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Hey Kids!


Words are often ironic.  Life is often ironic.  Irony itself is often ironic in its ironically ironic fashion.


I love words.  I love to play with them.  I love that I can simultaneously both play and provide a public service.  I love that I can publicize under-published information that people should know about in an informative and entertaining fashion.


One irony concerning words — especially for a wordsmith — is that in-and-of themselves words are absolutely powerless.  Stripped of symbolic meaning they are nothing more than sound — and rather wimpy and unimpressive sound at that when compared to, say, the sounds made by a robin or by a Bengal tiger.


Thus, the only power words have is the power that we choose to give them — and my irony-appreciation circuits have always been well-warmed by the fact that the very people who allow themselves to be shocked and offended by certain words are also the very same people who assure those word’s continued popularity.  It also makes it incredibly easy to shock and offend them should you wish to do so for any reason — and personally I think that people who are shocked and offended by words should be shocked and offended.


(In case you missed it, that last statement has a triple-meaning and all three apply!)


(I love words!)


Anyway, I would suggest to such people that they should look to a child who was victim of one of those white phosphorous bombs that the Israelis intentionally used on civilians during their latest invasion of Gaza.  When you get white phosphorous on you it burns to the bone and there is nothing you can do about it.  Use of white phosphorous weapons on anyone much less civilians is a serious war crime — but Israel and the United States are free to engage in serious war crimes to their heart’s content without fear of accountability.  The only folks getting prosecuted for war crimes these days is are Africans and an occasional eastern European.


Anyway, I think that people who allow themselves to be shocked and offended by words should see a child that has been permanently disfigured by a white phosphorous weapon because at least then they could be shocked and offended by something that is actually real.




There is a certain four-letter word that I cannot say in my new radio show.  (See the promo for my new radio show below filed under ‘Blatant Self Promotion #2’.)


The illegal word is four letters long.  It starts with ‘sh’ and ends with ‘it’.


Like George Carlin, I find this ridiculous.  The fact that I can legally spell it like I just did it and the fact that everyone above five years old knows full well what the word is just demonstrates how ridiculous it is for me not to be able to say it on the air — as does the fact that I can legally use, say, ‘shite’ as a perfectly legal substitute.  (Sometimes legal loopholes are good things!)


Anyway, all of this is relevant this morning because I am now about to ponder deep philosophical questions of a profoundly revelatory nature concerning that infamous smelly fertilizer of life!


Specifically:  Does shite happening in the woods have an odour if no one is there to smell it?


Do you see?  Some of the implications are astounding!  Since shite seems always to happen to someone then that would seem to imply a ‘shittee’ if not necessarily a ‘shitter’…


…but if no one is there then how can we ever really know?  Perhaps the gods just make shite happen spontaneously out of nowhere for mysterious and inscrutable reasons of their own?


It is important to nail this down quickly — because next I need to compute how much shite can happen on the head of a pin!


(For instance, do I need to factor in dancing angels?)


(I am actually quite fond of dancing angels and they could prove highly distracting to my research!)


I guess the bottom line is best summarized by that respected philosopher, the sainted Murphy, when he bespoke his now legendary aphorism:  “Shite happens!”


It is short, to the point, effective — and it is also quite adaptable!


For instance, in academic circles you can say “Feces occurs!”


If you’re Jewish you can say “Why does shite always happen to us?”


If you’re a Catholic you can say “If shite happens — you deserved it!”


If you’re Protestant you can say “Let shite happen to other people!”


If you’re Mormon you can say “Shite happens — but ours has no odour!”


If you’re Muslim you can say “I’ll show you shite happening!”


If you’re Hindu you can say “This shite has happened before!”


If you’re Buddhist you can say “I’ll convince myself that this shite is actually a gourmet meal!”


Wiccans can say “Blessed is the Great Mother’s Shite!”


And of course those crazy anarchist atheists can say, “Shite doesn’t happen!  It’s a conspiracy!



So, is there anyone I haven’t offended yet?




WARNING!  WARNING!  Europeanization of America in Progress!


So, moving right along here (thank you) according to some Christians, America is evidently in danger of becoming just like Europe!




Did you know that according to Bill O’Reilly the southern European countries are all going broke because they are all ‘nanny states’ that can’t afford a minimum standard of living for all their citizens?




Yeah yeah, actually the true ‘nanny states’ are all the northern European countries like Germany and the Scandinavian countries and they are all doing just fine, thank you, as is Canada where, even though we are their largest trading partner and even though our economic collapse hit them really hard, Canada effectively regulates their banks and they don’t allow them to irresponsibly gamble with other people’s money — and so Canada survived the collapse in relatively good shape (not one Canadian bank went bust) and since the Canadians don’t punish their working people for the sins of their bankers then their citizens continued to spend money and contribute to the economy rather than having all of their money and their pension funds mysteriously disappear into a secret Cayman Island bank account.


Thus, the Canadians are now doing just fine too.


Would it be okay with Bill O’Reilly if we became more like Canada?


You can learn a lot from right-wingers!  For instance, did you know that the governments of Canada and most of the European countries steal right around 50% of the income of their citizens in taxes?  It’s a nightmare, I tell ya!  Yeah yeah, in return for those taxes they don’t have hordes of desperately poor people living on the streets and they have virtually no violent crime and everyone gets free cradle-to-grave health care and everyone gets a minimum income if they can’t find work and everyone who academically qualifies can get a top-quality higher education for free and everyone gets double-digit minimum wages so they can still live well even on 50% of their income and sure we Americans end up paying a lot more than 50% of our income when you include the health care costs and the education costs and costs associated with added crime in addition to what we also pay for taxes…


…but their rich people aren’t nearly as rich as our rich people are and we have the best health care in the world (at least for rich people) so what do those wimpy Europeans and Canadians know?




