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Action Alert CalendarStopped Clocks:

1) FYI Section: Update from the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance
2) Make Olympia Arts Walk 2013
3) Danny Kelly/ Hinges CD Release Party
4) May Day and Beyond~! Environmental Action Planning Session
5A) Olympia May Day 2013: A Festival of Resistance
5B) May Day March Olympia
6) Bonus Tip of the Day


Hey Kids!

Since I haven’t issued this disclaimer in awhile I’ll issue it again:

Caution: The commentary section of this newsletter may contain sarcastic and/or ironic humour — children or persons lacking Irony or Sarcasm detectors may wish to skip the commentary section!!!


Good News Bad News

The good news is that the economy is improving.

The bad news is that virtually all of that benefit is going to Wall Street.

Contrary to popular theory, there is very little of it trickling down.


Stereotyping Hell

So, last week I got caught with my pants down by stereotyping people! My assumption was the only people who would bomb a bunch of joggers in Boston were either Al Qaeda or right-wing nut-cases and I went out on a limb and laid some credibility on the line by boldly predicting that it would prove to be domestic right-wingers because tax day was one of their pet targets and because it wasn’t a foreign-terrorist style bombing.

As usual, reality far exceeded expectations — or stereotypes for that matter: I was maybe partly right in that it was sort of maybe but actually probably not domestic — but Chechen-born American-raised and thus semi-homegrown naturalized scholars and athletes were the furthest thing from my mind. That was almost the definition of ‘left field’.

Then they further confound stereotypes by being white Muslims!

(The Caucasus region converted to Islam in the 18th Century so that the Ottomans would protect them from the Russians.)

And not only that: They are not only white — they are actually the original actual Caucasians who are actually from the actual Caucasus region that our proud and bloody race was named for!

Without stereotypes what is Glen Beck gonna DO?

(Oh, right! He’ll just focus on the ‘Muslim’ and their ‘foreignness’ and ignore everything else! No worries there!)

Actually, the fact that those kids had Chechen connections could open up a whole new can of worms if their Chechen-ness had anything to do with their motives. Chechnya is one of the few countries in the world that — as far as I know — has no particular reason to hate the Great Satan. As far as I know we’ve never tried to ‘bring democracy’ to Chechnya or steal their natural resources or anything. They’ve been getting squashed by the fat and brutal thumb of the Russian Machine for a few centuries now and thus our ability to cause trouble there has been highly circumscribed.

The Russians more than made up for our absence, though.

Chechnya was devastated by the Golden Horde in the 13th Century and then again by Tamerlane in the 14th Century and they have been fighting foreign rule more or less continuously since the 15th Century.

Then, in the 18th Century the Russians came along. In 1944 Josef Stalin deported the entire population of Chechnya to Siberia and to Kazakhstan for undermining Soviet war efforts during World War II.


If we have somehow pissed of the Chechens then that is not good news because one reason the Russians treat the Chechens so brutally is because the Chechen people have been very effectively kicking some serious Russian ass for this entire time…

…so let’s just say that you don’t want the Chechens pissed off at you…

…and I think it’s safe to say that this is evidenced by these two kids!

First, 19-year-old Dzhokar Tsarnaev and his 26-year-old brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev shot a cop and stole his car. Then they got into a shootout with a bunch of other cops and injured several of them by throwing frigging bombs at them — and then— after Tamerlan is dramatically killed in a fiery blaze of glory — Dzhokar jumps in the car and rams through the police roadblock with guns blazing…

…and then he frigging gets away! They shut down the entire city of Boston all day and they had thousands and thousands of cops trucked/ flown/ bussed in from all over Timbuktu and they blanketed entire neighborhoods with cops wearing all of their terror gear.

The entire City of Boston was huddling in their collective homes in terror…

…all to search for a single teenage kid!

…and they still couldn’t find him until later that night!

Ironically, Mr. Tsarnaev’s capture didn’t come about until they lifted the citywide lock-down because he was then discovered by a homeowner who went outside when the lock-down ended and investigated when he saw that the tarp covering his boat had come loose and he saw ‘a bloody body…’

So 40 or 4,000 cops surrounded the boat and demanded his surrender — and still Mr. Tsarnaev refused to give up! He yelled profanities and he fired at them!

