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1A) POWER Down
1B) Update from the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance
2) Olympia Port Fracking Resistance Rally
3) Perennial Plant Sale to Benefit Our Sister Community in Santo Tomás, Nicaragua
4) Coopatopia CoOp Festival
5) Raging Glitter and Bubbles Musical Mischief at Le Voyeur
6) Media Island International/ Free Leonard Peltier Benefit Brunch
7) Crop Walk
8) May Day Meeting of the Minds, Hearts, and Bellies
9) Annual Meeting of the Green Party of South Puget Sound
10) POWER Outage: Mama Care Fair
11) Synergy 2013 at the Evergreen State College
12) Bonus Tip of the Day

Hey Kids!

Did you know that the FBI is conducting an massive and expensive coast-to-coast investigation and that as part of this investigation they imprisoned three people without charge for 5 months who admittedly had nothing to do with anything but just knew things the feds wanted to know for simply refusing to discuss the political beliefs of their friends to a federal grand jury and that as part of this investigation they just conducted a frigging armed invasion of Olympia scaring the beelzebubs out of a bunch of innocent civilians who aren’t even activists and shaking up the other caretaker at Media Island asking him about some caretaker from years ago — and they are doing all this because they seem so terrified of a few idealistic kids who broke some windows in Seattle last year?

Really? Considering the massive overabundance of serious crime that is doing serious harm I must ask upon whose list does some kids breaking some windows rate such a massive and expensive effort from the frigging federal government? Don’t they have anything better to do?

I have been engaged in rhetorical battle with those kids myself for years now; but I think we all know who the real enemy is. I don’t want to harass their friends and put them in prison for decades because I disagree with their politics.

As for the FBI, this makes me question their priorities and those questions lead to questions about the real reason they are doing this — i.e. those kids broke those windows for political reasons i.e. in a police state such things need to be severely nipped in the bud.

Hmmmm. Obama’s people allowed fully-armed Tea Partiers to attend political events unmolested but they brutally suppressed the non-violent unarmed Occupy Movement. Obama ignores enourmous heinous crimes that cause mass-death and suffering for millions yet he brutally oppresses and imprisons the whistleblowers that expose these crimes and the activists who protest these crimes. Obama promised transparency yet we get almost complete opacity surpassing even Bush; he promised no lobbyists in his White House yet his entire team is dominated by Goldman $achs apparatchiks; he promised to close Guantanamo yet now the completely innocent prisoners who are admittedly guilty of nothing yet have been in prison in some cases for over a decade are now killing themselves in a massive hunger strike because Obama seems content to allow them to rot away forgotten. Meanwhile, Obama — of the most prolific mass-murderers of children on the planet — is all over the airwaves bemoaning the deaths of the children in Connecticut to push gun control.

Excuse me but whose side is he on?

Meanwhile, fellow gun control advocate Diane Feinstein maintains her perfect record for never meeting a war that she didn’t like by jumping up and down now advocating for an invasion of Syria.

Wall Street continues on its tear while everyone blames the schoolteachers and punishes the homeless and disabled.

Other than that, it was a very nice day today.


You gotta give Obama some credit; it’s really hard to install a police state when people keep telling the truth! You would think that with Obama prosecuting more whistle blowers than all previous presidents combined and calling them ‘terrorists’ and sending numerous people to prison for lengthy terms for telling us about crimes whilst the crimes themselves continue unabated and the criminals themselves continue to enjoy record profits — you would think that this would stop the flow of truthiness that keeps intruding into Obama’s Potemkin Village — and I am sure that it has indeed seriously slowed it down — but still there are people who just don’t seem to be getting the message!

The presiding theory for most of our country’s history has been that government should be transparent to us whilst our personal lives should be opaque to them. (That sounds fair to me!) However, over the last few decades those roles have been consciously and intentionally reversed; now the government knows nearly everything about us while Obama operates the most secretive White House in my lifetime.

One uncomfortable truth that most Americans may not even realize is that the United States is by far the most hated and loathed country in the world. I am actually surprised more people don’t attack us.

Evidently the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories Richard Falk does know this and he has just become the latest to commit the unforgivable sin of telling the truth in public. He said:

“The American global domination project is bound to generate all kinds of resistance in the post-colonial world. In some respects, the United States has been fortunate not to experience worse blowbacks … We should be asking ourselves at this moment, ‘How many canaries will have to die before we awaken from our geopolitical fantasy of global domination?’”

Good bye, Mr. Falk. Officials in Canada and Britain as well as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice have already called for Falk to be fired.


I don’t have a lot this week because I spent most of my creative energies making a special edition of my radio show centered upon the FBI after the FBI visited Media Island. (The radio show is basically an audio version of this newsletter with music.) This is the script I used during the broadcast though this was more a guide than any accurate word-for-word transcript; I sometimes tend to wander and ad-lib whilst actually recording the show.

And by the way, I have made an audio CD of this broadcast. Listening to this story told with strategically chosen musical background gives it a whole power in some ways greater than reading these antiseptic dry scribbles on a computer screen. (I made them green and used the comic sans font so it would be friendlier.) If anyone wants a copy of this CD to share with any law-and-order types you may know or just to listen to yourself then let me know; I’ll probably ask $5 to cover costs or something but whatever. You can also find me at the Westside Food CoOp on Wednesday afternoons and the Eastside CoOp Thursday and Friday afternoons.