Battle of the Titans


I recently reported upon how the billionaires are now ripping off the millionaires and how unlike most working people the millionaires are economically sophisticated enough to understand what is being done to them — and now they are banding together and forming ‘millionaire’s unions’.


Now the Banksters have targeted the Russian Oligarchs.  They have foreclosed on the Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus — which is a Cayman Island style tax shelter for corrupt Russian billionaires — and for the first time ever the Banksters have said that this time they want 10% of everyone’s private personal bank accounts!


Putin evidently approves as he would like to see all that money back circulating in Russia.


Every time you think they can’t sink any lower, that imaginative little band of merry sociopaths comes up with an ingenious new low in utter despicability!  These are some truly impressive people!


As bad as this is it is also good as it shows the Machine is getting desperate, but that is also bad in yet another way too, so you can’t win for losing and you can’t lose for winning so let’s keep up the pressure anyway I guess.


I wonder:  Is there any chance that we could foreclose on the Cayman Islands?




Militant Non-Violence


As those of you who were following events during the great Non-Violent Tactics vs Diversity-of-Tactics Debate during Occupy Olympia well know, when it comes to activist strategy I am militantly non-violent.  (Yes, the irony — and accuracy — of that assertion does not escape me.)


As that makes clear I am not non-violent for ideological reasons but rather I am non-violent because:


   A)  It forces the Revolution to maintain the moral high-ground.


   B)  In the right contexts non-violent strategies are statistically successful more often than violent ones are.


If you are into the wonky academic aspects of the research into which activist strategies work and which activist strategies don’t work and in which contexts they do or don’t work then I very strongly recommend the Soldiers for Peace website:




I have not only already lived the bulk of my allotted lifespan but I lived it in the best time and in the best place in human history to live a life in about the only time and place in human history where I could have gotten away with living my life.  I love my life dearly and I hope that there is a lot more of it to come — but the fact is that I could die tomorrow well pleased with the life I have already led without much qualm.


I feel really bad for the kids, though.  We had a great time living the high-life as we were trashing your planet — but that’s all gone now, so sorry about that.  Best of luck to you.


The kids haven’t already lived their lives and it seems that they aren’t going to be living at the best time in history.


This all sucks and I will resist the Machine with everything in my non-violent power — but I’ll also duly warn them that if they ever start actually lining up the cattle cars then they’d better be armed because I’m afraid that if it actually reaches that point then the non-violent part of my personal strategy is null-and-void.  I am a bit old for guerilla warfare these days and if I’m making some kind of hopeless last stand then I would probably not actually shoot anyone on purpose (I envision a suicide-by-cop in such a scenario with me giving as long a speech as I could before they shot me) but let the record show that I went down shooting rather than passively allowing them to load my family onto cattle cars.  Let those cops and whoever else happens to be around see someone flipping off the eagle as it swoops in for the kill and let them know that they don’t have to eat the Machine’s shite.


I would point out that the Jews who participated in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising had a higher survival rate than those who went passively to the camps.  (Neither rate was very high, but the rate amongst the armed resistors was significantly higher.)


I would also point out that both Gandhi and Martin Luther King had ultra-violent nationalist movements happening contemporaneously with their activities and many think that the success of their non-violent model was due to the fact that they were the only viable alternative to the crazies who were burning the cities down.  Do you want to talk to Martin Luther King or do you want to talk to Malcolm X?


Thus, while others will be less enthusiastic than I am over this news, it seems that we have once again dodged the gun-control bullet.  (Pun intended.)  Since Dianne Feinstein has never met a war she didn’t like then it seems to me that her professed concern for the safety of children only applies if they’re cute white American children.  Evidently little brown Pakistani or Afghani children need not apply no matter how cute they may be — or may no longer be if they happened to encounter a Hellfire missile fired from a drone that was piloted by some kid in a bunker in Nevada.


And in another example of the personal becoming the political, it is always good to remember that Dianne Feinstein was a city supervisor in San Francisco in 1978 when ex-Supervisor and Vietnam veteran with PTSD Dan White shot and killed Mayor Dan Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk, and in fact it was Ms. Feinstein who discovered Milk’s body.




People who have personal axes to grind should be given more consideration than others in some ways, but it should also be always remembered that they are not objective observers and that can become problematic when the person in question is making policy, especially when that policymaker is a United States senator that is wholly owned by the War Machine.


This could explain why a United States senator evidently needs to be reminded that the 2nd Amendment was not written to protect deer hunters.  Yes, Ms. Feinstein, indeed no one needs a 30-round clip to hunt deer.  I am quite fond of deer.  While I would not hesitate to shoot and eat a deer in an emergency, I’m not overly fond of venison and so I otherwise avoid eating deer.  Thus, I have never and I hope to never shoot a deer, Ms. Feinstein — but I’ll just keep my 30-round clip, thank you.


The 2nd Amendment was not written to protect deer hunters but to provide for citizen militias to act as a counter-weight to the federal government.  Assault weapons with 30-round clips fit that use very nicely.  We know this is why the 2nd Amendment was included because several of the folks who actually wrote the Constitution specifically said so in the Federalist Papers.


