Oly Oly Action 2_14_13

Action Alert Calendar

Justice Denied:

1) FYI Section:
1A) Hearing on State Bank
1B) POWER Legislative Update:
2) FRO Valentine’s Day Sushi Benefit
3) Discussion: Addiction to Corporate Personhood
4) The Vagina Monologues 2013 @ Evergreen
5) Monthly gathering at NW Detention Center; Stop the Raids: Keep Families Together
6) Flash Mob for Global Warming
7) Green Party of South Puget Sound Monthly Meeting
8) Backbone Campaign Workshops
9) Olympia Solidarity Rally in Support of Keystone XL Pipeline DC Rally
9A) Really Really Free Market
9B) Carbon Summit Olympia
10) TESC Advocacy for Education Day at the State Capitol
11) Community Conversation on Homelessness, Part II with POWER
12) Book Discussion: The New Jim Crow
13) Environmental Lobby Day at the State Capitol
14) Bonus Tip of the Day


Those who make peaceful revolution impossible
Make violent revolution inevitable
—John F. Kennedy


Hey Kids!

President Kennedy’s adage was just proven once again in an action right out of the frigging movies: An ex-Special Forces / ex-LAPD officer named Christopher Dorner declared war on the LAPD. He shot several cops — killing two of them — and he killed two other people before going down in a fiery shootout.

He posted a ‘hit list’ on Facebook. Over 40 LAPD officers had protection details assigned to them until they got him.

Credible facts are always elusive in such a situation, but evidently Mr. Dorner was being trained by an LAPD police captain when, whilst arresting a mentally-ill teenager, the captain brutally beat her and kicked her in the face.

In the current milieu of rewarding criminals and punishing whistleblowers, it appears that when Mr. Dorner pressed a complaint then predictably rather than disciplining the police captain for brutality Mr. Dorner was instead fired for trying to expose it.

When all legal and peaceful channels failed to produce justice, Mr. Dorner proceeded to take it into his own hands.

Mr. Dorner’s manifesto is an intelligent credible fact-filled indictment of the Los Angeles Police Department. This is amazing stuff.


As usual, Democracy Now has the most comprehensive coverage, though now a little dated:



On the federal level, and on a related note, Barack Obama has appointed a mass-murderer named John Brennan to head up the CIA. (Mass-murder is actually a perfect qualification for that particular job.)

Mr. Brennan’s Senate confirmation hearing — chaired by Machine Democrat Diane Feinstein — was partly a trail without judge or jury of murdered American citizen Anwar Awlaki rather than an inquiry of his murderer. They condemn Mr. Awlaki as a ‘terrorist’ even though there was never a trial to prove it.

Mr. Brennan is also a bottom-liner on the drone program.

Mr. Brennan, Ms. Feinstein, and other War Machine tools and apologists for the drone program keep saying that civilian casualties in the drone strikes are minimal.

They are lying and they know it. It has been documented that hundreds and it is widely known that thousands of innocents have been killed in these strikes; a typical scenario is that at most one or two ‘terrorists’ are killed along with several innocents — or, more typically, they will do a ‘signature strike’ (i.e. a drone strike wherein they don’t know who they are killing, only that they are engaged in ‘suspicious’ activity) and everyone that they kill were actually attending a wedding (or — more often these days — a funeral) or some other such normal activity.

And remember that when you are considering the official ‘government’ numbers that the US classifies every military-age male that they kill as a ‘terrorist’ unless it is proven that they were not ‘terrorists’ after they are dead. Since proving innocence is usually impossible, I don’t know if this presumption of guilt until proven innocent has ever been tested or not, especially since that is really hard if not impossible to test to begin with — which is exactly why they have adopted such a policy in the first place and which is exactly why it is unconstitutional to do that to us now.

Obviously, though, that does not stop them or anything…

Bottom line: Obama is mass-murdering innocent civilians, including many women and children, and including American citizens, and there is no other way to put it.

In this Democracy Now interview Jeremy Scahill very effectively expresses his outrage — as well as exposing the perfidy and collusion of Diane Feinstein — in the sham-hearings being conducted in the Senate to confirm Brennan.


To quote Mr. Scahill: “…this is kabuki oversight. This was basically a show that was produced by the White House in conjunction with Senator Feinstein’s office.”

