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2) Ocean Acidification Lecture
3) Slumber Party at City Hall
4) Love our Local Winter Edition
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6) Mardis Gras to Support Homeless and Violence Prevention Programs
7) Judgment Day Poetry Slam
8) Border Militarization Study Group
9) Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Day at the State Capitol
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Action Alert Calendar


Hey Kids!

I would like to direct everyone’s attention to the Slumber Party at City Hall on the calendar for next Friday.

This is the day that their new laws targeting the homeless go into effect.

Here is previous reporting on this issue if you want to catch up:



Anyway, a bunch of people are going to go defy their evil frigging law.

I have not heard directly of any plans for civil disobedience, but knowing this crowd I think it is likely.

If anyone is planning on being arrested I am assuming that support structures have been set up, but I have not been included in the planning so I’m not sure how well that’s set up.

It would be good if there were a lot of us there for support even if you don’t want to get arrested.

As always when people are breaking laws, though, the possibility of arrest exists; usually they only arrest people who want to be arrested — but you can’t always count on that.



Legal Murder?

Remember just last week that I said Obama is trying to say that murdering people is legal when he does it? This is a report on a leaked memo that does just that:




Relevant History

A lot of people don’t realize how significant and how important the Kennedy Administration was; JFK was probably the last chance we had.

Kennedy played the players to get elected — and then turned and bit the many hands that had fed him…

…and then got shot for it.

He actually started off by playing the game, but the Bay of Pigs fiasco opened Kennedy’s eyes to the perfidy of the CIA — and then we almost went to nuclear war with the Soviet Union over the Cuban Missile Crisis.

And this is also more important than most people credit: Kennedy and Khrushchev spoke personally during the Cuban Missile Crisis. It is hard to imagine such a conversation. Basically, both of them were saying that if you don’t do this then I will be forced to start a war that will probably kill everything on the planet. My military will insist upon it. Please don’t make me do this.

And the most amazing exchange of all was Kennedy telling Khrushchev: “I am not sure the military will not mount a coup and overthrow me if I do that…”

They developed a very deep and personal understanding during this crisis — and after the crisis Kennedy completely changed course in his policies. He very obviously decided that it was time to clean house and make America into what it claimed to be rather than what it actually was and he began setting about doing that.

In the process he seriously pissed off almost all of the deadliest people on the planet, i.e. the CIA, the Wall Street War Machine, the Joint Chiefs, both pro-Castro and anti-Castro Cubans, the racist South — and the Mafia.

A lot of people don’t know this but the Mob had run a corrupt operation in Illinois to steal the election for Kennedy and it is thus one of the great unknown ironies that Nixon actually won the election of 1960 and that the Mob stole it for Kennedy.

Then, after putting Kennedy into the White House, Attorney General Brother Bobby began using the full force and authority of the United States Justice Department to start kicking some major Mafia ass.

Kennedy especially alarmed the War Machine when he gave his famous speech at American University wherein he basically said he wanted to usher in an age of peace prosperity and détente with the Soviet Union.


Then, after the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy pissed off the Joint Chiefs and the CIA by deciding to reverse his buildup in Vietnam and he had begun the process for pulling out.

Since the Wall Street War Machine, the Joint Chiefs, the CIA, the racist South, and the Mafia were all good buddies who had been working together for years, then Kennedy’s fate was thusly sealed.


Corruption in Your Government Part II: The FBI

I am going to take on John Grisham’s challenge of eliciting sympathy for a very unsympathetic character; I am going to focus upon a gentleman named Randy Weaver, who was a very poor and uneducated white supremacist who was living in the wilds of northern Idaho:

