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1)  FYI Section:

   1A)  The Towery of Babel Rises Again

   1B)  Washington Low Income Housing Alliance Update

2)  Stonewall Youth Annual June Event

3)  June Jubilee and Artisan Expo

4)  Community Rights Ordinance [CRO]Meeting

5)  House Party Episode of Dance Oly Dance

6)  Really Really Free Market

7)  POWER Outage

8)  Human Chains against the Chained CPI

9)  Bonus Tip of the Day




Hey Kids!


This week’s Thunderbolt is brought to you by the word ‘irony’.


Can you say ‘irony’?


I love irony.  I always find irony to be so ironic!


And the fact that irony is always ironic is ironic in and of itself!


See?  There it is again!  How ironic!


Irony-watching is one of my favourite hobbies and it does not even require binoculars!


Also — not to toot my own horn or anything — but I happen to be somewhat legendary in the world of Irony Watchers since I have now twice caught live specimens of Red-Handed Booby Ironies…




Irony number one:  Most people are good people yet things so vile they are beyond the imaginations of most of those people are being done in the name of those people and with those people’s tax and consumer dollars.


The central operating philosophy underlying nearly everything I do is that most people are good people and that if they knew what was really going on they would be outraged and they would rise up and take to the streets and put a stop to it; thus, while I thoroughly enjoy impressing the Olympia activist community with my witty repartee and while it makes great ego-food for me to entertain people with a unique presentation of facts that most of them already knew anyway —the alarming fact is that the relentless destruction of the environmental infrastructure that will make my granddaughter’s planet worth living is under an attack that is growing exponentially at the time that we can least afford it and the very people who are destroying it have also seized control of our government and thus I have been on an increasingly desperate quest to try and figure out how we can get the word out to that vast sea of good people who watch TV and thus don’t already know that all of this stuff is happening?




Poppy Seed Street Censored by KOWA!

Poppy Seed Street Faculty mounts Spirited Defense of Curriculum!



I provide the above headline as an educational example of what I would write if I were a corporate media hack trying to sensationalize a non-story; while the headline is technically true, it leaves the completely wrong impression of what actually transpired.


And true confession time:  Since I am indeed slightly unhappy with the way things worked out, then that headline doubles as a ‘gotcha’ on the other KOWA folks — whose heartbeats I suspect visible quickened when they read it…


It’s almost all good, Kids.  Never fear.


In the email version of last week’s Thunderbolt I published the script for a very controversial program I that recorded for the radio version of last week’s Thunderbolt.  It was a second segment of Poppy Seed Street called Lesson Two:  Racism for Fun and Profit.


I understand that it is impossible for me to be truly objective about my own work.


With that caveat established:  In my own non-humble opinion I think that Racism for Fun and Profit is one of the most devastating smack-downs of their racist sociopathic nasty evil Murder Machine that I have ever heard in my life and I at least like to think that I manage to do so in a fashion that is entertaining and that I do so in a manner that tends to very quickly rivet people’s attention — sort of like when you see a police car in your rear-view mirror — and while Racism for Fun and Profit might possibly be considered threatening to some people whose irony-detector circuits are missing or burned-out — due to the fact it is presented in ‘Comedy Mode’, then I believe that this makes Racism for Fun and Profit non-threatening to certain other people who may be open to learning more about this stuff and who are more approachable through a humourous treatment rather than to lecturing or other types of emotional appeals…


…and then — even more importantly — maybe they would then be willing to then do something about it.


Yes, Racism for Fun and Profit is very controversial; the irony here lies in that fact is that controversy sells and that controversy tends to spark lots of conversations — in fact, the sparking of conversations is almost the very definition of controversy — so if anything I think the controversial aspect of Racism for Fun and Profit is a selling point.  I say let’s get lots of people talking more about the employment of language in the fine art of dehumanization and let’s talk more about the 21st Century iterations of racism for fun and for profit — and if starting those conversations takes a little thunderbolt of shock and awe — then so be it.


