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Hey Kids!


News Flash:  The Democrats are Selling Us Out Again!


I hate to shock you or anything…


Maria Cantwell


I have never focused much upon Senator Maria Cantwell because other than all the normal things she has never been a particular problem; like most Democrats she votes the right way when she can get away with it — but also like most Democrats when push comes to shove Maria Cantwell works for the Machine and on the truly important things Ms. Cantwell will sell us down the river in a heartbeat.


(Iraq invasion, anyone?)


Here are Maria Cantwell’s Top Six Contributors:


Microsoft:                                           $113,474

Emily’s List                                          $81,450

League of Conservation Voters          $43,950

University of Washington                   $43,112

Morgan & Morgan                             $40,000

Boeing Co                                            $36,075

K&L Gates                                           $35,548


Note that Wall Street and the War Machine occupy three of the top six slots; not as bad as many, but still in the pocket of the Machine — and thus she is now supporting the Trans Pacific Partnership [TPP] which is the latest in Big Brother Brave New World Shite.  The TPP is basically NAFTA on steroids with all kinds of provisions about how if we don’t want some nasty foreign corporation conducting their nasty business in our community then their corporate human rights supersede our actual human rights and we have no legal right to ‘discriminate’ against corporate people — and thus we are legally bound to allow them to come conduct their nasty business in our community whether we want them there or not.


I suspect Ms. Cantwell has a conscience and I suspect she may be vulnerable to constituent pressure so I encourage folks to contact her and express your displeasure.


Denny Heck


In the last election we had a fully qualified candidate who represents people rather than Machines named Sue Gunn running against Machine Democrat Denny Heck.


Heck won.


Oh heck.


Heck’s top six contributors are all labor unions.  Evidently he thinks union members don’t mind it if the NSA taps their phones because last week Denny Heck voted to allow the NSA to continue its indiscriminate collection of phone call records of Americans suspected on no wrongdoing.


I hope that all the unions will thank Denny Heck and the Democrats when all their families are being loaded onto boxcars.


Here is a link to a CREDO action page for Denny Heck:


Dianne Feinstein


And finally, that dependable Machine tool Senator Dianne Feinstein is defending the fact that the NSA is spying on everyone.  Democracy Now for Thursday August 1st has a piece on this — and just for contrast DN also provides a clip of Senator Ron Wyden’s outraged denunciation of this program.


DN staff has not yet posted the link, but it should be there on the DN website by the time you get this.






You can very quickly and easily ascertain a government’s priorities by determining what they spend their money on.


For the first 100 years of United States history the single largest national budget priority was the Postal Service.  This was because back in the ‘good old days’ the Founding Fathers fully understood that a democracy absolutely depends upon an informed electorate in order to function.  If you wanted to publish a newspaper in the United States during the late 18th and early 19th Centuries, the federal government would deliver your newspaper for you almost anywhere in the country for an insignificant nominal fee.


Free press thrived — often to the very great consternation of national leaders, just as it should be.


The people who have hijacked our country also understand that democracy absolutely depends upon an informed public, and since the people who have hijacked our country loathe democracy with all their shriveled little souls then this explains why they have taken such extraordinary lengths to seize control of the media — and the seizure of the media is just a part of the massive decades long and ingenious campaign in which the Machine has been engaged in a full-court press to manipulate everything that people think about nearly everything.


Along with the seizure of the media, they have also taken almost complete control of all three branches of the federal government and they are making major advances in their efforts to take over the public schools.  (‘Charter schools’ anyone?)


Overall, their efforts have been spectacularly successful.  Large portions of the American public are now utterly convinced of numerous ‘facts’ that are completely contrary to actual reality.  This is problematic because these non-facts are being implanted by the Machine for the benefit of the Machine and what benefits the Machine is often very bad for humans.


Concomitant with and related to this manipulation of perceived reality, there has also been the most massive redistribution of wealth in all human history — with all of this redistribution going from the bottom to the top.


Nowadays, the single largest national budget priority in the good ole’ US of A has gone from distributing information to developing and manufacturing means of dealing out mass death and then employing those means very prolifically.


Truth Desert


What we now have is a truth desert.  This is problematic because an uninformed populace will make uninformed decisions.


The truth may hurt — but ignorance kills.


If someone is hosting a major cable or broadcast ‘news’ program, then they work for the Machine.  There are no exceptions.  Ask Phil Donahue what happened to his show when he went rogue back in 2003 and began very effectively denouncing Bush’s impending invasion of Iraq; MSNBC shut down his show even though it was the most popular daytime TV show on the air at the time.


If you apply the adage that large corporations single-mindedly follow profit no matter what unethical or murderous paths must be trod to get there, then cancelling the most popular daytime TV show on the air would seem counterintuitive — until you consider the fact MSNBC is owned by General Electric, one of the most heinous of our merry little band of war profiteers!  Yes, those happy sociopaths down to GE were almost certainly drooling all over their bankbooks at the thought of the massive orgy of military spending that George Bush was about to shower down upon their pointy little heads!


However:  All is not yet lost, Kids; the information is out there if you know where to look and the fact that I have not been arrested for publishing this newsletter indicates that we do still have a little bit of democracy left.


The question is, how much longer?  They have eliminated habeas corpus (and just typing that makes me feel like I’ve fallen through some kind of twisted looking glass) they have contingency plans for the military to take over policing in every American city and for the last decade Halliburton has been building prisons all over the country for the Department of Homeland Security.  Every phone in the country is tapped.  They are making a list and they are checking it twice.


Under Nixon era laws, when the president declares a ‘national emergency’ then he/she can institute ‘martial law’, whereupon the military completely takes over and they can pretty much do anything that they want to do, up to and including summary executions.  They are obviously preparing to declare a ‘national emergency’ that will then almost certainly never be undeclared, whereupon they will institute martial law and suspend the Constitution (as if they pay attention to it anymore in the first place…)


Barack Obama is wholly on board and fully participating in this plot.




Conspiracy:  It’s Not just a Theory Anymore!