Like I say: You don’t want to mess with the Chechens…

I am pretty sure that it was made very clear to every single one of those thousands of police seeking Mr. Tsarnaev’s whereabouts that people at the very top of the federal food-chain would be very pleased with any cop who brought Mr. Tsarnaev in alive — and very upset with any cop who unnecessarily shot him. I can just about guarantee that they have a nice little isolation cell already frozen and waiting for Mr. Tsarnaev so that he can be thrown into it naked as soon as he recovers from his many wounds…

(Side-note: I would point out a difference between this case and the case of ex-Special Forces and ex-LAPD rogue cop Christopher Dorner; Mr. Dorner was the bearer of many uncomfortable secrets as opposed to being the bearer of highly desired secrets as is the case with Mr. Tsarnaev and I’m quite sure that the cops who were chasing Mr. Dorner had quite the opposite orders than those chasing Mr. Tsarnaev did as far as bringing the suspect back alive was concerned…)

Anyway, they finally snuck up on Mr. Tsarnaev and then rushed and disarmed him before he could react thus capturing him alive.


Dzhokar Tsarnaev’s friends are saying that such an awesome dude must have fallen under the evil influence of older brother Tamerlan, who evidently had some darker stuff in his jacket and thus rated slightly less on the awesomeness scale than did his little bro — especially as far as mass-murderers of innocent people go.

The right wingers are already saying that both the Tsarnaev brothers were part of a sleeper cell.

Considering the ferocity with which both brothers fought, I suspect that the right wingers may have it right this time.

If so, then evidently the Tsarnaevs were very effective at their job of ‘blending in’.

They were also very effective at their job of seriously shaking up the whole world.


This now brings up some interesting legal questions: Since Dzhokar Tsarnaev is a white male American citizen, does he still get a lawyer and a trial even if he’s a Muslim?

Your Irony Alert detectors may be going off now — but believe it or not (believe it) this is actually for real: Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham have already called for Tsarnaev to be held as an Enemy Combatant.

Which of course translates to he aint go no stinking rights.

Can they ignore Mr. Tsarnaev’s basic core Constitutional rights? Do they even dare torture or rendition a very handsome young white kid who was by all accounts a good student and a good athlete and a very popular all-American [almost] kid? All they have to do is to get away with it once because then the precedent is set; as soon as precedent is set then they can (meaning that they will) use it on anyone they don’t like but can’t legally charge with anything.

“He’s a ‘terrorist’ because we say so! We don’t need no stinking proof!”

Yeah. Ask Judi Bari.

I would think that they would probably want to find a less sympathetic test-case to set such a precedent, though, when talking about trashing the basic core Constitutional rights of white male American citizens.

On the other hand, in spite of his alleged awesomeness Mr. Tsarnaev did allegedly kill a bunch of innocent people and he did allegedly shoot and bomb a bunch of cops and he is sort of foreign — and he is, after all, a Muslim — then I guess all of that is sort of a deal-breaker as far as being called an ‘all-American kid is concerned…but could they get away with ‘rendition’ [violent kidnapping] or ‘enhanced interrogation’ [torture] on a white American citizen that was raised in America?

What if Mr. Tsarnaev knew about a ticking time-bomb?

(Where’s Jack Bauer when you need him?)

(Yes, your Irony Alert detector is functioning properly this time…)

In these heady days of Constitution-trashing, this case does indeed present some unique opportunities for creative legal interpretations!

Where’s Jay Bybee when you need him?

(Oh, right! He’s a legal professor at UC Berkeley now!)

(I’ll bet that Obama could get his phone number…)

(Note: Just as I was typing this it was announced that Obama is going to try Mr. Tsarnaev in a civilian court. I guess they decided that they did need a less appealing candidate to create a test case.)


The Stopped Clock Theorem:
Republicans are Right Twice a Day!

Barack Obama knows lots and lots of things that I don’t know and I know that. There’s things I know he knows and things I don’t know he doesn’t know and things I think he probably knows but I don’t know what he knows and so forth.

