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Ideological Backwash:

1) FYI Section: Housing Alliance Update
2) Idle No More: Professor Sylvia McAdam
3) Film Screening: Where Should the Birds Fly?
4) Rachel Corrie, Ten Years Later
5) Green Party of South Puget Sound Monthly Meeting
6) Really Really Free Market
7) Bonus Tip of the Day

Hey Kids!

It is Wednesday and the news is wall-to-wall new Pope. There is much breathless speculation about what this means for the church. I find this highly annoying. At the risk of losing more readers I must say that the Catholic Church does not allow women into leadership positions, they not only systematically protect child rapists from law enforcement but they move them to positions where they can rape again, they are a leading purveyor of homophobic laws, and they have been responsible for most of the most heinous crimes in all human history, including witch-burnings, inquisitions, genocide of native Americans, the African slave trade, and wars too numerous to count…

…yet they claim a mantle of moral authority.

Gimme a break.

I don’t give a flying fig who the frigging pope is.


Other than my abhorrence of gun control laws I tend to be radical far-left on most issues. (I’m sort of a moderate anarchist.)

Completely putting aside views about gun control laws, there is the strategic consideration that there is no other issue that costs the left more political capital for less political gain than pushing gun control. There are tens of millions of Americans who totally reject the left and everything to do with the left over this one issue alone. Every time leftists start pushing gun control then millions of grim-eyed people expand their arsenals, lock-and-load, and declare death before fascism.

I find it ironic to be cheering on the very same people that I so vociferously loathe in nearly every other way.

I also find it indicative that right-wing third-party candidates received over twice as many votes as left-wing third-party candidates — meaning the right gets it more than the left does.

I have a challenge all apologists for the Democratic Party but first I will concede the following points:

The Dems are better on the social issues that Wall Street doesn’t care about. I suspect they often adopt these views as a result of political calculation rather than heartfelt beliefs, but whatever.

If you light a large enough fire under their asses then the Democrats will often vote the right way on environmental issues — but they always do so reluctantly and if Wall Street really lays down the law then all bets are off. (Watch the Keystone Pipeline. I’ll lay a moneyless bet that Obama okays it.)

Those concessions made, I hereby challenge you to factually counter any of this:

On the economy — to coin a phrase — there’s barely a dime’s worth of difference. The Dems are slightly better, but again when push comes to shove they obey the will of their Wall Street masters.

On support for the Military Machine, both parties are equally guilty.

On trashing civil liberties, the Democrats are actually much worse than the Republicans are. Even Bush never tried to say murdering people is legal when the president does it.

Again, I find it highly indicative that a nut-case right-wing senator has been the only one to seriously call out Obama for his fascist police-state ways.

As for Barack Obama himself, he is a kid-killer, a fascist, and a war criminal. This has never been and will never be proven in a court of law, but it is thoroughly documented signed sealed and delivered. It is incontrovertible fact. The only argument that Democrats seem to have is that a police state is acceptable to them as long as they can have an abortion and marry their same-sex partner.

Gimme a break.


I find ideological arguments about which form of government is superior to be tedious. If you have good people running your government then I don’t think that the form really matters all that much. A dictatorship is actually by far the most efficient method of running a government, and would thus be the ‘best’ form of government if the dictator is wise and benevolent and if he employs the best practices and hires the best people. The problem is that the kind of person who actually wants that kind of a job are gutless characterless pieces of human refuse almost totally unsuited for the job. I guess we could try to prohibit anyone who actually wants the job from having it, but then they would just learn how to pretend that they didn’t really want the job so they would still get their greedy little paws on the power and the public funds — so that would probably be pointless.

I think that ultimately the best way to protect ourselves is to provide top-notch personalized education for each member of our society, create a top-notch justice system, and make sure that no one is hungry or homeless.

I think that whatever form of government we come up with should be some form of mutual-protection cooperative.