This is a special edition of the Oly Oly Action Alert; I have scary stories for you today, Kids, because the big bad wolf — in the form of the Federal Bureau of Intimidation — has come to feed in the Olympia area!

Perhaps you will not prove astonished upon learning that I, your humble producer commentator and writer of the Oly Oly Action Alert happen to have some information about those busy little bees in the Fibber Squad!

The FBI was founded by J. Edgar Hoover. I was gonna say that he was as responsible as anyone for the fascistic turn taken by our government but actually that wouldn’t be true (this was definitely a group effort) but J. Edgar was a big player nonetheless — and he was the most successful blackmailer and extortionist of the 20th Century.

The FBI is by this point a pretty much autonomous organization that does whatever the hell it wants and the judiciary usually has their backs no matter the outrageousness of the conduct. Check out Leonard Peltier. Check out Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney. Over and over again.

However; Peltier Bari and Cherney were left-leaning activists and thus present a sympathetic portrait; today I will intentionally pick a highly unsympathetic portrait with which to detail at length the perfidy of the FBI; i.e. Randy Weaver.

Randy Weaver was a perfect victim; he was dirt poor, and he harboured highly unpopular beliefs — a sheep at the very outer edge of the flock. Federal agents developed the idea that if they could threaten Mr. Weaver with several years in prison, then they could probably coerce him into snitching on all of his Aryan Brotherhood friends.
And so the feds employed a now common practice — that until recently was illegal — called ‘entrapment’. ‘Entrapment’ is when the police themselves offer someone inducement to commit a crime so that the police can subsequently arrest them for it. In effect, the police can offer incentive to an otherwise law-abiding citizen in order to create a crime where otherwise there would have been no crime! Here is a scenario: They approach some 18-year old kid, and offer him $100 to go buy $50 worth of heroin. The kid is not a drug dealer, but he knows where to get some. He knows that you can probably get some heroin from someone else if you don’t get it from him and $50 is a lot of money to a kid — and so the kid goes and gets the heroin. Boom! He how has a felony drug record and virtually no chance of ever leading a lawful existence. He is now completely under the power of the Machine — which was the whole point to begin with.
In Weaver’s case, a federal agent offered Mr. Weaver a large sum of money to cut off the barrels of a couple of shotguns contrary to federal law. Randy Weaver had never before owned an illegal weapon. At no time in his life had he engaged in manufacturing illegal weapons. The idea of selling an illegal firearm had never entered his mind until said idea was planted and financially encouraged by said federal agent. The government knew that Randy Weaver desperately needed money. He had 3 daughters, a son, and a wife to support. He lived in an isolated cabin without elec¬tricity or running water. Randy Weaver was not a criminal. He made his living honestly by chopping firewood and by seasonal logging. He had never received as much as a traffic ticket in his entire life. He was discharged honourably from the army with several meritorious cita¬tions. Heretofore, the only ‘crime’ that he had been guilty of was harbouring unpopular beliefs.
One winter’s day shortly after the shotgun incident, Mr. and Mrs. Weaver set out in their old pick-up to buy supplies. They saw another pick-up that appeared stalled on a bridge. When the Weavers offered assistance they suddenly found themselves surrounded by several heavily armed marshals and Randy was arrested. The magistrate incor¬rectly informed Mr. Weaver that if he were convicted, he would proba¬bly lose his house, the only major asset that he owned. Then, using the usual methods of blackmail and coercion, federal agents insisted that Mr. Weaver become a snitch, and that if he refused he would spend several years in prison. This was when the first instance of the failure of the government conspiracy occurred: Randy Weaver was an honour¬able man, and he refused to betray those who trusted him by betraying those who trusted him. Randy Weaver told the agents to go to hell.
Faced with the horror of losing their home, Randy and Vicki Weaver began to ask questions of each other. How could they ever win the case? He had sawed off the shotguns, and the feds had him on tape selling them to the undercover ATF agent. If they became home¬less, wouldn’t the government take their kids? And so, with no help, no money, no legal counsel, and facing the omnipotent might of the federal government, the Weavers decided just to stay on their mountain and pray; Randy Weaver failed to appear for his court date.
“Learning that the Weavers remained isolated, resolute, and armed — all because of the erroneous information provided by a federal magi¬strate — a local marshal suggested to the prosecutor, who was a grim and humourless man named Ronald Howen, that if Weaver received assurances that he was not in jeopardy of losing his home, then he would probably surrender. Howen squelched this idea, saying, ‘…these are the type of matters properly addressed in a plea agreement in exchange for guilty pleas, but not mere surrender.’ This was in spite of the fact that due to the nature of the charges, the Weavers were in no danger of losing their home in the first place.
Thus, the AUSA scornfully rejected an opportunity to seek a peaceful end to the situation.
During this period, the Weavers attacked no one. They threat¬ened no one. The pregnant Vicki was unable to see a doctor. Their mail, being delivered by friends, was first intercepted and read by the government.
Strictly because he dared to challenge the government, the status of Randy Weaver’s case was elevated to a ‘Major Case’, thus authorizing the marshals to take extraordinary measures. They surrounded the Weaver ranch with video cameras and listening devices. They noted that the Weavers never left the house without their firearms. One plan that the government agents concocted was to kidnap 17-year old Sara — who had committed no crime, and for whom they had no warrant — which made the police plan a prosecutable crime in and of itself, (not that any of the police would ever actually be prosecuted…)