In my view, though, there seems to be a vast overabundance of issues and disasters that require serious attention from our Administrator in Chief. If I had his ear then I would suggest that for starters he should probably focus first upon money’s corruption of our government and money’s corruption of our elections and upon the related corruption in the War Machine and the related corruption in the regulatory agencies and related corruption in Obama’s own White House not to mention the oil wars and global warming and the largest mass-extinction of species since the dinosaurs and — of course — upon all of that corruption’s source on Wall Street…

…just for starters, anyway.

Those would be some of my suggestions — but what do I know?

Instead, Obama chose to place gun control at the top of his agenda.

Gun control? Really? Why would he do that? Hmmm?

Makes me wonder what Obama knows that I don’t know.

Does he not understand the complete and utter disgust felt by those of us who see Obama emotionally bemoaning the deaths of the children of Newtown even as he personally continues to order a mass-slaughter of children that quite literally makes Adam Lanza look like a rank amateur? I suspect that he probably does understand that but he also understands that he doesn’t have to care about us because we are such a small minourity. He understands that those of us who can see that he is manipulating the dead children of Newtown to further a vile police-state agenda don’t matter because no one is listening to us and he is getting away with it.

However, once again the left completely crashed and burned on this issue. Obama just got his ass handed to him on a platter. Once again this provides evidence to what I’ve been saying for decades now: There is no other issue that costs the left more and produces less benefit than trying to push gun control. Its heads they win and tails we lose. The public perception that they brutally ignored the concerns of the Newtown survivors gave moral suasion to the anti-gun people — but we all know how much weight ‘moral suasion’ is given in national affairs, right?

So if the righties are right about Mr. Tsarnaev being part of a sleeper cell and if, as it seems, they also got at least the political aspect of the gun issue right again — which in my opinion they did even if for all the wrong reasons — then I think that this once again provides evidence of the ‘stopped clock’ theorem!

I would like to think that the Republicans are doing this because they understand that a heavily armed populace is the best insurance against tyranny, but actually they did it because they are a bunch of sold-out-to-the-NRA corporate shills. They did it because the righties seem to understand something about which the left seems clueless: There are tens-of-millions (i.e. a lot of people) many of whom of very wealthy and most of whom are heavily armed and many of whom are activists and all of whom who vote and many of whom make large political contributions — and 100% of whom feel very strongly about this issue — and that this powerful and influential bloc will declare total war on any Republican who dares jump ship on gun control.

I know the arguments for gun control. Most of them are accurate as far as they go; I just don’t think they go far enough and I also think that the proposed solutions will accomplish nothing except to slightly inconvenience criminals and greatly inconvenience law-abiding people since they would be the only ones who care about obeying their laws — not to mention depriving Americans of the ability to deploy some truly effective weaponry in defending their homes from any jack-booted thugs who might show up someday.

So Obama just blew his wad for what? Could he really not find anything better target for his personal artillery?

Once we achieve our Utopia then I’ll dance and sing in joyous celebration as we throw all the guns away. However, in the current paradigm there are a bunch of rich people who want to make slaves out of everyone else and they are hiring a bunch of thugs with guns to enforce that paradigm — and the cold realistic fact is that there is absolutely no comparison between someone who is armed and someone who is not. A 90-lb teenage girl can completely dominate a trained 250-lb Special-Forces operative if she is armed and if he is not armed and if she is not incredibly stupid.

Full disclosure: I have had a powerful and lifelong aversion to being dominated, especially with a gun. Assault weapons with extended magazines can be a very effective tool of counter-domination.

If I were a zine-artist or a cartoonist (which I’m not but I suspect one or two of you might be) then I would create a super-hero called the Counter Dominator!

(Should I copyright that idea?)

(Irony Alert! Ha ha!)



I have a friend Hana who occasionally rides me about being so negative.

Here was Hana’s response to last week’s Alert:

Why aren’t people in the streets? Because they aren’t being motivated properly and I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, throwing buckets of fear onto their heads really won’t help them out of the inertia.

The funny part is that I agree with her to a point, but I don’t think there are one-size-fits-all solutions either. Humans are all very different from each other and we all have our individual jobs to do and different things that motivate us to action.