We aren’t there yet, though. Rather than a mutual-protection cooperative our government has become the enforcement arm for a gang of criminal sociopaths. Thus, until we achieve a mutual-protection cooperative then I think that the best way to protect ourselves is with neighborhood militias. I not only oppose gun control but I would love to see a rocket launcher on every block. If a county says that they don’t want anyone fracking in their neighborhood or if they say that they don’t want a Wal-Mart killing their downtowns and destroying their local wages — I think that if these concerns are being expressed by angry citizens who are wielding rocket launchers then I suspect that the Machine will give those concerns serious consideration.

As for protecting your granny and my granddaughter: The most dangerous threat we face are corporate sociopaths. They have proven over and over and over again that they will gladly murder families or infect them with horrific diseases if they think they can get away with it and if there is enough profit in doing so. The numerous examples I have already listed in numerous past newsletters are merely the tip of the iceberg — and merely the minority of cases wherein we ever even found out about it.

Since corporate sociopaths represent the single most dangerous threat to all higher life-forms on Earth in general and our families in particular then ipso facto one of the government’s central concerns should consist of protecting us from these mutant-hybrid monsters by at least keeping them on very short chains — if not on an isolated island far out in the Pacific.

Instead they have become co-conspirators.

For one single period of 30 years (1945-1975) our own federal government actually more-or-less kept a cover on their corporate cages — and guess what, Kids? Those 30 years saw the largest and most sustained period of economic growth in our history! Other than that one single lonely 30-year period in our country’s economic history, the rest of it throughout the 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th Centuries consisted of an endless series of booms and busts. Boom and bust cycles happen because the Banksters make money in both conditions and in fact it is they themselves that completely control the conditions and they are the ones who make everything that happens in the economy happen.

When such people control things they invariably take everything and suck it all dry.

During that single 30 year period, though, the American economy grew steadily and there was neither the itsy bitsiest boom nor the tiniest inkling of bust during the entire time — and everyone except black people and women made lots of money. In the entire United States of America only one bank went under during this entire period.

There were still rich people, they just weren’t as rich as they are now because they were forced to share some the wealth with the working people whose labor actually produced the wealth in the first place — and they seemed to get along just fine, thank you.

The formula for that 30 years of incredible success: Wall Street was not allowed to gamble with our pension funds and life savings; there were strong labor unions to balance corporate power; personal income over the equivalent of around $3 million was taxed at a 90% rate, thus encouraging business owners to invest their profits back into their businesses rather than gamble in the Wall Street casino.

Those are apples to our current oranges in many ways. The rest of the civilized world had just had their infrastructures destroyed by war. Basically we gave them a bunch of money so they could buy lots of stuff from us. However, the fact remains that this model is the only one that ever worked even temporarily in our entire history.

As for neighborhood militias: They use them Switzerland and it has worked very well for several centuries now. The government definitely takes into account the will of their well-armed people and of all the invaders that have rampaged throughout Switzerland’s neighborhood over the last few centuries not a single one of them has even tried to invade Switzerland.

As for the economy: When working people and poor people get more money they go buy stuff and contribute to the economy. When rich people get more money they invest in Third World sweatshops and send their profits to the Cayman Islands and thus actually suck money out of the economy.

People really need to understand that: The Machine is a parasite that consumes its host. It is intentionally designed that way. It depends upon infinite growth on a planet with finite resources. If the Machine is not restrained then it invariably always 100% of the time eventually sucks everything dry and destroys its own golden goose.

Always. Read your history. Every time without fail throughout all the recorded human history that I have managed to study in a long life of reading lots of history books — whenever rich people get richer, then everyone else gets poorer in a direct inverse ratio and the culture gets much poorer in a direct inverse ratio and mass misery crime murder war insanity brutality and unrest results.

Always. Without fail. 100% of the time. I have never found an exception.

Yet Republicans and many Democrats are still convinced of the opposite.

How do we get through the propaganda, Kids?