Eventually, though, the plan to kidnap Sara was abandoned. (It’s on paper, though!)
Instead, 18 months later, a crack team of trained government marksmen sneaked onto the Weaver property on a reconnaissance mission preparatory to a contemplated arrest. They wore camouflage suits, they gave no warning of their arrival, they had no warrant, and they never identified themselves.
The Weavers owned three dogs, one of whom, Striker, was consi¬dered a member of the family by the children, who loved him with all their hearts. The dogs discovered the intruders, and began barking at them. Randy, his friend Kevin Harris, and Randy’s 14-year old son Sam, thinking that the dogs had discovered a game animal, grabbed their guns and ran to investigate. Kevin and Sam went one direction, while Randy went in another. The agents shot and killed Striker, as is their wont. 14-year old Sam, seeing his beloved dog fall dead, returned the fire. The government agents then shot Sam in the arm. Sam turned and began running away — whereupon the agents shot a child who was running away from them in the back.
Kevin Harris witnessed the shootings, and in an action that a jury later ruled to be fully justified self-defense, Kevin Harris shot and killed a US Marshal named Degan. Randy Weaver, who had taken off in another direction, was nowhere near.
The marshals fired 14 rounds. Kevin and Sam fired 5. The marshals realized that they were in deep doo-doo. They had been repeatedly admonished by Washington not to engage the Weavers, and at all costs, not to injure an of the Weaver children. Instead, they had shot a child in the back. And so, they employed the standard technique used by government officials in such situations, i.e. lies and cover-ups. At trial, they claimed that they did not know that they had shot a child; it was later proven that there was no way they could not have known. They reported that they had been engaged in a horrendous firefight with possibly 1,000 rounds fired by the Weavers; this also was later proven to be a conscious lie. They reported that they were surrounded, and required immediate reinforcement; yet another lie. The next day, they supplied an affidavit to the court that blatantly and falsely claimed that the Weavers had been shooting at the marshals from a pick-up truck.
The FBI Hostage Rescue Team was summoned. The leader of this team, Richard Rogers, and the Associate Director of the Marshal’s Service, Duke Smith, flew to Idaho. During the flight, they decided to change the Rule of Engagement. They had no authority to change the Rule of Engagement, and thus their doing so was illegal. The Rule of Engagement is an euphemism for the authority under which officers are authorized to kill citizens. Under the law, one can intentionally kill another only in self-defense, or if a third person is in imminent peril of death or serious bodily harm. This is a rule that is very plainly spelled out, and a rule to which the police are fully bound. It is also one that is systemically ignored. In fact, it would be difficult to find a group of people who have less respect for the law than law enforcement…
Thus, during the flight to Idaho, Richard Rogers changed the Rule of Engagement to ‘…shoot on sight any armed adult.’ There was no requirement, as required by law, for the person being shot to be threatening anyone. Thus, Mr. Rogers summarily changed the law of the land, and according to Eugene Glenn, the On Site Commander at Ruby Ridge, he did this with the full knowledge and consent of Larry Potts, the Assistant Director of the FBI. The number two man in the entire FBI was alleged to have changed the law of the land by a bald secret order. It was an order providing that FBI agents could and should kill any armed adult at the so-called ‘Weaver Compound’. It was literally an order for federal agents to commit murder.
Rogers changed the law as any tyrant would: By overt edict, with¬out the consent or even the knowledge of the people. Since they knew from their surveillance that the Weavers never left their cabin unarmed, Mr. Rogers was effectively issuing an order to execute the Weavers summarily, even those for whom there were no pending charges.
Smith and Rogers arrived at Ruby Ridge to learn that the famous ‘firefight’ was not happening, and had never happened. The only sounds were being made by the hundreds of armed government agents surrounding the property, the rumble of the armoured vehicles, and the thwacking of the helicopters. Under cover of darkness, this multitude secretly surrounded the Weavers. The FBI made no offer of surrender.
The next morning, Randy, his 17-year old daughter Sara, and Kevin Harris left the cabin and headed toward a shed wherein lay the body of Sam. They wished to once more commune with the dead child before burial. They wished only to say good-by. An FBI sharpshooter named Lon Horiuchi, without warning, shot Randy in the arm. Sara began pushing Randy back toward the cabin. Kevin joined them. ‘I’m hit,’ Randy cried to Vicki as Vicki held the door open, cradling their newborn baby in her arms.
‘Get in here!’ Vicki cried with what proved to be her last words.
Then, Lon Horiuchi, who using his high-powered scope could admit¬tedly see and hit a fly at 200 yards, shot Vicki Weaver through the brain, tearing half of her face away. Horiuchi later claimed that he did not see Vicki, in spite of his claim that he could see a fly at 200 yards, and in spite of the fact that he shortly after the incident drew a picture of the scene clearly showing two people at the door. This drawing, in spite of being a vital piece of evidence, was later illegally withheld from defense attorneys. And while the judge excoriated the prosecution for this blatant and illegal act, no one was prosecuted for it. Instead, as ‘punishment’, the FBI was required to pay one day’s attorney fees for the defense. Since the defense attorneys were working without any fees, and since the attorneys wanted nothing from the government, they made no effort to collect it. And predictably, the government made no effort to pay it. (We must keep in mind that the FBI is the same organization founded and headed for over 48 years by J. Edgar Hoover, the man who presented himself as a virtuous para¬gon of law and order, but who was actually a blackmailer and extortion¬ist. He was also a man who stole from the government, misused agents and the agency for personal gain, colluded with mobsters, broke securi¬ties laws, illegally wiretapped and spied on legitimate left wing and civil rights organizations, and on and on.)