I love John Stewart but did you know that his head writer, Kevin Bleyer, is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations?


For you newbies, the CFR is a very secretive and very powerful organization that was founded by John D. Rockefeller with the purpose of installing a worldwide corporate government.  Arundhati Roy recently did a good spiel on the CFR (among other things) on Alternative Radio:


John Stewart is what I call ‘Machine approved dissent’.  Stewart’s role is to act as a steam vent or a pacifier so that people won’t go into open revolt. 


Stewart’s March for Sanity last year was intended to chill everyone out so they would laugh rather than rise up in revolution.  In a way John Stewart’s job is the similar to that of the Democratic Party, i.e. he an enabler for the Machine.  As long as people believe that John Stewart or the Democrats represent the people’s voice then everything is cool.


Another example:  I recently heard Rachel Maddow do a town hall discussion on NPR about a book she wrote covering the American War Machine.


I tuned in interested to see whether she was going to try to absolve Democrats of responsibility for our mass-exportation of gruesome death — and to my complete delight and utter surprise, one of the first things she said was that the War Machine was bi-partisan and that the Democrats were also in on it!


In my naïvety I literally cheered!  Rachel Maddow has finally seen the light!  She was gonna lay them out at long last!  She was going to expose the war-criminals!  On frigging NPR!


Dream on.


Rachel Maddow seems to have a heart.  She wields a lot of influence.  Such people often exist in bubbles and she has always struck me as brilliant honest and naïve.  I thought that maybe if she really knew the score she would have the integrity to trash her career and do the right thing — and thus a couple of years ago I sent her links for documented facts on CIA drug trafficking activities, corruption in the Justice Department, etc. and so on and so forth ad infinitum — and I sent her documentation on the Democratic Party’s neck-deep complicity in the corruption of the Wall Street War Machine.


I never heard a single word back and she has never covered any of these things.


Until now.


It is amazing how powerful wishful thinking can be.  At the time I considered Ms. Maddow’s confession to be an historic event and a major turning point in our struggle.  I literally sat on the edge of my seat waiting for her to lay in.


The Great Rachel Maddow Epiphany lasted for almost two whole minutes — until I heard her say this:


“I don’t think this was a conspiratorial cabal who was trying to subvert the goals of the nation for their own purposes — that was trying to replace their interests with the goals of the nation [sic].  I think mostly it was people who thought they were doing the right thing — and wanted to take shortcuts.”


Honest.  I am not kidding.  I personally heard her say this with my own ears.  I personally read the transcript with my own eyes.  This quote was pasted directly from the transcript.  Click the link above and listen/ read it for yourself.


I loudly yelled out a profane adjective indicating profound disgust; either Rachel Maddow honestly believes that fascism is cool as long as a Democrat is doing it or she is naïve to the point of hopelessness…


…or has she made a conscious decision that it is in her own best interests to be a ‘good German’?


(If Rachel Maddow accredits Republican war criminals with such high ideals, then she did not specifically mention it in this interview.)


So, Rachel, you define mass-murdering women and children with unmanned drones piloted out of Nevada as a ‘shortcut’?  You maintain that doing this so that we can seize control of their frigging oil is a selfless act of courage that is not “subverting the goals of the nation for their own ends”?  I guess the fact that they take in hundreds of billions a year in profits doing so is just a happy coincidence, eh Rachel?  I guess all that Wall Street/ War Machine/ Big Oil money that rolls into the DNC coffers like a golden river doesn’t influence the Democratic Party’s policies, right Rachel?


Adolph Hitler wrote a book.  It is called Mein Kampf.  I have read it.  I can (and sometimes do) say a lot about that (I in fact wrote an entire novel largely centered around it) but the impression relevant to the current context is that — in a shining example of the most dangerous people being those who are convinced they are doing the right thing — Adolf Hitler was utterly completely convinced without the slightest shred of doubt and with 100% certainty (as only a fanatic can be 100% certain) that what he was doing was for the ultimate good of humanity.


Adolph Hitler quite literally viewed himself as humanity’s saviour.


I also studied Joseph Stalin for this novel.  One profound difference between Stalin and Hitler:  Stalin could give a shite about humanity.  Humanity could kiss his ass.  One of Stalin’s favourite quotes:  “If you are afraid of wolves then stay out of the forest.”


Stalin murdered far more innocent civilians than did Hitler and almost all of Stalin’s murders were of his own countrymen whilst Hitler’s were almost all of non-Germans and Jews.  Stalin also murdered numerous friends allies and family members.  Agents of Stalin went all the way to frigging Mexico just so they could run a pickaxe through Leon Trotsky’s forehead.


I personally consider Stalin to be a psychopath much more alarming than Hitler in almost every way — but Stalin was our ‘ally’ so therefore he is far less vilified.  Mao Tse-tung killed more of his own people even than Stalin, and Pol Pot proportionally killed more Cambodians than either, so the left should not suffer any illusions that our extremists are any better than theirs…


Since Stalin never wrote a book and since he tended to murder everyone who ever got near him it is harder to buttonhole him — but in my view both Stalin and Hitler were animal/human mutant-hybrids and we would have been far better off had they both been drowned at birth.  Both were obviously brutalized as children and I’m sorry about that but it wasn’t the fault of virtually any of the tens-of-millions who died horribly under their auspices.  I find the fact that both men were able to do what they did to be profoundly alarming but an interesting question is which is more alarming:  The man utterly convinced that he is doing the ‘right’ thing and only kills ‘certain’ people (i.e. Jews, Native Americans, whatever) or is it the man who doesn’t give a flying fig and conducts genocidal slaughter upon everyone that his paranoia identifies as a “threat”?


Would you prefer Hitler or Stalin running your country?


Evidently Rachel Maddow prefers the former.  And I must admit:  If those were truly the only two choices, then I would probably choose Hitler also.


Hopefully there is an alternative.


However, evidently Rachel Maddow feels that as long as they are unselfishly working for the perceived ‘good’, then what can go wrong?


