Oly Oly Action 4_11_13 Subjective Objectivity

Subjective Objectivity:




1)  FYI Section:


   1B)  Democracy School

   1C)  Tell Olympia City Council NO ON COAL TRAINS!

   1D)  Low Income Housing Alliance Update

2)  Gardening 101:  Planting Start Party

3)  Non Violent Direct Action Training

4)  Scott Yoos Solidarity Potluck

5)  Poetry as Praxis Feat:  Jared Paul

6)  Bystander Intervention Training

7)  Rise Up OAF’s!  [Olympians Against Fracking]

8)  Scott Yoos Hearing

9)  Bonus Tip of the Day




Hey Kids!


As I write (type) it is 9 am Saturday April 6, 2013 and it is −13o in Fairbanks, Alaska.  (I keep a weather gadget on my desktop and in the winter I keep it set on Fairbanks so I can feel better about whatever is happening here.)  (In the summertime I keep it set on Ridgecrest, California — which is just outside Death Valley — which is a place where the temperatures rarely goes below 100o for months at a time during the summer — and which happens to be my hometown.)


A few days ago it briefly got above freezing in Fairbanks and a highly alarming period of warm sunshine broke out here in Olympia.  I was deeply concerned.  Things like that could ruin our reputation — and people around here don’t know how to drive in the sunshine.


However, now it is −13o in Fairbanks and it is raining here, so other than the fact that our civilization is collapsing around our ears then everything is back to normal!




(And actually, collapsing civilizations also seem to be rather the norm now that I think about it!)




Subjective Objectivity


While I do occasionally engage in actual journalism, this newsletter consists mostly of commentary and I am usually in-your-face up-front about the fact that I have a point of view.  In fact, I would maintain that ‘objective journalism’ is not only a myth but that it is yet another conscious tactic employed by the Machine to further manipulate public perceptions.  They maintain that they can be trusted because they don’t have a point of view; they are simply reporting the ‘facts’ and then letting the viewer decide for themselves.  They say that people like me can’t be trusted since we have an obvious agenda.


Really?  Are you going to trust someone whose point-of-view is right up front or someone who is secretly hiding their agenda behind a façade of ‘objectivity’?  By the simple act of reporting a story a journalist is revealing their agenda simply by choosing to cover that story and passing on thousands of other available stories; he/she is saying that of everything happening in the world these days that he/she considers this story important enough to cover.


Why?  Which aspects of the story are covered?  How does the journalist frame the story?  Who does the journalist choose to talk to — and who do they choose to ignore?  Does the report refer to ‘environmental activists’ or to ‘eco-terrorists’?  During ‘debates’ about climate change, does the interviewer mention the fact that 97% of climate scientists say that climate change is happening, that it is caused by humans, and that its effects will be catastrophic?  During the buildup to the Iraq invasion, arguably the two top outside experts on WMD’s in Iraq were Scott Ritter, the head ‘on the ground’ UN weapons inspector in Iraq (at least until Bush kicked him out) and Hans Blix, the head UN weapons inspector overall.


During the buildup for the invasion both men were running around all over the world adamantly proclaiming that Iraq did not have any WMD’s.  Their claims were widely reported all over the world and in the American alternative media.


They were completely ignored by American Media Machine.


The two top experts in the world on WMD’s in Iraq were ignored because their story didn’t fit the drums-of-war narrative.  The voices of the 97% of the top experts in the world on climate are ignored because their story doesn’t fit the drill-baby-drill narrative.  Families are being thrown out onto the streets to pay for the crimes of Wall Street yet the Machine narrative proceeds from the unquestioned assumption that it is the fault of those worthless parasite mothers on welfare even though AIG alone received more tax-dollars-for-nothing than every welfare mother in the country combined.  Now they have used the risk posed by ‘terrorists’ to get away with eliminating our most core foundational civil liberties even though Americans are literally more likely to be struck by lightning than they are to be killed by a terrorist.