If deer hunters ever came to mind whilst penning our founding documents, then they were never specifically mentioned by the Founders.


Evidently the Holy Word of the Founding Fathers is only holy writ when people like what they said.


While the 2nd Amendment is far from my favourite, I am still glad it’s there.  Since we currently have a president that is claiming authority to imprison and execute people without a trial and since imprisoning and executing people without a trial is the very definition of a police state, then I think that the 2nd Amendment is more important now than it has ever been before, in fact.


It drives me crazy that the successful blocking of gun-control laws has once again been carried out by such vile people and that these laws are supported by so many good people.  Since the nut-case right-wingers seem incapable of rational thought or critical analysis then they must just occasionally get it right by instinct.


I saw the same thing in the last election:  When it came to protest voting (as opposed to voting for a bunch of corrupt fascists because their opponent is allegedly even worse) in the last election right-wing third party candidates got twice as many votes as left-wing third party candidates did, both in Washington State and in the country as a whole.


A bunch of redneck Republican farmers in Pennsylvania started the Community Rights Movement — but we can’t get the Olympia City Council to touch it with a ten-foot-pole.


It drives me crazy that on some issues these Bill O’Reilly right-wingers seem to totally get it while the left doesn’t seem to have a clue.




Dana Crassly Uses this Semi-Public Forum to Engage in Blatant In-Your-Face Self-Promotion!


Blatant In-Your-Face Self-Promotion #1:  Since I’ve already gone over-the-edge and off-the-hook here then I’ll just get even more outrageous and start right off with the fact that not only am I going to use this semi-public forum to engage in crass and blatant in-your-face self-promotion but for this first promotion I am going to use this semi-public forum to engage in crass and blatant in-your-face self-promotion to promote a personal economic agenda!


No — I haven’t built up my Oly Oly franchise only to sell out to some vile evil corporate mutant species for a kajillion dollars — but it so happens that the way I make my money these days is in a socially relevant manner and I think that people should help support both me and what I do — especially since the free time that my lifestyle doesn’t leave me these days is financed by my little commercial enterprise that thus helps support the time I put into this newsletter!


It also keeps me supplied with my favourite legal herbal remedy that is such a necessary part of providing the atmosphere and ambiance of your Oly Oly Action Alert!


My sole source of cash income these days comes from selling a weekly ‘street-paper’ style newspaper out of Seattle called Real Change.  The name is a conscious take-off on ‘spare change’ and the idea is to provide people who have no income with an alternative method to panhandling to come up with some survival coin.  Real Change is a journalistic-quality newspaper that covers a variety of issues but focuses mainly upon issues that affect low-income people — a valuable resource since the Media Machine usually pays attention to poor people only when they get in the way of rich people and is almost invariably told from the point of view of the rich people.


And this is high-quality stuff:  Real Change has won numerous prestigious awards for their journalism including several for the best story of the year for their circulation class.  They spearhead movements and engage in activism.  They also have a couple of truly talented and entertaining commentators.


I don’t do crosswords but even Real Change’s crossword puzzle receives consistent high praise.


I am usually in front of the westside Food CoOp every Wednesday from 2:30 to 6:30 pm and I am usually at the eastside Food CoOp every Thursday from 10 am to 6 pm and Friday from 10 am until I sell all the papers — usually sometime in the afternoon.


The westside location offers a convenient drive-thru service.



Blatant In-Your-Face Self-Promotion #2:  The second act of crass self-promotion concerns my new radio show, an audio version of the Oly Oly Action Alert!


It airs live Friday mornings at 8 am and it is repeated at irregular times on Saturday and Sunday on KOWA LP FM, broadcasting at 106.5 fm.  Unfortunately the broadcast signal can only be received in the downtown area but we are now streaming worldwide at http://kowalp.org/listen/


KOWA plays a lot of top-quality news programs from all over the country focusing upon under-covered issues, including such luminaries as Free Speech Radio News every weekday at 4:30 pm and Democracy Now every weekday at 6 pm.  We are also starting to get a lot of local programming; in addition to my weekly rants we now have some local dj’s, a Wednesday evening open-mic, and a top-quality 2-hour weekly local news program.


Now that you can stream us you can listen to us anywhere and anytime you have access.



It’s time to get to work…



1)  FYI Section:


1A)  Occupy Movement Kicking Ass in the Courts


This is forwarded from POWER:


Exciting Verdicts:  Occupy Keeps Winning in Court

by Kevin Mathews  March 16, 2013


While Occupy might not be grabbing as many headlines as of late, many of the cases from previous years’ incidents are finally reaching their conclusions in court.  The good news is that the outcomes are overwhelmingly in favor of the activists, showing that even if the police and state are seemingly going above and beyond to obstruct dissent, the courts are paying more attention to the Constitution.


1. Last week, a jury acquitted a dozen Philadelphia Occupy activists charged with conspiracy and trespassing for holding a sit-in at a Wells Fargo bank.  Apparently, the jury agreed with the protesters that the message of the protest was important enough to override the trespassing charges.  But it was the judge, Nina N. Wright Padilla, who seemed most impressed with the twelve people on trial.  Calling them the “most affable group of defendants [she’s] ever come across,” she shook all of their hands after the trial and said, “I hope you continue your work in a law-abiding way.”


2. Michael Premo was found innocent in New York City’s first Occupy trial to go before a jury.  Police had trumped up charges against Premo, alleging he had rushed at an officer and knocked him over, breaking one of the officer’s bones.  When Premo insisted he did no such thing, his lawyer asked for the police’s video footage of the incident, which they claimed did not exist.


