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Democracy Theme Park:


1)  FYI Section:  Rainbow Gathering Info

2)  Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation Annual Meeting

3)  The Hinges and Brian McCraken at the Northern

4)  International Day of Action against the TPP

5)  2013 Conference on Ending Homelessness

6)  Troubling the Line:  Poetries of Resistance

7)  Bonus Tip of the Day




Hey Kids!


I am proud to announce that this week the Oly Oly Action Alert will be promoting:


The American Democracy Theme Park!


Yes, Kids, it’s the American Democracy Theme Park, where you can pull levers and talk into microphones but you don’t have to worry because none of it is actually connected to anything and no one is actually listening!  You can pull levers on rigged voting machines that will determine which of two lying corporate fascists that Wall Street is going to install in the White House!  Or, you can speak at committee meetings and/or attend ‘public hearings’ put on by the regulatory agencies — and you don’t have to bother yourself with any concerns that anyone who can do anything is actually going to do anything!


It’s almost like a real Democracy!


Be sure to include the American Democracy Theme Park in your vacation plans!




Stop Crying and Whining and Shut Up


What regulatory law regulates is citizen input, not corporate behaviour.  They are there to provide a pretense that they are doing something.  They are a pacifier that the Machine sticks in the public’s mouth to stop our crying and whining and to shut us up.




Our Dependable President


Good old Barack Obama has come through again!


It is truly amazing!  I’ve been ranting about Obama for years now and everything that he keeps doing just keeps proving that everything I am saying about him is absolutely 100% spot-on accurate!


Background:  I learned of the first news item that I’m going to focus on this week whilst planning the Media Island Benefit Brunch.


This month’s brunch was done in conjunction with Northwest Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee.




Leonard Peltier is the American Indian Movement activist who has spent over 30 years in prison for a crime it has been proven that he didn’t commit; however, an FBI agent was killed and the rule is that when a cop gets killed then someone goes to prison for the rest of their lives — whether or not they actually had anything to do with anything.


One of the Peltier people’s demands is that Obama grant Mr. Peltier clemency.


Obama?  Right.  Good luck with that.  Evidently Clinton made some promises to the Peltier people but — due to serious FBI pressure — Clinton caved and instead pardoned Marc Rich who was a proven convicted felon who stole millions of dollars from your granny’s pension fund — but who was also a major campaign contributor to both Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Clinton passed on the pardon for Mr. Peltier even though it is beyond doubt that Mr. Peltier is completely innocent — but Mr. Peltier was not a campaign contributor to either Bill or Hillary Clinton.


It would seem that the last line of the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ should be changed to “With liberty and justice for those who can afford to bribe a president!”


If the Native Americans think they’re gonna get any love from Obama because they are a racial minourity then I think it highly likely that they have another think coming:  Not only has Obama done absolutely nothing about racial disparities but he is vigourously expanding all of the institutions and promoting all of the policies that make such disparities even worse.


Wall Street’s house boy indeed.


And now this week Obama has yet once again revealed his true face as far as activists in general and as far as activists of colour in particular are concerned and I am afraid that — totally predictably — it portends ill as far as Mr. Peltier’s chances for clemency are concerned…


(Maybe they should try giving some campaign contributions?)




Assata Shakur


Younger readers may be unfamiliar with Assata Shakur [aka Joanne Chesimard] but she was on the front lines of the Black Liberation Movement of the 60s and 70s in general and the Black Panthers and the Black Liberation Army in particular.  In other words, she not only called out the Machine as a low-income black woman but she got seriously into its face.


She was a brave hero, in other words.


She was also a truly effective activist whose rhetoric resembled a flamethrower and she was very good at moving crowds to paroxysms of righteous indignation over injustice.


Remember I mentioned the exception to the “freedom of speech shall not be abridged” part of the United States Constitution?  If you missed that one or if you’ve been smoking too much of that legal pot then I’ll remind you:  “The freedom of speech shall not be abridged — as long as no one listens to what you are saying.”