Many years ago I was watching the women’s final at Wimbledon for some reason that I forget as I have loathed televised sports since youth.  (It might have been while I was waiting for a load at a truck stop during my furniture-moving days in the late 80’s-early 90’s.)  While I forget when I saw it and while I forget what the contestant’s names were I do remember that one of the contestants had been the undisputed undefeated supposedly undefeatable unquestioned queen of women’s tennis for over a decade; her challenger was a teenage girl who had not only quite literally grown up almost literally worshipping the older woman, but throughout her formative years the older player had been the central role model for the teenager’s entire frigging life — this woman was the reason that the teenager had originally taken up tennis in the first place — and now here she was playing her idol in person herself for the frigging world championship or whatever they call it in tennis at Wimbledon!


Anyway, the camera closed in on the teenage girl’s face just after she fired the final shot that won the tournament — and while I have forgotten all the details I will never forget the look on that beautiful little girl’s face for as long as I live, for the feeling behind that look was one that I have experienced many times myself — albeit on not quite so lofty a level; it is the look when you have just accomplished something that has completely blown your own frigging mind.


I had that feeling — albeit on not quite so lofty a level — when I listened to the final take of Racism for Fun and Profit.


It would be serious overhype indeed to compare myself in any way to the undisputed reigning monarchs of Making Fun of Vile Stuff by Going Completely Over the Top — those Grand Masters of Low Comedy — and yes indeed, Kids, I can only be speaking of Matt Stone and Trey Parker, those legendary creators of the indomitable and lovable potty-mouthed psychotic children of South Park


…but after Racism for Fun and Profit I will say that Stone and Parker better watch their backs…


Whoa, Dude!  Seriously!  Get over yourself!


You are honestly placing yourself within light-years of the Zen-masters of fart jokes?  These are the guys that came up with the idea of hyping the fact that Mohammed would be appearing on South Park — much to the outraged and blasphemous consternation and non-entertainment of about a billion Muslims, some of whom have shown a willingness to engage in mass-homicide to express their displeasure — and then having the Prophet indeed appear— but wearing a frigging bear costume so that his image wasn’t actually shown!


I’m sorry but that is ironic-comic genius on a level so far beyond the lowly abilities of some hack sitting in a little bedroom in Olympia that you should apologize for your outrageous presumption in even mentioning their names in any association with anything that you might ever come up with!


How can mere humans ever attain such a perfect match of scorched-earth irony paired with such an artistic shoving-of-the-stick-that-was-already-stuck-up-their-asses?


Yes, you are probably right — taking on Stone and Parker is a daunting and probably hopeless quest indeed!


Anyway, if you missed last week:  I experimented with an attempt to rob vile racial and sexual slurs of their power by overusing them in ways that were simultaneously outrageously ridiculous yet — ironically — also right on target.  I sought to hammer home how utterly ridiculous the entire idea of racism and patriarchal sexism is and I sought to rob these words of what — in my opinion — is entirely too much power by making fun of them rather than freaking out about them and I think that I very effectively did just that and then some — if you ask me.


I really wish everyone who is interested would get the audio CD because hearing it along with the sound effects is three times as ridiculous as just reading the script — and if you want to hear it you will need to come get a CD from me or you are going to have to wait until I figure out how to put audio files online because the controversial words in question have once again demonstrated their power; Racism for Fun and Profit won’t be airing on KOWA.


Upon consultation pretty much everyone in the KOWA family except me did not think that Racism for Fun and Profit should air.  Since the vote was unanimously against me and since on this particular decision I was by far the least objective observer of the situation, I gracefully conceded to their wishes even though I rather strongly disagreed with it.  I suppose I could have played my White Male Privilege card because I could probably kick any of their asses and one of them was a girl — but I chose a more diplomatic course.


Besides, I suspect that Matt might surprise me.


It will soon be archived online — I’ll keep you posted — and you can get audio CD’s from me.  I almost always sell Real Change in front of the Westside CoOp Wednesday’s from 3 to 7 pm and I’m at the Eastside CoOp all day Thursday and Friday from 11 am until I sell all the papers and sometimes Sunday in the early afternoon if I don’t sell all my papers on Friday.  I am going to try to keep CDs with me.  If you’ve got $5 that’s cool but I just want this piece out there so don’t let lack of cash stop you from asking for one and feel free to copy post paste and spread this everywhere in any way; is there a ‘YouTube’ equivalent for audio files?


If you really want I’ll mail a CD but that is rather avoided if possible.