So instead, she turned to citizen journalist footage and found a clear shot of the arrest. The video showed that it was the officer who violently tackled Premo, not the other way around, and that the officer’s account was fabricated.  Moreover, the footage shows a police officer nearby filming the scene.


Will the police be tried for lying, creating false charges, and obstructing evidence?  Don’t hold your breath.  As Premo declared after his trial, “There is no justice in the American justice system, but you can sometimes find it in a jury.”


3. Seven members of Occupy Austin who faced significant prison time had their sentences reduced to time served.  Although their crime – chaining themselves to PVC pipe at the Port of Houston – was a peaceful act of civil disobedience, they were still facing felony charges.  Therefore, it became all the more important to drop when it was discovered that three undercover Austin police officers had infiltrated the Occupy group and goaded the protesters into this act, which they knew would carry a significant prison sentence.


4. In Chicago, 92 Occupy activists arrested in a raid at Grant Park had their cases summarily dismissed.  Judge Thomas Donnelly found that the park’s supposed curfew law was enforced rarely and inconsistently, meaning the police’s crackdown was a targeted attempt to infringe on First Amendment Rights.  Although over 300 protesters were arrested in the park over the span of a week, most of the people previously accepted an offer to complete community service without receiving a conviction.  Sarah Gelsomino, a lawyer representing some of the activists said, “Hopefully this sends a clear message to the city that they must better respect the First Amendment rights of protesters no matter what their message might be.”


5. A similar case in Cleveland, Ohio may have opened the door for another occupation.  Two activists who were found guilty of staying overnight in a park in defiance of the park’s curfew contested the case to the 8th Ohio District Court of Appeals.  This court agreed that the initial decision ignored these individuals’ First Amendment rights and overturned the ruling.  This case helps establish an exciting precedent – particularly in Cleveland – for the rights of demonstrators.


It’s nice to see that since the first Occupy Wall Street trial a year ago, the court verdicts are still siding with the protestors.  It is no wonder that District Attorneys keep trying to get arrestees to agree to lesser plea deals in order to avoid trials that could embarrass the state.


All of this recent success might have inspired Occupy to take on a new case; and for once, the group is not the defendant.  This time, Occupy has filed a lawsuit against every Wall Street federal regulator.  The suit alleges that regulators have still not enacted the Volcker Rule, a key component of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act.


Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/5-exciting-verdicts-occupy-keeps-winning-in-court.html#ixzz2O11bMbdm


This reminds of us our own local win thanks to the bravery of POWER Board member, Shelly Robbins, and others:



3.  The Olympian  http://www.theolympian.com




1B)  News from the Homeless Wars


First here is word from the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance:


The big news last week was the budget and revenue forecast.  But first, an update on the Fair Tenant Screening Act:


As you may already know, SSB 5568, the Fair Tenant Screening Act passed by the Senate with significant bipartisan support, then it went to the House.  The House Judiciary Committee heard SSB 5568 last Wednesday morning.  Many organizations signed in pro, including two landlord associations.  The next hurdle for our bill and all others to pass is the upcoming committee cutoff on Wednesday, April 3.


Now, regarding that budget forecast:


The Senate budget writers were waiting for this forecast before finalizing their budget recommendation.  The forecast actually revealed that things are just about as expected.  But the federal sequestration and an increase in caseload for some entitlement programs are complicating factors.  I break all this down over at our blog.


Basically, we’re looking at a $1.3 billion budget shortfall.  The Senate now says they expect to release their budget proposal within ten days of this past Wednesday.  They’ve been very discreet about the specifics, but if they refuse to include significant revenue in that proposal, we will again see a budget that makes more deep cuts to our safety net.  But we can prevent this.  Please join us in advocating for a budget that helps move Washington closer to the day when no one struggles with the brutality of homelessness.  We need to make sure that these programs are all adequately funded:


  • Housing      Trust Fund (HTF)
  • Housing      and Essential Needs/Disability Lifeline (HEN/DL)
  • Aged,      Blind & Disabled (ABD)
  • Temporary      Assistance to Needy Families (TANF)
  • Washington      Families Fund (WFF)


Everyone should have the opportunity live in a safe, healthy, affordable home, and your advocacy keeps us moving closer to making that a reality.  Click here to take action!


You can find the longer version of this newsletter here at our website.


Thanks for all you do,




Michele Thomas

Director of Policy and Advocacy


P.S. Registration is now open for this year’s Conference on Ending Homelessness.  Go here and register today.


206.442.9455 x205wliha.org I fb /wliha I tw @wliha




From the Olympian:


Federal appeals court revives homeless lawsuit  http://www.theolympian.com/2013/03/08/2453093/federal-appeals-court-revives.html

By REBECCA BOONE | Associated Press • Published March 08, 2013


BOISE, Idaho – A federal appellate court has revived a lawsuit brought by homeless Idaho residents against the city of Boise over ordinances that bar sleeping and camping in public spaces.


The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals handed down the ruling Thursday, sending the lawsuit back to Boise’s U.S. District Court for consideration.


Attorney Howard Belodoff and Idaho Legal Aid sued the city and the Boise Police Department in 2009 on behalf of eight homeless residents who had been arrested or cited for violating the city’s rules against sleeping in public.  The group contends that the ordinances criminalize homelessness because shelters are often full, leaving homeless residents have no choice but to sleep in parks or other public spaces.


