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1) FYI Section:
1A) New News Letter on Homelessness: “The Week in Housing Advocacy”
1B) Emma Goldman Youth & Homeless Outreach Project [EGYHOP]
1C) Free Skool Announcement
1D) Friends of Wikileaks Friendship Assignment
2) Debate: Should Drugs be Legalized?
3) Legislative Committee Hearing for Single-Payer Health Bill
4) February Folk Friday with Judson Claiborne, Jared “Doc” Estes, and Old Growth Poetry
5) Transition Olympia Reskilling Workshops: From Ewe to You: Working with Wool
6) Olympia Mycelial Network Meeting
7) Homeless Defense PAC/ Media Island Benefit Brunch
8) POWER Outage: Defending the Homeless
9) Immigrant Rights Day at the State Capitol
10) An Afternoon with CISPES Spokesman Alexander Gómez
11) Panel Discussion on Indigenous Treaties & Idle No More
12) Bonus Tip of the Day


Action Alert Calendar



Hey Kids!

This week’s Oly Oly Action Alert is once again homeless!

There are three different meetings and workshops over the next 10 days on dealing with homelessness; the monthly Media Island Benefit Brunch on Sunday, wherein we plan to form a Homeless PAC; the monthly POWER Outage on Monday, and the Mardis Gras to Support Homeless and Violence Prevention Programs put on by PiPE a week from next Saturday.

There is also a Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Day at the State Capitol a week from next Tuesday.

Also, keep in mind that the state actually has a lot more resources and a lot more responsibility for dealing with this situation than the city, so if you want to plug into advocacy on the state level you should go Here and subscribe to a new weekly newsletter focused specifically upon housing activism in the state capitol:


See the details for all of these things in the Alert Section below.


Democracy Now aired and interview with Israeli filmmaker Dror Moreh, who himself interviewed all six surviving former heads of Israel’s internal security agency, the Shin Bet, in his film “The Gatekeepers”. All six of them are highly displeased with Israeli treatment of the Palestinians. One of these guys actually compares the Israeli occupation of Palestine with the Nazi occupation. They also detail the methods they used against Palestinian militants and civilians in the Occupied Territories, including targeted killings, torture, recruiting informants and the suppression of mass protests during two Intifadas.

This is amazing stuff.



Our civilization is a study in paradox. Without our civilization my Guild 12-string would not exist. On the other hand, without our civilization white-phosphorous weapons would not exist. Our civilization has created Beethoven and Stalin and it is profoundly beautiful and it is grotesquely ugly and I love that I can pick up my cell phone and call someone in Burkina Faso but it totally sucks that the minerals in that cell phone were mined with child slave labour from Burkina Faso.

It all blows my mind very much.

I have often joked that our problems began when the first person figured out that he could hoard all of the food and then put a lock on it.

What truly sucks is that the beautiful parts are about to be engulfed by the ugly parts — especially since it is completely unnecessary.


Here is an interview that Harry Shearer did with an ex-CIA whistleblower about how the Bush Administration lied us into a disastrous war:



And Barack Obama continues to ignore major war crimes and major economic crimes whilst simultaneously aggressively prosecuting anyone who exposes major war crimes and major economic crimes.

CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou was just sentenced to 30 months for exposing Bush era torture.



As if living in a country that is being run by a mass-murdering fascist war criminal weren’t bad enough, I have decided you still don’t have enough to worry about so I thought I’d also take this opportunity to also let you know that you shouldn’t be expecting too much justice to be coming out of the Justice Department anytime soon either because the Justice Department is also an utterly corrupt bunch of psychopathic bullies with almost unlimited power.

And don’t worry — if this still isn’t enough despair for you, then there’s always the good ole’ CIA! You can always count on them for some purely foul nastiness!

Never a dull moment in fascist-world let me tell you!

As those of you who actually read this stuff can attest I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately and by this point I’m about worded out (yes, it even happens to me) so this week I’m just gonna finish up by coping some stuff from one of my novels, Happy Town, about the Justice Department and the CIA.

(I hope everyone already knows about the CIA.)