Also from Mr. Scahill: “There was no discussion of the fact that the Obama administration authorized operations that killed three U.S. citizens in a two-week period in 2011, one of whom was a 16-year-old boy who was sitting and having dinner with his cousins in Yemen. No discussion of the case of Samir Khan, a Pakistani American [and also an American citizen] who was killed alongside Anwar Awlaki…

“When Anwar Awlaki’s name was raised during the course of the hearing, it was one of the most disgusting displays of a show trial or a faux trial that I’ve ever seen. Dianne Feinstein and John Brennan set out to put Anwar Awlaki on trial, posthumously, without presenting any evidence and to issue a guilty verdict. The whole thing was a show.”

Amy also interviews Medea Benjamin, Code Pink organizer and author of the most comprehensive book about mass-murder-by-drone that has been published so far.

Ms. Benjamin said this amongst other things: “He keeps saying that there are so few civilian casualties; it’s just a lie. JoAnne Lingle drove in from Indianapolis yesterday with that list of 176 children [that had been killed in drone strikes] and [Ms. Lingle] said, ‘I’ll be happy to give this to you.’

Ms. Benjamin also said this: “…it’s not only the killing, it’s the terrorizing of entire populations, where they hear the drones buzzing overhead 24 hours a day, where they’re afraid to go to school, afraid to go to the markets, to funerals, to weddings, where it disrupts entire communities.”


And ex-CIA analyst Melvin Goodman had this to say: ”…we have a president who is also a constitutional lawyer who has ignored the Fourth Amendment, the Fifth Amendment, the Sixth Amendment, the Eighth Amendment, with regard to speedy trials, with regard to due process, with regard to illegal searches and seizures, with regard to torture and abuse, to a certain extent, because the country is still practicing renditions.”


Thanks to our drone strikes the United States is now thoroughly hated by the civilian populations of several Middle Eastern countries — many of whom are seeking out Al Qaeda recruiters as a result. The drone strikes are not only a war crime and are not only reprehensible but they are also feeding the fires of terrorism and making the problem worse.

But that is exactly what the Machine wants. Chaos is its home turf and hatred is its native tongue. The Machine thrives on war and famine.

Most people in Afghanistan and most people everywhere just want fulfilling work, to raise their kids, and to not get blown up. I’ll bet I could get along just fine with the vast majority of the population of Afghanistan if I were to ever meet them. I’ll bet we could have a great time. Yeah they have a small minourity of haters just like we have a small minourity of haters — but I could make a good case that their haters have a stronger case, and I could make a good case that building schools and hospitals would be a much more cost-effective tactic as far as winning hearts and minds is concerned than blowing up wedding parties is.

In addition to cost effectiveness, people would then like us rather than hating us too.

The people of Afghanistan are not the enemy. The people of Iran are not the enemy.

To misquote Bill Clinton: It’s the Machine, stupid!

When are people going to figure that out?


Michael Moore and Chris Hedges are suing Obama for violations of basic civil liberties in the NDAA.

Good luck with that.

Go here for a very good interview with Moore and Hedges:


It’s time to get to work…

1) FYI Section:

1A) Hearing on State Bank

A socialist bank?

They actually work real well. North Dakota’s had one for almost 100 years and it works real well for them.

That is why the Machine so hates the idea.

Let’s kick Wall Street banksters out of our state.

This from Bob Hasegawa’s office:

Plan on going to Olympia if you can, we need to pack the hearing room. If you want to testify, get there early to sign up.

Dear stakeholders,

On behalf of Senator Hasegawa, I am pleased to inform you that SB 5029, Creating the Washington investment trust, has been scheduled for a public hearing on Thursday, February 14th at 1:30 pm in the Senate Committee of Financial Institutions and Housing & Insurance, Senate Hearing Room 2 in the Cherberg building. At this time, we do not yet have a companion bill in the House of Representatives.

Best Regards,


1B) POWER Legislative Update:

Thursday, February 15th at 1:30 pm – hearing for House Bill 1671 that would increase by 10% the rate that DSHS pays childcare providers through Working Connections Child Care. This would lead to more childcare providers being able and willing to accept the working connections subsidy and hopefully will lead to parents having an easier time finding a child care provider. Anyone who has or has had a child in this program who struggled to find a placement or who had to move their child from a provider due to the low reimbursement rate should testify. If you are interested in testifying, contact Patricia Ridge at advocate@mamapower.org . Even if you can’t testify, try to stop by and
sign in support of House Bill 1671 in Hearing Room C in the John L. O’Brien Building.