Read more here: http://www.theolympian.com//2013/03/08/2453093/federal-appeals-court-revives.html?storylink=fb#storylink=cpy



4.  This article chillingly makes its point by showing the extremities class hatred can take.  Trigger warning – there is a description of violence in this article.


‘Homeless bill of rights’ proposed by California state lawmaker http://www.theolympian.com/2013/01/04/2373081/homeless-bill-of-rights-proposed.html

Jim Sanders | The Sacramento Bee • Published January 04, 2013


California law protects its residents from discrimination based on sex, race, religion and sexual orientation.

Now a state lawmaker is pushing to add another category to the list: homelessness.

New legislation titled the “Homeless Bill of Rights” by Democratic Assemblyman Tom Ammiano of San Francisco is meant to keep communities from rousting people who have nowhere to turn.


The measure is sure to be controversial in cities such as Sacramento, which has battled for years over “tent cities” for homeless people, and San Francisco, where voters passed an ordinance barring sitting or lying on sidewalks.


The heart of Assembly Bill 5 would give legal protection to people engaging in life-sustaining activities on public property. Among other activities, it specifically mentions sleeping, congregating, panhandling, urinating and “collecting and possessing goods for recyling, even if those goods contain alcoholic residue.”


Ammiano declined to comment to The Bee on Thursday about the bill. His measure also would give homeless residents the right to sleep in cars that are legally parked, to receive funds through public welfare programs, to receive legal counsel when cited – even for infractions – and to possess personal property on public lands. Local officials could not force the homeless into shelters or social service programs.


If the bill passes and is signed into law, courts would be left to sort out the extent to which communities could limit the legal rights it conveys – for example, whether local ordinances could close parks during late-night hours for public safety reasons.


The bill states that homeless Californians have the right to safe, affordable housing and 24-hour access to clean water and safe restrooms, but Paul Boden, a spokesman for one of its sponsors, said the measure is not meant to require cities and counties to add new facilities.

Boden and other advocates of AB5 say that existing laws to sweep the homeless from public view are similar to Jim Crow laws of decades ago in the segregated South, and to “anti-Okie” laws of the 1930s that prohibited bringing extremely poor people into California.


The measure “would require local governments to leave people in peace who are not committing crimes,” said Boden, who describes his group as a collective of West Coast social justice organizations.


Boden said homeless people routinely tell him they have been harassed for sleeping, loitering or sitting down, and the bill’s supporters maintain that constitutes an attack on basic civil rights.

“Homelessness is a condition, it’s not a voluntary choice,” said Sacramento attorney Mark Merin, a longtime advocate for the homeless who spoke at a Capitol rally Thursday supporting the bill.


Jack Larson, 52, said he has been a homeless Sacramentan for five years and has been cited dozens of times for panhandling. He said he hopes AB5 would enable him to solicit money and sleep in public without harassment.


“They need to go catch murderers and burglars – and leave us panhandlers alone,” he said.

Dianna Buettner, a Stockton high school teacher who attended Thursday’s rally, added that “houseless people need to be treated like everybody else – it’s not a crime to be without a house.”

Assemblyman Curt Hagman, a Chino Hills Republican, said he has not seen the bill but that the state should carefully weigh whether it would violate the rights of other Californians by giving the homeless legal permission to congregate, sleep and sustain themselves on public property.

“We do have a safety net in this society,” Hagman said. “If you don’t use it, that’s your right, but you shouldn’t impose your lifestyle on everybody else.”


Neither the League of California Cities nor the California State Association of Counties has taken a position.


But Eva Spiegel, spokeswoman for the league, said the group generally “favors policies that allow local flexibility to address homelessness issues or other land-use issues because of the unique circumstances in each jurisdiction.”


For years, Sacramento has wrestled with how best to respond to hundreds of homeless people who often sleep near the city’s two rivers or within walking distance of food distribution or other social service programs.


Several months ago, Sacramento city officials agreed to pay $796,000 to 1,143 people whose property was seized and destroyed during raids on illegal campsites since 2005.


Last September, Sacramento County rangers launched night patrols in the American River Parkway in an intensified effort to root out and evict scores of homeless people camping illegally.


During Sacramento’s offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street movement in 2011, more than 100 arrests were made of protesters seeking to remain in Cesar Chavez Plaza after the park’s 11 p.m. weekday or midnight weekend curfew.


Advocates say the homeless, some of them mentally ill, often are looked down upon, threatened, verbally abused and otherwise harassed because of their appearance or mannerisms.  In one of the most extreme examples, a Los Angeles woman was doused with a flammable liquid and set ablaze last week while on a bus bench outside a 24-hour Walgreens store.


“These people are poor people, our poor people, and if we don’t recognize that, then we’re lost,” said Kevin Carter, urban outreach coordinator for the Occupy Sacramento group.


But former Sacramento Sheriff John McGinness, now a Sacramento radio host, said government exists partly to maintain sanitation, discourage the spread of disease, and ensure public safety.


“That’s the expectation, that’s why people pay taxes – that’s what they want from the police,” McGinness said.


The bill could make it easier for a homeless person to subsist, but California might be better served by targeting root problems causing homelessness, he said.


“Do you want to see people living like that?” McGinness said. “I don’t.”


Read more here: http://www.theolympian.com/2013/01/04/2373081/homeless-bill-of-rights-proposed.html#storylink=mirelated#storylink=cpy



This is no surprise based on what the legislative budget cuts have done to the safety net to families.  Please call your legislators 1-800-562-6000 and Governor Inslee and urge them to find alternatives to cutting social services when balancing the budget.  You can quote the numbers from this article.