I usually try to provide an overview and leave out peripheral details — but understanding the undergrowth is also important and so now I invite you to pull on your hip-waders and spray on your bug repellent Kids, because we’re going on an adventure deep into the weeds now!

This excerpt is from a conversation between the protagonist — a police officer in a mid-sized city — and a radical wealthy philanthropist.

Read it and weep…

Excerpted from “Happy Town”, © 2007 by Dana Walker

What Mr. Handy was saying was so crazy — but it sounded so true.
Mr. Handy continued: “A major portion of the criminal activities engaged in by public officials consists of obstruction of justice and/or misprision of felonies related to covering up CIA activities. Hundreds, and possibly thou¬sands of reporters and whistleblowers have been murdered for trying to expose CIA criminal activity and/or related government corruption.
“There have been dozens of thoroughly documented press reports about CIA corruption. Many thoroughly documented books have been written about CIA drug trafficking. Hundreds of witnesses have testified before Congress about their direct knowledge and/or participation in these operations.
“No action of any kind has ever been taken either by Congress or by the Justice Department.
“The CIA controls its own American foreign policy, and that policy is not only conducted strictly for the benefit of the CIA, but in fact these policies are often to the serious detriment of the American people. They are also often in direct contra¬vention to stated American government policies. The Viet-Nam War and the Contra-Sandinista wars were both conducted in part to enhance CIA drug trafficking operations. On numerous occasions the CIA has overthrown popularly elected governments and installed repressive mili¬tary dictators in their place, most notably in Iran in 1954 (for which action we are still suffering the blowback) Guatemala in 1955 and Chile in the early 1970s. The CIA has financed and supported numerous death squads in Columbia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Iraq, Iran, Bolivia, and on and on. These squads have collectively tortured, raped, and murdered millions. The CIA was directly involved in Iran-Contra, the Inslaw scandal, the October Surprise, Iraq-Gate, the Vatican Bank Scan¬dal, the BCCI Scandal, and on and on.
“And these are only the operations that investigators have managed to discover and enter into the public record. All of these crimes have been well known to presidents, the Justice Department, the Congress, the judiciary, and the mass media. These activities are invariably covered up by officials because either they are participants themselves and/or out of fear for their own personal safety and/or fear of being blackmailed for personal habits and/or the fully justified fear that the entire government would collapse if the dominos ever began falling.”

I was overwhelmed. As I said, I already knew about the corruption on the local level eventuated by the Drug War — but I had had no idea that it reached the levels or pervasiveness that Mr. Handy was describing. I was still trying to maintain my skepticism, but deep down, I’m afraid that I was convinced that Mr. Handy’s information was most likely all too accurate.
And that if it was indeed true, then my country was going to hell, and there was no obvious way to prevent it.