If people start listening and if the Machine feels threatened by your message then they will shut you up one way or another.  (I could provide a lengthy list of names and events just off the top of my head but you get the point beginning with Shay’s Rebellion in 1786.)


Assata Shakur was preaching revolution and lots of people were listening — and so in a story that is all too familiar — a cop got shot and Ms. Shakur became the designated scapegoat.


(See the rule about shooting cops above.)


Gee, this story just repeats itself over and over again, doesn’t it?


In 1973 Ms. Shakur was railroaded into prison by an all-white jury (Ms. Shakur is black) even though there was not only no evidence of any kind that she shot the cop but it was in fact proven that since Ms. Shakur had herself been shot through the clavicle at the time (the cops had shot her in the back after she had surrendered and as her hands were in the air) she would have thus been physically incapable of wielding a weapon at the time.


That didn’t matter.  A cop was shot.


(See the rule about shooting cops above.)


However, Ms. Shakur’s story became very unusual in 1979 when she managed to escape from prison!  She then made her way to Cuba where she was granted political asylum and where she has been living in peace ever since — regularly denouncing America’s imperialist racist exploiting ways the entire time.


I’ll bet Fidel loves her.


Another all-too-familiar aspect of this story, though, is that throughout all of this Ms. Shakur has adamantly maintained her innocence.


Now, over 30 years later, Obama’s Justice Department has just suddenly (and for no apparent reason) elevated Ms. Shakur to the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted Terrorist List.


They have not only classified her as a ‘terrorist’ but they are calling her one of the top-ten who present a current threat to the United States.  They are demanding her return from Cuba.


They have also offered a $2 million reward for Ms. Shakur (it is not clear whether they mean dead or alive) which has surely elicited the attention of mercenaries the world over.


I assume that Obama has decided that a loudmouthed black woman cop-killer that said and did lots of controversial stuff makes a much better test-case for trashing the constitutional rights of American citizens than, say, a good looking white kid like Dzokhar Tsarnaev for instance.


I assume that this means Ms. Shakur may also be subject to a drone strike or a night raid since Obama has done away with even a pretense of due process for ‘terrorists’.


Amy Goodman is on to Obama’s Assata Shakur move:





Why is he doing this?


I have been telling you why for a long time now and everything he does further proves everything I’ve been saying.


Maybe I should emphasize it more?  How about this:


Barack Obama is a Fascist
He is installing a police state


Get a clue, people.




Selective Terrorism


What makes all of this even more outrageous is that a true terrorist named Luis Posada Carriles — a man who has not only confessed but boasted of blowing up a civilian airliner and killing 73 civilians — now lives happily in Florida with Obama’s full protection even though both Cuba and Venezuela have been demanding his extradition for many years now and even though he was convicted of terrorism in Panama.




Luis Posada Carriles was also involved in the Bay of Pigs and Iran Contra and anyone who knows of those infamous dealings knows that the cast of characters for those two fiascos included all of the top rock-stars of Fascist World at that time, so Carriles kept good company.


Since the airliner Carriles blew up was Cuban and since most of the murdered civilians were Cubans then evidently Obama is totally chill with that.  It would seem that blowing up airliners full of civilians is only ‘terrorism’ when the other side does it; thus, Luis Posada Carriles lives the high life in Miami whilst dozens of families still grieve for their loved ones in Cuba.




Relevant History


As far as government connections for a man such as Luis Posada Carriles go, this is all standard sop.  As far back as World War II Mafia don Lucky Luciano supplied intelligence for the American invasion of Sicily to the OSS (precursor of the CIA).  (There was a conscious and cynical double meaning to the 7th Infantry’s appellation as the ‘Lucky Seventh’…)


