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He Said WHAT?

1) FYI Section: News from the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance
2) Direct Aid: Humanitarian Work Party
3) Talking Crude: Information Forum
4) Oliver Stone Documentary: South of the Border (2009)
5) Washington Care Council’s 1st Annual Lobby Day!
6) Bonus Tip of the Day

Hey Kids!

I am happy to announce that yet once again Google has reaffirmed their genius for knowing just what the world really needs even before the world itself knows it!

And not only that, but that thanks to Google a lifelong dream of mine has come to fruition! I am dancing with joy and bubbling over in anticipation!

I am most proud to announce that Google is now selling talking shoes!


Glory hallelujah! I’m off to Amazon! You will soon see me walking the walk while my shoes are talking the talk!

(Evidently Nike spurned this technology.)

(I guess they are 20th Century dinosaurs who didn’t want their shoes to be able to talk.)

(Or could it be that Nike was afraid that their shoes might go rogue or something and start saying things like, “Did you know that your Nike shoes were assembled by a Third World child-slave working under appalling and horrific conditions?”)


What Did He Just Say?

So I really hate to be a downer after that incredible news, but I’m afraid that Attorney General Eric Holder has just publically admitted that he can’t prosecute the Wall Street Banksters because doing so would destroy the economy.


Gee. Really? Whoulda thunk?

I, of course, have been saying just that for many years now. As much influence as I may or may not have or wish I had, though, it carries just a bit more weight when the chief law-enforcement official in the most powerful country in history publically admits that he can’t enforce their laws because the banks are too powerful.

I would like to think that public outrage over this admission would finally swell over into the streets — but I don’t plan on holding my breath.

If you ever want to see a human display utter contempt then I would suggest asking one of the anarchist kids what they think of ‘reform’. They insist that the Machine is fatally flawed to its core and cannot be fixed. They insist that it needs to simply be eliminated and replaced with something completely new.

I agree to a point. I think we need to evolve into it while they think that it needs to be imposed immediately. They usually fail to address the fact that those benefiting from the status quo are likely to resist having their Machine eliminated and I also question some of their ideas about what to replace it with — but whatever: We not only agree that the Machine is broken beyond repair but I have actually been on the record for decades now saying that the vile corruption and the endemic criminality that is inherent is so pervasive and so deeply ingrained into the very fabric of the entire system that no realistic fix presents itself. This crook leads to that outrage that leads to this senator that leads to that president; the Kennedy assassination leads to Vietnam that leads to the drug war that leads to the CIA that leads to the Contra War that led to BCCI and so on and so forth ad infinitum. If you arrested all the politicians who have committed serious felonies then that would involve arresting nearly all of them and the entire system would cease to function. If you try to remove any single part of their house of cards then the entire structure collapses catastrophically.

As for Holder’s admission: Back in 2008 before Obama was even elected I was engaged in the literary equivalent of screaming at the top of my lungs about the fact that he was a wholly owned subsidiary of Goldman $achs. Goldman $achs — as you may remember from past episodes — was the closest thing to the kingpin/ mastermind of the ‘Great Wall Street Rip Off of 2008’.

Goldman $achs was also a major contributor to Obama’s 2004 senate race and they were the largest private contributor to his 2008 presidential race.



Everything Obama has done — including especially his vaunted health care law — has benefited Goldman $achs greatly. In these times of austerity and mass-evictions, Goldman $achs has continued throughout this entire crisis to post record profits — and they still continue doing so having just tripled their quarterly profit over last year.


My contention that the ‘sequestration’ was a bi-partisan scam to sneak austerity in through the back door is further evidenced by the fact that the stock market began breaking all-time record highs every day for the several days immediately following the implementation of sequestration.

If you still doubt that Goldman $achs owns Obama then check out this list of Goldman people that have been or are currently occupying important slots at his White House:


All of this is incontrovertible fact.

And for you new readers, if you want to read a mind-blowing series of exposés that are written in language that is both entertaining and at a layman-level of understanding about how the Wall Street Gang in general and Goldman $achs in particular conducts their business, then go to these articles by Matt Taibbi::





This is an excerpt:

…in a society governed passively by free markets and free elections, organized greed always defeats disorganized democracy.