Excerpted from “Happy Town”, © 2007 by Dana Walker

Randy Weaver was a perfect victim; he was dirt poor and he harboured highly unpopular beliefs. He was a lone sheep at the very outer edge of the flock.
Federal agents developed the idea that if they could threaten Mr. Weaver with several years in prison then they could probably coerce him into snitching on all of his Aryan Brotherhood friends.
And so the feds employed a now common practice that until recently was illegal called ‘entrapment’. ‘Entrapment’ is when the police themselves offer someone inducement to commit a crime so that the police can subsequently arrest them for it. In effect, the police can offer incentive to an otherwise law-abiding citizen in order to create a crime where otherwise there would have been no crime.
Here is a scenario: They approach some 18-year old kid, and offer him $100 to go buy $50 worth of heroin. The kid is not a drug dealer, but he knows where to get some. He knows that you can probably get some heroin from someone else if you don’t get it from him, and $50 is a lot of money to a kid — and so the kid goes and gets the heroin. Boom! He how has a felony drug record, and virtually no chance of ever leading a lawful existence. He is now completely under the power of the Machine — which was the whole point to begin with.
In Weaver’s case, a federal agent offered Mr. Weaver a large sum of money to cut off the barrels of a couple of shotguns contrary to federal law. Randy Weaver had never before owned an illegal weapon. At no time in his life had he engaged in manufacturing illegal weapons. The idea of selling an illegal firearm had never entered his mind until said idea was planted and financially encouraged by said federal agent. The government knew that Randy Weaver desperately needed money. He had 3 daughters, a son, and a wife to support. He lived in an isolated cabin without elec¬tricity or running water. Randy Weaver was not a criminal. He made his living honestly by chopping firewood and by seasonal logging. He had never received as much as a traffic ticket in his entire life. He was discharged honourably from the army with several meritorious cita¬tions. Heretofore, the only ‘crime’ that he had been guilty of was harbouring unpopular beliefs.
One winter’s day shortly after the shotgun incident, Mr. and Mrs. Weaver set out in their old pick-up to buy supplies. They saw another pick-up that appeared stalled on a bridge. When the Weavers offered assistance they suddenly found themselves surrounded by several heavily armed marshals and Randy was arrested. The magistrate incor¬rectly informed Mr. Weaver that if he were convicted he would proba¬bly lose his house, the only major asset that he owned. Then, using the usual methods of blackmail and coercion, federal agents insisted that Mr. Weaver become a snitch and that if he refused he would spend several years in prison.
This was when the first instance of the failure of the government conspiracy occurred: Randy Weaver was an honour¬able man, and he refused to betray those who trusted him by betraying those who trusted him. Randy Weaver told the agents to go to hell.
Faced with the horror of losing their home, Randy and Vicki Weaver began to ask questions of each other. How could they ever win the case? He had sawed off the shotguns, and the feds had him on tape selling them to the undercover ATF agent. If they became home¬less wouldn’t the government take their kids? And so, with no help, no money, no legal counsel, and facing the omnipotent might of the federal government, the Weavers decided just to stay on their mountain and pray; Randy Weaver failed to appear for his court date.
Learning that the Weavers remained isolated resolute and armed — all because of the erroneous information provided by a federal magi¬strate — a local marshal suggested to the prosecutor, who was a grim and humourless man named Ronald Howen, that if Weaver received assurances that he was not in jeopardy of losing his home then he would probably surrender. Howen squelched this idea, saying, ‘…these are the type of matters properly addressed in a plea agreement in exchange for guilty pleas, but not mere surrender.’ This was in spite of the fact that due to the nature of the charges, the Weavers were in no danger of losing their home in the first place.
Thus, the AUSA scornfully rejected an opportunity to seek a peaceful end to the situation.
During this period, the Weavers attacked no one. They threat¬ened no one. The pregnant Vicki was unable to see a doctor. Their mail, being delivered by friends, was first intercepted and read by the government.
Strictly because he dared to challenge the government the status of Randy Weaver’s case was elevated to a ‘Major Case’, thus authorizing the marshals to take extraordinary measures. They surrounded the Weaver ranch with video cameras and listening devices. They noted that the Weavers never left the house without their firearms. One plan that the government agents concocted was to kidnap 17-year old Sara — who had committed no crime, and for whom they had no warrant — which made the police plan a prosecutable crime in and of itself, (not that any of the police would ever actually be prosecuted…)
Eventually, though, the plan to kidnap Sara was abandoned.
Instead, 18 months later, a crack team of trained government marksmen sneaked onto the Weaver property on a reconnaissance mission preparatory to a contemplated arrest. They wore camouflage suits, they gave no warning of their arrival, they had no warrant, and they never identified themselves.
The Weavers owned three dogs, one of whom, Striker, was consi¬dered a member of the family by the children, who loved him with all their hearts. The dogs discovered the intruders and began barking at them. Randy, his friend Kevin Harris, and Randy’s 14-year old son Sam, thinking that the dogs had discovered a game animal, grabbed their guns and ran to investigate. Kevin and Sam went one direction; Randy went in another.
The agents shot and killed Striker, as is their wont.
14-year old Sam, seeing his beloved dog fall dead, returned the fire. The government agents then shot Sam in the arm. Sam turned and began running away — whereupon the agents shot a child who was running away from them in the back.
Kevin Harris witnessed the shootings and in an action that a jury later ruled to be fully justified self-defense Kevin Harris shot and killed a US Marshal named Degan.
Randy Weaver was nowhere near. He had gone the other direction.
The marshals fired 14 rounds. Kevin and Sam fired 5. The marshals realized that they were in deep doo-doo. They had been repeatedly admonished by Washington not to engage the Weavers, and at all costs, not to injure an of the Weaver children. Instead, they had shot a child in the back. And so, they employed the standard technique used by government officials in such situations, i.e. lies and cover-ups. At trial they claimed that they did not know that they had shot a child; it was later proven that there was no way they could not have known. They reported that they had been engaged in a horrendous firefight with possibly 1,000 rounds fired by the Weavers; this also was later proven to be a conscious lie. They reported that they were surrounded, and required immediate reinforcement; yet another lie. The next day, they supplied an affidavit to the court that blatantly and falsely claimed that the Weavers had been shooting at the marshals from a pick-up truck.
The FBI Hostage Rescue Team was summoned. The leader of this team, Richard Rogers, and the Associate Director of the Marshal’s Service, Duke Smith, flew to Idaho. During the flight, they decided to change the Rule of Engagement. They had no authority to change the Rule of Engagement, and thus their doing so was illegal. The Rule of Engagement is an euphemism for the authority under which officers are authorized to kill citizens. Under the law, one can intentionally kill another only in self-defense or if a third person is in imminent peril of death or serious bodily harm. This is a rule that is very plainly spelled out and a rule to which the police are fully bound.
It is also one that is systemically ignored.
(It would be difficult to find a group of people who have less respect for the law than law enforcement…)
Thus, during the flight to Idaho, Richard Rogers changed the Rule of Engagement to ‘…shoot on sight any armed adult.’
There was no requirement, as required by law, for the person being shot to be threatening anyone. Thus, Mr. Rogers summarily changed the law of the land, and according to Eugene Glenn, the On Site Commander at Ruby Ridge, he did this with the full knowledge and consent of Larry Potts, the Assistant Director of the FBI. The number two man in the entire FBI was alleged to have changed the law of the land by a bald secret order. It was an order providing that FBI agents could and should kill any armed adult at the so-called ‘Weaver Compound’.
