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1)  FYI Section

   1A)  Localize This Action Camp Training

   1B)  TESC Support Services Win Labor Battle

2)  10th Annual June Bug Jamboree

3)  4th WVWV Phosphorescence Tour

4)  Community Meeting on a CRO [Community Rights Ordinance]

5)  Pelican Bay Prisoner Hunger Strike Event

6)  Bonus Tip of the Day




Hey Kids!


The radio show tail is starting to wag the newsletter dog!  Last week I wrote the newsletter with the radio show foremost in mind and anyone who listened to last week’s radio show knows that there was a lot of work there.


It is very exciting at this latter stage of my life to suddenly discover something completely new that I am very good at.


Since last week’s explosion of creativity sucked all the air out of the room I don’t have much new for either this week’s newsletter or the radio show; I will probably air a compilation of some of the best shows from the past for the radio and I’ll just have a short commentary section this week in the newsletter.  Since the calendar is the most important part, that will still be both here and there.


 I am also producing an audio CD called “Forked Lightning:  The Thunderbolt’s Greatest Strikes” featuring the best bits from the radio show thus far; about half of it is from last week’s show.  I will probably sell them for $5 because they are kind of expensive to make and because many Americans have an attitude that you get what you pay for and if you are giving something away free then they figure that’s what it’s worth; I will probably still give most of them away to people I know, but it’s people I don’t know that I really want to listen to this stuff.


Anyway, I do have one comment I’d like to make…




Tom Cruise is a Frigging Idiot


I just watched a clip on Democracy Now of Tom You Suck Frigging Rocks You Frigging Asshole Cruise addressing the annual shareholder’s meeting of Mal Wart.  He said this:


Very pleased to be here.  I truly admire your company, you know, and the more I learn about everything that you do, I’m inspired by what you all create every day, you know, because your company—I’m sure you all know this, but it is a role model for how business can address some of the biggest issues facing our world, you know, in ways big and small.  And all around the globe, Wal-Mart is taking the lead and making a difference.  And that’s something I really admire.  You know, that this company does is it’s using its size and scale to improve women’s lives across the world.


Is he a complete idiot or is he a conscious tool?




And finally, I would like to emphasize one of the events on the calendar this week; on Saturday there will be a meeting to discuss starting a Community Rights Movement here in Olympia.  This is where we insist that if it happens here then it will be decided here, not in the boardroom of some foreign corporation who has our government in its pocket.


This is an effective strategy that goes right to the heart of the matter, i.e. control of our communities.  Come join this movement.




Reader Response


I got the following response from B about my piece on Obama vs. Medea Benjamin a couple of weeks ago but I couldn’t figure out where it fit into the flow of last week’s newsletter and so I held off until this week.  (I think I will start having a separate section in the newsletter for feedback.)


B is commenting on my piece about Obama vs. Medea Benjamin and my feelings that everything we’ve been doing for the last 30 years has been for naught.


I think you are probably correct that Medea was allowed in to Obama’s speech on drones knowing she would interrupt saying what she said.  I don’t think it was a bad a piece of theater though.  I think it gave Medea’s position a boost and exposure.  I think it made Obama seem more centrist or even conservative which is a good thing.  It showed the regular public that never hears Medea’s POV, that Obama was getting pressure from the left rather than Obama being the left.  Prison closures, release of terrorists, backing away from war and drone use, these are topics that are dangerous for a President to deal with.  There is immense pressure from the power elites for him to totally ignore public concern completely and if the public resists to just crush it.  He showed the powerful and the rest of the US that speaking out like that is legitimate and that she had legitimate points.  It was mutually beneficial.

I consider Obama to be a President that is firmly with the power elites and the capitalist class, there is no doubt about that.  He is no socialist.  He probably doesn’t care that much about democracy either.  I also think though that he isn’t pulling the country to the right but is standing against that force a little.  It became very clear to me, with the billionaire funded Tea Party brandishing guns, that the business elites were worried that Obama would try to be more progressive.  They are spending a fortune to make sure that everything mildly progressive gets pushed down.  Obama has shown the same amount of backbone as every other politician, zero.