And besides, even under Hitler you had it pretty good as long as you were German and non-Jewish — at least for awhile.


Some people think we should follow a third course but they are radicals and no one listens to them so you can just tell them to shut up before you go back to sleep.


Thanks to the reality that Ms. Maddow has helped to create, we are now at the point wherein we must institute immediate radical change or our civilization will almost certainly soon collapse into a very nasty mess — so how do we activate people to fight back?  What is their trigger?  What does it take to motivate them into action?


Just the Facts, Mam:


There are people out there who know how to find and then have the courage to tell the truth.  You will very rarely find them on Fox or MSNBC.  You can tell who they are because they are always right about everything while Fox and MSNBC are always wrong about everything.  Some of them also manage to state the facts in a highly entertaining fashion.


I haven’t posted these links in a long time and many don’t know this stuff; read any or all of these for a partial education that will boil your blood — or chill it as the case may be…


This would be very good information to share with people who obtain their information from the TV.  Feel free to spread these links widely:




Censored Information


Project Censored; Important News that the Machine Doesn’t Want You to Know:


A Guide to Who is Buying your Elected Officials:


A Guide for All the Board Members in All the Largest American Corporations (with a very educational cross-referencing capability):


Media Monarchy; the Uncensored Facts:


Counter Punch; Tells the Facts, Names the Names:




Financial Crimes


Goldman $achs in Obama’s White House:


Trilateral Commission in Obama’s White House:


Matt Taibbi on Wall Street:


Matt Taibbi on Goldman $achs:


Matt Taibbi on DOJ ‘Investigation’ [i.e. DOJ Cover-Up] of Goldman $achs Criminality:


Colin Barr on Money for Nothing at Goldman:


Matt Taibbi on Bank of America:


Matt Taibbi on the Invasion of the Home Snatchers:


Matt Taibbi on SEC Cover-Up of Wall Street Criminality:


Greg Palast on Vulture Capitalists:


Hilarious Video Explaining ‘Quantitative Easing’:




War Crimes


Obama’s Assassination Teams:


St. Pete for Peace List of Obama’s ‘Accomplishments’:


St. Pete for Peace List of Historical American War Crimes:


St. Pete for Peace List of Current American War Crimes:


St. Pete for Peace Statistical List of Actual Threats to American Public:


Common Dreams on How Obama Ignores War Crimes but Aggressively Prosecutes those who Expose War Crimes:


Alternet List of American Backed Dictators:–_7_of_the_worst_dictators_the_u.s._is_backing_to_the_hilt




CIA Drug Trafficking, Child Abducting, and Mind Control Programs


Michael Ruppert on CIA Drug Trafficking:


Michael Ruppert’s Website:


Classic Video of Michael Ruppert Directly Confronting the Director of the CIA with Proof of CIA Drug Trafficking Activities:


History of CIA Drug Trafficking:


CIA and Mind Control [MK ULTRA]:


Documentation of CIA Involvement in Satanic cults and Child Abductions as Part of MK ULTRA:


CIA al Qaeda Connections (yes, Alex Jones is a right winger and he occasionally goes off the deep end — but I must reluctantly admit that the guy comes up with a lot of very good information that no one else has — and it always later proves out):




Did You Know?


When we start talking international and governmental finance the numbers literally defy human imagination.  A million dollars is a lot of money but a billion dollars is a lot more than a million dollars — a billion dollars is a million dollars one-thousand times over, in fact.  A billion dollars is thusly really a lot of money — but a trillion dollars is a lot more than a billion dollars — a trillion dollars is a billion dollars one-thousand times over, in fact!


Perspective:  One-million seconds was about two weeks ago.


One-billion seconds was 32 years ago; it was 1981 and Ronald Reagan was beginning his presidency.


One-trillion seconds was 32,000 years ago; The Pleistocene Ice Age was wrapping the Earth in its icy embrace and prehistoric people were painting animals on caves in France.


Ten-trillion seconds is 320,000 years; this was the Yarmouth Interglacial Period and Neanderthals were in the early stages of their development.


Did you know that several shrink-wrapped pallets-full of $100 bills — over $12 billion worth — were flown into Baghdad shortly after the Iraq Occupation began and that all that cash simply disappeared into thin air?


Did you know that over a trillion dollars disappeared into the Pentagon budget and that no one can account for it?


Did you know that the central players in the Bush Administration were obsessed with Iraq long before Bush even took office?


Did you know that they received numerous repeated detailed warnings from numerous and varied sources (Israeli intelligence, German intelligence, French intelligence, Russian intelligence, and the CIA amongst others) about 9-11 for months before 9-11?  Did you know that they ignored these warnings?


Did you know that an entire squad within the CIA seriously discussed quitting the Agency because no one in the White House would listen to their warnings and they knew they would be blamed when the fertilizer hit the threshing machine?


Did you know that the whole Iraq Occupation (you know, that useless senseless counterproductive disastrous war that our president knowingly lied us into) was an orgiastic bonanza and extravaganza of massive theft and fraud perpetrated by Dick Cheney’s buddies over at Halliburton?  Did you know that they had ‘cost-plus’ contracts which meant that when a truck had a flat tire they simply ordered a new truck?  Did you know that they were not only reimbursed for the cost of the new truck and for the highly inflated cost of shipping the new truck to Iraq from the US but that in addition they also received an additional 10% on top of everything else as part of their ‘cost-plus’ contract?


Did you know that Halliburton made incredible profits building showers that electrocuted numerous soldiers to death?


Did you know that Halliburton was paid many tens-of-thousands of dollars for each shipment of materials that they transported and that when there was nothing to transport they simply sent out convoys full of empty trucks and billed Uncle Sam anyway?


(The drivers called this practice “hauling sailboat fuel”.)


Did you know that over the last few years the Federal Reserve just gave over $10 trillion to the Banksters at nearly 0% interest at the same time that the Banksters were stealing everyone’s homes?  Did you know that the Banksters used all that money to speculate on oil futures (thus causing massive price fluctuations) and foreign currencies rather than provide loans and/or create jobs and/or provide any significant foreclosure relief?  Did you know that there are many trillions of dollars illegally sitting in secret off-shore bank accounts rather than helping to build our society?