According to the Rules as We Know Them, what survives is that which is best able to adapt to an ever changing environment. Both our metaphorical and our literal environments are about to change radically and humanity is dealing with all kinds of stuff we’ve never dealt with before. We not only need to do some serious evolving here, but we should probably do it sometime soon — in fact, I would say the sooner the better.

Becoming an evolved person is therefore probably the most revolutionary act you can commit.

Part of becoming evolved is placing fear and anger in their proper place and not allowing them to consume you. I am very happy to report that Hana is one of a lot of people are indeed doing just that! There are a whole bunch of quiet people that you don’t usually notice doing all kinds of truly revolutionary stuff in the background, Kids, and they’re the ones who are really going to save our world.

However, from the overall point of view, being evolved alone is not yet enough, especially since being truly evolved means that engaging in political activism is too distracting from the truly important things and the truly evolved person simply rises above such petty concerns. Yeah, my newsletter is largely a negative feedback loop and it is intentionally designed to elicit anger and fear as I feel those can be great motivators to the right people in the right circumstance, and I really would like to leave a planet that is worth living on to future generations in general and my daughter and granddaughter in particular.

Unfortunately being evolved alone doesn’t yet stop the Machine from destroying our world…

…so somebody’s gotta do that job too and I am inclined both by inclination and by nature to shining a big bright spotlight all over the Machine’s evil doings…

…so I’ll be the yang to Hana’s yin and I’ll do my job and Hana can do her job and I hope I am half as good at mine as Hana is at hers! You are magic, Hana, and I am pleased to know you and please keep the feedback coming as I truly treasure it.


How to Fix the World

Mutate now and avoid the rush later!

There are special introductory deals all over the planet!

It’s time to get to work…

1) FYI Section: Update from the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance

Last week brought the session’s final cutoff for policy bills. All policy bills that are not necessary to implement the budget are now either on their way to the Governor or dead until next year. Many bills that made the long journey of passing their own chamber got all the way to the floor of the other chamber, only to die on the last day. But they will be alive in 2014 to start the process over again. To see where all of our priorities and support items landed, check out our Bill Tracker.

What’s Next?
What are the odds we’ll be going into special session this year? Click here for our breakdown of how that might play out.

Federal Budget Update
While the budget and revenue debates rage on in our state, they’re also a central focus in the other Washington. That’s why the federal budget also continues to be front and center for our advocacy efforts. Go here to find out our analysis of the federal budget and how that affects local housing and homeless programs.

You can find the longer version of this newsletter here at our website.

Thanks for reading and taking action,

Michele Thomas, Director of Policy and Advocacy
Washington Low Income Housing Alliance

P.S. I recommend you check out this exciting new development at the federal level, the National Low Income Housing Coalition’s United for Homes campaign.

206.442.9455 x205 I wliha.org I fb /wliha I tw @wliha

2) Make Olympia Arts Walk 2013
Friday April 26th from 4 to 10 PM on 5th Ave between Franklin and Adams Streets

It’s the radical place to be for Arts Walk!

This from the organizers:

Spring is here and Make Olympia is back.
on 5th Ave between Franklin and Adams
The search will be worth it.


3) Danny Kelly/ Hinges CD Release Party
Friday April 26th at 7:30 pm @ Rainy Day Records, 301 5th Ave

It’s that infamous political raconteur/ balladeer Danny Kelly performing with the Hinges.


4) May Day and Beyond~! Environmental Action Planning Session
Tuesday April 30th at 6:30 PM @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW

This from the organizers:

• Traditions
• Tuesday, April 30 at 6:30 pm
• Potluck
We have an organizational meeting for communication and mobilization set for Tuesday, April 30th at Traditions. It’s a potluck that starts abt 6:30 pm. We will hook up a laptop for skype or to look up stuff on the internet or stream video if there is time, but I think we will be pretty busy organizing to turn out against the fracking materials, for the Thurston solar project and who knows what else?

If you have sign up sheets or lists with names of folks who have expressed interest in mobilization for direct action, please bring copies along with you – or even better – send them along now so that we can start compiling and automating our ability to turn out a crowd when the time comes.