Instead of prosecuting the multiple and aggravated felonies committed by the police, the AUSA instead threw the book at Randy Weaver. Mr. Weaver was indicted on a cornucopia of charges up to and including murdering a federal agent.
Now, keep in mind that under normal circumstances federal pros¬ecutors can do pretty much whatever they want to do, and they can convict pretty much anyone that they wish to convict on pretty much any charge that they wish to charge them with. Also, under normal circumstances federal law enforcement can tell whatever lies they wish on the witness stand and have those lies believed by juries. Since there is no accountability even if they are caught lying under oath, this is precisely the reason that the practice of lying under oath is such a common practice among law enforcement.
However, shortly before Mr. Weaver’s trial, yet another hitch appeared in the government conspiracy to railroad Randy Weaver: An attorney named Gerry Spence agreed to defend Mr. Weaver.
Gerry Spence is one of America’s great unsung heroes. He has spent his life defending the poor, the injured, the forgotten, and all of the other victims of corporate-controlled America. Mr. Spence has never lost a criminal case and he has received more million-dollar verdicts for injured citizens than any other lawyer in America. He was born and educated in the small towns of Wyoming, and currently lives in Jackson Hole.
One piece of ‘evidence’ presented at trial was a bullet from a .233 calibre rifle matching a rifle that they believed belonged to Weaver. (Perhaps the FBI forgot that Mr. Weaver was carrying a shotgun that day…) And how was this ‘evidence’ found? The FBI claimed that it was found, in pristine condition, lying daintily on top of some leaves. It was not buried, not marred, scratched, bent, bruised, dented, or otherwise blemished except for the rifling, which conveniently allowed them to match it to what they thought was Weaver’s rifle. But it was not Weaver’s rifle — it belonged to 16-year old Sara, who was far away in the cabin at the time of the shooting of Agent Dugan. At Mr. Spence’s prodding, the FBI agent who recovered the bullet finally admitted that he had placed the bullet there — yet another criminal act known as ‘manufacturing evidence’. (Again, there was no prosecution.)
Mr. Spence exposed all of the government’s perfidy that I have described here, conducting an exhaustive and expensive investigation without any compensation from either Mr. Weaver, or from the government.
Before the trial, the FBI did a quick and dirty internal investiga¬tion that whitewashed the whole affair. According to them, nobody did anything wrong. However, at the urging of Gerry Spence and others, the Justice Department investigated. As a result, several agents were given letters of censure, one agent was suspended for 15 days, the investigation noted ‘significant defects in the indictment’, and Mr. Howen was scolded for refusing to negotiate surrender terms, and thus ‘forced the Marshal’s Service to engage in extraordinary effort to plan and execute a non-confrontational alternative to require Weaver to respond to the warrant’.
And that was it. No one in law enforcement was indicted. No one in law enforcement went to prison. The Department of Justice, despite the illegal killings of a child and an innocent woman with a baby in her arms, did not choose to prosecute anyone in law enforcement. Yet this same Department of Justice showed incredible zeal in order to prose¬cute two citizens who in this particular instance had committed no legal wrongs at all.
After an exhaustive and lengthy trial wherein the prosecution played no-holds-barred hardball trying to prejudice the jury about Mr. Weaver’s beliefs — whilst simultaneously trying to cover up the complete lack of evidence — the jury acquitted Mr. Weaver of all charges except the failure to appear on the original gun charge. After several more years of legal wrangling, Mr. Weaver was eventually awarded a multi-million dollar cash settlement in a civil suit. The outcome of Mr. Weaver’s case is extraordinary due only to the fact that the govern¬ment was caught — and that came about only thanks to the extraordi¬nary efforts of the extraordinary Gerry Spence. The illegal methods used by government agents and prosecutors in the Weaver case are not only common, they are standard operating proce¬dure, and they are standard operating procedure because the govern¬ment almost always gets away with it, and nothing happens to them even if they do not get away with it. And keep in mind that the Weaver case was world famous, and that the press kept a close eye on the proceedings. If the government was willing to pull the kind of extra-legal shenanigans they pulled as the whole world was watching, imagine the methods they employ in the vast majority of cases where no one is paying attention…
The function of the legal system is not to provide justice or the preserve freedom. Its function is to keep those who hold power in power, and to persecute anyone who challenges that power. A black man in Texas was convicted for rape strictly on the word of one white woman, in spite of the fact that the man’s girlfriend stated that he was with her at the time. Later, the man who actually committed the crime confessed — only to have the judge accuse the confessor of lying! The judge failed to explain why someone would freely confess to a crime he didn’t commit without any apparent coercion to do so. After 20 years in prison, the man was exonerated by DNA evidence after his case was taken up by the Innocence Project, a highly successful organization dedicated to freeing wrongly convicted prisoners.
The Innocence Project does not lack for business.


