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Action Alert Calendar

Racism for Fun and Profit:

1) Film Screening: Greedy Lying Bastards
2) Pelican Bay Prisoner Hunger Strike Event
3) Film Screening: We Steal Secrets; The Story of Wikileaks
4) Chasing Ice – Potluck and Climate Activist Networking Event
5) Gathering at the Olympia Rafah Solidarity Mural Project
6) Olympia FOR’s 4th Annual Summer Social!
7) Love our Local Fest Organizing Meeting
8) Stonewall Youth Annual June Event
9) Bonus Tip of the Day

Hey Kids!

I am most veryest happiest to announce that we have our very own Community Rights Movement now officially launched in Thurston County. This gets right to the heart of the matter (who controls the world we live in?) and this is bi-partisan in that the original community rights movement was launched by redneck Republican farmers in Pennsylvania, so if we can get a big bi-partisan grassroots thing going then maybe we can actually accomplish something.

Action will be happening soon. Stay tuned.


So now I am going to crassly promote the radio show version of The Thunderbolt which — in case you missed it the last four or seven times that I’ve mentioned it — airs at 8 AM on Friday and Saturday mornings and often at various other times over the weekend on KOWA LP FM at 106.5 if you are in downtown Olympia or streaming at anywhere in the world where they don’t censor Internet access.

Thus, I must now ask that you deploy some imagination; picture yourself enjoying a nice quiet morning listening to KOWA when my soothing dulcet voice comes on the air as birds chirp in the background and then I calmly and gently says this:


Hello, Olympia. I must apologize for intruding into your nice quiet morning in this manner but I feel it my civic duty to warn you that The Thunderbolt is about to strike and that you should probably prepare yourselves…

Are you ready now?

Good! Here we go…

[Suddenly, numerous air raid sirens machine guns bombs and several very loud electric guitars with full distortion playing a fast-furious-angry-insane heavy metal beat explode into your speakers like an explosion]

To arms, Olympia, to arms! The enemy is on the battlements! All hands on deck!

[Voice 1] Rainbow 1, I have Goldman $achs in my sights at 12 o’clock! Repeat: I have Goldman $achs in my sights!
[Voice 2] Roger; fire a moral indignation missile!
[Voice 1] Rainbow 1, the moral indignation missile had no effect, I repeat, no effect!
[Voice 2] Then I guess we have no choice but to drop a Truth Bomb on their asses!
[Voice 1] Rainbow 1, the Truth Bomb appears to have caused visible damage! Goldman $achs is showing visible signs of distress!
[Voice 2] Excellent! Rainbow 3, the Truth Bombs are working! Hit Goldman $achs with another one!
[Voice 3 Frantically] Rainbow 1, Dow Chemical and Monsanto have launched a sneak attack from my rear and I gotta get the hell outta here — sir!
[Voice 2] Rainbow 4, Rainbow 4, report status!
[Voice 4] Halliburton has dropped a lobbyist money bomb and Northrup Grumman has deployed a devastating barrage of lawyers! I don’t know if we can stand up to this!
[Voice 2] Rainbow 2, can you assist with any public opinion?
[Voice 1] Rainbow 1, that’s a negative. Their Obama bomb blew nearly our entire arsenal of public opinion over to the Dark Side.
[Voice 2] That’s it then, gentlemen; we must fall back that we may live on to fight another day!
[Just as suddenly as they started the bombs and sirens and guns and guitars fall to dead silence — and then…]

But wait! What’s that? Up in the sky? It’s a bird! It’s a plane!

No, men, I believe we are in luck! If I’m not mistaken, then I believe —in fact — that our salvation has arrived for that, gentlemen, is The Thunderbolt of Truth and Justice!

[One more missile whistles in and explodes — and then the crazy zany Thunderbolt theme song begins!]


See? I missed my calling! (My ‘calling’ for exactly what I have no idea, but whatever…)

(Actually, since I am doing pretty much exactly what I want to be doing at this point of my life, I guess that actually I didn’t miss much of anything…)

Check out the audio version of The Thunderbolt at a computer or radio near you!


Controversial Stuff! Beware!

Warning: Hello, this is Dana, and basically I am the Thunderbolt. I am just talking to you as myself here for a minute. Since I often say some pretty controversial and shocking things in this newsletter then the fact I am now actually issuing a warning about a piece before I launch into it should be a warning in and of itself…

The first thing I would like to say about ‘Poppy Seed Street Lesson Two: Racism for Fun and Profit’ is that in my own opinion this is both the most powerful and the most important piece I have ever come up with thus far. One of my favourite tricks is to pretend that I myself have some incredibly vile worldview so that I can say incredibly vile things in order to hammer home how incredibly vile they are.