The central argument for not airing the piece on KOWA was that with a radio broadcast it was possible and even likely that someone could tune in during the middle of the bit and catch the admittedly over-the-top language yet miss the probably over-detailed explanation that I provided before I launched into the piece wherein I explained what I was doing and why I was doing it.  They didn’t think this was a piece that innocent bystanders should be unexpectedly subjected to.


I disagree but I totally respect their point of view.  This kind of threw me, though, because — as previously mentioned — ‘innocent bystanders’ are my target audience.  It’s the people who don’t already know this stuff that need to hear about it and if I can create some stink bomb controversy then maybe someone will listen to this piece that normally wouldn’t have and then maybe that person will learn about the many many millions of civilians that have died in the Congo along with complete silence in the Western media about the slaughter and then maybe they will do some research on their own and get outraged and start doing something about it…


The one argument that I couldn’t really counter was that hearing these words on the radio could trigger already traumatized people.  I saw my piece as a highly effective attack on the very things that traumatized many of these people in the first place and in a way I think that this argument is slightly similar to parents who blame rock stars when their own kids commit suicide; if my piece is going to traumatize someone then they already have problems far deeper than me — but one KOWA volunteer felt very strongly that the chance of further traumatizing even one person was not worth any potential benefits that might be gained from airing the piece.


I disagree but I totally respect this point of view also.


Another thought white people simply had no right to use these words under any circumstances.


Under normal circumstances I would agree — but I think that an exception can be made considering the context in which I use them — but again I totally respect her point of view.


I also understood that some people would freak out about the words and completely miss the point — there are always people who focus on the flea and miss the dog and that always happens and that’s just the way it is.  Oh well.  They have their own problems and they’re going to have to work them out; I can’t let them be my problem or let them stop me from what I do.


I fully understand how fully I don’t understand dominance-submission issues.  I am not only a privileged white male but I am a large privileged white male who has had military training and twenty-plus years on the roads and streets of North America training and six years of federal prison training and since I survived all of that you can safely assume that I know how to take care of myself.  There are not very many people I need to fear.  Therefore I fully understand that I have no conception of what reality is like for someone who spends their life having to live in almost constant terror of nearly everyone around them including their own families; that is exactly why I put out a special plea for feedback on Racism for Fun and Profit — of which, rather disappointingly, I received none except from KOWA people who were concerned about it airing…


…which leads to yet another irony that I think very succinctly sums up the problem:  I can confidently say that I know a lot more about non-white American culture than the vast majority of the white American public and I can simultaneously say that I know virtually nothing about non-white American culture; thus I would especially like to hear from non-white people concerning this piece because my working theory is that white people will be a lot more upset with Racism for Fun and Profit than people of colour; and in fact I suspect that some people of colour might thoroughly enjoy hearing a white boy blasting the Machine with such formidable thunderbolts of outrage and might appreciate my efforts to deflate the importance of those vile words…


Irony abounds!  What fun!




America’s Newest Hero


And finally, before getting to the calendar I have one more very happy news item; I am most thrilled and proud to announce that we now officially have another brave hero risking all to tell the Truth, ladies and gentlemen and various permutations thereof!  With Barack Obama not only prosecuting more whistleblowers than all other presidents in American history combined but using a fascist World War I era law that carries the death penalty to do it — you would think that folks would get the word and stop throwing shite-bricks at Obama’s Potemkin village by telling the truth in public — but there are evidently die-hard patriots out there who insist upon informing us of the government’s secret police state nastiness!


The latest hero (fanfare please):


Edward Snowden


As usual, Democracy Now has the most comprehensive coverage.




It’s time to get to work…




1)  FYI Section:


1A)  The Towery of Babel Rises Again


Here’s more about the military undercover agent that illegally spied on the Oly anti-war movement.


This was in today’s Olympian (6/26/13).  Many people do not get this newspaper so I am sending it out.  Many people in our community were involved with the Olympia Port Anti-War protest and should be aware of this news.  If you know someone who has left town you may want to forward this to them.


Published June 26, 2013

Spy admits he accessed Olympia anti-war group’s emails


A former Joint Base Lewis-McChord employee accused of infiltrating an Olympia anti-war group has admitted he accessed an email listserv maintained by the group in 2007 for attorney-client communications, then forwarded the information to police, according to documents filed in federal court in Tacoma.