Think about what your community could do with a million dollars — then consider the difference between the two weeks represented by that million dollars and the 32,000 years that disappeared without trace or accountability into the Pentagon or the multiple 320,000 years that disappeared without trace or accountability into the insatiable maw of Wall Street.


What does it take to outrage people?  What would it take to motivate your friends, family, and acquaintances?  Any of the above mentioned facts?  There are a lot more, believe me!


Did you know that for every homeless person in the United States there are five empty foreclosed homes quietly deteriorating and depressing home values?


Did you know that every study done shows that the cheapest and most effective way to deal with homelessness is to put homeless people into homes and that the most expensive and least effective way to deal with homelessness is to criminalize them and keep them in jails or forcing them to crap in the alleys because there is nowhere else in Olympia at night?  Why does nearly every community in the country use the most inhumane most expensive and least effective method to deal with homeless people?  (Hint:  Humanizing homeless people would make it more difficult to get away with dehumanizing and brutalizing them…)


Did you know that the ‘Land of the Free’ has more people in prison both proportionally and in total numbers than any other country in the world?  China, a Communist police state, has four times our population — yet we have more people in prison than they do.  The United States makes up 5% of the world’s population but we make up 25% of the world’s prisoners.


Did you know that with but a very few exceptions everyone who is in prison for violent crimes was violently abused as a child?  Hardly anyone knows that fact and it is a very important connection; why is that connection never made?  (Hint:  That would tend to humanize violent criminals thus making it more difficult to get away with dehumanizing and brutalizing them…)


This is all business as usual.  Vile corruption endemic criminality and ethical bankruptcy permeate nearly every aspect of our culture.  The underlying rot that allows this paradigm to prevail needs to be dealt with.  Most people are good people and they would be outraged if they knew all this stuff.


What does it take to outrage you?  What would it take to motivate your friends, family, and acquaintances into action?  Any of the above mentioned facts?


There are a lot more, believe me.  All of the information in this week’s newsletter barely scratches the surface.  If you are into a more tactile education experience then Media Island has thousands of books magazines and newspapers about all this stuff.  Media Island’s open house hours are 12 to 5 pm daily.  The resources are also available at other times by appointment.

(360) 352-8526.


All of the above links will reference other sources and you can get completely lost in all this stuff; once you know the patterns they are easy to recognize — so after you get lost make sure that you eventually come back so you can help us do something about it…


It’s time to get to work…



1)  FYI Section:


1A)  Bill of Rights Defense Committee News Roundup


The BORDC compiles a list of important news stories related to civil liberties every week, and I am going to start reprinting their list here:


Current News

8/15, James Bamford, New York Review of Books, They Know Much More Than You Think

7/30, Andrew Aylward, Wall Street Journal, Manning Acquitted of Aiding the Enemy

7/30, Larry Abramson, NPR, Calls Grow For Overhaul Of Government Surveillance Programs

7/30, James Fallows, The Atlantic, Why NSA Surveillance Will Be More Damaging Than You Think

7/30, Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic, Local Anti-Drone Activism Begins: ‘If They Fly in Town, We Will Shoot Them Down’

7/29, Rachel Weiner and David Nakamura, Washington Post, James Comey confirmed as FBI director


PS: Help support this news digest and BORDC’s work organizing transpartisan, grass roots opposition to the surveillance & security state.  Your tax deductible contribution will be more than doubled by a series of generous matching grants.


To learn more about these and other current events and what you can do to make an impact, visit the People’s Blog for the Constitution. There are many ways you can get involved.




1B)  Long Overdue Update on Scott Yoos Legal Situation


Yoos Case:  “Motion to Dismiss” -DENIED 

-By Janine Unsoeld


(Tues., 7/23/13)-  A proposed motion to dismiss the felony case against Scott Yoos, an Olympia man who is mute, was recently denied by retired (Pro Tem)Thurston County Superior Court Judge, Christine Pomeroy .  


Scott’s NEXT court date is Weds., Aug. 7th, (which is supposed to be a “Status Hearing”.)  A date of August 12 has been set for the case to now go to Trial with a twelve-person jury.  *(This date may (likely) be changed ifYoos’ attorney, Larry Hildes, asks for a delay to further prepare for the case; provided that this requested postponement is granted.)


Yoos, 47, can hear fine, but cannot speak, due to a severe head-injury from an assault he suffered in 1984.  (For more information and several articles about Yoos’ case, use the search button and use key words on this blog 


Immediately following the court’s decision, Yoos motioned this reporter to come over and read what he was writing…


“THIS is why the City of Olympia needs video cameras, -either on the patrol cars or attached to the officers’ uniforms.  I would have been entirely vindicated with a recorded witness!  (I’ve seen some very sophisticated cameras for under $1G each.)”  


Asking him what he does now, Yoos wrote, “I’ll plan with the attorney, 


…hopefully rest a bit.”


Case History


Though now he’s also accused of a felony assault against a police officer, Yoos was initially cited for “criminal trespass” and “obstructing justice” on June 1, 2011. 


On that date, Yoos was riding on his bicycle through East Olympia at 11:30 pm toward his home on Martin Way, when he stopped to throw some dirty napkins in a Dumpster located at 2302 Fourth Avenue, (near Twister Donuts).


Within minutes, several policemen converged upon Yoos.  His usual method of communication, (pen and paper), were taken away, and any subsequentattempts to communicate using sign language were interpreted by the officers as ‘violent behavior.’  (Yoos is 5’9 and weighs about 155 pounds.)


This case was bumped up to a “Felony” after Olympia Police Department Sergeant Paul Johnson filed a report several weeks after the situation, alleging that Yoos had kicked him during the scuffle.  The alleged kick did not require any medical treatment. Yoos denies kicking Sergeant Johnson. 