It’s time to get to work…

1) FYI Section: Housing Alliance Update

This week started off with a bang when Part 2 of the Fair Tenant Screening Act, SHB 1529 passed the House by 81-17. That represents very significant bipartisan support! It’s now over in the Senate awaiting a hearing in the Financial Institutions, Housing and Insurance Committee.

Help Us Pass the Fair Tenant Screening Act in the Senate
Meanwhile, the Senate version, SSB 5568, is still on the Senate floor awaiting a vote. Even though the House version is moving, it’s still critical that the Senate version move as well. Please contact your Senators today to ask them to bring it up for a vote…and to vote YES!

Housing and Essential Needs/Disability Lifeline Update
Discussions on the Housing and Essential Needs program between stakeholders continued to move forward this week. Housing Alliance members are gathering stories and getting ready to testify when the budget gets released, which we expect will be at the end of March. If you have stories to share on the importance of this program, please contact alouise@wliha.org.

An Advocacy Opportunity in Your Own Back Yard
Get ready for an important advocacy opportunity in your legislative district — town hall meetings with your elected officials! Many legislators across the state are coming home on Saturday, March 16 for Town Halls with their constituents. It’s a very direct opportunity to ask your elected official to support the things you care about. The Housing Alliance can provide you with talking points, and don’t forget we have fact sheets on all of our lead issues.
You can find the talking points and fact sheets here.

You can find out where and when your March gathering is here.

If your district Town Hall is missing from the above list, you can call your elected official’s Olympia office. Find your elected officials’ contact info here.

You can find the longer version of this newsletter at our blog here.

Thanks for all you do,


Michele Thomas
Director of Policy and Advocacy

*P.S. Wednesday, March 13 is the “house of origin cutoff.” This means if a bill isn’t voted on, on the floor of their chamber of origin by this date, it will be dead for the session. To find out how all our lead and support issues are doing, check out our new bill tracker.

206.442.9455 x205 I wliha.org I fb /wliha I tw @wliha

2) Idle No More: Professor Sylvia McAdam
Thursday March 14th from 2 to 4 PM @ SPSCC Building 26 Room 105

This is a cofounder of the Idle No More movement that has been seriously shaking things up in the native rights movement.

This from the organizers:

SPSCC Campus Activities Board and Evergreen State College Native Students’ Alliance present:

Professor Sylvia McAdam

Co­founder of the “Idle No More” movement

Thursday, March 14, 2-­4pm
Building 26-­Room 105
South Puget Sound Community College

Sylvia McAdam is one of the co-founders of Idle No More, a movement which originated in response to the Canadian Omnibus Bill C-45, a controversial piece of legislation which opens up previously protected waters and land to corporations. The Idle No More movement has become an international call to protect and defend indigenous rights and treaties.

If you need disability accommodations, please call 360-596-5306 for immediate assistance.


3) Film Screening: Where Should the Birds Fly?
Friday March 15th at 6:30 pm @ Capitol Theater, 206 5th Ave SE

This is sponsored by the Rachel Corrie Foundation

Friday, March 15th – Where Should the Birds Fly

Olympia Film Society screening & Fida Qishta filmmaker from Gaza
6:30 pm – Capitol Theater, 206 5th Ave SE, Olympia

Event Details

We are excited to team up with the Olympia Film Society (OFS) to present this film followed by a discussion with the filmmaker Friday, March 15th. Fida Qishta is a Palestinian journalist from Rafah, Gaza, and survivor of the 2008-2009 Operation Cast Lead attack on Gaza by the Israeli Military. The film tells Fida’s story of life during the past decade in Gaza and during the siege, along with the moving story of Mona, a Palestinian girl, ten-years old at the time of Operation Cast Lead. Fida will be joined by Rachel Corrie Foundation board member Sonja Wentz for discussion with the audience following the movie.

Tickets: $5.50- OFS members, $8.50- non-members


4) Rachel Corrie, Ten Years Later
Saturday March 16th from 1 to 9 pm @ Sylvester Park & The Olympia Ballroom (116 Legion Way SW

Come celebrate a local martyr.