Attorneys state in a recent court filing that John Towery accessed the activists’ listserv because he was concerned about its “dissemination of private, personal juror information” in a then-pending criminal trial involving 15 members of the anti-war group Olympia Port Militarization Resistance.  The defendants were charged with second-degree criminal trespass after a May 2006 protest over a military shipment at the Port of Olympia.


During the March 2007 trial, then-Thurston County District Court Judge Susan Dubuisson learned from the prosecutor that the listserv contained a spreadsheet with the names of more than 60 prospective jurors and their responses to a jury questionnaire.  The prosecutor expressed concern during the trial that individuals other than the defendants and their attorneys had access to otherwise private juror information.


Dubuisson then declared it a mistrial.  Dubuisson, now retired, said in 2007 that she did so because she was concerned that the breach of juror information could taint their ability to reach a fair verdict.

At the time, members of the anti-war group had declared the listserv was secure and that access was granted only through an approval process.  One defendant said it was set up so defendants in the case could be kept current with court dates, read trial briefs and access other attorney-client work products.

When the prosecutor showed Dubuisson a copy of an email from the listserv, he declined to tell her in court how he obtained it.


According to court documents, Towery’s attorneys have now admitted he accessed the listserv and shared its contents with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.


Towery’s disclosure is included in part of his answer to a federal civil lawsuit that was filed by OlyPMR. Its members allege that Towery violated their constitutional rights by spying on them under an assumed name.


Towery’s attorneys state in his June 14 response to the lawsuit that he accessed the listserv by providing his email address on an anti-war activist website.  “There was no mechanism blocking the public’s access to the … listserv,” Towery’s attorneys state in court documents.


The former prosecutor in the case, Steve Straume, could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

At the time, one OlyPMR member said they suspected a “dirty trick” – that some unknown actor had purposely compromised the listserv.


An Olympian reporter located the listserv following the announcement of the mistrial, and was able to subscribe to it in “minutes” without prior authorization, according to a March 2007 news story in The Olympian.


Ultimately, the gross misdemenaor charges against the 15 defendants in the case were dismissed and never refiled.


The disclosure that Towery accessed the OlyPMR listserv lends credence to anti-war activists’ allegations that Towery joined their group to disrupt and monitor its activities, OlyPMR member Drew Hendricks said.


In general, no one besides members of OlyPMR and their attorneys were even aware of the listserv, he said.


Said Hendricks: “It’s my belief that John Towery’s intention when he joined the listservs was to neutralize our protests.”


Towery’s attorneys at McKay Chadwell in Seattle could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

In December, the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled OlyPMR’s lawsuit against Towery and one of his colleagues, Thomas Rudd, can go forward with certain First and Fourth Amendment claims.  The Court of Appeals opinion read in part, “As a result of defendants’ information sharing and coordination with local law enforcement, plaintiffs were allegedly arrested without probable cause.  These arrests allegedly disrupted plaintiffs’ peaceful protests and deterred their political speech.”


Towery is a former civilian employee with JBLM’s Force Protection Division.  According to the lawsuit, he infiltrated the group under an assumed name and reported on members’ activities to his superiors at JBLM and local law enforcement.  Rudd was Towery’s former superior at JBLM Force Protection.


Other defendants named in the suit include various local law enforcement agencies and individuals employed there, including the Olympia Police Department and the Tacoma Police Department.

The trial is expected to begin in 2014.  A flurry of recent federal court filings connected to the case have come up in recent weeks.


The plaintiffs also filed an amended complaint Monday, adding Chris Adamson, former director of the Regional Intelligence Group 5 for the Washington State Fusion Center, as a defendant.


Fusion centers are information sharing bodies that were established by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security so that local, state and federal law enforcement agencies can share information on a wide range of intelligence, including in domestic terrorism investigations.


The fourth amended complaint alleges that Adamson, currently of the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, worked in conjunction with Towery, and placed several plaintiffs in a national database designating them as “terrorists.”  Hendricks, who shared redacted copies of the indexes of two plaintiffs who were placed in the database, said he received the information after a public records request to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.