Yoos’ case has now dragged on for some 26 -months. There have beennumerous delays in the case, many of them because a court-appointed sign language interpreter was not provided or available.  His attorney has repeatedly asked the Court to dismiss the case, based upon aggressive anddiscriminatory actions by the arresting law enforcement officers.


Following what has amounted to several days of actual testimony in which Yoos and four law enforcement officers involved in the case testified, (Olympia Police Department officers: Duanne Hinrichs; Randy Wilson;Samuel Costello; and Jason Watkins), pro tem Judge Pomeroy ruled that(despite A.D.A. guidelines), the officers’ actions were “justified”, and that they had a reasonable right to stop and detain Mr. Yoos.  She further explained that their actions were not discriminatory, citing, in the court’s opinion, that it was Mr. Yoos’ repeated (alleged) attempts to leave the scene that made the situation escalate. 


Hildes argued that Yoos was unjustly arrested and silenced because the officers did not have the proper training to deal with Yoos’ disability, and that the officers made a series of false assumptions, forcing the situation to escalate.


In his closing arguments, Hildes was assertive, saying in part: “Officers are supposed to de-escalate situations! …It became a power struggle, respect for the officers, forcing him to do what They wanted him to do, and he just wanted to communicate; …that’s the discrimination. But for their lack of training, experience, and policy, there would not have been an incident.  -DISMISS this case!  But for the discriminatory result, there would be no case…”


Thurston County prosecuting attorney J. Andrew Toynbee, appearing cool and calm in his demeanor, said in his closing argument, in part, “…over three days, the officers have testified and are able to give you a reason for everything…I’m telling the court they did nothing wrong. The defendant did not wish to communicate. In fact, he kept trying to leave…when asked, he did not write his name and birthdate…they had business to conduct with him. They had a reason to talk with him…there was not a lack of training or desire to communicate…he kept trying to leave….this was a dynamic situation, things happened quickly.”
*(Editor’s note: The state of WA does not have a mandatory “Stop and Identify” law requiring those stopped by police to give their name & birthdate.)

Citing case law, Toynbee said that the officers had justification to take action and it had nothing to do with discrimination against Mr. Yoos.

Hildes argued that it was not a dynamic situation, …that they were standing there having a written exchange, until Officer Wilson intentionally took his pad of paper away, preventing Yoos from further communication.

“This was like putting a gag in his mouth, intentionally using his disability against him.”


Sample Testimony


At this hearing, two sign language interpreters were available to accommodate Yoos’ method of sign language, which is closest to S.E.E., (Signing Exact English).  Basically, this represents a direct, word-for-word translation of spoken/written English, following the same sentence-structure.  Signed English includes alot of fingerspelling, (particularly when PRECISE details need to be conveyed.)  The process is time-consuming.  When changes in words occurred, it was not entirely clear if it is Yoos changing what he is saying, or, if the sign language interpreter misinterpreted his fingerspelling.  Yoos quickly tried to correctthe interpreter if she misinterpreted his words. 


The following is a portion of an unofficial transcription as heard and written by this reporter.  Here is sometestimony by Yoos, in response to questions from his attorney:


Hildes: Were you trying to be uncooperative?

Yoos: No, I just wanted to go home to bed, and it was a little frightening to have this armed man immediately arrest me and accuse me of something that I had NOT done. 

Hildes: Did you attempt to communicate that to him?

Yoos: I had my communication tools all taken away from me and I was just trying to sign to them.

Hildes: Did they stop trying to communicate to you at that point?

Yoos: They were interested in arresting me and attacking me.


Moments later:


Hildes: Did you attempt to leave?

Yoos: I didn’t “try to leave three times” like Costello claims that I did;  No, no.



Hildes: At the time, if they had communicated with you, would you have communicated with them?

Yoos: I am not a criminal.  I am a former Eagle Scout, and a preacher’s kid.
…I never threatened any of the police officers.

Hildes: Was it your intention to resist them?

Yoos: No. I didn’t think it was right for them to steal my bicycle and my Walkman, my wallet, my shoulderbag, and all of the papers which I had inthe bag and in my pockets.

Hildes: What made you think they were stealing?

Yoos: When someone violently takes something from you, -that’s “stealing”.

Hildes: Why did you feel like it was stealing?

Yoos: I’d done NOTHING wrong, and I couldn’t communicate.  It was very frustrating to me.

Hildes: Were you frightened?

Yoos: Of course – there were four armed men.

Hildes: What were you wearing – what did you have on your feet?

Yoos: I was riding my bicycle with lightweight sandals; (like TEVA’s, but cheaper.)

Hildes: And you were wearing a reflective vest, correct?

Yoos: Yes.

Hildes: So you weren’t trying to sneak into the parking lot?

Yoos: No, of course not.

Hildes: So you weren’t trying to break into the donut shop?

Yoos: Please, …No.



Hildes: Did you ever attempt to resist the officers?

Yoos: I only tried to communicate with Watkins by pulling-in my arms, so that they couldn’t cuff me again.

Hildes: Why did you do that?

Yoos: Because I needed to tell them, – I needed my voice.

Hildes: So you were just trying to communicate?


Yoos: Yes.



Hildes: What frightened you about this incident?

Yoos: I had been – I was being – UNJUSTLY arrested, 
and accused of things which I was not guilty of, and very physically;  …I was having armed men jump me at night.

Hildes: Was it also because they took away your ability to communicate?

Yoos: That was very frightening and frustrating to me; …It was Wilson who took the pad and my communication away.

Hildes: So the officer already did that?

Yoos: Yes.

Hildes: And you were already communicating with him about the incident when he took the pad away from you?

Yoos: -Yeah, briefly.  (…There are only, like, two or three back-and-forth conversations.)



Hildes: He could have kept on writing and you would have kept responding, right?

Yoos:  Yes.

Hildes: Did you give him any reason that you didn’t want to communicate with him?

Yoos: I just wanted to go back home; …I felt threatened and harassed, but, I was entirely willing to write back-and-forth with him.