It was literally an order for federal agents to commit murder.
Rogers changed the law as any tyrant would: By overt edict, with¬out the consent or even the knowledge of the people. Since they knew from their surveillance that the Weavers never left their cabin unarmed, Mr. Rogers was effectively issuing an order to execute the Weavers summarily, even those for whom there were no pending charges.
Smith and Rogers arrived at Ruby Ridge to learn that the famous ‘firefight’ was not happening and in fact had never happened. The only sounds were being made by the hundreds of armed government agents surrounding the property, the rumble of the armoured vehicles, and the thwacking of the helicopters.
Under cover of darkness, this multitude secretly surrounded the Weavers.
The FBI made no offer of surrender.
The next morning, Randy, his 17-year old daughter Sara, and Kevin Harris left the cabin and headed toward a shed wherein lay the body of Sam. They wished to once more commune with the dead child before burial. They wished to say good-by.
An FBI sharpshooter named Lon Horiuchi, without warning, shot Randy in the arm.
Sara began pushing Randy back toward the cabin. Kevin joined them.
‘I’m hit,’ Randy cried to Vicki as Vicki held the door open, cradling their newborn baby in her arms.
‘Get in here!’ Vicki cried…
…just as Lon Horiuchi — who using his high-powered scope could admit¬tedly see and hit a fly at 200 yards — shot Vicki Weaver through the brain, tearing half of her face away.
In spite of his claim that he could see a fly at 200 yards and in spite of the fact that he shortly after the incident drew a picture of the scene clearly showing two people at the door, Horiuchi later claimed that he did not see Vicki,.
Horiuchi’s drawing, in spite of being a vital piece of evidence, was later illegally withheld from defense attorneys, and while the judge excoriated the prosecution for this blatant and illegal act no one was prosecuted for it.
Instead, as ‘punishment’, the FBI was required to pay one day’s attorney fees for the defense.
Since the defense attorneys were working without any fees, and since the attorneys wanted nothing from the government, they made no effort to collect it.
Predictably, the government made no effort to pay it.
(We must keep in mind that the FBI is the same organization founded and headed for over 48 years by J. Edgar Hoover, the man who presented himself as a virtuous para¬gon of law and order but who was actually a blackmailer and extortion¬ist. He was also a man who stole from the government, misused agents and the agency for personal gain, colluded with mobsters, broke securi¬ties laws, illegally wiretapped and spied on legitimate left wing and civil rights organizations, and on and on.)
Instead of prosecuting the multiple and aggravated felonies committed by the police, the AUSA instead threw the book at Randy Weaver. Mr. Weaver was indicted on a cornucopia of charges up to and including murdering a federal agent.
Now, keep in mind that under normal circumstances federal pros¬ecutors can do pretty much whatever they want to do and they can convict pretty much anyone that they wish to convict on pretty much any charge that they wish to charge them with. Also, under normal circumstances federal law enforcement can tell whatever lies they wish on the witness stand and have those lies believed by juries. Since there is no accountability even if they are caught lying under oath then lying under oath has become a common practice among law enforcement.
However, shortly before Mr. Weaver’s trial yet another hitch appeared in the government conspiracy to railroad Randy Weaver: Gerry Spence agreed to defend Mr. Weaver.
Gerry Spence is one of America’s great unsung heroes. He has spent his life defending the poor, the injured, the forgotten, and all of the other victims of corporate-controlled America. Mr. Spence has never lost a criminal case and he has received more million-dollar verdicts for injured citizens than any other lawyer in America.
He was born and educated in the small towns of Wyoming and he currently lives in Jackson Hole.
One piece of ‘evidence’ presented at trial was a bullet from a .233 calibre rifle matching a rifle that they believed belonged to Weaver. (Perhaps the FBI forgot that Mr. Weaver was carrying a shotgun that day…) And how was this ‘evidence’ found? The FBI claimed that it was found, in pristine condition, lying daintily on top of some leaves. It was not buried, not marred, scratched, bent, bruised, dented, or otherwise blemished except for the rifling, which conveniently allowed them to match it to what they thought was Weaver’s rifle.
But it was not Weaver’s rifle — it belonged to 16-year old Sara, who was far away in the cabin at the time of the shooting of Agent Dugan.
At Mr. Spence’s prodding the FBI agent who recovered the bullet finally admitted that he had placed the bullet there — yet another criminal act known as ‘manufacturing evidence’ — but again there was no prosecution.
Mr. Spence exposed all of the government’s perfidy that I have described here, conducting an exhaustive and expensive investigation without any compensation from either Mr. Weaver or from the government.
Before the trial, the FBI did a quick and dirty internal investiga¬tion that whitewashed the whole affair. According to them nobody did anything wrong. However, at the urging of Gerry Spence and others, the Justice Department investigated. As a result, several agents were given letters of censure, one agent was suspended for 15 days, the investigation noted ‘significant defects in the indictment’, and Mr. Howen was scolded for refusing to negotiate surrender terms, and thus ‘forced the Marshal’s Service to engage in extraordinary effort to plan and execute a non-confrontational alternative to require Weaver to respond to the warrant’.
And that was it. No one in law enforcement was indicted. No one in law enforcement went to prison. The Department of Justice, despite the illegal killings of a child and an innocent woman with a baby in her arms, did not choose to prosecute anyone in law enforcement; yet this same Department of Justice showed incredible zeal in order to prose¬cute two citizens who in this particular instance had committed no legal wrongs at all.
After an exhaustive and lengthy trial wherein the prosecution played no-holds-barred hardball trying to prejudice the jury about Mr. Weaver’s beliefs — whilst simultaneously trying to cover up the complete lack of evidence — the jury acquitted Mr. Weaver of all charges except the failure to appear on the original gun charge. After several more years of legal wrangling, Mr. Weaver was eventually awarded a multi-million dollar cash settlement in a civil suit.
The outcome of Mr. Weaver’s case is extraordinary due only to the fact that the govern¬ment was caught — and that came about only thanks to the extraordi¬nary efforts of the extraordinary Gerry Spence. The illegal methods used by government agents and prosecutors in the Weaver case are not only common, they are standard operating proce¬dure and they are standard operating procedure because the govern¬ment almost always gets away with it and nothing happens to them even if they do not get away with it.
And keep in mind that the Weaver case quickly became world famous and that the press kept a close eye on the proceedings; if the government was willing to pull the kind of extra-legal shenanigans they pulled as the whole world was watching, imagine the methods they employ in the vast majority of cases where no one is paying any attention…
The function of the legal system is not to provide justice or the preserve freedom; its function is to keep those who hold power in power and to persecute anyone who challenges that power. A black man in Texas was convicted for rape strictly on the word of one white woman in spite of the fact that the man’s girlfriend stated that he was with her at the time. Later, the man who actually committed the crime confessed — only to have the judge accuse the confessor of lying! The judge failed to explain why someone would freely confess to a crime he didn’t commit without any apparent coercion to do so. After 20 years in prison, the man was finally exonerated by DNA evidence after his case was taken up by the Innocence Project, a highly successful organization dedicated to freeing wrongly convicted prisoners.
The Innocence Project does not lack for business.