Obama is smart.  Leaning on the little bit of left movement organizing is beneficial to him and what the liberal elite want the same way the right wing leans on the Christian right and the billionaire’s Tea Party.  It benefits Obama and the left whenever he mentions it or interacts as if he hears it.  I hate to say that, but I believe so.  I think that Obama is comfortable with setting up little one act plays like this or, for another controversial example, the little farce of Osama’s death, to gain some ground to the liberal side of the capitalist class.

Sure, maybe he gets everything he wants but do you remember how disengaged and how horrible Bush was as far as his public interaction?  Bush almost never answered questions or gave speeches.  Bush didn’t respond to petitions that gained 100,000 signatures.  Bush started everything.

Obama is unwinding a few things.  His hawkish behavior has some aspects of responsibility to it.  Like him reviewing the kill lists.  Bush had kill lists but likely he didn’t review it, nor did he mention it.  Obama is laying stuff like that out in the open to some degree.  I think you are right to criticize Obama, but I can tell you that he just isn’t that powerful.  He probably only has limited control of the military and CIA, he has no control over the billionaires or the multinationals.  By citing him as the problem all the time it really points away from a lesson learned under Bush that the President is not that powerful but a puppet.  Obama has these strings attached but sometimes in the way he speaks and prioritizes things I think he is trying to remind us that the puppet master isn’t just the power elite.

We have the ability to be the puppet master.  Right now when we all act together or when certain smart folks act strategically with a lot of backing by the popular movement Obama wiggles his left pinky a little bit.  Not only that but big corporations and everyone in power gives a little uncomfortable tremble.  It’s there.  If we don’t acknowledge it then we get all pissed off and feel like nothing has changed and we would be denying evidence to the contrary.

A lot has changed in the past 5 years; it’s just not as easy to change things as voting and sitting in parks.  The country turning towards being a police state is partially a reaction to the fact that the country is also turning more radicalized.  Our government is shifted towards Dems which shows that the people have started shifting opinions.  Did that do anything?  Some things, small things, but I don’t see placated people, I see upset people.  I see black people with a black President and yet they’re not stopping struggling.  Unemployed, suffering people, don’t stop struggling.

If you want to see Obama as someone who is the puppet master then fine but to me, there is no wonder why you are feeling so defeated lately.  If you imagine him as a liberal of the power elite at a time when liberal values threaten some wealthy and at a time when the military and police state are working rather independently with billionaires and multinational corporations towards fascism then you might think better of Obama.  I feel like Obama is a good decision away from JFK’s fate.  He is not a good decision away from being a socialist but I argue strongly that the more we can squeeze from the federal government for people the more fertile the resources for making a real strong social movement.

It gets much worse.  We have felt very little of what could be felt if we had a worse President.  I can support the liberal damn of politicians that makes killing revolutionaries very frowned upon from a strategic decision.  While they’re being power elite reformists we have more time to move folks to the moral high ground and build power before the flood of fascists comes tearing through.  We’re not yet able to take state power, so why punch in the back the folks who are sort of keeping us from the worst.  When we have a social movement strong enough to form a party that can win, that’s when the power elite will come to an alliance and turn completely on us.  Best avoid that for now I think because that’s not Obama although it might be the next Dem President.


Response:  First ask yourself what kind of person would want to be the President of the United States?  The two central requirements seem to be a level of ambition indicating psychological derangement and a willingness to sell your soul to the Devil.  (Or sell it to Goldman $achs, which is the same thing.)  I have often said that the desire to have the job should disqualify you from actually having it.