Well: ‘Poppy Seed Street Lesson Two: Racism for Fun and Profit’ is that trick on steroids.

Evidently the ‘creative process’ is very different for different people, but for me what happens is that all this crazy shite suddenly falls into my head all at once and I’ve gotta drop whatever I’m doing and start writing. While I know that it is me doing it since I am watching myself typing this stuff — in a weird way it almost doesn’t feel like that. it almost feels like I’m merely the scribe for some crazy person who occasionally comes into my head for a visit and to tell me all this crazy stuff.

Anyway, before I begin ‘Poppy Seed Street Lesson Two: Racism for Fun and Profit’ I wanted to first provide a little background behind my thinking on this piece: Even though I fancy myself a wordsmith, I do so with the understanding that in and of themselves words have absolutely no meaning and absolutely no power other than the meaning and power that we choose to give them.

One irony that is manifested by this paradigm lies in the fact that I can come up to almost anyone in the United States and say, “I think you are an incredibly vile sack of putrid feces’ (though you could probably gain more effect using slightly more colourful language) and saying that to someone would generally produce a very powerful reaction — however, if you were to say it to someone who didn’t speak English, then those very same words would be meaningless — and thus powerless.

Yet another irony that is manifested by this paradigm lies in the fact that is that the very people who allow themselves to be shocked and offended by certain words are also the same people whom assure those words will continue to exist and that they will continue to be popular.

On one hand I am deeply sympathetic to people’s deeply held aversions to certain words — especially those that promote the most vile racial and sexist and homophobic stereotypes. However, I also feel that these people are the very same people who are actually giving these words their power.

Thus — my thinking is that maybe we should start making fun of these words instead of freaking out about them? I am thinking that maybe this could rob them of their power?

This is an experiment of a sort, and for this piece in particular I would deeply appreciate any and all feedback because I am sure that I will be pushing a lot of buttons whose existence I am not even aware of — and I probably should be aware of them if I’m going to be saying this kind of stuff.

And finally, we reach the reason for this warning: Let the readers beware that I use a large number of foul racial and sexist slurs in this piece (and I will do the radio piece using my favourite idiot’s voice); thus, if seeing these words in print seriously upsets you then you may wish to skip this.

However: I do at least like to think that it’s also pretty funny in an admittedly twisty way…

Note: Due to the highly controversial nature of the following piece this segment will NOT air this week on The Thunderbolt. We will have a meeting next week to decide what to do with my little bombshell; it will be archived online and available on audio CD, though.


Poppy Seed Street
Lesson Two: Racism for Fun and Profit!

[Playful childlike music]

Hello again kids! I am so glad you could come back to my neighborhood! You are very brave children since so many other children who have come here have never left again…

[Playful childlike music briefly turns ominous — but then quickly returns to light twinkly music again]

So first things should always come first children — except when they don’t, of course — and so I must now ask if you did your homework?

[music suddenly stops]


[the tinkly child’s music is suddenly replaced with Alice Cooper’s ‘Hell Scene’ from ‘Killer’ with screaming and pounding ominous guitars] Jimmy, if you lie to my Authority then you do know that you will scream in agony for all of eternity in a burning lake of fire and that your eternal soul will rot to filth and I can assure you, Jimmy, that eternity is a very long time to burn and scream in utter unimaginable agony just for so stupidly questioning Authority, don’t you Jimmy? [tinkly child’s music starts again] So now I ask again; Did you do your homework, Jimmy?

Yes, I thought so. I must say that if you are ever going to succeed in Capitalist World, Jimmy, you absolutely must learn to be a better liar!

So, can any of the ‘winners’ that did do their homework — as opposed to the ‘losers’ who didn’t do their homework — tell me how enterprising individuals ‘reach the top’ and ‘win the game’ in Capitalist World?

Why yes indeed, Sarah! Three stars for you! In order to successfully compete with the other top predators in Capitalist World you must first round up lots and lots of people and then you must kill all of them so that you can take all their stuff without paying for it! As you can imagine, not having to pay for anything gives a great boost to the old bottom line, yes indeed it certainly does let me tell you! Very good Sarah!