Ed Troyer, a spokesman for the Sheriff’s Department, said Tuesday that his office is aware of Adamson’s recent inclusion in the lawsuit.


“We are reviewing it,” he said.


The database includes several OlyPMR members in an index titled “Domestic Terrorism Conference Index Entry Form.”  It includes their names, addresses, Social Security numbers and other personal information, though this information was redacted from the copies shared with The Olympian.


Brendan Dunn, a plaintiff whose photo and personal information are included on the “domestic terrorism conference index entry form,” said he was shocked when he learned of his inclusion there.  Dunn said the terrorism index lists him as having participated in criminal activities such as assault and criminal trespass, though he was never convicted of those crimes.


“This index makes me look like a violent individual, and I’m not,” Dunn said.


Dunn said his inclusion on the list explains in part his trouble with border patrol agents during several visits to Canada in recent years.  He said he was detained by Canadian border control during one of these visits, and told that he had an “FBI number.”  Dunn said he believes he is being punished for no reason other than his political views.


Washington State Patrol spokesman Bob Calkins returned a phone call placed to the fusion center on Tuesday. He said that the regional intelligence center that Adamson worked for was not part of the fusion center itself, but worked closely with it.  He added that today there are now more privacy safeguards, such as training for fusion center members, so that they know what information is appropriate and not appropriate to compile.  When informed of the 2007 “index entry form” which Dunn was included on, Calkins said, “the current staff of our fusion center was not even aware that that document existed.”

Calkins added the fusion center monitors illegal activity and does not target people for their political beliefs.


Jeremy Pawloski: 360-754-5445

Read more here:




1B)  Washington Low Income Housing Alliance Update




With this special session drawing to an end, it’s time to     reflect on the wins and losses, and what we can all do during the summer     and fall to increase our lawmaker’s commitment to ending homelessness     and to fighting for investments in affordable housing.
    Join the Housing Alliance this Thursday, June 27 at 2:00pm     for a review of the session.




 Will     there be a budget by then to discuss?  No one knows for sure. But all signs in     Olympia point towards a deal any minute now.  If no budget is yet finalized, we’ll share     what we know, including all the rumors flying around the halls of Olympia.




We look forward to talking with you on     Thursday!




Michele and the Housing Alliance Team




206.442.9455  |  |  fb @wliha  |  tw /wliha




P.S.     There’s still time to take action and influence the     outcome! Click here to email your elected officials today!      If you’ve already taken action this week, then consider     sending the link to three of your colleagues, friends, or family and asking     them to join you in your advocacy!




2)  Stonewall Youth Annual June Event

Thursday June 27th from 6 to 8 pm @ First Christian Church, 701 Franklin St.


It’s Olympia’s premiere organization for LGBT youth.


This from the organizers:


Dear Friends and Community Partners,


  I am writing to invite you to Stonewall Youth’s annual June event. This year, we are hosting a panel of youth, activists, organizers, and providers to speak to homelessness in LGBTQQIA youth populations.  The event will be held on June 27th at the First Christian Church (701 Franklin Street), from 6-8pm. Hope to see you there!


*** This event is FREE.  Donations to Stonewall Youth are urgently needed and will be gratefully accepted.  Refreshments Provided.  Please bring non-perishable food, hygiene supplies, tents/sleeping bags, and clothing for local groups to distribute to unhoused youth.


Molly Fischer

Interim Program Director




3)  June Jubilee and Artisan Expo

Saturday June 29th from 10 am to 5 pm

West Central Park, SE Corner of Harrison and Division St SW


This is the very first event at our brand newest park that we put up instead of a 7-11!


Come check it out!


This from the organizers:


The West Central Park is pleased to announce our first official public event: The June Jubilee and Local Artisan Expo!


 Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 29 because starting at 10 AM there will be food, music, and a host of local artists and artisans who will be demonstrating their fantastic crafts and talents in the open air of West Central Park. Featured artists include:


 Benjamin Cragun from Cragun Stoneworks will be demonstrating sand set flagstone patio, and chisel technique.


 Matt Guerin from Olybuilt Contracting will perform brick and mortar demonstrations.


 Kelly Rigg from Big Hammer Technology will have a forge and metal smith demonstration.