It’s time to get to work…

1) FYI Section:

1A) POWER Down


POWERDOWN stands for Parents Organizing for Welfare and Economic Rights Developing our Own Welfare Narrative. This is a project of POWER (Parents Organizing for Welfare and Economic Rights) members and volunteers. Our project will enable people who have or currently do receive welfare benefits to collect stories from themselves, their families and friends. The audio pieces will be hosted on this website and provide both a real narrative from low-income families in the State of Washington and be used as a resource for people needing to access this information to protect their rights.

In our state recently there was an investigative journalism flood over cash assistance being withdrawn from ATMs at strip clubs, and food stamp benefits being handed out in exchange for drugs. This is just the most recent example of the media being used to assassinate the character of those in poverty. They call into question whether people deserve to have their basic needs protected by our government. Depictions such as these can be equated to the racist and classist portrayal of the “Welfare Queen” during the Reagan Era. This is how the mainstream media portrays the poor in this country. These direct attacks on the families we are, whom we advocate for, and inform about welfare rights, real people worthy of respect and life.

POWERDOWN is a project that seeks to reclaim reality on behalf of our community and organize families in poverty and on welfare to challenge crude depictions. In addition, the audio clips we collect as a community will provide a listenable tool to inform families about their welfare rights.

Click here for pieces recorded by Community Journalist Mary Vent

POWERDOWN (Developing Our Welfare Narrative)

POWERDOWN is seeking stories from courageous mamas and papas who have experience with the welfare system. We really want to be empowered and encouraged by your struggles, experiences, and advice in dealing with the system of public benefits. In addition, the best way to change the system is to educate people. We all get strength when hearing stories we can relate to. For our summer newsletter, we would like to feature these stories.

POWERDOWN is also seeking people willing to put on educational workshops once per month on Fridays from noon – 2:30 pm each week to help develop our narrative in writing workshops, public speaking, acting, and writing from the soul.

Each week, childcare is provided by Casey from the Olympia Childcare collective. For more information please refer to our website at http://www.mamapower.org or call Patricia at 360-352-9716 or email her at advocate@mamapower.org.

Thank you!



1B) Update from the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance

The session officially ended last night after 105 long days. But, since budgets are still not done, we’ll need a special session for our elected officials to finish their business. Head on over to our blog to find out why we believe this is actually a good thing!

What’s Next?
Our legislators will be getting a two-week break and then return on Monday, May 13. This presents an excellent opportunity for you to schedule an in-person meeting with your lawmakers while they are home. Check out our list of effective advocacy actions you can take during these two weeks.

All About the Revenue
Revenue is the key to a budget that both funds education and maintains the safety net. And the Senate and House budgets are radically different in this regard. To learn more about the proposals in play, please join us for a special member call on Thursday, May 2 at noon. Please RSVP by emailing me at michele@wliha.org. We’ll send you the phone number once you’ve RSVP’d.

A Special Thank You
This has been a long, hard session. And we’ve got more work to do! But it’s important to recognize the accomplishments that your advocacy won this session. The passage of the Fair Tenant Screening Act (SSB 5568), of Foster Care to 21 (E2SSB 5405), and of the 72-hour youth shelter notification rule (SB 5147) are significant accomplishments that everyone should be proud of. Advocacy isn’t always fun, but it’s always necessary. Thank you for standing up repeatedly and please stick with us over this two-week break and then into the special session.

You can find the longer version of this newsletter here at our website.

Thanks for all you do,

Michele Thomas, Director of Policy and Advocacy
Washington Low Income Housing Alliance

P.S. Did you see Rachael Myer’s op-ed in The Seattle Times on Sunday? We also recorded Juanita Maestas’ personal story related to the op-ed. Lastly, I’ll be on KBCS today at 4:30pm talking about the Housing Trust Fund. Stay tuned.

206.442.9455 x205 I wliha.org I fb /wliha I tw @wliha

2) Olympia Port Fracking Resistance Rally
Thursday May 3rd at 5 PM @ Port Plaza, 915 Washington St

Resist fracking! Come join the protest!

This from the organizers:

Another proppants ship is expected in port tomorrow. The proppants are destined for the North Dakota Bakken Oil Shale Oil Fracking industry. The ship may arrive tonight or tomorrow, higher high tides are around Midnight and Noon.

Olympia FOR Confronting the Climate Crisis is planning a “Flash Mob” rally tomorrow, 5pm at the Port Plaza.