Mr. Handy continued: “Now, let me relate some of the operational details concerning how the CIA functions. I will give you two represen¬tational examples that became partially exposed publically: The ‘BCCI’ scandal, and the ‘Iraq-Gate’ scandal. Keep in mind as I describe them that these two scams are only two of dozens of similar scandals that have come to light, and that there are almost certainly many times that number that have escaped exposure altogether; everything I am about to describe is a very small chunk of a very large iceberg.
“So yes, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) (which eventually became widely known as the ‘Bank of Crooks and Criminals International’) became the world’s worst banking scandal up to that time. It inflicted astronomical financial losses upon tens of thousands of people world¬wide. The incident became known in the media in 1991. Congressional committees, Justice Department personnel, and the FBI had all known about the corrupt operation for years. (Of course, the CIA knew all about it, since in cooperation with the Bank of America, they had provided the funding to found BCCI. The Bank of America later claimed that it sold its BCCI interests in the early 1980s, but records show that the Bank of America continued to control much of BCCI’s operation until shortly before BCCI’s collapse.)
“BCCI was involved in Iran-Contra, arming Saddam Hussein, the BNL Scandal, and so on and so forth. CIA operatives used BCCI to launder drug money from its many criminal enterprises, to fund unlawful arms shipments, finance terrorist organizations (including Abu Nidal and Al Qaeda), undermine foreign governments, and other covert oper¬ations. BCCI was also laundering drug money for drug cartels through¬out the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East. BCCI assisted the CIA in making children available for sexual abuse in the US as a device to blackmail politicians. The Bank of America’s daily transactions with BCCI sometimes reached $1.3 billion; this activity continuing even after BCCI was publically exposed as a criminal organization. The Bank of America was a crucial repository for large infusions of cash needed by BCCI to keep its worldwide financial empire afloat, and to continue stealing the money of BCCI’s depositors.
“Ex-Secretary of Defense Clark Clifford and Robert Altman repre¬sented BCCI in the 1970s when BCCI tried to purchase a US bank. After BCCI secretly and illegally purchased Financial General Bank¬shares, its name was changed to First American Bankshares, and Altman was rewarded by being named president and given stock that eventually netted him millions of dollars. Many other politicians were also paid off handsomely. Clifford was named chairman of FAB, and later claimed that he was unaware of the ties to BCCI, in spite of the fact that his law firm represented BCCI and was, in fact, the primary law firm for BCCI through the 1970s. Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and George W. Bush all had financial dealings with BCCI affiliated banks. Jeb Bush, the governor of Florida, (and George’s brother), had numerous dealings with BCCI, and was often seen in BCCI’s Miami office. Subsequently, BCCI secretly and illegally acquired several other American banks and proceeded to bilk the depositors of those banks also. Many prominent attorneys, public relations firms, and members of Congress made hand-some profits at the expense of American taxpayers and the tens of thousands of depositors who lost their life savings. The accounting firm responsible for inspecting BCCI, Price Waterhouse, received a $600,000 loan from BCCI. An employee of Price Waterhouse who covered up for irregularities later received $100,000 from a BCCI affiliate.
“BCCI had a lengthy list of bribery victims featuring numerous US elected public officials. One who was highly protective of BCCI corrup¬tion was Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah — for which he was amply rewarded. Senator Alan Cranston of California, one of the infamous ‘Keating Five’, also intervened on behalf of BCCI. Media attention over BCCI’s activities finally forced Congress to conduct an ‘investigation’ (i.e. ‘whitewash’) said investigation/ whitewash being conducted by John Kerry. Simultaneously, Kerry received substantial contributions from BCCI front man David Paul. In spite of widespread corruption unco¬vered by Kerry’s committee, Kerry failed to appoint an Independent Prosecutor and nothing was done. A Senate investigator named Jack Blum tried and failed to get the Senate to act on the alarming disclo¬sures he discovered. Mr. Blum then tried and failed to get Justice Department officials to act. Finally, Mr. Blum approached Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau, who finally managed to obtain a grand jury indictment against BCCI, Clark Clifford, and Robert Altman on July 29, 1991. Even after the indictment the Justice Department refused to produce requested documents.
“Finally, in October 1991, the Senate belatedly issued a report detailing a massive world-wide conspiracy to defraud, said conspiracy being made possible through bribery and subversion of government officials, including Orrin Hatch and former Senator John Culver of Iowa — though the report pulled punches in describing Hatch’s frequent attempts to protect BCCI and to obstruct criminal investiga¬tions whilst simultaneously requesting a $10 million loan for a business associate. (The report tried to make Hatch’s aide the scapegoat, and recommended that the aide be investigated by the Senate Ethics Committee.) The report also described how BCCI paid other members of Congress, lobbyists, and attorneys to obstruct the investigation into BCCI’s terrorist/ drug money laundering activities.
“Despite all of this, the committee halted its ‘investigation’ while much still remained to be discovered. The CIA, for instance, refused to produce hundreds of requested documents that it possessed on BCCI concerning activities in which the CIA was itself involved.