[Goldman $achs] unprecedented reach and power have enabled it to turn all of America into a giant pump-and-dump scam, manipulating whole economic sectors for years at a time, moving the dice game as this or that market collapses, and all the time gorging itself on the unseen costs that are breaking families everywhere — high gas prices, rising consumer credit rates, half-eaten pension funds, mass layoffs, future taxes to pay off bailouts. All that money that you’re losing, it’s going somewhere, and in both a literal and a figurative sense, Goldman Sachs is where it’s going: The bank is a huge, highly sophisticated engine for converting the useful, deployed wealth of society into the least useful, most wasteful and insoluble substance on Earth — pure profit for rich individuals.

They achieve this using the same playbook over and over again. The formula is relatively simple: Goldman positions itself in the middle of a speculative bubble, selling investments they know are crap. Then they hoover up vast sums from the middle and lower floors of society with the aid of a crippled and corrupt state that allows it to rewrite the rules in exchange for the relative pennies the bank throws at political patronage. Finally, when it all goes bust, leaving millions of ordinary citizens broke and starving, they begin the entire process over again, riding in to rescue us all by lending us back our own money at interest, selling themselves as men above greed, just a bunch of really smart guys keeping the wheels greased. They’ve been pulling this same stunt over and over since the 1920s — and now they’re preparing to do it again, creating what may be the biggest and most audacious bubble yet.

One of the central themes of the masterwork novel Dune by Frank Herbert is that the ability to destroy something gives you complete control over that thing. Concerning Mr. Holder’s public admission that our economy and thus our government can be destroyed by and is therefore controlled by a gang of criminals — there has not been even the slightest move by the Obama Administration to fix or ‘reform’ this situation by, say, breaking up the big banks so that they are not ‘too big to fail’ or ‘too big to jail’. There has not even been any serious talk of placing them in the same regulatory straight-jackets that so effectively protected us from them for all those decades of my youth.

On this particular subject, in fact, Obama has not even bothered to engage in his usual tactic of spouting meaningless rhetoric or making empty promises.

No; rather than breaking them up Obama is proving an invaluable asset in their continued astronomical growth and a co-conspirator in their plot to take more and more and more while everyone else gets less and less and less. This has become business-as-usual. Clinton and now Obama have made it bi-partisan. No one except radicals like me even questions it anymore.


Who ‘Won’ the Iraq War?

As I said, I predicted before he was elected that Obama would sell the country out to Wall Street. I will also mention that in 2006 I called everyone I knew and strongly suggested that they immediately sell their homes, close their savings accounts, and put everything they had into gold.

Gold subsequently went up over 500%. Home values and the American dollar didn’t do so well.

I am not any special genius or anything; I have just learned over the decades who knows what they are talking about and I listen to them.

Case in point: Arundhati Roy.

As for the question of who ‘won’ the Iraq War, as usual Arundhati Roy lays it out and asks the truly important questions, such as: Cui bono? (Who benefited?)

In this Democracy Now interview Ms. Roy devastatingly lays out just who won — and who lost — in the Iraq War.



And finally: I was pretty harsh with the Catholic Church last week. I stand by every word and I am not apologizing or taking it back or anything — but to be fair I should have also mentioned that the Catholic Church is a massive organization (it is the largest single landholder on the planet for instance) and there are large parts of the Catholic Church along with a lot of individual parishioners, priests, and even the occasional bishop who do a lot of incredibly good stuff.

I would also note that a highly disproportionate number of incredible people seem to be people who were educated by the Catholics but then later rejected their dogma, which indicates that the Catholics know how to educate people.

Another thought: Perhaps reactionary people act as a vital anchor-chain so that we don’t evolve too quickly? The scholars at the Library of Alexandria were working on some pretty sophisticated concepts in mathematics and physics back in the 3rd and 4th Centuries and perhaps if the Christians hadn’t burned the Library and murdered all the scholars then they might have produced an Einstein and figured out nuclear weapons over a millennia sooner than we actually did and maybe they wouldn’t have handled that power so well…

…though we haven’t ultimately proven we can responsibly handle it either.

The facts are grim but I can’t believe humanity has come this far only to burn everything up, so I guess by this point I’m expecting the unexpected.

Whatever happens it should be very interesting.

It’s time to get to work…

1) FYI Section: News from the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance

I have never worked with these people but they seem to be kicking major ass up in the capitol. Check it out:

Last week started off with some great news! On Monday, Part 2 of the Fair Tenant Screening Act (FTSA) continued to make progress when the Senate version SSB 5568 passed the floor of the Senate 46 to 3. This continues our trend of gaining significant bipartisan support and lines up the bill nicely for a finish. But let’s not get too comfortable. With the budget battle around the corner, we need to get this and all other good policy bills finalized.