Now girls, I must ask you to cover your ears so you can’t hear because I have a special message just for the boys — [sinister music and sinister voice] — and the little girls all know what happens to bad little girls that disobey authority! [girl screaming along with appropriate music — then suddenly light and tinkly again]

So now, boys, I must tell you that while Sarah can be quite entertaining at times you must always remember that women actually are the ones with the real power because left to their own devices they are the ones that decides who breeds and who doesn’t breed so we absolutely positively cannot let them know they have any power at all else they’ll take over the whole wide world — and so always remember boys, we must always refer to them as lying sluts and whores and we must continually beat and rape and burn and drown and mutilate and brainwash and take any and all measures to keep women under our thumbs lest we all become a bunch of pussy-whipped sissy-men allowing uppity bitches to tell us what to do.

Do you understand now boys? Gooooood! Now the girls can uncover their ears.

Now, children, in addition to sex, ‘race’ is also always considered in a wise imperialist’s thinking because you must be very careful about which people you kill, kids! For instance: You most positively definitively do not want to kill anyone who can kill you back, for instance! You also must never kill anyone who has friends who might be able to kill you back — and so this means that killing White People can often be problematic because they often fall into one or both of those categories.

And besides, White People are of our very same species! Killing them is almost like incest, kids!

And anyway, so many people raise so much stink every time you kill White People that it’s not even worth it — but here’s the trick kids: We just killed millions and millions of people in the Congo over the last few years with nary a peep from the Western media! And how did we achieve such a miracle? We simply transformed all the Africans from humans into niggers! Since now they’re niggers rather than humans, then you are free to slaughter niggers to your merry little heart’s content and no one will give a flying fig except a few other niggers that no one cares about either!

So now, kids, it’s time for me to explain about White People: So you see: Once upon a time there was this really big giganourmous explosion that they call the Big Bang, and let me tell you kids, that Big Bang frigging blew all kinds of stuff all over the universe, kids, and then some of that stuff turned into the Earth — and then some DNA and proteins started partying together way way deep down in the ocean and then they created life — which very quickly showed its imperialistic tendencies by emerging from the sea and invading the land masses and then they totally frigging took the whole shebang over!

Now I mention all of this boring stuff in passing because all of this eventually led to the creation of [triumphant blaring trumpets and organs] White People!

Now, kids, White People are the Superiorestest #1 Species in the Whole Wide Known Universe! This fact is evidenced by the fact that White People have killed stolen pillaged plundered raped cut more trees poisoned more rivers killed more animals and conducted more genocidal slaughters than any other species in all of the whole entire worldly history of all humanness!

We’re # 1, kids! Yay for us!

Now, I am sad to say that being a racist is just not as easy as it used to be in the good old days! Yes, kids, Back in the Day, when it came to niggers chinks spics beaners sand-niggers and kikes you could just say anything to or about them that you wanted to say or do to them or about them and no one except a few pussy BMW liberals really gave a flying poodliation!

But alas, kids, humanity has descended to madness! Keep in mind that while you can still use all of the old warm fuzzy familiar terms for the lesser races when you are alone with your buds at the bar after you grow up, say, but these days you must also learn an entire new vocabulary if you wish to conduct conversations about race in mixed company, kids, because there also seems to be a lot more pussy BMW liberals around than there used to be too.

So listen carefully now kids because you must learn this vocabulary so that the niggers don’t come and burn your business down or something because they’re really touchy these days; so speaking of the niggers we’ll take them first! So remember now, kids: You must always call the niggers ‘Blacks’ or ‘Africans’, okay? You must always call chinks ‘Asians’, you must always call kikes ‘Jews’, you must always call beaners ‘Hispanics’, and you must always call the sand-niggers ‘Arabs’ or ‘Muslims’; now this can get kind of confusing, kids, because those two terms are pretty much interchangeable even though most Muslims actually aren’t Arabs and though most Muslims actually live in jungles rather than deserts — and in fact, kids, the term ‘sand-nigger’ can even be applied to Sikhs, who are neither Muslim nor Arab nor do they live in deserts! Thus, ‘sand-nigger’ is a good catch-all term if you are ever in doubt about how to address a Middle Eastern inferior.

Another good indicator is if they have those weird rags tied around their heads; then you can almost certainly refer to them as ‘sand-niggers’ with a fair degree of confidence.

‘Camel Jockey’ is another good one, kids, especially if you include sexual innuendos along with it! That really pisses them off!