Though the president is not nearly as powerful as most people seem to think, he (or maybe someday she) is actually is quite powerful none the less; and regardless of levels of actual power, the president is sort of the face of our country and should reflect us as a whole; Obama reflects no one but Wall Street and their associated War Machine/ Pentagon/ Intelligence/ Arms Manufacturers.


As far as comparing Obama to Bush; at least with Bush, what you saw was what you got (as reprehensible as that was).  Obama seems to be like one of those Rorschach tests; he has this almost mystical quality of making people on both the left the right and the left see whatever they want to see when they look at him.  The left loves him even though he is their sworn enemy and the right hates him even though he is on their team in everything except the social issues that Wall Street doesn’t care about.


Bush was a brain-dead idiot while Obama is a master genius which means that the bottom line as far as Bush vs. Obama is that Obama is not the ‘lesser of two evils’, he is the ‘more effective of the two evils’.  Obama has done more to install the police state than Bush could have ever dreamed of doing because Obama has the left at his back.  What do you think would have been the reaction had Bush started murdering American children with drones?


Obama has made fascism bi-partisan.  Obama’s job is to convince the left that fascism is acceptable as long as a charismatic Democrat is doing it and he seems to be succeeding spectacularly.


Sorry, B, but that guy scares the crap out of me and I consider him the most dangerous person in the world right now.


It’s time to get to work…



1)  FYI Section


1A)  Localize This Activist Training Camp Now Accepting Reservations!


This is activist training from the pros.  I highly suggest doing this if there is any way possible.


This from the Backbone Campaign:





5th Annual Localize   This! Artful Activism Camp & Creative Organizing Intensive

Secure Your Spot – Sponsor an   Organizer – Send a Delegation – Spread The Word!

Join our “Get My Butt to   Localize This!” info call Thursday, June 13, 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern




Dear Friends and Allies,




Change is not just possible, it is inevitable.  But opportunity favors     the prepared.  There is


nothing the Backbone Campaign does that is more crucial to     preparing progressive change age


ts or weaving connections between them than our annual Localize This! Action     CampWhat


isLocalize This! ?     Find out in 2 minutes by watching this video.  AND joining Thursday’s


call to     figure out how you can get there (see red box at right).




All year long, the Backbone team appears across our region     and across the country, but only on


time per year does the country come to us. For the past     four years this gathering has been at


the cusp of movement innovation, a source of numerous     collaborations, and a spark for count-


less creative actions from viral Flash Mobs to Giant flying buttocks. Our     giant 1% arrows banner


and light projections preceded Occupy. Last year’s camp     lifted upEviction Protection in the


Seattle area and now our allies are celebrating a     victorious Eviction Blockade!




Don’t miss being part of our 5th annual cross-movement     artful activism and creative


organizing intensive. Join us at Localize This!2013 July 31 – August 5. 




All ages welcome, though anyone under 16 must be     accompanied by parent or guardian.




Because winning is more Fun!


Bill Moyer, Kim Marks & The Localize This! Team




Ready To Register – CLICK HERE! Learn     More at




Register before June 30th and     we’ll do our part to help you fundraise for your participation: Tips for     Crowd HERE


Help spread the word about the 5th annual Localize This! Artful Action Camp


  1.     Please copy and SHARE/Tweet/email to     friends this link
  2.     Invite Facebook Friends to our FB     event page HERE.
  3.     Download 4 per page handbill HERE.
  4.     Download poster HERE.








1B)  TESC Student Support Services Wins Labor Battle




This from TSS:




By a vote of 52-2, our union has ratified its first     contract!  TESC Board of Trustees     will vote on it


tomorrow.  If     approved, the contract becomes official.




2)  10th Annual June Bug Jamboree

Friday June 14th thru Sunday June 16th @ 1741 Judd St NW


This is a getting back to the earth ecological awareness event.