The Media Machine is owned by and operated for the benefit of the 1%.  It’s not that they lie (though they do) but much more often they manipulate simply by what they choose to cover — and even more importantly by what they choose to ignore…


The talking heads employed by the Machine have a point of view that is right in your face if you know what to look for.


Start looking for it.  Tell your friends.




Be All that You Can Be!  Join the Army!


Believe it or not I was in the United States Army — for almost nine whole months!


(As you may have guessed, we had a clash of personalities and did not get along very well.)


They say military service is a transformative experience.  It certainly was in my case I can tell you — but in completely the opposite direction than the one usually intended for it was this experience, probably more than any other, that set me upon the path that has turned me into the charming radical teddy bear that all of you now know and love.


I had joined because I was about to get drafted and there were some advantages to joining.  I ate their shite through boot camp because I thought the only alternative was jail but I would actually recommend boot camp for all young people.  You get into very good physical shape and you get to fire everything from M-60 machine guns (the front end of the gun is sitting on a tripod and you place your left hand on top of it to hold the barrel down — then you point it in the general direction of what you want to shoot and pull the trigger and it obliterate whatever it is that you are pointing at) to grenade launchers (the back sight of a grenade launcher is several inches high and it has distances printed on it — you estimate the distance to the target and then line up the estimated distance on the back sight with the front sight and then line that up with the target; the launcher itself is thus actually pointed up at the sky.  Then you simply push a button and there is a slight ‘poof’ sound.  Then you can you can easily follow the thing’s track visually as it slowly arcs through the sky toward the target.  Then it lands with a blast that literally trembles the earth as it obliterates a large area of the landscape and everything that happens to in that landscape).


It turned out that I was an expert marksman with a bazooka.  I forget the actual title that they give you when you are the best there is but that is what I was; I could hit that frigging tank right on its turret every time.


One thing I learned from the army:  After my experience firing the relatively small weapons that can be carried by infantrymen, I have absolutely no desire to either use such weapons upon other people nor have other people use them upon me.  Believe me.


(They sure are fun to shoot, though…)


Anyway, after a few months of being more-or-less content to quietly mind my own business and keep a low profile, a personality clash led to a rebellion in which I almost completely destroyed discipline in my company and gave my CO a black eye he probably never recovered from.


I nick-named my nemesis ‘Baby Huey’ after a cartoon character that was popular at the time because he resembled Baby Huey in physical build.  On our first day in AIT (‘Advanced Individual Training’, the next step after boot camp) Baby Huey was made a squad-leader because he had previous National Guard experience.


This guy was one of those shapeless featureless not-real-bright inbred-seeming people who are usually either ignored or picked on.


Keep in mind:  A ‘squad leader’ is the very lowest in the chain of command.  I think Baby Huey may have received a one-step promotion in rank or something along with the squad-leader title, but otherwise he was a new arrival just like the rest of us.  He was now sort of the liaison betwixt the sergeant and everyone else.


Anyway, this kid had obviously never had any amount of any kind of authority in his entire life and it went to his head — and he was a natural-born Nazi.  He decided he was going to run a disciplined squad and for some reason — I actually forget now what specifically it was that he did that so outraged me — but whatever it was led to an explosion that then morphed into the previously mentioned rebellion.  I spit in their eyes and I mocked them openly.  They kept giving me fines and extra duty but I was selling pot to everyone so I didn’t need my measly army paycheck and one of my customers was the cook so I didn’t need to worry about the extra duty.


Then, my lifelong instinct for knowing when it’s time to cash in my chips and make for the back door came into play:  Just as I began to feel that they were about to catch up with me and give me a serious whammy, Nixon ended the draft just before my number would have come up and I realized that I wouldn’t have been drafted after all — and then soon thereafter I went to a theater and watched a movie where people in army uniforms were beating up on war protesters — and I was watching this whilst wearing an army uniform.


At that exact point — sitting in that theater — I came to the realization that this could no longer stand.