Your tax dollars pay for this, Kids.

It’s time to get to work…

1) FYI Section:

1A) Petition to Governor Inslee to Protect the Climate

This from Olympia FOR:

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s vigorous project to Confront the Climate Crisis encourages you to click the link below to tell Washington State’s Jay Inslee to act boldly to protect the climate.

Dear Governor Inslee:

We the undersigned are deeply concerned about the climate crisis and urge you to do everything in your power to curb greenhouse gas emissions. Both the proposed coal export terminals in the Northwest and the proposed Keystone XL pipeline must be rejected if we are to have any hope of keeping global temperature rise to 2 degrees C. We appreciate your record as an advocate for the environment and hope that you will lead Washington State in a rapid transition from fossil fuels to clean and renewable energy.

Join us in Heritage Park in Olympia at 3:00 PM on Feb. 17th in support of the larger demonstration in Washington D.C. to oppose the Keystone XL pipeline.


[Your name]

Please click this link: https://www.change.org/petitions/governor-inslee-please-address-the-climate-crisis?share_id=iPVgtylhLw&utm_campaign=mailto_link&utm_medium=email&utm_source=share_petition

“Dear Future Generations: Please accept our apologies. We were roaring drunk on petroleum.” — Kurt Vonnegut

Glen Anderson (360) 491-9093 glen@olywa.net


1B) Confronting the Climate Crisis Contact Info

Confronting the Climate Crisis

The Olympia FOR’s “Confronting the Climate Crisis” project is moving vigorously ahead in many ways! We mobilized people to oppose coal trains and coal exports, we organized a climate rally on the State Capitol steps, we are devising some legislative solutions, and we are planning other actions. See the exciting information below in this article’s Recent Accomplishments section. Also look for more information and ways to help in the Exciting New Possibilities section.