Now kids, since the niggers have become so uppity over the last few decades we do now occasionally allow a token nigger to become the modern equivalent of a ‘house-boy’ and we let him pretend in public that he has some power and influence; and in fact, the current president of the United States is a good example of this! The current house boy is very good at fooling liberals into supporting fascism so we all love Barack Obama so so dearly — rather like you might love an exceptionally well trained monkey or something. We now do this because we have found it wise to let the niggers pretend that they have some influence so that all the endless millions of the endless variety and endless flavours of niggers that seem to be everywhere these days don’t all get too pissed off all at once at the same time and start burning all the cities down again like they did back in the 60’s, which led to Medgar Everses and Martin Luther Kings and Civil Rights Amendmentses being shoved down everyone’s throats-es — but to be honest (which can sometimes come in handy if it serves your purpose) most of us are not really that worried because the niggers chinks beaners rag-heads and kikes just don’t play the ruthless game as well as we do, kids and thus they prove themselves inferior ‘losers’ and thus prove that they deserve to be dominated by us and that we deserve to dominate them!

Now that is very simple logic, is it not?

Why Jimmy, I believe I see doubts in your eyes! Tell me, Jimmy where does this logic fail?

Now Jimmy, I don’t think I possibly could have heard you correctly because it sounded to me like you said that “they have a ‘right’ to live their lives in ‘peace’”?

Jimmy, it has become obvious to me that you have absolutely missed the whole central core purpose point of the whole deal of everything! Slavery is a ‘right’ and war is ‘peace’ — at least for wealthy White People.

Now Jimmy, I am afraid that you just don’t have what it takes to make it in the Brave New World Order, so I am afraid I am going to have you shot now.

[Alice Cooper’s “Hell Scene” from ‘Killer’ comes on again and now Jimmy is also screaming, “No, I didn’t mean it! I didn’t know what I was saying! I will never question authority again! Please don’t kill me! Help!!! Help!!!”]

[Then; the Jimmy’s screaming and the music stop and a funeral dirge begins …]

So now, kids, does anyone else doubt our god-given right to kill niggers and take all their stuff?

[Dead silence]

[Then, in a slightly sinister but still goofy tone] Yes, (evil little giggle), I didn’t think sooooo!

So, to continue now, kids: I know some of you may have liked Jimmy but in Capitalist World if you don’t Contribute to the Economy then you are a ‘useless mouth’. Thus, in Capitalist World, a cost-benefit analysis revealed that we could make more money selling Jimmy’s body parts than we could make on him staying alive, and so Jimmy finally contributed to the economy and thus his life finally became worthwhile!

[Back to playful tinkly child’s music] You see, kids? It is all very very logical if only you know how to look at it!

Now: As for the obvious incontrovertible fact that White People are far superior to all other human species (as evidenced by the fact that we can kick their asses with one hand tied behind our back) some naysayers might mention that the Chinese had a thriving and advanced civilization while our European ancestors were still grunting around their primitive little fires next to their primitive miserable hovels dressed in their smelly primitive furs — but you see kids, the Chinese are just chinks, so we can just ignore them. Some might also try to say that even the ‘rag-heads’ (another popular appellation down at the bar) had their own ‘Renaissance’ during the period that Europe was suffering [quickly] Inquisitions witch-burnings plagues and Dark Ages — and that during this so-called ‘Rag-Head Renaissance’ (giggle giggle) they invented stuff like calculus and supposedly produced some of the most moving poetry in history — so the rag-heads may be good at some sissy man pussy stuff [now brightly] but they’re all just rag-heads and sand-niggers so we can just ignore them too! Some may also mention that some of the red-niggers like the Mayans and Aztecs were far beyond the Europeans in almost every area of knowledge and science and astronomy — but while they may have been good at the pussy stuff they suck at what really counts: We were the ones with the guns and we were the ones with the utter inhuman ruthlessness — and yes, the Aztec and Mayans were not only ‘red-niggers’ but if you really want to put them in their proper place then you can call Mexican Indians ‘beaner’ red-niggers (giggle giggle)!

Our superiority to all other species of humans is also evidenced by the fact is that all of these lesser people believe in quaint provincial customs like telling the truth and conducting your life with personal honour. These poor benighted children just don’t get ‘civilization’, do they kids? They exhibit all of the classic ‘loser’ attributes that we discussed in last week’s lesson — and the simple fact is that these lesser races lack the core sociopathic homicidal tendencies necessary if you wish to violently impose your will upon everyone else so that you can steal all their stuff!

Now, kids, probably the tool that is the most-est responsible for our remarkable success at genocidal slaughter is our capacity to astonish, for you see; these primitive lesser people just do not have the capacity to even imagine such overblown over-the-top vile low foul ruthless murderous despicability until it is much too late and until after we’ve already killed all their kids and raped all their wives and stolen all their land and destroyed all their cultures and made them into homeless outcasts in the land they once ruled.