“When Senator Kerry was asked about his failure to ask for an Independent Prosecutor, Kerry said that Bob Morgenthau was already acting in that capacity. This answer was a farce. Morgenthau, being merely a county prosecutor, had limited funds and had neither the authority nor the responsibility to investigate an intricate and compli¬cated world-wide web of financial intrigue.
“And remember, federal agencies had been aware of BCCI’s activities for over a decade. The FBI, the Justice Department, the DEA, the IRS, and the SEC all received reports from their investigators — yet no action was taken by any of them. The Justice Department not only took no corrective action but as in every major scandal involving the CIA and highly placed government officials they actively blocked attempts to halt BCCI activities.
“Some reports state that as many as 20% of the members of both houses of Congress received bribes from BCCI.
“A thorough investigation of BCCI would have exposed the endemic corruption throughout the US government (including the Justice Department itself), it would have exposed the portions of Iran-Contra that still remain secret, it would have exposed CIA drug and money laundering operations — and who knows what else?
“However, in spite of this massive obstruction and cover-up, a Congressman named Henry Gonzalez from Texas persistently continued investigating and eventually exposed the cover-up by both the CIA and the Justice Department. Each agency had stated to Congressional committees that every document in their files concerning BCCI had been turned over. Those statements were proved to be lies when the CIA inadvertently released documents disproving the assertions of both the CIA and the Justice Department. Media attention and charges of a cover-up created a crisis and both agencies commenced upon a pissing contest, both blaming the other for the cover-up.
“FBI Director William Sessions then threatened to blow the entire can of worms sky high by stating that he was going to open an investigation of his own bosses in the Justice Department!
“Two days later, in an incredible coincidence, Sessions’ Head Boss, Attorney General William Barr, announced an ethics investigation of Sessions for — get this — allowing his wife to accompany him on a trip in a government aircraft. His wife had indeed accompanied him.
“On a ‘space-available’ basis.
“Shortly after this, President Clinton — who had several exposable skeletons in his own closet that might be revealed in such an investigation — fired Sessions on that ridiculous pretext.
“The Justice Department succeeded in blocking any investigation of BCCI until January of 1992. Then, an Assistant US Attorney named Dexter Lehtimen testified on May 14 before Kerry’s Congressional committee that the Justice Department had blocked court orders to obtain documents from foreign countries related to BCCI. He also testified that in August of 1991, he received a phone call from a high Justice Depart¬ment official who said he was calling on behalf of Attorney General Barr, and that this official stated that Barr wanted Lehtimen not to seek an indictment against BCCI.
“Then, in 1992, members of Congress demanded that Barr appoint an Independent Prosecutor to investigate BCCI. Barr refused, as he had earlier refused to appoint a congressionally requested Independent Prosecutor in the Inslaw Scandal — wherein members of the Justice Department stole computer software worth hundreds of millions of dollars — and in the ‘Iraq-Gate’ Scandal, which I will describe in a moment. And in fact, the prosecution of BCCI was not initiated by the Justice Department but on the initiative of local Customs Service agents! Justice Department officials also attempted to block that prosecution, and when that proved difficult due to media attention, the Justice Department successfully limited the scope of that investigation by reaching a plea agreement allowing BCCI to ensure that evidence collected during the investigation wouldn’t be used against BCCI in any future legal proceedings.
“So, tell me, Officers, why would the top law enforcement officer in the entire United States have any reason besides the ones I have already listed to cover up and block an investigation of major criminal activity involving hundreds of billions of dollars whilst simultaneously sending people to lengthy prison sentences for relatively petty crimes? Can either of you think of any other reason?”
I considered the question to be rhetorical, and so I did not answer. Ingrid also remained silent.
Handy continued anyway: “Well, it turns out that the good Attor¬ney General, (Shock! Surprise! Gasp!), was himself neck-deep in the criminal conspiracy otherwise known as the federal government! Before William Barr came to the Justice Department, he was an attorney with the Washington law firm of Shaw, Pittman, Potts, and Trowbridge — said law firm having represented BCCI for several years! Imagine! Further, Barr had been legal counsel for the CIA, and in that capacity, he had appeared with CIA Director George H.W. Bush in hearings before Congress! What a small world!
“It is estimated that BCCI corrupt practices cost innocent deposi¬tors from $5 to $15 billion. Over a million depositors in 69 countries, including the United States, lost all or most of their savings and depo¬sits. Central banks and governments of Third World nations lost billions. These losses could have been prevented if government offi¬cials had performed their duties rather than engaging in felony cover-ups. Insiders, including drug traffickers and the CIA, had advance warning of the collapse, and made a run on the bank.
“Keep in mind now that all of this represents only a brief outline of the BCCI Scandal — the details go on and on. I could provide a lot more information about the close ties between Bill Clinton and BCCI, between the Bush family and BCCI, and the ties between BCCI and several of the other famous scandals of that period. And in all of these scandals, the same names keep popping up over and over — but I think you get the idea.