Fracking has caused human and environmental damage, and it is up to us to stop our port from supporting and enabling this hideous industry.

North Dakota is booming, with all the associated violence and ills that come with a mineral boom. Fracking is harmful in so many ways, on so many levels.

Please join the protest to resist fracking.

What: Olympia Port Fracking Resistance Rally

When: 5 pm tomorrow Thursday the 2nd of May

Where: Port Plaza http://www.portolympia.com/index.aspx?NID=165

Thank you, hope you can be part of the protest!

Berd (Robert) Whitlock

p.s. if you’re interested in more information about activities and events to oppose the use of the Port to support the fossil fuels industry, you can sign up on the Olympia Port Fracking Resistance Twitter Account @olypfrhttps://twitter.com/OlyPFR If you have a cell phone, and you receive text messages, you can also sign up for mobile notifications, using the dropdown menu next to the follow icon.


Robert F. W. Whitlock • Olympia, Washington • (360) 259-4291 • robertfwwhitlock@gmail.com


3) Perennial Plant Sale to Benefit Our Sister Community in Santo Tomás, Nicaragua
Saturday May 4th and Sunday May 5th 2013 from 10 AM to 2 PM @ 117 N. Thomas Street

This from the organizers:

Perennial Plant Sale to Benefit Santo Tomas, Nicaragua, activities
Date: Sunday, May 5, 2013
Time: 10:00AM – 2:00PM
Location: Jean Eberhardt’s front yard, south of W. Harrison, west of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church’s parking lot
117 N. Thomas Street
Olympia, WA 98502

Perennial Plant Sale Benefits Our Sister Community in Santo Tomás, Nicaragua
10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Each Day in West Olympia

Large, healthy starts of fifty varieties of perennial plants will be on sale at very modest prices to benefit the Thurston-Santo Tomás Sister County Association (TSTSCA) from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. onSaturday May 4 and Sunday May 5 at a convenient location in West Olympia.

TSTSCA is a genuine grassroots effort founded in 1988 in Olympia, Washington, and Santo Tomás, Chontales, Nicaragua. TSTSCA supports ing a number of projects there, including a children’s free lunch program, a small library with support for homework, and college scholarships. TSTSCA also organizes delegations from Olympia to Santo Tomás and from there to here.

The group works actively all year around and needs a constant flow of financial support to keep it all running. Now you can simultaneously help TSTSCA while you make your own yard look better for years to come! Visit TSTSCA’s benefit perennial plant sale at a convenient location on Olympia’s West Side (Jean Eberhardt’s front yard, 117 Thomas Street NW (just south of W Harrison, west of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church’s parking lot) from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm on both Saturday and Sunday May 4 and 5.

TSTSCA volunteer George Hartwell raises an amazing variety of perennial plants and is donating many in decent-sized pots (along with starts of a few shrubs) so you can take them home and plant them with confidence. Many more than 100 plants of about fifty varieties will be available for sale, including a few exotic ones. If you want to ask about a particular species of perennial plant, call George Hartwell at 459-1079.

Also, some local artists will set up tables (weather permitting) at the plant sale and donate 25% of their proceeds to TSTSCA.

For information about the plant sale or about TSTSCA, contact Maureen Hill at (360) 786-9505 or tstsca@gmail.com.

More information about TSTSCA is at http://www.oly-wa.us/tstsca.

The Thurston-Santo Tomas Sister County Association does good work all year around!


4) Coopatopia CoOp Festival
Saturday May 4th from 1 to 6 PM @ St. Martins Marcus Pavillion Norman Worthington Center, 5300 Pacific Ave. SE, Lacey

The cooperative business model is the model of the future! Come plug in

This from the organizers:

St. Martins University Presents: Co-opatopia

St. Martins University Presents: Co-opatopia
May 4, 2013 1:00 pm
May 4, 2013 6:00 pm
Everyday, Family Events, Food & Wine, Music Concerts
April 19, 2013
Saint Martin’s Marcus Pavilion – Norman Worthington Center
5300 Pacific Ave. SE, Lacey

Co-opatopia is a free event open for you, your family and the local community. This special event will celebrate cooperative businesses and all they contribute to our communities and the local economy. Experience a variety of co-ops from across the Puget Sound! There will be great food, local entertainment, and lots of fun.

Co-opatopia will be held at the St. Martins Pavilion in Lacey, Washington on Saturday, May 4th, 2013 from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM.


5) Raging Glitter and Bubbles Musical Mischief at Le Voyeur
Saturday May 4th at 9 PM @ Le Voyeur, 404 4th Ave E

The name says it all!

This from the organizers:

Carnivorous Clitoris
& the Snatch Snacks
Months of Indecision
Double Decker Bus Culture
Heavy Rituals

There will be:

and bubbles.

the usual


6) Media Island International/ Free Leonard Peltier Benefit Brunch
Sunday May 5th from 11 AM to 2 PM @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE

It’s Media Island’s monthly benefit brunch. This time MII is teaming up with the Free Leonard Peltier movement!


Leonard Peltier was an American Indian Movement activist who has been in prison for over 30 years for something he did not do. Come learn about America’s premier political prisoner.