We aren’t completely heartless, though! In return we give the survivors a bible and a bottle of whiskey, after all!

Now this may seem kind of like a hard bargain to you kids and I guess it was kind of a suck deal for them — but again, we must look at it from the cost/benefit perspective: It sure worked out for us, didn’t it?

Our ancestors figured it out: All you have to do is to steal a continent by conducting the largest mass-genocidal slaughter in human history upon the red niggers that were already living there, and then you kidnap and enslave millions of black niggers to come do all the hard work — and you too can build an empire, kids!

And anyway, the red-niggers weren’t really in any position to bargain since it was obvious we would just kill all of them if they raised too much stink, right? They should just be happy with what we left them — as little as that may be — right?

Why Sarah — do I see a doubt in your eyes now…???

[Ominous musical tones — then fade to silence…]


It’s time to get to work…

1) Film Screening: Greedy Lying Bastards
Thursday June 20th at 6:30 PM @ The Capitol Theater, 206 5th Ave SE

This is a most excellent film about the politics of climate change.

This from the OFS:

(Film Showing)

Date: Thursday 6/20/2013
1 Day(s)
Time: 6:30 pm

Notes: Greedy Lying Bastards

Dir.: Craig Scott Rosebraugh / 2013 / US / 90 min / high definition digital

he passion that drove the making of this documentary about the politics of climate change, which has been a film festival favorite, is clear in the producers’ own description of it: “Melting sea ice, glacier loss, and rising sea levels. Severe droughts and wildfires. Increasingly severe tornadoes, hurricanes, and flooding. Record heat waves. Climate change is no longer a prediction for the future, but a startling reality of today. Yet, as evidence of our changing climate mounts and the scientific consensus proves human causation, there continues to be little political action to thwart the warming of our planet. Greedy Lying Bastards investigates the reason behind stalled efforts to tackle climate change despite consensus in the scientific community that it is not only a reality but also a growing problem placing us on the brink of disaster. The film details the people and organizations casting doubt on climate science and claims that greenhouse gases are not affected by human behavior. From the Koch Brothers to Exxon Mobil to oil industry front groups to prominent politicians and Justices, this provocative exposé unravels the layers of deceit threatening democracy and the ability for future generations to survive on planet earth.”


2) Pelican Bay Prisoner Hunger Strike Event
Thursday June 20th from 7 to 9 PM @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW

Durning my lifetime California has gone from having the best public school system in the world to 48th in the country — but they now have one of the largest and one of the worst prison system in the country. Those two facts are intimately related. Come join a rebellion against the Prison Industrial Complex.

This from the organizers:

Olympia, WA- Pelican Bay Prisoner Hunger Strike Event
Event is free, all ages, open to the public and disability affirmative!!

Thursday June 20th 2013 7-9pm
Traditions Cafe & World Folk Art
300 5th Ave SW
Olympia, WA 98501

Hunger and work strikes have been important strategies for people in prison to raise important issues about the Prison Industrial Complex and vindicating for their human rights. Join us for a night of an amazing panel discussion and organizational meet and greet to talk about radical prisoner support for the upcoming Pelican Bay Prisoner Hunger Strike and for building strategies and networks for supporting people in prison.

For more information: stand.with.the.prisoners@gmail.ccom
Facebook: Radical Prisoner Support
Twitter: Radical Prisoner Support

3) Film Screening: We Steal Secrets; The Story of Wikileaks
Friday June 21st at 6:30 PM @ The Capitol Theater, 206 5th Ave SE
And Several Times Next Week
See OFS Schedule Here:

Come learn the story of our modern day information heroes.

This from OFS:

(Film Showing)

Date: Friday 6/21/2013
2 Day(s)
Time: 6:30 pm

Notes: We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks

Dir.: Alex Gibney / 2013 / US / 127 min / 35 mm film

Director Alex Gibney’s previous projects include the documentaries Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Elliot Spitzer and Taxi to the Dark Side. Here he turns his attention to the knotty problems of freedom of information. As always, he uncovers a good deal of information and delivers it with clarity, dividing the film’s time between Julian Assange and the creation of his controversial WikiLeaks website, which facilitated the largest security breach in U.S. history, and Bradley Manning, the military insider linked to Assange as his source. Manning has since suffered harsh treatment and extreme duress, arrested and held for more than a year at Quantico, often in isolation, and presently imprisoned at Fort Leavenworth as he awaits trial. The elements are here for an old-fashioned spy story, a political thriller, and a thoughtful examination of how our society is presently addressing some of its most fundamental questions. David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter writes, “Unfolding like an espionage thriller but with a methodical journalistic skill at organizing a mountain of facts, the film raises stimulating questions about transparency and freedom of information in a world in which governments and corporations have plenty to hide.”