Also important bills to send messages or phone calls to your representatives about are the following:

Senate Bills 8200, 8204 & 8205 all attempt to amend our constitution to mandate a supermajority vote (at least two-thirds of the members) to increase revenue or taxes. This would make it very difficult to close tax loopholes and reduce corporate welfare to find new money and will lead to more cuts from social safety nets and education. We encourage members to let your legislators know that this will hurt children and families, especially the most vulnerable who depend on social programs and a strong safety net.

You can comment on bills at http://apps.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/. Simply plug in the number of the bill and it will take you directly to the bill page where you can click on Comment. Or you can leave a message for your legislators at the Toll-Free Hotline 1-800-562-6000.

House Bill 1734 and Senate Bill 5643 both aim to suspend the 60-month time limit on TANF for areas where there is a higher than 6% unemployment rate. This would help families who need TANF for longer periods of time due to the increased difficulty of finding a job in this economy. Neither of these bills have hearings yet so it’s important to call on your legislators to make sure this important bill gets to be heard!

Senate Bill 5062 which would criminalize squatting on foreclosed properties by renters or tenants. This currently is only a civil offense, which does not result in a criminal record. We would encourage members to call on their legislatures to oppose this bill since it will lead to more criminalization of poverty.

Please contact me if you have any questions at the POWER office at 360-352-9716 or at info@mamapower.org.

2) FRO Valentine’s Day Sushi Benefit
Thursday February 14th 1423 Bowman (behind the Westside co-op, enter through the alley)

This is a benefit for Free Radio Olympia. Come support People’s radio!

This from FRO:

FRO is back again with our Valentine’s Day secret cafe sushi event. Bring your date or come alone for an amazing romantic evening of sushi and other Japanese style food and support local non-commercial alternative radio.

$10 suggested donation. Stay tuned for more info.


3) Discussion: Addiction to Corporate Personhood
Friday February 15th at 6:30 PM @ the Olympia Center, 222 Columbia St. North

Come join a discussion about the sociopathic ‘persons’ who own our world.

This from the organizers:

Intervention on the Corporate Addiction
Date: Friday, February 15, 2013
Time: 6:30PM – 9:00PM
Location: The Olympia Center
222 Columbia St NW; rooms 101 & 102
Olympia,, WA 98501

A provocative evening discussing corporate personhood with Scott Silber, lead faculty at Johns Hopkins University Center for Constitutional Studies and Democratic Development Youth Organizing Institute; human rights and Environmental organizer, and former director of organizing at Colorado’s Public Workers’ Union. No matter what you are working on, be it climate crisis, food safety, rising sea levels, coal trains, economic issues, this covers the gamut! Scott is the director of National Intervention, calling for a 28th constitutional amendment to eliminate corporate personhood and money equals speech via Supreme Court-created doctrines.www.nationalintervention.org

Register now! If you register BEFORE FEB 10 your donation request is $10; the donation requests at the door will be $15. This is why we need your online registration, to make sure our costs are covered. Thanks!

Register now!

A ruling corporate class has never been so close to wiping out the power of the people, along with the planet. This workshop focuses on critical strategic power-building to win a comprehensive new social contract (a “New New Deal”) before the unimaginable becomes the inescapable.

Please REGISTER (I really need to know how many are signing up) at http://www.MovetoAmendOlympia.org

Event co-sponsored by Move to Amend, Olympia & Social Justice Action Group of the Olympia Unitarian Church


4) The Vagina Monologues 2013 @ Evergreen
Friday February 15th, Saturday February 16th and Sunday February 17th
7 PM @ TESC Lecture Hall 1

This is powerful stuff if you’ve never seen it — and even if you have.

This from the organizers:

Join us for the eleventh year of an Evergreen tradition as our huge and fabulous cast performs this magical stage production, presented by the TESC Womyn’s Resource Center! All proceeds go to local organizations working to bring an end to violence against women and girls.