Number of homeless students still rising  http://www.theolympian.com/2013/02/05/2410878/number-of-homeless-students-still.html

LISA PEMBERTON | Staff writer • Published February 05, 2013


The number of homeless students in Washington rose to 27,390 during the 2011-12 school year, according to a report released by the state Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.

That’s up 5.1 percent from 2010-11 and up nearly 46.7 percent from 2007-2008, the beginning of the Great Recession.


Students can be reported as homeless if they lack a fixed, regular and nighttime residence. The federal definition of homeless includes students who live in emergency or transitional shelters; motels, trailer parks and campgrounds, cars; and public or private places not ordinarily used as sleeping accommodations.  Families who “double up” and share housing with others due to a loss of their housing or economic hardship also are considered homeless.


In Thurston County, several districts have programs that help connect homeless families with resources.  For example, Madison Elementary School in Olympia offers the “Welcome Room,” where homeless students can get school supplies, clothing and other support.


But resources are limited.  Lack of shelter space continues to be a problem, according to Sarah Greenwell, liaison for the homeless with the Olympia School District.


“All the shelters are constantly at full capacity with people being turned away on a daily basis due to space issues,” she said.


Public school districts collect and report homeless numbers as part of the federal McKinney-Vento Act, which requires that homeless youths have the same access to free public education as other children. When feasible, students can remain in a district he or she was in before becoming homeless and is provided transportation to and from school.


The state receives about $950,000 in federal funding each year to help homeless students.


Lisa Pemberton: 360-754-5433 lpemberton@theolympian.com


Read more here: http://www.theolympian.com/2013/02/05/2410878/number-of-homeless-students-still.html#storylink=mirelated#storylink=cpy




2)  Washington Care Council’s 1st Annual Lobby Day!

Thursday March 28th from 10 am to 3 pm @ Columbia Room in the State Capitol Building, 416 14th Ave SE


Seniors are getting the shaft along with everyone else and since I’m gonna be a senior myself in the not-too-distant future I personally encourage you to support this cause.


This is in association with Washington CAN.  They will give a quick training and then, whilst accompanied by other knowledgeable and articulate people, you will lobby your legislator for the benefit of seniors.  It is educational and interesting and legislators know the difference between people who are paid to deal with them and those who are not.


This from the organizers:


Washington Care Council’s 1st Annual Lobby Day!


Join people from across the state in Olympia to talk with our lawmakers about Caring Across Generations!


Thursday, March 28th



Colombia Room, Washington State Capitol

Olympia, WA


Transportation, lunch, childcare and interpretation provided


Event Location

Washington State Capitol– Colombia Room

416 14th Ave SE

Olympia, WA 98504





3)  Sandel on Justice

Thursday March 28th at 7 pm

Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 2300 East End St NW


This talk is evidently given by the creator of a very popular college course on ethics, which is something we need more of.


This from the organizers:


Sandel on Justice


Thursday, March   28, 2013


7:00PM – 9:00PM


Olympia Unitarian   Universalist Congregation
  2300 East End St NW
  Olympia, WA 98502

Dates: Thursdays (6 sessions) March 28, April 4, 11, 18, 25, May 2

Time: 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Place: OUUC

Adult Education Class at the Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation.

Register at ouuc.org.


Leader: Evelyn Greenberg


This class on the theme of justice is based on a very popular ethics course from Harvard University, taught by Professor Michael Sandel. “Justice” is one of the most popular courses in Harvard’s history with nearly one thousand students packing Harvard’s historic Sanders Theatre to hear Professor Sandel’ s lectures. Its aim is to help participants become more critically minded thinkers about the moral decisions we all face in our everyday lives.


Over 12 lectures (six to be seen during this winter-spring session), Sandel challenges us with difficult moral dilemmas and asks our opinion about the right thing to do. He then asks us to examine our answers in the light of new scenarios. The result is often surprising, revealing that important moral questions are never black and white.  Each week we will meet to view a one-hour video of Sandel’s lecture, followed by group discussion, facilitated by Evelyn Greenberg. The six topics include the following:


1. The Moral Side of Murder / The Case for Cannibalism

2. Putting a Price Tag on Life/How to Measure Pleasure.

3. Free to Choose / Who Owns Me?

4. This Land is My Land / Consenting Adults

5. Hired Guns? / Motherhood: For Sale

6. Mind Your Motive / The Supreme Principle of Morality


Note: These videos can also be viewed at the iTunesU website and the Harvard website.  Evelyn Greenberg has long tried to see all sides to an issue. As a former reference librarian, she knew it was important to find ALL sources so research would show all sides of an issue. A Jewish family loves to argue to get to the bottom of things and still love each other.  As a rebellious part of such a family Evelyn always asked “Why?”


She loves to hear new ways of looking at something; it’s how we learn.  This course promises to explore all sides of issues, all having a piece of the truth, of course.


                        Click for information or to register.





4)  Matt Pless, East Coast Folk Punk

Friday March 29th at 8 pm @ the Guest House, 1121 4th Ave W


It’s activist self-care!  These folks have a little secret concert venue going at their place and you should check it out.  They ask for a $3 to $5 donation.







5)  Edible Mushroom Bed Workshop and Installation

Saturday March 30th at 1 pm @ Wendell Berry Garden on Wilson St. between Yew & Pine


Come be a fungus head!