With his attorney and friends, and while seated with his interpreter during the hearing, Yoos was using a new gizmo to communicate, …a little black  LCD writing tablet called a “Boogie Board”.  One button-touch erases his words between thoughts.  Asked about it during a break, Yoos wrote, “It was a surprise gift from a friend’s friend, who won it in a raffle, and sent it to me in the mail, -clear from Texas!”

Asked how he likes it, Yoos wrote, “It’s got low battery use, …”supposed” to go about six-years(!) -This one’s just the bottom-of-the line, basic model, – (he points to the back which says it’s from:, – but, it’s just what I need.  This thing’s alot better than carrying around erasable markers & a white board, ‘cuz those are very messy, and are always drying out on me. …Plus, no fumes!”  (Many of his friends had difficulty reading the dark blue lettering against the black board, but, they persevered, and took the time to read his writings.)


Yoos looked pale and drawn.  During another break, he was asked how he feels.  He wrote that his red nose and sniffles was the result of allergies. 


Asked how he is holding up in general, Yoos wrote, “This thing has been hanging over me for 26 -months, with over 20 court appearances, (counting the City ones.)


 –S’been hellacious; …I’m not even able to consider adopting a pup.” 


Interview with Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney J. Andrew Toynbee


In a recent telephone interview with Thurston County Chief Prosecuting Attorney J. Andrew Toynbee, who has doggedly pursued and argued the case against Yoos, Toynbee was asked what happens next. 


Toynbee said the case is scheduled to go to Trial, and Yoos could be convicted of assault of the third degree with a sentence of one to three months in jail, acquitted, or, he could accept a plea offer to a lesser charge.


“I’m not interested in sending Mr. Yoos to jail,” said Toynbee.  “I have made several attempts for plea offers in the past but Mr. Yoos’ attorney, Larry Hildes, has not entertained them.”


Asked why Thurston County is pursuing this case with such fervor, Toynbee said:
“We take assaults on officers very, very seriously, -that’s the reason.”


Asked what he wants from Yoos, Toynbee responded: “My goal is to have Mr. Yoos take some accountability for his actions.”


Asked why Sergeant Paul Johnson, the officer who was allegedly kicked by Yoos, did not testify, Toynbee said: “The motion only focused on one issue – whether law enforcement was discriminatory in their actions.  Sergeant Johnson didn’t take action, he oversaw the situation after he arrived, but he would be called to trial.  He could have testified, but it (the hearing) was going on and on….”


Asked if he thinks it’s a problem that Sergeant Johnson’s report is dated nearly a month after the incident, (it’s dated June 27), and is unsigned, Toynbee said: “No, I don’t think it’s a problem.  Two officers, Costello and Wilson saw it (the kick).”


Asked how much Thurston County has spent thus far on Yoos’ case, Toynbee said he is a salaried employee, and doesn’t know how much has been spent.


When queried regarding Mr. Toynbee’s replies, Yoos wrote:  “It’s definitely frustrating;
…this county’s Persecuting Attorney seems so bloody certain that I was “the Aggressor” in this case! …I really wish he could’ve been there and witnessed it.  That would’ve certainly made him change his tune.  (Judge Pomeroy, too!)


…They’ve got this blind Faith that EVERYTHING coming from an uniformed officer is “The Gospel Truth”.  The past two years have taught me very differently.  

I’ll parrot my Persecutor’s reasoning by saying: 

“My ‘goal’ is to have Them take some ACCOUNTABILITY for their ACTIONS.”



*Folks are highly encouraged to drop-by the blog site:


-or, follow Scott on Facebook at: “Scott Yoos Ldf”,

 for more info on this wacky Case, and for current UPDATES. 




1C)  Rural Thurston County Under Attack!


The Developer Machine wants to build an off-road Motocross race track near Rainier.  The local residents don’t want it but the Developer Machine is buying influence and this might go through anyway.


This is also a chance to build connections between Olympia and rural Thurston County.


This from the Rainier Vail Neighborhood Group:


You’ve helped preserve rural peace and livability by signing the petition to say NO to an off-road vehicle Motocross race track that is getting a special use permit from Thurston County to get underway in rural Rainier.


You are heading off a PRECEDENT that can erode the rural character and quiet clean environment of rural Thurston and destroy the rural environment a bit at a time.


The Rainier Neighborhood Group says NO to the Cadillac Ranch Race Track.




1D)  Volunteer Opportunities at POWER


Are you interested in volunteering with POWER?  There are many ways to get involved.  You can join us for our member meetings on Wednesday afternoons from 3:30 to 5:30 at the POWER office, 309 5th Avenue in downtown Olympia (next door to Rainy Day Records) to find out more.


Outreach is something we do continually – going to places where low-income parents are to spread the word that they have rights and how to use them.  If you are interested in doing outreach with POWER, join us this Thursday, August 1st at the POWER office at noon.  We will be making coffee and copies then heading to the Olympia welfare office.


Or come join us this weekend and more…




1E)  Sue Gunn, Candidate for Port Commissioner, Answers Questions from the Green Party


Check out Sue Gunn’s answers to our questions, below.  Her views are a change from those of the present Commissioners and may be a change for the better.  See what you think.    


Further emails will ask whether you want us to support her campaign.  — Janet


What are the Port’s finances, really?  Is it making money or not?


If the Port was a business it would be out of business.  In 2012 it lost $1.4 million and it took in nearly $5 million in taxpayer money.  It’s the taxpayer money that allows the Port to look like it’s operating in the black.  It’s also taxpayer money that allows it to make bad decisions.  Like purchasing those two big cranes that were barely used and now sit idle.  Or the refrigerated warehouse they built and it goes unused.  Now they’re borrowing money to build yet another warehouse but have non long-term guaranteed contract for its use.


What’s the deal with the expensive new projects?


Last week the Port borrowed $23 million when it voted to pass a bond.That money will pay for four projects:(1) dredging the berths at the marine terminal to maintain their depth, (2) building a new warehouses at the marine terminal,(3) maintenance of the airport facility and (4) building a stormwater treatment plant on the Port Peninsula.