I quit.  The very next day.  I went and sat right in front of the duty desk during duty hours in my civilian clothes reading a book.  I sat there for nearly two hours before some sergeant finally asked me what the hell I was doing.  I said that I had quit and that I was no longer in the army.  I happened to catch one of the few sergeants who had a modicum of intelligence so it didn’t take him overly long to discern what I was doing.  He ordered me to put on my uniform and report for duty.  I refused.  My exasperated CO then ordered me to put on my uniform and report for duty.  I again refused.  They put me in jail for disobeying an order.  I filed a Chapter Something (I think a Chapter 12 but I forget the exact number) and I very eloquently convinced the Army that they would be better off without me.  That was my first ever political firebrand statement that I ever wrote for public consumption, in fact, and I wish I had it now.  It was highly uncomplimentary of the United States Army I remember.


I was out of the Army three weeks later.  I had an ‘Undesirable Discharge’ which is not as bad as a ‘Dishonourable Discharge’ but it is still not good at all.


However, as far as I know it has never influenced my life one way or the other.  I have always just told employers that I was never in the military and they never checked.


You might not get away with that these days.


This experience showed me my personal power and taught me that I could start a small revolution right in the belly of the Beast — and it also taught me that I had a talent with the written word.


And one more observation:  My little one-man revolution had a lot of popular support from the other soldiers.  A lot of them are more radical than you may think.




Wikileaks Strikes Again!


Evidently being trapped in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London has not shut off the spotlight of the intrepid Julian Assange!


Wikileaks strikes again!


Assange has just released another trove of documents, this time dating back to the 70’s (Nixon/ Kissinger, Vietnam, Watergate, etc.) and a lot of this stuff is still explosive.


My favourite Kissinger quote:  “The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer.”


While the American Media Machine has largely succeeded in marginalizing Wikileaks within the United States, the rest of the world pours gleefully and avidly over their exposures.  Amongst many other things, Wikileaks is credited with kicking off the Arab Spring due to the Tunisian people learning what a piece of shite Ben Ali was through leaked Wikileaks documents — and that is just the beginning.


As usual, Amy Goodman is on it:






And speaking of Amy, if you didn’t catch Democracy Now last Friday (April 5) you need to do that.  This is hard-hitting stuff even for Amy.


Go here for Robert McChesney’s eye-opening take on media consolidation:




Go here for an eye-opening interview with the producer of the new film Shadows of Liberty, about corporate media control:




And here is an eye-opening report upon how that guy who killed that Colorado corrections chief was someone who had had his brain broken by solitary confinement in Colorado’s infamous Super Max prison:




I hope you have a lot of open eyes.




Media Machines R Us!


I had heard rumours of this that I had dismissed as unlikely — but I also always say never underestimate the perfidy of the Machine!


(Evidently I need to learn to listen to myself!)


Believe it or not:  Evidently Rupert Murdoch and the Koch brothers are in a battle with each other to purchase the Los Angeles Times.  There is the small matter of the FCC giving them exemptions to the media-consolidation laws that were implemented to prevent exactly what both Murdoch and the Kochs want to do with the Los Angeles Times — i.e. own all of the media in a mass-market in order to promote their personal right-wing pro-war pro-Machine political agendas — and never mind that Murdoch is under investigation for every manner of corruption  except selling his grandmother’s ass — and I’m not completely sure he didn’t do that too — but they have big bucks so Obama’s FCC is very likely to let them do it anyway unless there is big noise so make sure the batteries in your bullhorn are fully charged!


If anyone still cares about the Founding Fathers and their priorities, for the first 100 years of American history the largest single expense of the federal government — i.e. their top priority — was to provide massive subsidies to the post office so that information could be disseminated at little if any cost.


That was ‘original intent’.


On the other hand, if you really want to go back to ‘original intent’ then slavery would be legal, women would have no legal rights, and only white male landowners could vote — so there’s some slippery slopes there if you’re not careful…


(Does Antonin Scalia understand that?)


(The scary thing is that I suspect that he does…)




Business as Usual


Even as he tours America in an attempt to convince Americans to disarm themselves as the next step in installing a police state, Obama has linked arms with the NRA as they attempt to gut an attempt at an international arms-trade treaty!