This from the organizers:


10th Annual June Bug Jamboree (West Coast)


 A Family Friendly Community Event for Ecological Awareness


 June 14th-16th 2013 Rain or Shine


 This year’s event will be held on Private Property in Olympia Washington at:

 1741 Judd St. NE

 Olympia, WA 98516


 This event will be a conscious gathering of the Earth Community with a focus on giving back to the land, restoring, connecting and learning, and celebrating in a communal/cooperative setting on private property.


 Enjoy the event for the day or stay the whole weekend only $10 – $20 per person!


 We will be connecting with others through music, dance, workshops and cooperative living in a safe healthy environment. Come camp with us and we’ll be a village for a weekend! This is a “by the people~for the people” event. Please bring food to share with the kitchen for our giant community potluck on Saturday evening! All food is “free”, please contribute by donating or sharing what you have. Lots of volunteer opportunities will be available throughout the weekend, please join in and be part of making the event a success~ We love you!



 Activities include:


 Live down to earth music


 Fun educational workshops


 Community Kitchen


 Dharma Cafe Tea House (Thank you STASH tea!)




 Foot stomping Jamboree’s


 Song Circles


 Bug Costumes


 Barter Circle


 Canna-Cabanna for 21 and over and/or WA mmj patients


 Ecological awareness through this event will be met with each individual’s participation in the event.


 Meditation, music, dance, education and celebration with community, friends and family

 Restoration, cooperative projects, activities for people young and old, from all walks of life

 Immersion into your natural environment, feel the forest, smell the forest, hear the bugs, taste the goodness


 ECA and community members will be providing various workshops through this event. These workshops cover ecology learning, crafts, community building and spiritual connectivity.


 Entertainment Lineup:


 High Ceiling






 Cosmic Rose


 Belladonna Dance Troupe




 Future Face




 Hill Neighbor


 D. Adam Estner


 Children Learning


 Kitt vs. Frogger


….and Open Mic (Bring your instruments!)


 more TBA




 Belly Dance with Belladonna Dance Troupe


 Dreamcatchers w/Rita Rae


 Soap Making w/Stephen


 Back Country Waste management w/Heather


 Didgeridoo Crystal Alignment w/Deon


 Guitar Lesson w/ D. Adam Estner


 Touchy Feely Plants w/ Plantman


 Herbal Arts




……And more!



 Official Sponsors:


 Tofurkey/Turtle Island

 Hood River, OR


 Blissful Wunders

 Hand Rolled Truffles

 Olympia, WA


 Orca Books

 Olympia, WA


 Wessel’s Family Honey


 Rainier Express


 Stash Tea


 Know Thy Food and Warehouse Café

 3434 SE Milwaukie Ave, Portland, OR 97202



 Handmade natural soaps


 Bliss Beach Massage


 Lionheart Kombucha

 3434 SE Milwaukie Ave, Portland, OR 97202


 Go Green Car Wash

 1200 Black lake Blvd

 Olympia, WA 98502

 (360) 239-9832


 Earth Hands Massage

 Springwater Wellness Clinic

 6214 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR 97202



 Those 18 and under must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. This is a non-alcohol event. Please leave your pets at home. BYOB – bring your own BLISSWARE! (Bliss ware is anything you use to eat: plate utensils, cup…)


 ** We are currently accepting proposals for workshops and musical groups. Please let us know if you are interested in being part of this year’s event. **

 Musical group and workshop teachers please contact Jen:


 If you are interested in volunteering to help at this event or want to become a sponsor.

 Please contact Heather (The Kitchen Goddess):


 More information coming soon:



3)  4th WVWV Phosphorescence Tour

Friday June 14th at 7 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE


It’s activist self-care!


This from the organizers:


Porch Cat are going on tour and 4TH WVWV Phosphorescence has arrived on our shores!!!  the below information is for 3 shows with the above artists plus different locals in each town like Porch Cat, Young Cousin, L’ile Pica & Dear Doris!