The dredging is problematic.  The berths to be dredged are contaminated with dioxin, which will be disposed of on land.  The dredge spoils will be used to fill an area on the Port property.  Dredging is needed to bring in deep water ships and benefits Weyerhaeuser and Rainbow Ceramics.  The new warehouse will be used to store proppants that come into the terminal.  Both the airport repairs and the stormwater treatment facility required to be completed..


What’s the story on the cargo coming in and out of the Port?


Weyerheauser ships raw logs out of the Port and with those logs goes jobs.  In contrast, the State, in an effort to maintain jobs in Washington, statutorily prevented trees harvested from state lands to be shipping unless they have milled.


The Port’s mission is economic development and economic development is just about shipping logs and moving cargo.  It’s about great jobs in the local community and helping to build a vibrant economy.  There many innovative economic development ideas that could be used here…like leasing land as incubators for local organic farms, creating a fund to help small business complete energy efficiency projects, or leasing out small industrial spaces such as at the old Tumwater brewery.


Isn’t the Farmers Market on Port property?

The Port has not been a good neighbor to the Farmers Market which sits on Port property.  The port has threatened to convert the parking lot for more space to lay down logs awaiting shipment.  It one point it wanted to build a parking structure that would require payment for use.  The Port has charged excessive rents in a complicated lease structure that takes a percentage of the sales.


Citizens sometimes think they can imagine a more attractive port peninsula.  Can citizens participate in the planning process?  Could they in the future?


If I’m elected Commissioner I would have the Port complete a new Strategic Plan that consists of extensive public involvement.  The current plan is an update of a 1995 plan, a nearly 20 year old vision that had limited public input.  The world has changed in the last 20 years and the Port’s vision for the next 20 years should reflect the concerns of the world we live in now such as the impact of sea-level rise and inundation of the Port peninsula.


Is the Marine Terminal viable as a long-term economic enterprise?


The Marine Terminal is most the most costly operation of the Port’s four business operations and it’s also its biggest money loser.  The Port has to cut its rate to compete to bring ships down to the southern tip of the Sound.  The close proximity of the Washington State owned Capitol Forest and the Weyerhaeuser tree farm in the bald hill in southern Thurston County assures that logs will flow through the Port of Olympia.  This enterprise, however, is limited by the size of the cargo yard and the limited road access to the Marine Terminal.  These restrictions will assure that the shipping of logs will not increase beyond its present level regardless of any extensive dredging.  Since dredging benefits the shipper, why shouldn’t Weyerhaeuser be paying for it?

Barges maybe an alternative for some and don’t require a deep channel, so that would be ideal for some product where time is not a factor.  The Port could offer citizen services such as a water taxi to Seattle.

But it’s important that we, as citizens, come together to develop of vision of what we’d like to see happen along the shore on the Port peninsula in 20 – 30 years from now.


Janet Jordan



2)  Film Screening:  Dirty Wars by Jeremy Scahill

Starts Friday August 8th at 6:30 pm @ Capitol Theatre, 206 5th Ave


Jeremy Scahill kicks ass.  Go see this movie.


This from the OFS website:



Dirty Wars

(Film Showing)





Friday 8/2/2013


1 Week(s) 2 Day(s)


6:30 pm



Dirty Wars 

w/ Beer/Wine in mezzanine on August 2 

Dir.: Rick Rowley / 2013 / US, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kenya, Somalia,
Yemen / In English, Pushto, Somali, Dari with English subtitles / 90
min / High Definition Digital

Acclaimed war correspondent Jeremy Scahill’s unmatched investigative
work is the basis of Richard Rowley’s new documentary, Dirty Wars.  As
with Scahill’s recently published book of the same title, Dirty Wars
follows the journalist as he follows a trail of mysterious night raid
civilian deaths in Afghanistan to uncover the shadowy Joint Special
Operations Command under the direct control of the President of the
United States (now a bit less in the shadows after the death of Osama
bin Laden and the film Zero Dark Thirty). Digging deeper into the
matter, Scahill discovers that far from reducing the use of the JSOC
after the end of the Bush-Cheney years, the Obama administration has
exponentially increased it, making manifest a truly global “war on
terror” conducted covertly (often in countries with whom we’re
ostensibly at peace) and, more and more frequently, remotely through
the use of drones, sowing the seeds of mistrust of the U.S. and
changing allies and friends into enemies. In this “brave new world”
even US citizens are not safe, as the family of Anwar Al-Awlaki found
after his extrajudicial execution.  Ernest Hardy of The Village Voice
says, “Dirty Wars is essential viewing for anyone who wants to know
how we wage war right now; it’s also a chilling prologue for what’s 
likely a global future of endless war and blowback.”



3)  POWER Chairity Event

Saturday August 3rd All Day @ POWER Office, 309 5th Ave


It’s an all-day art party — with chairs!


Check it out:




Join us downtown at POWER, 309 5th Avenue, on Saturday, August 3rd for an all day art party!


We will be transforming chairs into pieces of art to auction as a fundraiser for POWER!


All are invited to attend and make art.  Feel free to bring old chairs, art supplies, and food to share.


Questions?  Contact POWER, Parents Organizing for Welfare and Economic Rights





4)  Media Island/ Works N Progress Benefit Brunch

Sunday August 4th from 11 am to 2pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE


Two of Olympia’s alternative media giants come together to plot subversion!


Works N Progress can be found in newsstands all over town and at


Media Island, our activist resource center and the home of KOWA 106.5 fm streaming at


Good food, good people, good times, and you can support local alternative media!


Yay for us!


This from the organizers:


For August 2103 Media Island‘s monthly brunch benefits Works In Progress (WIP), a free, volunteer-operated progressive community newspaper based in Olympia, Washington.  On the web at

Established by the Thurston County Rainbow Coalition, the paper published its first issue in May 1990.