We need to be able to mobilize legal observers, street medics, peace keepers, and jail support teams to support activists and individuals who choose to take various direct actions. We need to know who wants to work in which capacity and what the best means is to reach you for mobilization on short notice for effective mobilization.

Our political structure has been captured by corporate interests and we cannot rely on regulatory agencies or policy makers to make the right decisions. It does not matter if your specific hot-button issue is criminalization of the homeless, or class/race/gender oppression, war, militarism and the surveillance society or environmental protection because these struggles are connected. These disparate struggles are all opposed by the same corporatist interests. Our ability to make progress in any realm will probably rely on our ability to turn out large numbers of peace/justice/sustainability activists working in solidarity with each other to make progress in any area.

Many environmental activists know that time is very short to make better decisions that will reduce the impact of the climate crisis. We also know that the climate crisis is likely to make all of the struggles for peace and justice more difficult. As resources become increasingly scarce, more and more beings, human and otherwise, will be seen as disposable by the “captains of industry.”

People, get ready, there’s a train a’coming. It’s picking up passengers from coast to coast. You don’t need a ticket, you just climb on board!

Hope to see you next Tuesday at Traditions.



5A) Olympia May Day 2013: A Festival of Resistance
Wednesday May 1st Festival Starts at Noon, Parade Starts at 6 PM from Sylvester Park

Overgrow the government!

This from the organizers:

Join us this May 1st, 2013 In Olympia, WA for a day of joyous celebration and international solidarity! Come out and enjoy the company of our beautiful community in a festival of resistance!

12:00 pm Sylvester Park: Reclaim The Commons Festival
All day family friendly festival
List of Festivities:
-May Pole
-May Games
-Story Telling
-Face-Painting and Garland Making
-Seed Bomb Making
-Crafting and Art
-Dérive (to drift about with no particular destination)
-Sudden Acts of Spontaneity
-Celebrations of Spring, Love and Fertility
– Food!
– Games; sack race, three legged race, hula hooping ect.
– Live music and poetry
– Face painting
Bring your costumes, bring your friends and family and bring the fun!

2:00 pm Shut Down the Banks Party

4:00 pm Festive Street Party
location TBA

6:00pm May Day March
4th and water st. Olympia, Wa
Link here… http://www.facebook.com/events/443209392428944/?ref=2



5B) May Day March Olympia
Wednesday May 1st at 6 PM @ Percival Landing, 5th and Water Street

This is for the march portion of the rally.

This from the organizers:

Spring is Here, people in Olympia are coming out of their burrows and MAY 1st is quickly approaching! With the joys and pains of the past year fresh in our memories and still very much a part of our lives, this is a call to ‘spring back’ on May 1st by honoring the history and struggle of the day and to show our solidarity with the ‘Silent Ones’ (our comrades facing the repression from last year’s May Day demonstrations [those in prison and those on the lam!]). But also a call to those who want to express their own desire for a life without borders and prisons, bosses and police; for a self-determined life lived freely! May Day is a day of tradition, a day that illuminates the shadows of history and our connections to a struggle seen everywhere. A day that reinvigorates our passion for freedom and coordinates the celebrations of our passions with those who share them! In Olympia we will march on May 1st to continue the stance against the slavery and oppression of our everyday lives!

Meet on Wednesday May 1st at 4th and Water St, on the Percival Landing at 6pm. There will be a rally and a march!

A short history and report published shortly after the May Day 2013:


Statement from resister Kerry Cunneen:

I have been subpoenaed to the grand jury in Seattle investigating Anarchists in the Pacific Northwest. I was called to testify on January 3rd at 9am. I did not appear before the grand jury. I will not cooperate with this grand jury nor will I in any way aid the state in its efforts to imprison people.

I stand firmly in solidarity with the actions taken against the Nakamura Federal court house during the May Day demonstration and all action taken against the state and capital towards the goal of a more liberated society.

I am in solidarity with the May Day 5, with Maddy, Matt and Kteeo, and everyone else who has met repression with resilience. To all whose solidarity has come in some form of action, it is inspiring and must continue.

never surrender


6) Bonus Tip of the Day:





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