 Brian Anderson from Anderson Woodworks will be showing off his planing and custom furniture techniques.


 Maureen Nelson will be making children’s Prayer Wands.


 Dale Johnson will be crafting wooden cedar feathers and other detailed woodwork.


 Tuck Petertil will do mosaic demonstration and teach how to make your own artistic address signs.


 Jason Earrame will be giving a clay extruder demonstration


 Shon Forsyth will be doing a hand pottery demo and host an exhibition of handmade pottery.


 Rob Healy will be giving a demo on arbor building.


 Jerry Mann will demystify the art of beekeeping.


 Stephanie Scott from Stichn Kitchn will demonstrate useful sewing techniques for household items.


 Ashley Celandine from Wild Human Designs will give a woven beaded jewelry demonstration.


 Tina Moreschi will demonstrate how to make children’s mosaics.


 and Anna Gurol from Spinning Wheel will give a yarn spinning demonstration


 But wait, there’s more!  Don Vante Sandrin from Vante’s Inferno will be serving their hot dogs and hamburgers (including vegetarian options) and Jim Skutt from Pizza Jim’s Brick Oven will be offering pizza of all kinds.  Melanie Gary and Devon McCabe of Tamale Fusion will have a cart set up for one of Tamale Fusion’s first outings, giving West Central Parkers a front-of-the-line look at an up-and-coming Oly business.


 Last, but certainly not least…there will be music!


 10:30-11:30 ; The HInges Unplugged/ Danny Kelly and Karen Hancock


 11:30-1:00 : The Oly Mountain Boys/ Joshua Grice, Phil Post, Derek McSwain, Tye Menser and Chris Rutledge


 1:00-2:00 : Christopher Harbin/ Latin Sounds


 2:00-3:00: Sean Walters / Folk Music


 3:00-4:00: MIke Burdorff/ Rock and Folk


 4:00-5:00: Acoustic Round Up Sing Along


 So be sure to come down June 29 and enjoy the food, art, culture, or just check out the park and chat with your friends and neighbors.  It’ll surely be a weekend to remember.


 See you at the park!



4)  Community Rights  Ordinance Meeting

Saturday June 29th from Noon to 3 pm @ KXXO Mixx 96.1, 119 NE Washington St


This is the definition of ‘grassroots’.  We seek to take back control of our community from the  corporate Machine.


This from the organizers:


Please reply by email or phone if you’re coming or not, so we know what to expect.  


Attached is a Google Map of the location.  This text contains the same info as on the attachment.  The attachment is in “LibreOffice” software and can be opened with MS Word.


Mixx 96.1 KXXO in Olympia, Washington


119 NE Washington St. Olympia, WA 98501



My email is:



5)  House Party Episode of Dance Oly Dance

Saturday June 29th at 10 pm @ The Track House, 511 7th Ave SE


It’s radical dance!


This from the organizers:


Dance on TV. TCTV’s Dance Oly Dance comes The Track House.  It will be a house party to remember.


 The Track House:

 511 7th Ave SE Olympia WA 98501


 Filming for Dance Oly Dance begins promptly at 10:00pm and goes to 11:00 pm.


 But stay after the filming because there will be live performances by Violent Vickie, GarlicMan&CHIKN and Andro Arrows.


 Violent Vickie’s performance will be part of her NorthWest and Europe “Monster Alley” album release tour:


 Violent Vickie “Monster Alley” album on BandCamp:


 Violent Vickie on SoundCloud:




 Andro Arrows:


 The Dance Oly Dance portion of the show is free.

 The three live musical acts would appreciate a $3 – $5 donation starting at 11:00pm.





 Here’s the tentative music set list for the Dance Oly Dance portion of the evening:


 Nina Hagen – Springtime In Paris


 Siriusmo – Wow


 Stakka And Hochi – Mars Attacks (Stakka Remix) (Excerpt)


 Knife Party – Destroy Them With Lazers (Excerpt)


 Kirsty MacColl – There’s A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis


 Porter Robinson – Unison (Knife Party Remix) (Excerpt)


 Nero – Must Be The Feeling (Delta Heavy Remix) (Excerpt)


 Bill Nelson – Flaming Desire


 Electrosexual – Trapped Inside (Excerpt)