WIP Mission Statement: “Our aim is to confront injustice and encourage a participatory democracy based on economic, social, and environmental justice.  Works In Progress is dedicated to providing a voice for those most affected by the exclusionary and unfair practices that seek to silence the oppressed.”

Works in Progress needs your help!  Come support our progressive community newspaper while enjoying good food and friendship!



5)  POWER Outage:  Barbecue!

Monday August 5th from 3:30 to Dust @ Kennydale Park at Black Lake


This month’s POWER Outage will be outdoors!  Check it out:


Monday, August 5th 



Fun for the whole family at Kennydale Park at Black Lake, 6745 SW Fairview Rd, Olympia, WA 98512.  Come as early as you like to swim and play.  We reserved the shelter closest to the lake from 3:30 to dusk.  Bring food to barbecue or a dish or beverages to share.  We’ll provide the charcoal.



6)  The People’s House Shelter Project

Wednesday August 7th from 6 to 8 pm @ the Olympia Center, 222 Columbia St NW


This is for everyone involved in the Homeless Wars.


You’re Invited!


What: A public forum about

The People’s House Shelter Project


Please join us for an informative presentation and discussion about the proposed shelter project and the ways in which it will affect our community.  We welcome and encourage all viewpoints and must have diverse input in order to be successful.


When: Wednesday August 7th,


Where: The Olympia Center,

222 Columbia St. NW


To learn more about The People’s House, please visit our website:


For more details regarding the forum please call Meg Martin at 360-545-3176 or email



7)  Security Culture in the Surveillance State

Wednesday August 7th from 7 to 9 pm @ Traditions, 300 5th Ave SW


How do we deal with Big Brother watching our every move?


Come learn about this important issue.


This from the organizers:


Potluck, discussion and good company about activism, security and privacy in the age of Manning and Snowden.  Oh, did I forget to mention John Towery and Brandon Darby?  Have invited Andrew Charles Hendricks to give an update on the JT matter.  Also have invited a trainer to show up and talk about the basics of security culture. Will have more on that once I get confirmation.  Yahcob Rimbaud Kropotkin and friends may show up and play a couple of tunes while we get ourselves organized and fill our plates.  Please arrive with hearts and minds open.  It will be a great pleasure to see you again.



8)  The Failure of Nonviolence, from the Arab Spring to Occupy:  A Discussion

Wednesday August 7th at 6:30 pm @ Last Word Books, 211 4th Ave E


Come participate in a discussion about the effectiveness of non-violence.


From the Arab Spring to the plaza occupation movement in Spain, the student movement in the UK and Occupy in the US, many new social movements have started peacefully, only to adopt a diversity of tactics as they grew in strength and collective experiences. The last ten years have revealed more clearly than ever the role of nonviolence. Propped up by the media, funded by the government, and managed by NGOs, nonviolent campaigns around the world have helped oppressive regimes change their masks, and have helped police to limit the growth of rebellious social movements. Increasingly losing the debates within the movements themselves, proponents of nonviolence have increasingly turned to the mainstream media and to government and institutional funding to drown out critical voices.


The Failure of Nonviolence examines most of the major social upheavals since the end of the Cold War to establish what nonviolence can accomplish, and what a diverse, unruly, non-pacified movement can accomplish. Focusing especially on the Arab Spring, Occupy, and the recent social upheavals in Europe, this book discusses how movements for social change can win ground and open the spaces necessary to plant the seeds of a new world.


Copies of the book will be available at the event

A printable PDF pamphlet of the introduction is available at:



9)  Decomposing the Shadow Book Reading and Book Signing

Thursday August 8th at 6 pm @ Last Word Books, 211 4th Ave E


Come learn about fungus-heads!


This from the organizers:



The Olympia Mycelial Network is happy to announce an upcoming event with Canadian author and lecturer James Jesso. Jesso is on a tour with his latest book, Decomposing the Shadow, which takes an in-depth look at the psychospiritual potential of psilocybin containing mushrooms.  Join us for this special event.


 Book reading & signing with the author

 Thursday, August 8th | 6PM

 Last Word Books (211 4th Ave E Olympia, WA)



 Decomposing the Shadow workshop/presentation

 Thursday, August 8th | 8PM

 The New Moon Cooperative Cafe (113 4th Ave W Olympia, WA)

 $10-20 sliding scale


 About the book:


 Establishing a language and understanding for a therapeutic mushroom journey, Decomposing the Shadow outlines the experiential characteristics and archetypal processes of psilocybin, how it can lead to psychospiritual maturation, and heal deep-seated emotional wounds. Starting out by leading readers through his own life experiences, he moves into outlining a psychological model for the psilocybin experience and the power of mushrooms to help people find a sense of purpose and confidence, that in his case manifested as a decision to write this book.


 The psilocybin experience is one of supreme novelty and highly charged emotions. It can be difficult to navigate with our current cultural rhetoric, and the stigma can cause many to face what is often referred to as a “bad trip”. Jesso hopes that Decomposing the Shadow will help unlock the personal benefits of a bad trip, which he calls facing the shadow.


 Visit for more info on how to purchase the book.



10)  Anarchists in the Current Social Struggle in Barcelona

Thursday August 8th at 7 pm @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW


Come learn about our European brethren.


In the last three years in Barcelona, there have been a series of revolts and social struggles.  Three general strikes with majority participation across the Spanish state, along with two smaller general strikes organized by anarchist and other anticapitalist unions; major riots and clashes; a plaza occupation movement that involved millions of people and spread to every city and town across the state; the proliferation of neighborhood assemblies across the city; occupations and blockades in hospitals, universities, and public transport in response to privatization or rising prices; major protests and clashes in response to a growing fascist presence; public resistance to new repressive measures; resistance to mortgage and rent evictions and the public occupation of empty buildings to house evicted families.


Anarchists have participated in all of these struggles, sometimes radicalizing them, sometimes failing to prevent their recuperation.  This talk will be an analysis of anarchist strategies and conflicts around their participation.


For more background, check out the following article



11)  Bonus Tip of the Day:


Tell the truth today.









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