As much as I love Amy Goodman I can still find areas to critique:  She called her piece on Obama and the NRA ‘Strange Bedfellows’.


I would call it ‘Business as Usual’.


You gotta love liberals.


FYI:  The United States is by far the largest arms dealer in the world.  Evidently everyone but American citizens have a right to military assault weapons.


It’s time to get to work…



1)  FYI Section:




This sucks so monumentally that I can’t find words.


Make noise, please.  Write call email fulminate.  Contact the Tanzanian embassy and then lie and say you’re a rich American tourist who will never again set foot in Tanzania due to this outrage.


This is from Avaaz:


We are elders of the Maasai from Tanzania, one of Africa’s oldest tribes.  The government has just announced that it plans to kick thousands of our families off our lands so that wealthy tourists can use them to shoot lions and leopards.  The evictions are to begin immediately.


Last year, when word first leaked about this plan, almost one million Avaaz members rallied to our aid.  Your attention and the storm it created forced the government to deny the plan, and set them back months.  But the President has waited for international attention to die down, and now he’s revived his plan to take our land.  We need your help again, urgently.


President Kikwete may not care about us, but he has shown he’ll respond to global media and public pressure — to all of you!  We may only have hours.  Please stand with us to protect our land, our people and our world’s most majestic animals, and tell everyone before it is too late.  This is our last hope:




Our people have lived off the land in Tanzania and Kenya for centuries.  Our communities respect our fellow animals and protect and preserve the delicate ecosystem.  But the government has for years sought to profit by giving rich princes and kings from the Middle East access to our land to kill.  In 2009, when they tried to clear our land to make way for these hunting sprees, we resisted, and hundreds of us were arrested and beaten.  Last year, rich princes shot at birds in trees from helicopters.  This killing goes against everything in our culture.


Now the government has announced it will clear a huge swath of our land to make way for what it claims will be a wildlife corridor, but many suspect it’s just a ruse to give a foreign hunting corporation and the rich tourists it caters to easier access to shoot at majestic animals.  The government claims this new arrangement is some sort of accommodation, but its effect on our people’s way of life will be disastrous.  There are thousands of us who could have our lives uprooted, losing our homes, the land on which our animals graze, or both.


President Kikwete knows this deal would be controversial with Tanzania’s tourists – a critical source of national income – and does not want a big PR disaster.  If we can urgently generate even more global outrage than we did before, and get the media writing about it, we know it can make him think twice.  Stand with us now to call on Kikwete to stop the sell off:




This land grab could spell the end for the Maasai in this part of Tanzania and many of our community have said they would rather die than be forced from their homes.  On behalf of our people and the animals who graze in these lands, please stand with us to change the mind of our President.


With hope and determination,


The Maasai elders of Ngorongoro District




The Guardian: Maasai fury as plan to lure Arabian Gulf tourists threatens their ancestral land



allAfrica: Land Grab Could Spell ‘The End of the Maasai’



IPP Media: Maasai villagers frustrate efforts to vacate for Ortelo



The Guardian: Tanzania denies plan to evict Maasai for royal hunting ground



The Guardian: “Tourism is a curse to us”



New Internationalist Magazine: “Hunted down”



Society for Threatened People: Briefing on the eviction of the Loliondo Maasai



FEMACT: Report by 16 human rights investigators & media on violence in Loliondo





1B)  Democracy School


Hi Greens, and others interested in Democracy School:


Planners are now Gillian, Mary, Talitha, and myself.  If you want to be a part of the planning, please come to the next meeting!!  The more planners, the better.  NEXT MEETING: Thursday April 11, 6:00, Traditions.


We are aiming for Sunday, May 19, for our Democracy School.  Gillian will be contacting Kai to see if he can conduct the school.  We may have to adjust the date to accommodate him.  In the meantime, the Labor Council has rented us a large room @ $161 for the whole day.