Ongoing meetings and organizing:

The Olympia FOR’s climate group (“Confronting the Climate Crisis”) met twice each month during November, December and January, and we’ll meet once a month starting on Tuesday February 19. Each meeting has attracted about 20 enthusiastic participants. We meet at the Olympia Center, 222 Columbia Street NW, downtown, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Our January 22 meeting featured Seth Ballhorn, who spoke knowledgeably about the Sierra Club’s effort to pressure the electric utility Puget Sound Energy to stop burning coal. Join us for our next regular meeting at 6:30 pm Tuesday February 19 at the Olympia Center, 222 Columbia St. NW, downtown.

Our small “working groups” are active!

In addition, our five small “working groups” are meeting between these general meetings in various members’ homes to continue organizing further activities. These groups are:

Coal Trains: Mike Coday, (360) 754-4254 mike@smallblueplanet.org
Direct Action: Rod Tharp, (360) 786-1901 smcrae@earthlink.net
Divesting from Fossil Fuel Companies: Ted Nation, (360) 352-6327 nation_ted@yahoo.com
Outreach—Education—Communication: Glen Anderson, (360) 491-9093 glen@olywa.net
Positive Visions (alternatives, legislation, etc.): Gar Lipow, (360) 943-1529 gar.lipow@gmail.com


1C) Petition to Protect Free WiFi

This from Watchdog.net:

We have the details on how various Internet Service Providers plan to implement their anti-infringement “six strikes” plans — and it’s not good.

AT&T’s plan is to block access to frequently visited sites. Time Warner will constantly redirect you to a landing page. Verizon will plans to reduce connection speeds to the snail pace of 256kbps.

What do all of them have in common? None of them actually let you get up to six strikes — and all of them have the potential, even as they claim they’re not “cutting people off” from the Internet, to make free WiFi almost nonexistent.
Verizon has confirmed that its “six strikes” plan will apply to businesses, not just personal accounts. That means the cafe down the street may end up with essentially unusable WiFi if even one customer abuses the system — and even terminate their accounts entirely.

We can’t let that happen. A free and open Internet is one of the most important tools a democracy can have — and as long as ISPs like Verizon plan to battle copyright infringement by slowing down or eliminating business’s Internet access, that tool will be in jeopardy. Will you join us in urging Verizon not to bow to copyright holders at the expense of their customers?

PETITION TO VERIZON: We call on ISPs like Verizon not to pursue punitive action against businesses that provide free WiFi by slowing down or eliminating their Internet access. Help keep the Internet as free and as open as possible — revise your “six strikes” plan now!

Click here to sign — it just takes a second.


— The folks at Watchdog.net

P.S. If the other links aren’t working for you, please go here to sign:



1D) Update from This Week in Housing Advocacy

Activity in Olympia heated up this week with a lot of new bills introduced and with hearings and lobby days that drew massive crowds. The halls were once again packed, and people from all walks of life sat in hearing rooms and testified on bills that touch on an incredibly diverse set of issues.

Our partners over at the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence held their Lobby Day on Thursday the 31st, bringing in hundreds of advocates who educated lawmakers on the importance of the Fair Tenant Screening Act that was dropped earlier this week in the House.

Don’t forget to say thank you to all nine of the sponsors for the bill. This is especially important if you reside in the district of one of the sponsors.

Housing and homelessness issues were again brought to the attention of many lawmakers this week. A standout was the Thursday work session on farmworker housing in the House Community Development, Housing and Tribal Affairs Committee. The panel members, including Housing Alliance board member Marty Miller, educated the committee on the great need for farmworker housing. You can watch his testimony here.

This week saw some incredible movement on one of our support Items. SB 5147 by Senator Jim Hargrove will fix a sunset of the 72 hour notification requirement of youth shelters. Learn more about that bill here.

On the down side, a whole slew of bills were introduced that would dismantle fundamental protections for Washington’s tenants. The Housing Alliance will be weighing in on all such bills in an effort to ensure that this legislative session doesn’t result in a weakening of our already too fragile tenant protections.

Thank you for your advocacy,


Michele Thomas
Director of Policy and Advocacy
206.442.9455 x202 I wliha.org I fb /wliha I tw @wliha

P.S. Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Day is in ONE week! Register now!


1E) Training Available for Trauma Counseling

I’m not sure what if any qualifications that you need to take this training, but I’ll post the info here in case anyone wants to check it out.

This from Teresa Slusher:

Housing Task Force Members,

During stakeholder meetings to develop the Gaps Analysis, one of the gaps identified was making training available on how to work with people who have experienced trauma. I may not be surprising that people experiencing homelessness are traumatized by the experience, but more often than not, people experiencing homelessness are likely to have experienced trauma as a child or young adult. The effects of trauma, if not addressed, will be with people we are trying to help find a path to stability.

I am pleased to pass along the information below regarding training by the Trauma Stewardship Insititute.

Please consider going or sending front line staff if possible.

Take care,


PS. Anna, can you share with the Housing Task Force email list please?