These guys go way back.  Once you start researching this stuff it seems that every time you open yet another can of historical worms you find all of the same slimy faces in there wriggling around; Carriles is just one example of thousands.  The Iranian coup of 1953, the Bay of Pigs, both Kennedy assassinations, the King assassination, Vietnam, Watergate, Iran Contra, BCCI, the October Surprise, the Salvadoran Death Squads, the Honduran Coup, countless other coups, systemic worldwide terrorism, vile nastiness on a scale and of a manner incomprehensible to normal human non-sociopathic non-corporate people — and as you read all this stuff in amazement it just keeps going on and on and on and you keep finding the same players playing the same sick twisted games and you soon begin to understand that all of these people know each other and that the CIA and the Pentagon and even the White House works with organized crime and terrorists and drug dealers and war criminals as a matter of course; that, in fact, it has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt (i.e. hundreds of thoroughly documented press reports and dozens of thoroughly documented books and Senate investigations and investigations by the CIA’s own Inspector General and the CIA has publically admitted it and apologized saying they felt the ends justified the means) that the CIA is the largest drug trafficking organization in the world.


My experience has been that the ends usually closely resemble the means.  That’s why I advocate non-violence in my activism.


There are also strong indications that several of our wars (Vietnam and Afghanistan in particular) have had direct links to this fact.  They were not the reason for those wars but there is substantial evidence that they were a major consideration.  If this seems farfetched keep in mind that illicit drugs represent $2 trillion in under-the-table untraceable un-taxed secret cash profit every year and that this represents 8% of total world trade.  Thanks to the War on Drugs illicit drugs have become by far the most valuable and profitable enterprise on the planet; exactly why the War on Drugs continues with such vigour even though it has completely failed in its stated purpose of reducing drug use for over 30 years now.


That kind of easy money attracts the big boys like sharks to easy prey.


Ever since Korea, every time that the US military occupies somewhere then the drug trade in that place suddenly explodes.  It is proven with dulling regularity that the CIA and sometimes even the DEA are buried neck-deep in these deals themselves; about once a decade now there are outraged headlines in the newspapers and there are outraged talking heads on the television machine for a few days — and then the hullaballoo dies down and everyone moves on and nothing happens and it just continues.


All of this stuff is documented.  It is all in the public record.  It is all incontrovertible fact.


While strategic oil pipelines and strategic military bases and strategic airfields were definitely the central cassus belli of the Afghan Occupation and foremost in the thoughts and wet dreams of the war planners — I also think it very likely that the fact the Taliban had successfully eradicated the opium poppy trade in Afghanistan was also part of the reason that it was decided that they had to go.


I believe that 9-11 was allowed to happen partly so that it could be used as a pretext for something that they very badly wanted to do anyway, i.e. insert a massive American military presence right in the heart of Southwest Asia and right into the heart of Opium World.


They are using Afghanistan like a hypodermic syringe to inject the deadly bacillus of American imperialism deep into the heart of Southwestern Asia — i.e. same ole’ same ole’.


It’s time to get to work…



1)  FYI:  Rainbow Gathering Info


I happen to be a close personal friend with one of the central organizers of the Rainbow Gathering and he lives in Montana which is where the Gathering is happening this year; if you would like to get on their mailing list for Rainbow info let me know and I’ll hook you up.



2)  Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation Annual Meeting

Thursday May 9th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW


Come celebrate with Oly FOR.


This from the organizers:


Enjoy free music and food, connect with Olympia FOR’s people, find out what we have done since last May, and elect Steering Committee members on THURSDAY MAY 9, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at Traditions Café, 5th & Water SW, in downtown Olympia.


At 6:30 we’ll celebrate with light refreshments, social time, and jazz performed by Go Joe Go (Joe Mailhot’s jazz band with Erich Hahn, Scott Reed, Charles Adler, and Joe’s sun Moey).  Then we’ll review our rich and varied accomplishments since last May; and elect some Steering Committee members and officers.





3)  The Hinges and Brian McCraken at the Northern

Friday May 10th at 8 pm @ the Northern, 414 ½ Legion Way


This is Danny Kelly and the Hinges, Brian McCraken, and others performing political art at its best!