This from the Rachel Corrie Foundation:

Saturday, March 16th – Rachel Corrie – 10 Years

Sylvester Park & The Olympia Ballroom (116 Legion Way SW, downtown Olympia) – expect a dynamic day of social action, speakers, music, dance, food, reflection, remembrance, and community!

• 1 pm – Rally at Sylvester Park: Ten years is enough! Challenge U.S. aid to Israel and the lack of accountability for how those resources are used
• 2:30 – 9pm – Olympia Ballroom – Keynote Speakers: Phyllis Bennis and Ramzy Baroud – 10 Years
• Music and Dance- Batiste Dabke, House of Tarab, David Rovics, and more!
• Community Potluck (5:00-7:00 pm) – an Olympia tradition
• Remembrances – from Cindy and Craig Corrie and others
• Interactive Displays- A visual feast reflecting Rachel Corrie – the writer, artist, and activist, and the continuing struggle; ten years for the Rachel Corrie Foundation; ten years for our community’s work on Israel/Palestine; and ten-years of local peace-building.

Writer, analyst, and activist on U.S. foreign policy related to the Middle East and the UN, Phyllis Bennis directs the New Internationalism Project at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington DC and is also a fellow of the Transnational Institute in Amsterdam. A journalist at the UN for ten years, Bennis remains a special adviser to top-level UN officials on Middle East and UN democratization issues. In the U.S., she works actively on global peace and with Palestinian rights movements and was a co-founder of the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation. Bennis has authored eight books on the Middle East and the United Nations and is a frequent contributor to U.S. and global media at the BBC, Democracy Now!, Al-Jazeera, NPR, the Nation, AlterNet, Common Dreams, TomPaine.com. and more.

Ramzy Baroud, originally from Gaza, is a Palestinian-American journalist, author, editor, former producer for al-Jazeera, and currently Editor in Chief of The Palestine Chronicle. Baroud’s work has been published in hundreds of newspapers, including The Washington Post, The International Herald Tribune, and nearly every English-language publication throughout the Middle East. He has been a guest on CNN, NPR, and other broadcast media. Baroud’s third book, My Father was a Freedom Fighter, Gaza’s Untold Story, published in 2010, narrates his family’s history from 1940 to the present.

Check the Rachel Corrie Foundation website for schedule and performance updates!


or call 360-754-3998 for more information.


And the Really Really Free Market will also be there:


5) Green Party of South Puget Sound Monthly Meeting
Saturday March 16th Potluck at 6:30, Meeting at 7 PM Upstairs Above Bucks, 209 5th Avenue

The local Greens have several projects they are working on. Come participate in an alternative to the Machine.

This from Janet:

Green Party of South Puget Sound Monthly Meeting
Saturday, March 16

6:00 Potluck, 7:00 Business Meeting


Our participation in Thurston Public Power (gearing up again!)
Police Project (Scott’s Trial — still on pre-trial phase)
Homeless Action (time to get arrested!!)
GP-WA projects
Anything anyone wants to announce
See you there!

Janet Jordan

6) Really Really Free Market
Sunday March 17th from 2 to 5 PM @ Sylvester Park, Legion and Capitol Way

Those subversives at the Really Really Free Market are subverting the dominant paradigm by giving free stuff away again! Find cool stuff to take home! Bring cool stuff to give away! Build community! Play music! Have fun!

And as always, if you are dissatisfied with your non-purchase for any reason then the Really Really Free Market offers their famous no-questions-asked 100% non-money back guarantee!

This from Mary Lea:

In addition to March 16th events commemorating Rachel Corrie:


In Olympia, the Really Really Free Market will be set up at Sylvester Park Sunday March 17th from 2-5pm. We will have a PA system set up. Music playing. Open mic. Bring food and any usable items, skills, ideas, smiles, talents, friendship, excitement, discussions, games and many others things that we as a community can come together and share.

7) Bonus Tip of the Day:

Think for yourself.




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