The show will run February 15, 16, and 17. Doors open at 6:15, show starts at 7:00 pm. Tickets are available at The Greener Store on campus for $7 (Students) and $10 (General Admission), or online (General Admission only) at:



5) Monthly gathering at NW Detention Center; Stop the Raids: Keep Families Together
Saturday February 16th from Noon to 3 PM @ 1623 E J Street, Tacoma

Bridges Not Walls used to vanpool from Rafah Mural at 11 AM for these things but I haven’t heard from them so I guess they’re not doing that anymore.

Anyway, come stand in support with people who are being brutalized by the Machine:

Sat Feb 16: Monthly gathering at NW Detention Center: Stop the Raids. Keep Families together. Pass Humane Immigration Laws. The US government abuses immigrants in several ways and locations, including this profit-making private prison for immigrants at 1623 E J Street (east of downtown Tacoma on the tide-flats).

People gather with signs on the third Saturday of each month from 12 noon to 3 pm.

Info: nfarrellwa@yahoo.com


6) Flash Mob for Global Warming
Saturday February 16th from 11:45 AM to 12:15 PM @ Location TBA

This is theatrical activism.

This from the organizers:

Flash Mob event
Date: Saturday, February 16, 2013
Time: 11:45AM – 12:15PM
Location: To be announted

Ten minutes of theater and entertainment. We need singers, petition signature gatherers and people willing to take part in a flash mob event.

look at Improv Everywhere or google Frozen Grand Central for a You Tube video that will give you an idea.

Send email to mike@smallblueplanet.org or marylea@smallblueplanet.org if you are interested in taking part. The focus of the event is to raise awareness of global warming and to do so in an entertaining and non-confrontational manner. It is child friendly.

7) Green Party of South Puget Sound Monthly Meeting
Saturday January 19th, Potluck at 6:30, Meeting at 7 PM @ 209 5th Avenue Upstairs

Do you want to be clubbed on the head by Republicans or stabbed in the back by Democrats?

This is a choice?

Come check out an alternative to the political duopoly.


8) Backbone Campaign Workshops:
1) Non Violent Direct Action 101 Core Foundations & Direct Action
2) Creative Tactics For Visibility & Building Power Core & Artful Activism
Sunday February 17th at 1 PM @ TESC SEM II A1107
(This is in conjunction with the TESC Capitol Advocacy Day the Following Day)

The Backbone Campaign is the premiere organization for creative political art/activism. (These are the folks who make the giant banners held aloft by helium balloons and project giant light-signs onto the sides of buildings. You really should check out their website.)


This workshop will be prep for the Education Rally at the capitol the following day. Come learn from the pros.

This from the organizers:

Greeners, Fellow Washington State students, and members of the public!!! Join us at 1pm on Sunday February 17, 2013 for two workshops being held by Backbone Campaign, Washington Student Association, and the Geoduck Student Union in SEM II A1107.

These two workshops will help get us prepared for the March on the Capitol rally the next day, where we’ll make sure higher education becomes a human right again. But these two workshops are geared not only for this event but further political action needed throughout this country.

The first workshop Non Violent Direct Action 101 Core Foundations & Direct Action: Our society has proven that “traditional channels” of redress are wholly incapable of delivering anything remotely close to justice, fairness, or equality. Other methods are needed in order to assert our humanity, our deeply held values, and an affirmation of the worth of all life. What is direct action? This training goes over the basics of how to use direct action effectively and strategically. Skills covered include: forming affinity groups, de-escalation and conflict management, consensus, legal, strategic action planning. This training will provide an introduction to pulling off direct actions, explores what makes an action effective, how to work as a group in a direct action context, action preparation and roles, and features many interactive role plays based on real life scenarios.

The second workshop Creative Tactics For Visibility & Building Power Core & Artful Activism: Light canons for liberty and justice, non-violent drones flying your banner, helium balloon pairs of buttocks, catchy musical flash mobs, and human murals. We can’t win if we aren’t having fun. That’s what this training is about, an overview of how we can unleash our imagination to invigorate our movement and animate our values and vision! Participants will get hands-on experience, getting a sense of deploying these tactics for future political action!

We’re extremely excited and we expect to see you there at the Evergreen State College in Sem II A1107 for this unique learning experience.