Democracy School will have its traditional content (the history of how our democracy was highjacked by government policy and Supreme Court decisions favoring corporate welfare, and the awareness that we need to take it back), but the real emphasis will be on what our community needs to do to create a Community Bill of Rights that reflects our values and wishes.  In other words, what would the wording be for a CBR in our particular community.  


To that end, we hope activists from each and every field will join us – peace activists, environmentalists, human rights workers, everyone.  In crafting our CBR we need to hear from everyone and we need everyone to agree on the resulting document.   


It’s possible our group will not be able to complete the writing process on May 19, and that a continuing group will want to meet over the next month or two to finish it.  


To give everyone maximum encouragement to come, we will invite whole groups of people over listservs, and also call and personally invite people.  At our last meeting we started a list of people to personally invite.  We have not singled them out for their importance but really just because someone in our group knows them and would feel comfortable calling them.  And also, of course, because if even half of them come, we’ll have a lot of groups represented.  


PLEASE REVIEW THE NAMES BELOW AND SEE IF YOU CAN THINK OF OTHERS.  We may have left out whole fields of activity!  Please help fill in the gaps!



Peggy Bruton

Walt Jorgensen

Bob Jacobs

Carole Richmond

Zena Hartung

Jim Lazar


Vets for Peace

Doug Mackey

Terry Zander

Dennis Mills

Mark ____?


Occupy Oly

Alex Day

Lee ___?


Thurston Public Power

Chris Stearns

John Pearce

Doug Riddel

Tom Nogler



Glen Anderson

Bourtai Hargrove Chuck Schultz

Rozanne Rantz

Kerri Griffis



Jill Esbeck

Phil Owen

Danny Kadan



Jody Mackey

Dick Meyers


Port Protesters

Jo Robinhood

Patty Imani



Peter Bohmer

Zoltan Grossman

Larry Mosqueda

Savinna Choudhry


Media Island

Utah Pete

Bruce Wilkinson


Climate Action

Barb Scavezze

Sherri Goulet

Rod Tharpe



Monica Peabody


Treaty Rights

Mike Cody

Marylea Coday


Media People

Dan Bennett Matt Green

Janine Unsoeld

Molly Gibbs


Green Party

Dana Walker

Scott Yoos

Roy Olson

Ryan Jones


Various & Sundry

Gar Lipow

Beth Doglio

Eli Sterling

Kurtz (Habitat for Hum.)

Bob Kirschmier

Bernie Myers

T.J. Johnson

Cathy Wolfe




We will invite people from other areas to hear about their experiences with CBRs.  Naomi Barris from Bellingham is ready to come and tell us about their experience.  We’ll be contacting the Longview and Port Townsend people as well.


We wanted to have a second, FORMAL Democracy School and invite elected representatives to it, but now we think that should wait until we have a Community Bill of Rights statement that we can all get behind.  


You’ll be hearing more, so stay tuned.



(for the planning committee)



Janet Jordan





1C)  Tell Olympia City Council NO ON COAL TRAINS!


This from CREDO:



Pass a resolution confirming the city's strong opposition to any new coal export terminals being built in the Pacific Northwest.

Why is this important?


The Thurston County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution  (#14779) last August opposing new coal exports citing many reasons for their action.  Olympia should follow suit.
The coal industry wants to turn the Pacific Northwest into North America's largest hub for shipping coal abroad.
While the Northwest would get radically increased coal train traffic and additional air and water pollution, Asian countries would receive cheap American coal, which would perpetuate their fossil fuel dependence and impede the pace of transfer to clean energy technologies.  The coal industry, of course, would boost its profits.  And we'd all suffer the consequences of supercharged climate change.
Dozens of cities in the region have passed resolutions declaring their opposition to coal exports or their concerns with coal export terminal proposals.  With each city that weighs in, our momentum in the fight to stop coal exports grows.
Residents of Montana, Idaho, Oregon and Washington deserve better.  The industry has deep pockets and lots of political influence, but grassroots action is a proven method for creating change and fighting back against injustice.