 This is the FOURTH WAVE of a new monthly concert series bringing artists from the NW cities of Bellingham, Seattle & Olympia on a short 3-day tour of their hometowns together. The aim of the series is to foster shared essence across the divide of geographic miles & to further connect and cross-breed the beautiful energies and creativity of our friends in & around the vibrant, salty Puget Sound. It’s good that we get out there & visit more with our neighbors, right?


 all shows are always all-ages and riding this FOURTH WAVE (along with other locals in each town) are three amazing songwriter friends from these Puget Shores:


 Bigger Than Mountains (Seattle, WA)


 Memes (Bellingham, WA)


 Olivia Rose (Olympia, WA via North Carolina)


 This concert series is brought to you by Hollow Earth Radio, 106.5 KOWA-FM in Olympia & MASA Records. (see below for more details and links to past tours).


 4TH WVWV PHOSPHORESCENCE (June 14th-16th, 2013):


 Friday, June 14th in Olympia, WA:

 at Media Island International (816 Adams St SE)

 Memes, Bigger Than Mountains, Olivia Rose with:

 L’ile Pica (aka Luke DeSio)

 Young Cousin (aka Ian Wright)

 7pm. $3-5 donation, all-ages, no jerks


 Saturday June 15th in Bellingham, WA:

 at Zumba Church (1430 North Garden St)

 Memes, Bigger Than Mountains, Olivia Rose with:

 Porch Cat (tour kick-off)

 Dear Doris (“Eastern WA”)

 8pm SHARP. $3-5 donation, all-ages, no jerks


 Sunday, June 16th in Seattle, WA:

 at Hollow Earth Radio (2018 Union St)

 Memes, Bigger Than Mountains, Olivia Rose



4)  Community Meeting on a CRO [Community Rights Ordinance]

Saturday June 15th from 9 am to Noon @ Labor Building, Corner of 9th and Columbia


This is the movement to take control of our communities back into our own hands.  With Obama secretly negotiating an international trade deal that from all accounts makes NAFTA look like child’s play then this is more important now than ever.


This from the organizers:


You are warmly invited to a Community Gathering to investigate the possibility of a CRO (Community Rights Ordinance) for the South Sound. The gathering will be on Saturday, June 15, from 9 AM (breakfast!) to 12 noon, at the Labor Council building, 906 Columbia Rd. SW.

A Community Rights Ordinance sets out the rights of citizens (– to a healthy environment? to a safe place to sleep at night? Actually, to whatever we decide – ) and bans activities they find unacceptable. A CRO challenges current laws but it is based on the traditional right of citizens to legislate the things that they cherish the most. CRO’s have been respected by higher levels of government, and have not been sued.

Please join us! GIVE US YOUR INPUT on what should be included in a CRO for the South Sound!



5)  Pelican Bay Prisoner Hunger Strike Event

Thursday June 20th from 7 to 9 pm @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW


Durning my lifetime California has gone from having the best public school system in the world to 48th in the country — but they now have one of the largest and one of the worst prison system in the country.  Those two facts are intimately related.  Come join a rebellion against the Prison Industrial Complex.


This from the organizers:


Olympia, WA- Pelican Bay Prisoner Hunger Strike Event

 Event is free, all ages, open to the public and disability affirmative!!


 Thursday June 20th 2013 7-9pm

 Traditions Cafe & World Folk Art

 300 5th Ave SW

 Olympia, WA 98501


 Hunger and work strikes have been important strategies for people in prison to raise important issues about the Prison Industrial Complex and vindicating for their human rights. Join us for a night of an amazing panel discussion and organizational meet and greet to talk about radical prisoner support for the upcoming Pelican Bay Prisoner Hunger Strike and for building strategies and networks for supporting people in prison.


 For more information: stand.with.the.prisoners@gmail.ccom

 Facebook: Radical Prisoner Support


 Twitter: Radical Prisoner Support



6)  Bonus Tip of the Day:


Throw some thunderbolts at some evildoers today.








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