—–Gary Alan May—–The Hinges—-The Super8





4)  International Day of Action against the TPP

Saturday May 11th from 1 to 3 pm @ the Labor Building, 906 Columbia (2nd floor)


The Trans Pacific Partnership [TPP] is NAFTA on steroids.  This is the next big step in installing the New World Order.  This is the International Machine deciding who can do business in your neighborhood whether you want them there or not, what kind of medicine you can have and how much you pay for it and the TPP provides yet another major boost in the race to the bottom for slave-wage sweatshops.


Obama is — typically — keeping all the details of this major international trade agreement that will have serious impact on nearly every aspect of our lives so secret that even senators on the relevant committees can’t get any information about it.


What’s he got to hide?


Come educate and activate on this issue.


This from the organizers:


The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Find out why TPP matters to you and what you can do about it!


May 11th is World Fair Trade Day & International Day of Action Against the TPP.


1-3pm @ the Labor Building, 906 Columbia (2nd floor) Olympia, WA


Join the Washington Federation of State Employees 443, South Sound Clean Cloths Campaign, Marigold Fair Trade, Traditions, the Green Party, & the Washington Fair Trade Coalition to educate & activate yourself as an eater, a conscious shopper, a worker, & a community member.


Enjoy fair trade coffee & chocolate and connect fair trade products to fair trade policy.  TPP will impact food, sustainable jobs, access to affordable medicine, our environment, education & our democracy.


Be involved in upcoming actions!  Activities for all ages!







5)  2013 Conference on Ending Homelessness

Wednesday May 15th thru Thursday May 16th @ Hotel Murano, Tacoma

Early Registration Rates End on April 15th


This is through the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance.  It costs money and I suspect this is a bunch of rich liberals but scholarships are available so depending on what you do you might want to check this out.


This from WLIHA:





Join homelessness and housing providers from around the     state as the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance hosts the 2013 Conference on Ending Homelessness. This     year’s conference will offer a dynamic mix of sessions, speakers, and     exhibits — all focused on ensuring everyone in Washington has access to a     safe, healthy, and affordable home.




Workshops topics include:



  • Homelessness          and housing policy and advocacy

  • Innovative          housing and homeless programs from across the state

  • Health care          reform implications for homeless and housing providers

  • Housing          First

  • Data          management and coordinated entry

  • Self-care          and skill-building


You can visit our program page for a full description of     all workshops!




Keynote Speakers:


Sherman Alexie – Poet, Writer, and Filmmaker


Richard Cho – Policy Director for the U.S.     Interagency Council on Homelessness






The Housing Alliance is able to offer a limited amount of     scholarships to help individuals attend the conference.  You can download the application here.




lease note all applications are due by Monday, April 8 at     5:00pm.




 Early     registration discounted rates end on April 15, 2013.  So register now!




See you in Tacoma,




Click Here to Register for the 2013 Conference on Ending     Homelessness!




Wednesday, May 15 -Thursday, May 16




Hotel Murano in Tacoma, Washington








Kevin Solarte


Homeless and Statewide Outreach Coordinator




206.442.9455 x213  |      wliha.com  |  fb @wliha  |  tw /wliha




Early Registration Rates End on April 15



Our vision is that all Washington residents have the   opportunity to live in safe, healthy, affordable homes in thriving   communities.  Help us make this vision   a reality: click here to donate.



6)  Troubling the Line:  Poetries of Resistance

Wednesday May 15th at 7 pm @ TESC Library Underground, 2700 Evergreen Pkwy NW


Poetry to blister your paint job!  Come hear activist art.


This from the organizers:


You’re invited to an evening celebrating the release of Troubling the Line:  Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics.


The event will feature readings by:

Molly Bess

TT Jax

Y Madrone

Fabian Romero

TT Jax


Readings will be followed by a round table discussion/Q&A.


For more on the anthology, please go to:



Where: the Library Underground

When: May 15th, 7pm





7)  Bonus Tip of the Day:


Wish the best for Assata Shakur.







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