9) Olympia Solidarity Rally in Support of Keystone XL Pipeline DC Rally
Sunday February 17th from 3 to 6 PM @ Heritage Park, Corner of 5th and Water Streets

The Machine is making our planet uninhabitable. Piping tar-sand oil from Canada to China right through the middle of the United States is not a solution.

This from TC ProNet:

Solidarity Rally with DC Keystone XL Pipeline Demonstration
Date: Sunday, February 17, 2013
Time: 3:00PM – 6PM
Location: Heritage Park
5th and Water
Olympia, WA 98502

Music, speakers, tabling from 3 pm to 6 pm at Heritage Park to raise awareness about the urgent climate crisis. We are rallying in support of the Washington DC demonstration to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline, but we have our own urgent carbon pipeline in WA State and it is the coal trains, tar sand oils and fracking material that is moving on our local rails and roads and being handled by our local ports. Businesses are continuing to make long range development plans to profit from the destruction of our climate. We are gathering to let it be known that this is going to stop. Mother Nature does not do bailouts. Earthlings need to stand up to retain a livable planet.

This from the organizers:

On 2/17, thousands of Americans will head to Washington, D.C. to make Forward on Climate the largest climate rally in history. Join this historic event and help the president start his second term with strong climate action. –>http://sc.org/forward-climate-rally

In Olympia: Theater, music, tabling, skill-sharing, and planning for a sustainable planet. We will turn on the PA about 3 pm, and shut it down at dusk. We will have a followup potluck event at Traditions Cafe, right across the street from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Wear RED & BLACK clothing.




9A) Really Really Free Market
Sunday February 17th from 3 to 6 PM @ Heritage Park (Weather Permitting)

RRFM will be subverting the dominant paradigm at the Keystone Pipeline Rally.

As always, everything is free. As always, everything in stock will be protected by our famous no-questions-asked 100% non-money back guarantee for everything given away at the Really Really Free Market!

This from Mary Lea:

The Really Really Free Market (RRFM) is like a community gathering where participants bring, and give away absolutely free, any usable items, skills, ideas, smiles, talents, friendship, excitement, discussions, games and many others things that we as a community can come together and share. An RRFM is a 100% free and non-commercial event, organized by participants just like you. It is a temporary autonomous zone instituting the gift economy as an alternative to the capitalist mode of resource distribution. An RRFM is not just a once a month party, it is an ethos and a way of being that transforms people through its experience and is then carried into other areas of life.

Weather permitting, RRFM will be at Heritage Park from 3-6 on the 17th of February



9B) Carbon Summit Olympia
Sunday February 17th from 6 to 9 PM @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW

This is a debriefing for the Keystone Pipeline Rally:

Community Potluck to break bread together and continue planning and demonstrating the peaceful, sustainable planet that we now share.


10) TESC Capitol Advocacy Day for Education
Monday February 18th; Meet at 9 AM @ Rafah Mural, Corner of State and Capitol Way

This is from the Geoduck Student Union 2012-2013

Come march with us to the capitol and address your representatives face to face. There will be a department of DANCE PARTY, a giant game of DODGE BALL, loud MUSIC, lots of GREENER PRIDE, and we’ll have FREE FOOD provided by the WSA!

When? It’s President’s Day, February 18th. It’s a holiday and campus will be closed.

Where? Meet at the Rachel Corrie (“Rafah” Wall) mural at 9AM. It’s across from the Transit Center and the Olympia Press Building. We will be meeting there at 9am, and the march begins at 10am. When you get there, look for the GREEN PEOPLE, they will guide you.

What? We will march from the mural to the Capitol. There will be dancing, music, dodge ball, and free food! When we get to the capitol we will join students from all over the state, this is a chance to unite with students across the state towards a common goal. You can meet face-to-face with your representatives and TELL YOUR STORIES.

Why? It is possible that there will be a 17% TUITION RAISE. This affects everyone and what is more, 80% of Evergreen students are on financial aid. Our slogan is “Education is a human right” and our goal is to show the show the representatives we won’t take the injustice!

We need to make sure Evergreen stands out (because we’re so awesome, and more people need to see it) SHOW YOUR GREENER PRIDE! Come wearing your Evergreen t-shirts/hoodies, or green t-shirts, or tie-dye! Bring your art supplies, your instruments, your skateboards, your bikes, your passion, and your enthusiasm!