Over the last several years, many uncontroversial bills similar to FTSA have died because of the immense energy swallowed up by budget battles. Luckily, the Senate bill has already been scheduled for a hearing in the House for Wednesday at 8:00am.

Reforming Tenant Reports DOES Matter
A timely report was released last week by the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty that makes the case for the importance of FTSA. The publication titled There’s No Place Like Home highlights the need to regulate the way domestic violence court records are reported. As we’ve been saying for years, these court records unfairly create barriers to housing. And tenant screening companies should not report on them.
More information about this release at our blog.

More Good News from Our Advocacy Partners
We were relieved when the Foster Care to 21 Senate Bill passed last Wednesday’s floor cutoff close to the 5:00pm deadline. E2SSB 5405 (that’s Engrossed Second Substitute Senate Bill) passed unanimously and now heads over to the House. This bill will extend foster care services for some youth aging out of the system.
More updates about this and other bills we’ve been watching here.

The Budget Battle Cometh…
Soon, everything will be about the budget. And we have a lot at stake. The latest revenue forecast will officially be released this Wednesday. Then we’ll have a clearer picture of the size of our budget hole and how much revenue would be needed to fill it.
For more details on our budget concerns, head on over to our blog.

You can find the longer version of this newsletter at our website.

Thanks for all you do,


Michele Thomas
Director of Policy and Advocacy

206.442.9455 x205 I wliha.org I fb /wliha I tw @wliha

2) Direct Aid: Humanitarian Work Party
Saturday March 23rd, Meet at Noon @ Eastside Food CoOp, 1111 Pacific Ave NE

Come help clean up and fortify a homeless encampment. Heavy duty garbage bags and heavy rubber gloves appreciated.

This from the organizers:

This Saturday we trek into the woods of East Olympia to provide direct community support to a sizable homeless refugee encampment. We will be packing in supplies and packing out garbage. The residents, of course, are welcoming and know to expect us.

Rendezvous at the East Side Food Co-Op at Noon on Saturday. Bring trucks, tools, trash cans, gloves, and food, but most of all just bring yourselves. Come to work, or just to watch. This is a chance to get involved.



3) Talking Crude: Information Forum
Wednesday March 27th at 6:30 PM @ Elma High School, Elma

Come learn about some crude truth.

This from the organizers:

We’ll be holding another public informational meeting about the proposed crude oil terminals on Wednesday, March 27, 6:30 PM at the Elma High School Commons. Please attend and tell your friends. RD and Arnie will present their power point and we’ll have presentations by Alan Richrod and Jarred Figlar-Barnes. If others want to speak, please let us know. We will invite the proponents, Dept. of Ecology, and the Port and hopefully they will attend to answer questions.

There is much at stake for our communities. This is an opportunity for us to discuss better ways to bring economic vitality to Grays Harbor.


4) Oliver Stone Documentary: South of the Border (2009)
Wednesday March 27th at 7 PM @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW

Come learn about the South America they don’t tell you about in school — or in the New York Times for that matter.

This from the organizers:

A road trip across five countries to explore the social and political movements as well as the US corporate media’s ‘misperception’ of South American while interviewing seven of its elected presidents.

Featuring: Triq Ali; Raúl Castro, Hugo Chávez, Rafael Correa, Cristing Fernández de Kirchner, Néstor Kirchner, Fernando Lugo Lula, and Evo Morales.

Admission is free!



5) Washington Care Council’s 1st Annual Lobby Day!
Thursday March 28th from 10 AM to 3 PM @ Columbia Room in the State Capitol Building, 416 14th Ave SE

Seniors are getting the shaft along with everyone else and since I’m gonna be a senior myself in the not-too-distant future I personally encourage you to support this cause.

This is in association with Washington CAN. They will give a quick training and then, whilst accompanied by other knowledgeable and articulate people, you will lobby your legislator for the benefit of seniors. It is educational and interesting and legislators know the difference between people who are paid to deal with them and those who are not.

This from the organizers:

Washington Care Council’s 1st Annual Lobby Day!

Join people from across the state in Olympia to talk with our lawmakers about Caring Across Generations!

Thursday, March 28th

Colombia Room, Washington State Capitol
Olympia, WA

Transportation, lunch, childcare and interpretation provided

Event Location
Washington State Capitol– Colombia Room
416 14th Ave SE
Olympia, WA 98504


6) Bonus Tip of the Day:

Expose corruption today.




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