This from Ava:


Who:  The Olympia Mycelial Network, a volunteer organization that promotes the value of mushrooms for food, medicine, and pollution cleanup & Sustainable South Sound.


What:  Edible Mushroom Bed Workshop and Installation at Wendell Berry Community Garden. 


When:  March 30, 2013, 1:00PM


Where:  Wendell Berry Garden on Wilson St. between Yew & Pine


Cost:  Free


This informative and interactive workshop will demonstrate how to install an edible mushroom bed in a garden setting. Volunteers will be establishing a bed with the mushroom species Agrocybe aegerita (The Piopinno mushroom), which tastes like a pork chop.


The Olympia Mycelial Network (OMN) is an all-volunteer group working to share knowledge and skills related to the use of fungi for environmental and personal betterment.  We seek to de-stigmatize and simplify the cultivation of fungi and to create greater access for all people to the benefits that mushrooms provide.  Our outreach focuses on small-scale, low-tech, home cultivation; community engagement via free/cheap workshops and community mushroom plots; developing our own mushroom medicinals; and working to implement local remediation projects to clean up polluted areas.  The OMN is non-discriminatory and open to people of all backgrounds and levels of engagement with fungi.


Contact Information:


Ava Arvest





6)  May Day Planning Picnic and Really Really Free Market

Saturday March 30th at 2 pm @ Sylvester Park, Legion and Capitol Way


Come party and plan the May Day action.  Bring something to give away at the Really Really Free Market — or find something cool to take home.


This from the organizers:


Come share ideas, dreams, and visions for May Day in Olympia.  There will also be music, a really free market, and free food.

Spring is coming…  Anything is possible





7)  Tamale Fusion Café

Saturday March 30th from 5 to 8 pm @ Fertile Grounds, 911 Adams St SE


“If I can’t dance at your revolution then I don’t want to come.”

            —Emma Goldman


It’s more activist self-care!  Come take a break from your hard day of saving the world and come eat, socialize, and be entertained with some awesome people who serve awesome food!


This from the organizers:


It’s time for another cafe!  We are planning to continue doing these at least once a month, by popular demand.  We have so been enjoying the great energy and love we all seem to share when we come together and feel honored to get to feed such awesome people!  So here we go again!

We will have musical performances by Amy Flynn, Mirror Fauna, The Ten String Orchestra, MIke Merker and The Most Curious Band in the Whole Rock Universe!  =)





8)  POWER Outage:  What Are We Thinking?

Monday April 1st Potluck at 5:30 Meeting at 6 pm @ Darby’s Café, 211 5th Ave SE


Come join POWER as Claudia David discusses how we feel and how we think and how those things interact.


This from POWER:


Parents Organizing for Welfare and Economic Rights

hosts POWER Outage

a community gathering every first Monday. 

Sometimes it’s a workshop, a discussion, planning, or something just for fun.



Monday, April 1st – no fooling!

What Are WE Thinking?!


Are you ever curious about the complicated interactions of the heart and mind?  Back by popular demand, the very talented, Claudia David will lead us on a tour of the artistry and mess of the human condition.


POWER Outage begins with a potluck meal at 5:30 pm. 

Bring something to share if you are able.


Discussions from 6 – 8 pm.

At Darby’s Café in downtown Olympia, 211 5th Avenue,

The café is closed, but the owners kindly let us use the space.


Childcare will be provided down the Street at the POWER office, 309 5th Avenue by the Olympia Childcare Collective!


POWER is an organization of low-income parents and allies

advocating for a strong social safety net while working toward

a world where children and care giving are truly valued, and the devastation of poverty has been eradicated.


You can reach us at 360-352-9716 toll free 866-343-9716

info@mamapower.org      www.mamapower.org      

Find us on Facebook.


You can now find a calendar of POWER events at http://www.mamapower.org/monthly-calender/



9)  Speak for the Homeless to the Thurston County Commissioners

Tuesday April 2nd, Sign Up to Speak at 1:30 pm, Commissioner Meeting at 2 pm

Thurston County Courthouse, 2000 Lakeridge Dr. SW, Building #1 Room 280


Now that I have researched the resources that the county has available to deal with homelessness and now that I realize that they bear much more responsibility for dealing with this than the city does then I am now kicking myself in the rear for having wasted so much time on the sold-out shills on the Olympia City Council — and thus the baleful eye of the Olympia activist community slowly and ominously shifts its fiery gaze up the hill toward the Thurston County Commissioners…


So here it is; there are three county commissioners and all of them are liberals, which means we need to embarrass them into action.  Last Tuesday I went to the county commissioner’s meeting and I informed them — on the record — of the emergency situation wherein hundreds of people had no place to live and that due to a highly counterproductive and thoroughly reprehensible new law passed by the City of Olympia a lot of these people were now reduced to hiding from the police out in the woods in the murder camps where predators are free to prey on the kids with impunity.


I was very polite.  You would have been proud.


However:  If anyone thinks this isn’t an emergency then I would ask you to consider what you would think if your teenage daughter or cousin were out in the cold wet dark woods shivering uncontrollably as the predators circle…


I don’t expect the commissioners to do anything so I plan to attend the next commissioner’s meeting where I will still respectfully but somewhat less politely this time issue an ultimatum:  Either they immediately deal with this emergency or we will once again take matters into our own hands — and that we will once again do so in a highly innovative and very public manner that will shine a harsh spotlight all over them and all over this issue and all over what they are or aren’t doing about it and that will likely prove to be embarrassing for them.


I am hoping a few folks will have my back on this.