This from Media Island:

For May 2013, Media Island International in Olympia, WA is partnering with the Northwest Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee for our monthly Benefit Brunch.

On May 18th there is an international day of solidarity with Leonard Peltier. As part of this global day of events, in Tacoma, WA there is a march and rally to join the global movement to tell US President Barack Obama that we demand Leonard’s release. President Obama has the sole power to finally do the right thing and Free Leonard Peltier.

Please join us in Olympia, Washington on May 5th at 11:00 AM for food and friendship to support the efforts of the Northwest Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee.

Leonard Peltier is an American Indian Movement activist who has been in federal prison for nearly 40 years for a crime that all process and evidence is showing he did not commit.

Amnesty International has designated him a political prisoner. Over 30 million people worldwide have called for his release, including a long list of human rights organizations and public luminaires, from Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa to First Nations and Native organizations like the National Congress of American Indians, many celebrities, and people around the world just like you.

For the May 5th event at Media Island, Donations are highly encouraged, though everyone is welcome regardless of ability to donate. Standard brunch will be served. If you have dietary restrictions, you are encouraged to contact us and volunteer in the kitchen to help accommodate them.

Please spread the word about the Media Island May 2013 Brunch in support of Leonard Peltier, and invite your friends!


7) Crop Walk
Sunday May 5th at 1 PM @ Capitol Campus

This is a fundraiser for local hunger-relief organizations and to fund humanitarian projects around the world.

This from the organizers:

Crop Walk
Date: Sunday, May 5, 2013
Time: 1:00PM
Location: Begins & ends at State Capitol Campus
Olympia, WA

Volunteer walkers raise funds for local hunger-relief organizations and to fund humanitarian projects around the world.

Our local Thurston County CROP HUNGER WALK successes:

• 2012 Walk raised $46,520
• 2011 Walk raised $49,021
• 2010 Walk raised $54,188

Ways YOU Can Participate!
• Be a walker, a sponsor, a team leader, or a committee member.
• Volunteer to help register walkers, serve refreshments or sell tee shirts on Walk Day.
• Make a financial donation to our Walk.

Contact Chairman Wayne Gruen at 352-9703, or phone us at 360-357-7224, or see ‘To register on-line’ below.

Donate or Register to Walk On-line
You can sign up to participate or donate on-line to the Thurston County CROP HUNGER WALK. Just follow the link below: http://www.cropwalkonline.org/olympiawa

You can also support a particular person or team if they have registered on the site. Donating money with your credit card at this website is fast, easy, and very secure.
Walker Information

The 10K (6.2 mile) walk starts and ends at the State Capitol Campus in downtown Olympia. For a map of the route click here. For more information on being a walker, click here.

On the day of the walk, park on the Capitol Campus and come to the Temple of Justice steps. Bring your walker form to the Registration tent between 12:30 & 1:30. The Opening Ceremony is at 1:15 p.m. The walk starts at 1:30, led by the Olympia Highlanders Pipe and Drum Corps.


8) May Day Meeting of the Minds, Hearts, and Bellies
Sunday May 5th from 3 to 8 PM @ Fertile Grounds, 311 9th Ave SE

It’s food talk! With food! And talk!

This from Melanie:

We want to come together to share food, and share feelings, thoughts and ideas around the current, prevalent food systems inadequacies. We can also talk about how this is linked to the larger system at work and how far it has gone beyond representing the peoples’ need for quality food, a thriving economy and farmable land for future generations.

There will be time for talking about this and there will be a good amount of time in the evening dedicated to music and poetry on the theme of revolution and freedom. Bring songs or poetry to share along this theme.

It isn’t enough to talk about these things, the how and why of it. The “what now” is already apparent and people know what steps need to be taken. So we want to host a gathering where we can be supportive of each other’s feelings on these issues, listen, speak, and begin the healing process. It can feel so overwhelming and oppressive, and anger is a natural response to the system that has willingly afflicted us with such dire conditions (maybe I’m wrong about the “willingly” part and you’d like to show up and voice that).

And it isn’t enough to be angry. We cannot fight this and hate and anger are not effective tools. All we can do is opt out of supporting that which hurts us, and to focus on the alternative, to focus on what we want. We can raise our voices together in song and play our own part toward feeding our visions and energies into the new paradigm.

There will of course be food, Pastels with hearty vegan options, and these will be offered openly. Donations are welcome to help pay for the cost of food and the space, but no one will be turned away.

There will be activities for the kids. PLEASE bring your children if you have some, or borrow someone else’s! We will also try to get together a may pole.

Anyone is welcome to sell their wares or offer services if they so choose to. Feel free to bring a blanket to picnic on or lay your wares on.

This will be from 3p-8p at Fertile Ground on Sunday, May 5th (with a nod to Mexico’s liberation as well -cinco de mayo)


9) Annual Meeting of the Green Party of South Puget Sound
Sunday May 5th Potluck at 6, Meeting at 7 PM upstairs above Buck’s 5th Avenue, 209 5th Ave SE

This is the annual meeting. Officers will be elected, and a celebration is likely to ensue.