Theresa Slusher

From: Sarah Rajski [mailto:Sarah.Rajski@BuildingChanges.org]
Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2013 9:49 AM
To: Theresa Slusher
Subject: Another option for Trauma Stewardship

Hi Theresa,

If your partners want to register to attend the March 1 Seattle training or April 8 Tacoma training they need to register directly with the Trauma Stewardship Institute:

March 1:

April 8:


Sarah Cotton Rajski
Training Specialist
Building Changes | 2014 E. Madison, Suite 200 | Seattle, WA 98122

2) Ocean Acidification Lecture
Thursday February 7th from 7 to 9 PM @ LOTT WET Science Center, 500 NE Adams

This from the South Sound Estuary Association:

Ocean Acidification and fish: it’s not all about the clams with Squaxin Island tribe fisheries biologist Scott Steltzner: This is the last of the South Sound Estuary Association’s 2012-2013 “Discovery” Speakers Series.

Free admission.

7:00 to 9:00 pm at LOTT WET Science Center, 500 NE Adams, north of downtown Olympia. Doors open at 6:30 pm. Come early and view the LOTT WET Science Center exhibits.

Info: Leihla (360) 888-0565 leihla@sseacenter.org

3) Slumber Party at City Hall
Friday February 8th; Meet at Artesian Well at 5 PM, March to City Hall at 6

In case you’ve been out-of-town or living under a rock lately, the Olympia City Council recently made being homeless in Olympia illegal.

This action is to reflect what our community thinks of further victimizing the victims whilst ignoring the crime.

Come help us defend the homeless — they can’t defend themselves.

This from the organizers:

On Friday, February 8th the City of Olympia’s new anti-homeless ordinances will go into effect. These new ordinances criminalize the existence of homeless people downtown.

Let’s retake this space for the people who need it! There will be free food and hot cocoa, a really free market, dancing, pajamas, music and discussion into the night!

This Friday, February 8th
Gather at the Artesian Well at 5pm
March to City Hall at 6pm


4) Love our Local Winter Edition
Saturday February 9th 1 to 6 PM [Free] and 8 PM to 1 AM [Sliding Scale]
@ the Olympia Ballroom, 116 Legion Way SE

It’s Love our Local in the winter! Come check out our local community get-together.

This from the organizers:

Hi Dana~ it’s 1-6pm for the daytime portion- and 8pm to 1am for the evening! Artisan Market day & evening…schedule to be posted soon with entertainment updates! Daytime – no charge, Evening – sliding scale ~ It’s a Fund & Fun Raiser for LOL and Buying locally!

In the dark of winter come brighten your heart in the light of our radiant community as we remember the fun we shared in the streets last August and start to build energy for next summer. Hopefully this event serves as a fundraiser for the summer edition.
This is an all day and evening event. From 1pm until 6pm we will have an open mic stage, skill sharing, service tabling, kids activities and talented local crafter vending. This will be a great opportunity to show your love of local and find some delightful Valentine’s gifts for your sweetie.

The evening will shift focus to a local bands and a dance party from 7pm until midnight . Vendors can stay open as long they choose.

We need help to make this great.
Volunteers contact Marie Poland to see how you can participate, ahead of time and/or the day of.


Crafters/Artisans contact Shari Trnka with a few photos of your work and description of what you offer. No resale please.


Muscians/Performers contact Daniel Landin


Sponsorship opportunities available, contact Marie Poland



5) Flash Mob Climate Crisis Group
Saturday February 9th from 3 to 5 PM @ Olympia Center, 512 Washington St SE

Activist Art! The best kind!

This from the organizers:

We have a room, but we need you and your friends to start a flash mob climate crisis group! We will plan a lively drama, with parts for everyone – singers, musicians, dancers, and ancients, like me, who can barely turn around. We need all of you! If you have an instrument, please bring it. We also need one person to bring a working laptop, so we can access YOU TUBE videos for inspiration and imitation. (My laptop’s battery is not working.) This should be fun! See you there.

Bourtai Hargrove



6) Mardis Gras to Support Homeless and Violence Prevention Programs
Saturday February 9th from 5 to 10 PM @ South Sound Manor Event Center, 455 North Street SE, Tumwater

PiPE knows how to throw a party! Counseling available too! (They multi-task)

This from Partners in Prevention Education:

Join us for a night of Blues while supporting youth empowerment, violence prevention and crime victims services! Partners in Prevention Education is pleased to announce our 2nd Annual Mardi Gras Blues festival & fundraiser!!!! Great music by the Blues Bentley Band (formerly Blues Attitude). Food. No Host Bar. Costumes Optional, but encouraged! Childcare & youth activities on site to enable families to attend!

Can’t make the date? Consider sponsoring someone else to attend. Give us a call and reserve a ticket (or two) for other community members who would otherwise be unable to attend.

Tickets available by calling 360-357-4472

Want to help ensure this event is a success? We could certainly use more volunteers leading up to and during the event. Call for more information!

PiPE relies on your support to enable us to continue to be available to provide a safe space for youth and young adults experiencing homelessness in our community. PiPE operates a Violence Prevention Resource Center and provides activities designed to help youth and adults learn and practice non-violence and healthy living! We also provide free and confidential support to victims of sexually related violence, bias and hate crimes! Now more than ever, we need the community’s support to help us keep our doors open and stay focused on building a safer today and tomorrow for all of us!