The county commissioner meetings are on Tuesday afternoons in the county courthouse @ 2000 Lakeridge Dr. SW building #1 room 280 (Upstairs).  If you want to speak you can sign up at 1:30 and the meeting starts at 2.


 I’m going to do this anyway but if anyone else wants to join me I would like to coordinate things so that I speak last and issue the ultimatum.  (I am good at this kind of stuff.)  I think it would add weight if several people could dramatically walk out of the meeting with me when I am done speaking.


I know how to put on a good public show so you can learn about your county commissioners, you can be entertained, and you can contribute to a good cause.  This is quick easy and maybe it will be effective and it doesn’t require much organizing, so I think it is a very good next step.



10)  Trigger Warning:  Sexual Assault Survivors Support Group

Every Wednesday in April from Noon to 1 pm @ Confidential Location


This is here if you need it.


This from the organizers:


Weekly Support Group


Every Wednesday in April from 12:00-1:00


 The location of this support group is confidential.  If you would like to attend please email servicesnotsilence@riseup.net


 Help us promote this event and invite your friends!


 Sexual assault awareness month can bring up difficult feelings for students on campus.  This support group is for survivors or for friends and partners who are supporting survivors.  This will be a safe place to provide and receive support and to process anything that comes up for you during any of the workshops or the month.  This space will be limited to female identified people.


 Primary group agreements (and group members will discuss and add to them)

 confidentiality – no one has the right to identify a survivor of sexual violence except that survivor  each individual gets to choose how much of their survivor story they choose to tell

 the problem is rape culture, not survivors  perpetrators of sexual violence are the ONLY people responsible for stopping sexual violence  a survivors ONLY responsibility is to survive and heal


 About the Facilitator:


 Nancy uses They/Them pronouns


 Nancy LaMusga has been working with survivors of violence since the 1980’s.  They are a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and sexual assault and believe that healing is possible.  They per sued higher education late in life, graduating from TESC in 2002 and received their Masters in the Art of Counseling Psychology from St Martin’s University in 2010. Currently they are working towards full licensure and are supervised by Lynn Grotsky, LiCSW II.


 Nancy LaMusga has been an advocate and activist in the Olympia community since 1982.  They co-founded Bread and Roses, worked towards the establishment of the first needle exchange program in our community, worked with Stonewall Youth for over a decade as a volunteer group facilitator, board member and community organizer, worked as an HIV/AIDS educator activist and advocate from 1989 to 2007, currently they work at Partners in Prevention Education (PiPE) as a therapist and Mental Health Program Coordinator, and have a small private practice (Touching Spirit, Healing Soul). They believe some of the most revolutionary work they have ever done was being a single parent who raised their son to be conscious of oppression.


 About Nancy’s Framework


 I hold an authentic recognition that the individuals who work with me are the experts of their lives and have self-determination of their choices. My role is to create and contain a safe space for individuals to explore the issues they choose to address, offer my observations, provide resources, and accept when I have offered inaccurate observations or made assumptions.

 I work from the recognition of inherent power imbalances that exist in our society based upon the fact that privilege and power are given to some group memberships while disenfranchising others.  To that end I recognize the disparities based upon Age, Disability (both seen and unseen), Religious Culture, Ethnicity, Social Class Culture, Sexual/Affectional Orientation, Indigenous Heritage, National Origin, and Gender.  This foundation also embraces that individuals are socialized without choice into oppression.  It is therefore my responsibility as a practitioner to become aware of the biases/stereotypes I hold and assure no damage is done because of them. I hold a deep commitment to exploring how injustice and oppression contribute to the violence individuals experience in their lives and the importance of addressing these issues in the therapeutic process.  I believe counseling and healing work create a space whereby each person may reconnect with their inner and outer resources in order to remember strengths, and balance within themselves.





11)  Pacific Northwest Pour-Over — Open M1C Nite at KOWA 106.5 fm

Wednesday April 3rd at 7:45 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE


It’s truly public public radio!  Come join in the conversation!


This from KOWA:




 The Pacific Northwest Pour-Over is an all-ages WEEKLY Open Mic hosted by Sarah and Olivia, broadcasted on KOWA 106.5 fm and located at Media Island (816 Adams SE) every Wednesday night from 8:00-11:00 pm (sign-ups @ 7:45pm)!


 Our aim is to showcase and share the sounds, voices, and talent of those living in and passing through Olympia, WA.




 Broadcasted from a dimly lit living room littered with microphones, we strive for an atmosphere that allows listeners to hear/FEEL the low-fi interactions between the audience members, performers, and hosts.  We pour over music, tongue twisters, hat questions, awkward stories, peeing on air (if we’re lucky), and mad gab.  We dig radio plays, comedians, poets, musicians, and newcomers.  You or anyone you know passing through Olympia?  We very excitedly feature a “PERFORMER OF THE WEEK” during each show, which involves extended playtime as well as an interview.  WE WANT TO GET TO KNOW THE FACES/VOICES we see and hear every Wednesday night as well as the ones just walking in the door, and greatly encourage audience/listener participation.


 Can’t make it?  Tune in online or call the MEDIA ISLAND HOTLINE @ 360-352-8526.


 Past yer bedtime?  We will be archiviving each show, making them available online to be poured over and over again!


 Want to be a featured performer?  Have any ideas for upcoming open mics?  Shoot us an email dj@kowalp.org


 Or just come on by/ grab a late night cup of joe and tune in online!







12)  Bonus Tip of the Day:


Keep your shite together.









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