This from Janet:

Annual Meeting of the
Green Party of South Puget Sound

The meeting will be at Buck’s Fifth Avenue — second story room at 209 5th Avenue SE in downtown Olympia.

The potluck starts at 6:00 and the business meeting at 7:00. We will be electing officers and celebrating. See you there!

Janet Jordan

10) POWER Outage: Mama Care Fair
Monday May 6th from 5:30 to 8 PM @ Darby’ Café, 407 5th Ave SW

It’s POWER’s monthly greet!

This from POWER:

May 2013 POWER Outage:

This is our opportunity to say THANK YOU to all the amazing people raising our next generation, a very challenging and underappreciated job.

So if you’re a mama –

Come relax and enjoy an evening of pampering on Monday, May 6th from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm at Darby’s Café located at 407 N 5th Ave SW in downtown Olympia.

If you are an admirer of mamas, you can help out:

Serve a meal, play music, offer massages, tarot readings, chair yoga, childcare, or any other relaxing, fun thing for the mamas. Help us put on a really good party!

Can’t make it? Provide a gift certificate for services mamas can use later, ex. haircut, massage, etc.

Let us know what you can do!


11) Synergy 2013 at the Evergreen State College
Wednesday May 8th from 1 to 9 PM @ TESC

It’s a sustainable living conference! Good idea!

This from the organizers:

Synergy 2013 at the Evergreen State College

Brought to you by The Clean Energy Committee, The Campus Food Coalition, The Community Gardens & the R.A.D. Aquaponics Project

The goal of the Synergy Conference is to provide opportunities for a synergistic path towards sustainability through education, action, dialogue, and celebration. The theme is to be the change, with a focus on participation in local issues.

Tentative Schedule:

Wednesday, May 8th:
Clean Energy Fair 1-4pm
Real Food Challenge/ Emma Brewster at 4:30pm

Thursday, May 9th:
D.E.A.P. & Young Roots (GRuB) Forum 12-1pm
Farm Worker Justice Panel 1-3pm
Mijas Food Demo 3-5pm
Peter Dorman and Zoltan Grossman 5pm

Friday, May 10th:
CCBLA Action Day (school gardens) 12:30 – 5pm
*Register with Marinda Sanders: rinda1992@gmail.com

Rachel Carson Forum
Community Group Expo 5pm
Forum 6pm

Also, a tentative additional event from the Flaming Eggplant on Wednesday.

Please check back for updates to the Schedule.
Blog page coming soon.

See you all there!


12) Olympia Pickets Bank of America
Wednesday May 8th at 4 pm @ Bank of America, 210 5th Ave SW

Don’t look now, but we’re baaaaack!

Bank of America is a personification of everything that is wrong and we’ve been slacking on our campaign to educate their customers to the fact that their bank is using their money to corrupt their government.

This is part of a coordinated nationwide effort.

This from the organizers:

Bank of America is bad for America! Since the 2008 Great Recession was orchestrated by the ‘too big to fail’ Wall Street banks, citizens have stepped forward as the true leaders who reject the too big to fail premise. Too big to fail is too big to exist.

Last year thousands came to Charlotte, NC, to voice their anger at the 1% Bank of America shareholders meeting. The shareholders and CEO Moynihan don’t respect the people. It is now clear that there is no chance for reforming Bank of America, it must be broken up. During this year’s shareholders meeting we are taking the protest nationwide.

A new Rasmussen survey shows that 50% of U.S. Adults favor a plan to break up the 12 megabanks, which currently control about 69% of the banking industry. Twenty-three percent (23%) oppose breaking up the largest banks, while another 27% are undecided.

Bank of America, with trillions in assets, won’t break by a few isolated protests. It won’t break by individuals moving their money to credit unions. It will break up by sustained collective will that infects the government, enlivens credit unions, revitalizes labor unions, enlists students and restores homeowners. Millions of pinpricks and a sustained demand: Breakup Bank of America.

The Achilles Heel that breaks up Bank of America is a sustained persistent stubborn picket at many of their 16,000+ ATMs and 5,600+ branches around the country. A picket can be as simple as 1 person with a sign in front of a BoA during business hours for an hour a week. People who picket can also put on educational events, flashmobs, marches, rallies, sit-ins, teach-ins, institutional divestment campaigns, government divestment campaigns, citizen lobbying, LTE’s, gorilla marketing, but a picket isn’t a onetime event but a sustained effort that realizes that change may take a while and a stubborn persistent presence is absolutely needed.

On May 8th, the day of Bank of America’s 1% shareholders meeting, nationwide picketing will occur during open business hours at the Bank of America locations nearest by. Be there, dressed in a way that welcomes strangers’ conversations, carrying a sign that wins their support. Inform your neighbors, your coworkers, your friends, and ask them to join and support the picket.

In some cities, people will organize marches, some may do creative direct action and some might consider civil disobedience. Organized actions are enthusiastically encouraged but the common picketer, with the sign holding a simple truth, are the everyday heroes that will provide the persistence necessary for the long task of breaking up Bank of America.

May 8th, long live the picket!


13) Bonus Tip of the Day:

Get your priorities straight.




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