1D)  Low Income Housing Alliance Update






The House released their budget today at noon and we     believe it’s a good start. 





  • Invests          $71 million in the Housing Trust Fund

  • Preserves          the Housing and Essential Needs program and the Aged, Blind, &          Disabled program

  • Protects          Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF)




But we have a long way to go.  Now that we know where both the Senate and     the House stand on housing and homelessness, so begins our work in     advocating for a final a budget that truly preserves the state’s     safety net and makes strong investments in the Housing Trust Fund and     Washington Families Fund.




Right now is the time to get on the phone, call your Senator’s     office, and tell them to match the House’s budget of $71 million for     the Housing Trust Fund and to preserve the state’s safety net programs.




 Thank you for your     advocacy,








Michele Thomas, Director of Policy and Advocacy


Washington Low Income Housing Alliance




206.442.9455 x205  |  wliha.com  |  fb @wliha  |  tw /wliha




P.S. As we did with the Senate budget, we’ll have our in-depth     analysis of the House budget at the Housing Alliance Blog, so be sure     to check here later for the latest information.



Our vision is that all Washington residents have the   opportunity to live in safe, healthy, affordable homes in thriving   communities.  Help us make this vision   a reality: click here to donate.



2)  Gardening 101:  Planting Start Party

Saturday April 13th from 10 am to 3 pm @ TESC Greenhouse


We need to take our food back from the Machine!  Come learn how!


This from the organizers:


For both new and old gardeners!


We will be hosting a Garden Party this Saturday, April 13th from 10am-3pm.


It’s a POTLUCK! Please bring a dish to share as well as something to eat with!


Seeds are in!  The Greenhouse is complete!  Let’s plant some starts and begin working on our garden plots!


Gardener Scott Zerg will prepare some information for new gardeners as well as answer any questions we may have regarding the basics of loving our gardens and taking proper care of them throughout the season.  We will also go over some basics for making trellises for peas or beans, etc!


This is also a great chance to get to know your garden neighbors!


See you there.





3)  Non Violent Direct Action Training

Saturday April 13th from 1:30 to 4:45 pm @ Olympia Center


You should do this training before engaging in civil disobedience.


This from the organizers:


Sat April 13:  Nonviolent Direct Action Training:  The Olympia FOR’s “Confronting the Climate Crisis” group is bringing two of Seattle’s best and most experienced trainers to Olympia from 1:30 to 4:45 pm)to help interested persons prepare for participating in nonviolent direct action related to the climate or other issues.  Ellen Finkelstein (Western Washington FOR’s Organizer) and Rosy Betz-Zall (Coordinator of Washington Peace Team) will address the meaning of nonviolence and teach a variety of useful techniques.  This is important training for participating in rallies, picket lines, and other direct actions to draw attention to the climate crisis and other issues.  Please RSVP to Bourtai Hargrove, (360) 352-6327 climate@olympiafor.org  so we can plan for the right number of participants.  We’ll ask for a modest donation to cover the trainers’ preparation/presentation time and travel, as well as any cost for the room and any printed materials.




This is being organized by Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation – Climate Crisis Group; spearheaded by Bourtai Hargrove.  Thank you Bourtai 


If you have not already signed up for this training, please do so. 

We have reserved a large room at the Olympia Center and we hope that all of you will participate!!


Experienced Kingian trainers Ellen Finkelstein and Rosy Betz-Zall will discuss the definition of non-violence, give us examples of successful non-violent tactics, and through role-playing teach us how to maintain group cohesiveness and protect ourselves and each other from violence inflicted by others. 


 When do we need to video-tape our demonstrations to maintain an accurate record of what happened? 

 Is there any clothing we can wear to protect ourselves from tear-gas and pepper-spray? 

 Bring these questions and others to the training session. 


Please e-mail me if you plan to attend:  Bourtai31@Gmail.com





4)  Scott Yoos Solidarity Potluck

Saturday April 13th at 6:30 pm @ 1827 Legion Way SE


It’s a potluck for the Scott Yoos solidarity movement!