4) Chasing Ice – Potluck and Climate Activist Networking Event
Friday June 21st at 7 PM @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW

Come join in an activist potluck.

This from the organizers:

We were planning a security culture training for June 21st, but ran out of energy, so have switched to a simpler, more social, more entertaining event for the evening.

It’s a Climate Activist Community Potluck at Traditions Cafe in Olympia. We are working on netflix showing of the film Chasing Ice.

It’s free for earthlings. Will be a good chance for followup discussion of the Community Rights Ordinance event that is taking place on Saturday, Jun 15th.

Hope to see you there. This is an OMJP event.

Quartersheets are attached if anyone wants to print, cut up and distribute. We will be doing some of that over the next few days. The facebook event page for June 21st is here:

Solidarity, peace, action


5) Gathering at the Olympia Rafah Solidarity Mural Project
Saturday June 22nd at 5 PM @ Rafah Mural, Corner of State and Capitol Way

This is a gathering to celebrate our wondrous local art project.

This from the organizers:

Save the Date for a gathering at the Mural at the corner of State & Capitol in downtown Olympia! There will be food, live music and more! More details to come soon!

6) Olympia FOR’s 4th Annual Summer Social!
Sunday June 23rd from 2 to 5 PM at Yauger Park

Come join in one of Olympia’s venerable activist organizations!

This from the organizers:

Sunday June 23 from 2:00 to 5:00 pm
Olympia FOR’s 4th Annual Summer Social
Offers Delightful People and Delicious Food
at Yauger Park in West Olympia

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation warmly invites you to an afternoon of delicious free food and delightful conversation. Our Fourth Annual Summer Social will run from 2 to 5 pm on Sunday
afternoon June 23 in the covered shelter in Yauger Park on Olympia’s west side.
Our name includes the word “fellowship,” and we want to become more of a true fellowship – a grassroots organization where people get to know each other, enjoy friendships, and collaborate in working for peace, justice and nonviolence. But today’s event won’t involve any work – just an enjoyable afternoon together with an old-fashioned leisurely flavor!

The planning committee is providing all of the food for a green picnic with real dishes, cloth napkins (no paper or plastic). Mix and chat. Find out what other Olympians are doing to help make the world a better place. We’ll also enjoy a little time in small groups discussing thought-provoking quotations or doing some other enjoyable small-group activity.

From Cooper Point Road SW, go west uphill on Capital Mall Drive SW. Look for the sign to Dirtworks, and follow the long drive to the parking area.

The planning committee is providing all of the food, so you may simply come and enjoy! Please RSVP so we’ll know how much food to prepare! For information or directions contact Rozanne Rants, Chair of our Membership Committee, at (360) 705-8520

7) Love our Local Fest Organizing Meeting
Tuesday June 21st from 7 to 8:30 PM @ 1620 San Francisco Ave NE

Come help plan this wonderful community gathering.

This from the organizers:

This is our first of a series of volunteer meetings. Come hear about our vision for this year and choose how you would like to plug in. Together we will make this year’s festival better than ever.

This is truly a crowd-sourced, do-it-together event. Your ideas for new elements are welcome. We are looking for ideas and action agents! Engaging our hands and hearts we will create a day to remember.

Check out our new website:

8) Stonewall Youth Annual June Event
Thursday June 27th from 6 to 8 PM @ First Christian Church, 701 Franklin St.

It’s Olympia’s premiere organization for LGBT youth.

This from the organizers:

Dear Friends and Community Partners,

I am writing to invite you to Stonewall Youth’s annual June event. This year, we are hosting a panel of youth, activists, organizers, and providers to speak to homelessness in LGBTQQIA youth populations. The event will be held on June 27th at the First Christian Church (701 Franklin Street), from 6-8pm. Hope to see you there!

*** This event is FREE. Donations to Stonewall Youth are urgently needed and will be gratefully accepted. Refreshments Provided. Please bring non-perishable food, hygiene supplies, tents/sleeping bags, and clothing for local groups to distribute to unhoused youth.

Molly Fischer
Interim Program Director

9) Bonus Tip of the Day:

Hug a member of an ethnic minourity today.




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