Services include:
Support Groups for Victims of Bias & Hate Crimes
Support Groups for Victims of Sexually Related Violence
Violence Prevention Activities & Skill Building Opportunities
One-on-one mentoring
Critical Thinking Skill Building Opportunities
Drop-in Crisis Support
Access to Safe Adults
Access to safe shower & laundry services (currently suspended due to funding limits)
Training on issues related to decreasing violence, bias & hate, and raising awareness of improving services for marginalized populations including youth, homeless, LGBTQQIA and so much more!!!

Together we can create the world we wish to see!


7) Judgment Day Poetry Slam
Saturday February 9th at 6 PM @ Flaming Eggplant Café, TESC CAB Building

It’s more flaming political poetry! Come hear burning words artistically delivered!

This from the organizers:

The Olympia Old Growth Poetry Collective is proud to present…

Judgment Day; First Edition:
The preliminary poetry slam competition on the road to this season’s CUPSI (College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational) competition in NYC! This is the first round of word play and performance, fun, judgment, elimination and excitation. We will have spots for 12 poets to compete, and 4 will go on to our Grand Slam (upcoming!) to qualify for Evergreen’s FIRST CUPSI team!

-Each poet will have 3 minutes to awe us, with time penalties following the 3-minute mark.
-All competing poets MUST be students, both to compete, and to continue to CUPSI in April!****
-No props, no costumes, no musical accompaniment.
-The point is actually the points. (just kidding, the point is the poetry.. unless you want to win)
-No advance sign ups, there will be a list at the door, so get there on time/early 😀


THE KEEP FUCKING TOUR: Robyn Bateman, Meg Waldron & Stephen Meads, who are three quirky weirdass things who like to write with a sense of humor. They’ve conspired together and have designed a poetry show guaranteed to entertain and inspire you.

**Meg Waldron** is a writer, traveler and YouTube enthusiast. She was a two-time member of the Portland Poetry Slam team, competing at the 2011 and 2012 National Poetry Slam, and has toured accross the country. Meg’s poetry is sharp and honest, making crowds keel in laughter at how ridiculous our very serious lives can be. She is the author of two chapbooks: ‘sex, Drugs, Tuck n’ Roll’ (2011), and ‘Meat and Feelings’ (2012) (http://www.youtube.com/waldro21)

**Robyn Bateman** is a performance poet best described as a perverted, crass old man disguised in the body of a charming, younr woman,. Robyn was a finalist at the 2011 Individual World Poetry Slam and a 2012 competitor at the Women of the World Poetry Slam and the National Poetry Slam in Charlotte, NC. She has toured accross the country, rallying audiences with her high energy, quirk-with-bravado performance style and her imaginative narratives on the simple beauty of what it is to be human.

**Stephen Meads** is a writer of things. His unmatched energy, incredible wit, and acrobatic performances made him an integral member of the Bay Area’s collaborative writing and performing ensembles from 2005-2011, and he annually serves as one of the three panel judges for the National Poetry Slam’s legendary Nerd Slam. Stephen was a member of the Tourette’s Without Regrets 2011 slam team, the Berkeley 2010 slam team, and Oakland’s 2009 slam team, as well as San Francisco’s 2008 and 2005 teams, this last of which placed 6th at that year’s National Poetry Slam


here are a few bits:


8) Border Militarization Study Group
Sunday February 10th at 1 PM @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE

This is sponsored by the Alliance for Global Justice.

This from Bruce:

Hey folks,

Everyone has heard about the militarization of the US border. Though the full system of border militarization, its effects and implications for our entire society, can be hard to grasp and harder still to convey to the broad public. Furthermore, it is difficult to figure out what we, as concerned humans, can do to create awareness and commit to action. For fully understanding the problem and developing a comprehensive campaign against it, AFGJ is putting out a new Border Militarization Study Guide. This Sunday at 1PM at Media Island (816 Adams St. SE) I am hosting a LASO Border Militarization Study Group, so that we can learn together about the issue and have a group to take actions.

The Border Militarization Study Guide is online and if you can’t make the meetings, you can still follow the lessons each week as the new chapters get released or start your own session. Right now, only the Overview and Introduction is uploaded and for this Sunday we will be discussing those two chapters on the day of the release of the next chapter. If you have not read the chapters by then, don’t worry, we’ll watch some videos and go over the content and provide handouts of them before getting to discussion and action. This is AFGJ’s first run at creating this kind of study guide and are looking for feedback, suggestions, help and ideas for future actions. While the chapters are close to finished, it is an evolving work in progress and your opinion matters. This has been a grassroots project and without the wide array of voices giving input it simply wouldn’t happen. I will bring refreshments!

If you check out the study guide and become interested in starting your own study group or potentially developing the course for your religious or secular group or for other students, please go right ahead. Contact me and let me know how I can assist you on it.