 Chicks On Speed – Art Rules (Excerpt)


 Torch Song – Telepathy

 [No web link available]


 Ed Rush & Optical – Bacteria (Pendulum Remix) (Short Excerpt)


 Fidelity Kastrow – 21st Century Girl (Mark Reeder’s Strident Remix Edit) (Excerpt)


 Siouxsie & The Banshees – Sweetest Chill


 Daft Punk – Lose Yourself To Dance


 Rusko – Somebody To Love (Sigma Remix) (Excerpt)


 Tim Berg – Seek Bromance (Dubstep Remix) (Excerpt)


 Transvision Vamp – Baby I Don’t Care


 Rodeo – Way Back Home (Stereogamous Remix) (Short Excerpt)


 Violent Vickie – Men


 Violent Vickie – Drugs 



6)  Really Really Free Market

Sunday June 30th from 1 to 4 pm @ Woodruff Park, Harrison and Thomas Sts NW


It’s the Gift Economy at work!  Come poke a stick at capitalism!


This from the organizers:


Bring what you can, take what you need.

Community gathering

Bring, and give away absolutely free, any usable items, skills, ideas, smiles, talents, friendship, excitement, discussions, games and many others things that we as a community can come together and share.

100% free and non-commercial event.
Temporary autonomous zone instituting the gift economy as an alternative to the capitalist mode of resource distribution.
An ethos and a way of being that transforms people through its experience and is then carried into other areas of life.

Woodruff Park @ Thomas & Harrison NW—Westside Olympia



7)  POWER Outage

Monday July 1st, Potluck at 5:30, Meeting at 6 pm @ Darby’s Café, 309 5th Ave


It’s POWER’s monthly workshop, this month featuring how to transform written stories into performable monologues.


This from POWER:


July’s POWER Outage – Theater Workshop with Elizabeth Lord.  Elizabeth, a fabulous local actor and storyteller, will work with us to develop our written stories into performable monologues.  Join us!


POWER Outage begins with a potluck meal at 5:30 pm.  Bring something to share if you are able.  Workshop from 6 – 8 pm.


At Darby’s Café in downtown Olympia, 211 5th Avenue.  The café is closed, but the owners kindly let us use the space.


Childcare will be provided Down the Street at the POWER office, 309 5th Avenue by the Olympia Childcare Collective!


Questions?  Contact POWER at 


360-352-9716 toll free 866-343-9716


Find us on Facebook.


POWER is an organization of low-income parents and allies advocating for a strong social safety net while working toward a world where children and care giving are truly valued, and the devastation of poverty has been eradicated.



8)  Human Chains against the Chained CPI

Tuesday July 2nd at Time and Place TBA


Wall Street steals everything and now they want to make SSI recipients pay for it.  Right.


Come fight back.


This from Washington CAN!:


Some politicians continue to press for the Chained CPI Benefit cut as a way to reduce the deficit.  But the truth is: Social Security has not contributed one dime to the deficit.  The chained CPI is a cold, calculated benefit cut to our Social Security – and some cuts never heal! 


Will you help us make a stand against the Chained CPI on July 2nd?

On Tuesday July 2nd, Washington CAN! along with the Washington State Alliance for Retired Americans and the State Labor Council is joining national allies to mobilize groups in 40 cities across the country to form HUMAN CHAINS AGAINST THE CHAINED CPI. This National Day of Action will showcase the broad base of Americans who support protecting and enhancing retirement security, not dismantling Social Security inch by inch.  


Will you form a link in our chain in Olympia?  Click this link for more details and to RSVP.


Washington CAN! refuses to allow the budget be balanced on the backs of seniors and working people.  And we are not alone.  Millions of Americans agree that the Chained CPI is a bad deal for seniors, veterans, people with disabilities and working families.  It’s time to show our elected leaders the overwhelming number of people who oppose the chained CPI benefit cut.


Will you join us?  Click the link to find out more. I look forward to seeing you all on July 2nd!


In Solidarity,

Chuck Haunreiter

Washington CAN! Grassroots Ambassador for Retirement Security



Mariah McKay
Community Organizer
Mobile: 509-939-0015

Washington Community Action Network



9)  Bonus Tip of the Day:


Try laughing about it rather than crying about it.







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