This from Scott:


Dear Friends & Supporters:


   Please, DON’T PANIC!


…This is NOT  (yet another) FUNDRAISING APPEAL(!!!)

 It has been suggested that those folks who are most closely involved with my prevailing legal case, should try to rendezvous sometime soon, just to SOCIALIZE, scheme, & eat some good grub!


  Our friend, Sandia Slaby, has generously offered to host such a low-key Event, @ her (& Stan’s) home.  We’re aiming to do this before my next hearing, (which is on the offical Courthouse docket to begin @ 9 am on Tuesday, APRIL the 16th, w./ our customary pre-Hearing Vigil starting @ 8:15 am.) 


 STAN & SANDIA resides upon a verdant plot, located at:1827 LEGION WAY SE, Olympia,  98501.


  *PLEASE consider this note to be your INVITATION to participate in a lighthearted POTLUCK event, happening  NEXT SATURDAY, on APRIL the 13th, & beginning at approx. 6:30 pm !


– If’n you’re willing/able to attend this get-together, please bring a dish (PREFERABLY w./ somptin’ to share IN it!), and R.S.V.P. Sandia at either her cell #: (360)970-2206, orat the Home Phone #:  (360)866-4561


  *AGAIN, I would like to emphasize that this get-together is NOT gonna be another, dreaded, FUNDRAISER!  (At the most, we will be collecting & considering any possible Fundraising opportunities which you might suggest, to keep my legal wolves at bay!)                         


 IF this sounds like this Potluck would be an event which YOU might just be interested in attending, then by all means, PLEASE COME !


 …I, for one, look forward to seeing ya there.


Keep it LIT!


With Sincere Gratitude,






5)  Poetry as Praxis Feat:  Jared Paul

Saturday April 13th at 7 pm @ the Portal, 2420 Bush St


Jared Paul returns!  Come listen to pain-blistering spoken word!


This from the organizers:


That’s right folks, he’s back!  We’re having an open-mic for anyone interested in sharing some words, followed by a set by poet-activist extraordinaire Jared Paul!  He’ll perform poetry and then we’ll have a talk-back afterwards, to give a chance to folks who have questions for him about his art, his activism, his educating, or whatever else is acceptable to ask about in a public setting.  Come check it out!





6)  Bystander Intervention Training

Monday April 15th from 5 to 7 pm @ TESC


Learn how to identify dangerous people and what to do about them.  This from the organizers:


Bystander Intervention Training

Monday April 15th, 5:00-7:00


Have you ever wondered what you can do to personally stop sexual assault in your community?  This workshop will begin with information about typical grooming behaviors of sexual predators followed by a discussion on ways to increase community safety.  Come learn introductory skills in handling an intervention with confidence and safety and assisting after a conflict.





7)  Rise Up OAF’s!  [Olympians Against Fracking]

Tuesday April 16th from 6:30 to 9 pm @ Traditions Fair Trade, 300 5th Ave SW


Come fight climate change locally.


This from the organizers:


Olympia Confronting the Climate Crisis

Stop Fracking Supply Ships in the Port of Olympia






** Kandi Mosset, Fort Berthold Tribal Member from North Dakota with Indigenous Environmental Network

**Grace Byrd, Nisqually Tribe Treaty Rights



Boom!  Behind the Bakken AND Gasland



Police Infiltrators: $5.00 Peasants & OAFs: FREE


Time to save the planet.  Let’s eat first & do some planning.


SEE YOU THERE!  People Power vs Big Oil


Sponsored by

Olympia Movement for Justice & Peace http://www.Omjp.net

Olympia Fellowship of Reconcilliation: Climate Crisis Group http://www.olympiafor.org/ 





8)  Scott Yoos Hearing

Tuesday April 16th at 8:15 am @ Thurston County Courthouse, 2000 Lakeridge Dr. SW


The Scott Yoos saga continues!  Come stand in solidarity with a local activist facing oppression!





9)  Bonus Tip of the Day:


Always tell the truth, even when your voice trembles.








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