-Bruce Wilkinson

9) Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Day at the State Capitol
Monday February 11th @ State Capitol

This from the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance:

Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Day at the State Capitol: Plan now to spend the day in Olympia speaking out for homelessness prevention programs and affordable housing.

About Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Day (Advocacy Day)

Are you passionate about ensuring that everyone in Washington has the opportunity to live in a safe, healthy, and affordable home? Do you want to unite with others to end homelessness in our state? Are you ready to join over 500 other advocates from around Washington to tell your elected officials how you feel?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then please join the Housing Alliance on February 11 in Olympia for our annual Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Day!

The day includes:
• Inside information and timely updates on affordable housing and homelessness legislation.
• Workshops on how to talk to your elected officials and be the most effective advocate possible.
• Meetings with your lawmakers for which you’ll be armed with key messages, supporting documents and facts to help share your story.
• And an opportunity to feel the power of a strong and growing movement for affordable housing and an end to homelessness.

This year’s theme is “2-11: Hear the Call for Housing and an End to Homelessness.” Advocacy Day will help connect powerful advocates to elected officials in order to make the call to increase access to affordable housing and services and programs that prevent and end homelessness. This year’s theme was chosen in recognition that our date (2-11) is the same phone number (2-1-1) that struggling individuals and families call when trying to get connected to critical resources. This year let’s all come out to Olympia and make the call together to ensure our message is heard loud and strong!

Pre-Advocacy Day Workshops

We will be offering advocacy trainings prior to Advocacy Day covering the basics of such topics as the state legislative process, effective advocacy, housing and homelessness priorities, and so much more! These workshops will take the form of a web-based meeting, giving you the opportunity to take the training from the convenience of your desk at work or living room at home.

Our confirmed workshops are listed below. Click on a link to register. We’ll be adding more workshops. So check back here for the latest information.

Advocacy Day 101 – Thursday, January 31 – 11am-noon
Advocacy Day 101 – Tuesday, February 5 – 11am-noon
Advocacy Day 101 for Nonprofit Board Members – Tuesday, January 15 – 11am-noon
Advocacy Day 101 for Nonprofit Board Members – Thursday, January 17 – 11am-noon
Social Media 101 for Housing Advocates – Wednesday, February 6 *NEWLY ADDED*


10) Uncompromising Ecological Architecture
Monday February 11th from 7 to 9 PM @ MIXX Meeting Room, Corner of State and Washington

This is from Transition Olympia:

FIRST EARTH Uncompromising Ecological Architecture
Mon, Feb 11, 7-9 pm, MIXX 96 Meeting Room, Corner of State & Washington, Olympia

A documentary about building healthy houses in the old ways, out of the earth itself, and living together like in the old days, in villages. Shot on location from the West Coast to West Africa. Sponsored by Transition Olympia http://www.TransitionOlylmpia.org

11) Intervention on the Corporate Addiction to Power and Greed
Wednesday February 13th from 1:30 to 4 PM @ TESC SEM 2 Room C1107

This from WashPIRG:

“Threat to Themselves and Others” — Intervention on the Corporate Addiction to Power & Greed: Enjoy a provocative afternoon discussing corporate personhood with Scott Silber, lead faculty at Johns Hopkins University Center for Constitutional Studies and Democratic Development Youth Organizing Institute; human rights and Environmental organizer, and former director of organizing at Colorado’s Public Workers’ Union. Scott is the director of National Intervention, calling for a 28th constitutional amendment to eliminate corporate personhood and money equals speech via Supreme Court-created doctrines. http://www.nationalintervention.org 1:30 to 4:00 p.m. at The Evergreen State College’s Seminar 2 Bldg Room C1107 today, and other presentations on Thurs Fri 14 and Fri Feb 15 (see below). This event is co-sponsored by Move to Amend, Olympia & Social Justice Committee of the Olympia Unitarian Church, and WashPIRG students.

PLEASE REGISTER at http://www.movetoamendolympia.org.

As of January 15 the sponsors anticipated 50 people, and they need to track size of the group, so your registration is important.

More info: http://www.nationalintervention.org

11) Call for a Carbon Tax
Wednesday February 13th from 6 to 8 PM @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW

This from the Green Party:

Charles Komanoff, Director of the Carbon Tax Center in Washington DC, Calls for a Carbon Tax:

He will explain the need for a nationwide carbon tax at Traditions Fair Trade Café, 300 5th Avenue SW, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Mr. Komanoff will be more than life-size as he will appear, and answer audience questions, via Skype.

The event is free, and everyone is welcome.

The Carbon Tax Center is the pre-eminent source of information on this tax, which has reportedly moved from preposterous to essential with no steps in between. Mr. Komanoff will answer vital questions such as whether such a tax would be a hardship to ordinary Americans; and whether people would actually cut emissions in response, or simply decide to pay the extra. He can tell us whether any other scheme is likely to bring about the changes we want. The event is sponsored by the Green Party of South Puget Sound, an organization with a long record of concern for environmental and economic health.

Info: Janet Jordan, 360-232-6165, janetjordan@fastmail.fm

13) Bonus Tip of the Day:

Don’t snitch.




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