international standards; that the 30,000 prisoners who began this unprecedented hunger strike did so to stop torture and cruel and unusual punishment in CA prisons; that in fact prisoners at Pelican Bay live for years and decades in sensory deprivation and windowless cells, deliberately meant to drive them insane; and that the CDCR’s “new strategy” does not effectively change these conditions of torture and instead widens the net of who can be put in the Security Housing Units.  

The assertion that this hunger strike is a “gang power play” is meant to cover up state-sponsored torture of thousands and a massive, racially targeted incarceration campaign.  Thousands of prisoners have risen up in protest, putting their very lives on the line, to stop the torture of solitary confinement today and so future generations will not have to endure such horrific torment.


Facebook:  Emergency Press Conf. vs. CDCR Lies – POST YOUR STATEMENT HERE -Challenge Jeffrey Beard’s Disinformation and Lies – Stop Solitary Confinement Torture in CA Prisons – Support 5 Demands of Hunger Strikers



Stop Mass Incarceration Network

c/o P.O. Box 941 Knickerbocker Station

New York, NY 10002-0900



Twitter: @StopMassIncNet

347-979-SMIN (7646)


The “Stop Mass Incarceration: We’re Better Than That!” Network is a project of the Alliance for Global Justice, a 501c3 tax-exempt organization.  Tax-deductible contributions accepted, and checks should be made payable to the “Alliance for Global Justice”, with “Stop Mass Incarceration Network” in the memo line and sent to the address above.  Contributions also accepted online at



2)  Decomposing the Shadow Book Reading and Book Signing

Thursday August 8th at 6 pm @ Last Word Books, 211 4th Ave E


Come learn about fungus-heads!


This from the organizers:


The Olympia Mycelial Network is happy to announce an upcoming event with Canadian author and lecturer James Jesso. Jesso is on a tour with his latest book, Decomposing the Shadow, which takes an in-depth look at the psychospiritual potential of psilocybin containing mushrooms.  Join us for this special event.


 Book reading & signing with the author

 Thursday, August 8th | 6PM

 Last Word Books (211 4th Ave E Olympia, WA)



 Decomposing the Shadow workshop/presentation

 Thursday, August 8th | 8PM

 The New Moon Cooperative Cafe (113 4th Ave W Olympia, WA)

 $10-20 sliding scale


 About the book:


 Establishing a language and understanding for a therapeutic mushroom journey, Decomposing the Shadow outlines the experiential characteristics and archetypal processes of psilocybin, how it can lead to psychospiritual maturation, and heal deep-seated emotional wounds. Starting out by leading readers through his own life experiences, he moves into outlining a psychological model for the psilocybin experience and the power of mushrooms to help people find a sense of purpose and confidence, that in his case manifested as a decision to write this book.


 The psilocybin experience is one of supreme novelty and highly charged emotions. It can be difficult to navigate with our current cultural rhetoric, and the stigma can cause many to face what is often referred to as a “bad trip”. Jesso hopes that Decomposing the Shadow will help unlock the personal benefits of a bad trip, which he calls facing the shadow.


 Visit for more info on how to purchase the book.



3)  Anarchists in the Current Social Struggle in Barcelona

Thursday August 8th at 7 pm @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW


Come learn about our European brethren.


In the last three years in Barcelona, there have been a series of revolts and social struggles.  Three general strikes with majority participation across the Spanish state, along with two smaller general strikes organized by anarchist and other anticapitalist unions; major riots and clashes; a plaza occupation movement that involved millions of people and spread to every city and town across the state; the proliferation of neighborhood assemblies across the city; occupations and blockades in hospitals, universities, and public transport in response to privatization or rising prices; major protests and clashes in response to a growing fascist presence; public resistance to new repressive measures; resistance to mortgage and rent evictions and the public occupation of empty buildings to house evicted families.


Anarchists have participated in all of these struggles, sometimes radicalizing them, sometimes failing to prevent their recuperation.  This talk will be an analysis of anarchist strategies and conflicts around their participation.


For more background, check out the following article



4)  Plastic Ocean; Author Charles Moore Speaks about the Plastic Desert in the Pacific Gyre

Saturday August 10th at 7 pm @ Traditions, 300 5th Ave SW


Come hear the fate of that plastic bottle you threw away 20 years ago!


From the organizers:


Dr. Charles Moore, Author of PLASTIC OCEAN at Traditions


Saturday, August 10, 2013




Traditions Cafe
300 5th Ave. SW
Olympia, WA 98501

Dr. Charles Moore is a scientist and activist who in his travels around the world in his catamaran, stumbled upon the largest garbage dump on the planet–an oceanic desert!
Moore will discuss his observations about the deadly plastics accumulating in our oceans…

Guests are encouraged to give a $10 donation at the door.

 Traditions Café will be open until 6 p.m.



5)  Maia Mural Brigade #Water4Gaza Fundraiser

Wednesday August 14th


Raising money for Gaza.


This from the organizers:


Maia means water in Arabic


 The right to clean water is universal!


 US based MAIA Mural Brigade has been invited back to occupied Palestine’s Gaza Strip to create an international, multi-media mural project about the universal right to clean water! We are working with Palestinian artists, activists and youth!  We invite YOU to help us make MAIA Mural Brigade, Phase 2 happen!


 Take a look at our Indiegogo campaign page, and help us reach our goal of $15,000 by August 14, 2013.  If we don’t reach our fundraising goal this project will not happen!!  Please consider donating and share with your networks!



6)  Bonus Tip of the Day:


Measure threats realistically.







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  1. Nice Essay about the NSA and how it’s illegal monitoring is used through a technique of ‘parallelism’ or deliberately working back to the original info from them by police detectives precisely for the reason to obscure the origin and deny a defendant or their counsel the right to discover exculpatory evidence.

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