11) Community Conversation on Homelessness, Part II
Monday February 18th
Part I: 4:30 to 7 @ POWER Office, 309 5th Avenue SE
Part II: 7 to 8 pm @ Darby’s Café, 211 5th Ave SE

This is a continuation of the last POWER Outage:

Community Conversation on Homelessness

Thank you if you joined us for February’s POWER Outage – it was powerful to hear from participants who have experiences with homelessness. Thank you for your courage and honesty. And thanks to everyone who joined in the solutions discussion. It went so well, folks want to meet again to continue and expand on some solution plans!

I got the okay from Sarah to use Darby’s on Monday, February 18th. An AA group uses the space at 8:30. POWER’s Women’s Economic Collaborative, many of whose members were at the POWER Outage, meet at the POWER office from 4:30 – 7. I would love folks to have the opportunity to do both. What would folks think of getting right down to it and having a well organized meeting from 7 – 8, with a half hour of follow-up chatting and clean up so we can be cleared out and have Darby’s ready for the AA group? Would anyone like to create an agenda? Facilitate?

We can bring the notes from February’s meeting and paper and pens. Everyone is welcome to join us, even if you couldn’t make the first meeting, to a conversation of solutions! And thanks to all the hardy souls who protested the first day of the City Hall Eviction with a sleepover! Y’all rock!

12) Book Discussion: The New Jim Crow
Monday February 18th from 6 to 8 PM @ Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 2300 East End St NW

This is a discussion on Michelle Alexander’s new book upon how mass-incarceration of blacks achieves exactly the same ends as the old Jim Crow laws did.

This from the organizers:

The New Jim Crow
Date: Monday, February 18, 2013
Time: 6:00PM – 8:30PM
Location: Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation
2300 East End St NW
Olympia, WA 98502

Adult Education Class at the Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation.
Register at ouuc.org

Dates: Mondays (2 sessions) February 18, 25
Time: 6:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Place: OUUC
Leader: Molly Gibbs
Assistants: James McNeil, Andrew Taylor

Please purchase or borrow a copy of Michelle Alexander’s book, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness. This powerful work is the UU Common Read for 2012-2013. Reading this book in advance of the class sessions will greatly enrich our discussion. Questions to prepare us for dialogue will be emailed to class participants two weeks in advance. You will be invited to submit your own questions when we meet for the second evening’s dialogue. Join Molly Gibbs and her guest for this challenging book discussion, based on the commitment to listen respectfully and respond thoughtfully and openly to each other. Molly’s interest in this issue stems from her reflections on the connections between racism and classism in the US. As we move into an era marked by fear and scarcity thinking, our community response to increased racial tension could make a powerful difference in all our lives.

Molly is a social justice activist, working currently with wives and family members of soldiers and veterans. She is studying a new, effective form of healing for those who suffer from PTSD. She is also helping fund a program that includes several groups focused on suicide prevention, as well as healing programs. She is active in the climate crisis, putting together community radio programs on coal trains resistance. She helped fund Coffee Strong, was a member of Port Militarization Resistance, and is a member of WA Community Action Network.

Click for information or to register.


13) Environmental Lobby Day at the State Capitol
Tuesday February 19th Meet at 8:30 AM @ United Churches, 110 11th Ave SE

This from Olympia FOR:

Environmental Lobby Day at Washington State Legislature: Start at The United Churches, 110 11th Ave SE, Olympia, at 8:30 a.m. and continue at the Capitol until 4 pm. Connect with the state’s leading conservation groups and hundreds of citizen advocates to push for the legislative priorities of statewide environmental groups. Students pay $10, and other adults pay $15. An optional lunch costs $12. Please register online at this link: Register online The environmental community’s three priorities for the 2013 legislative session are: 1. The Toxic Free Kids and Families Act; 2. Clean Energy Solutions; and 3. Conservation Works.

More about the three priorities and the events are at http://www.environmentalpriorities.org.

Info: http://www.gifttool.com/registrar/ShowEventDetails?ID=1608&EID=13700

More info: rein@wecprotects.org


14) Bonus Tip of the Day:

Protest something.




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