“So, let’s move on to one of the other dirty little skeletons in their closet: ‘Iraq-Gate’…

“Iraq-Gate evolved around the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL), which was owned primarily by the Italian government, and it involved the usual cast of characters, i.e. the CIA, the White House, and the Justice Department. As with the BCCI Scandal, Congressman Henry Gonzalez of Texas had to surmount a massive cover-up by other members of Congress, the CIA, the White House, and the Justice Department in order to expose it. BNL first attracted Gonzalez’s attention when he discovered that the Atlanta branch of BNL had made over $5 billion in loans to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, allowing Iraq to invade Kuwait, and igniting the first Gulf War. Other loans had previously allowed Iraq to purchase the chemical weapons that were subsequently used on the Iraqi Kurds — these weapons having been purchased from Ronald Reagan’s CIA through a front company known as Cardeon Indus¬tries in Chile. These loans had been provided at the insistence of George H.W. Bush. Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait caused it to default on the feder¬ally insured $5 billion, and thus American taxpayers were ultimately required to pay for Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, in addition to the counter-invasion conducted by the US to drive Iraqi forces out of Kuwait.
“And as if that weren’t bad enough — it turned out that Iraq itself enjoyed part ownership in these banks! And thus, a portion of the American taxpayer’s money that went to bail these banks out went into the pocket of — Saddam Hussein!
“And since these reimbursements were merely added to the astro¬nomical budget deficits being run up during the Reagan/Bush adminis¬trations, interest on that $5 billion was likely to double or triple the amount, meaning that the taxpayers shelled out a total of $10 to $15 billion in order to finance Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, and tens of billions more to finance America’s subsequent invasion of Iraq.
“Again, following the usual pattern, when Representative Gonzalez’s revelations forced some kind of action, the Justice Department desig¬nated a low-level participant in the fraud, a man named Christopher P. Drogoul, who was the manager of the Atlanta branch, as the patsy. This was in spite of the fact that Drogoul was merely following the orders of his superiors in the Rome home office, and in spite of the fact that he personally was not authorized to approve any loan over $1 million. It was necessary to avoid implicating BNL’s home office because if it were shown that Rome had instigated the loan then the US loan guarantees would not be paid.
“And so, the Justice Department made the ridiculous assertion that Drogoul had acted alone and that he had the authority to approve a $5 billion loan. On that basis, the Justice Department charged Drogoul with bank fraud. Thus, the Justice Department attempted to prosecute a man that they knew to be innocent in order to impose upon American taxpayers a $10 to $15 billion loss…
“…and as American taxpayers paid their wages to do this.
“It was vital to the Justice Department’s scheme to have Drogoul plead guilty and avoid a trial lest the truth come out. And so, again following the usual pattern, Drogoul’s court-appointed attorney, seeking to protect the Justice Department, the President, and all of the other high officials that were involved, urged Drogoul to plead guilty. He pointed out that if Drogoul went to trial and lost, then he would be facing a 20-year prison sentence — whereas if he pled guilty, the pros¬ecutor would ask only for a suspended sentence.
“Unfortunately for the Justice Department’s scheme, Drogoul’s case happened to come before an honest judge. (Yes, there are a few of them here and there!) In an unusual twist of not merely going along with Justice Department prosecutors, when Drogoul appeared for sentencing, US District Judge Marvin Shoob demanded that Drogoul explain what really happened! Now fearing a lengthy prison sentence, Drogoul obtained a new attorney, and again to the detriment of the Justice Department’s attempt to railroad Drogoul, the new attorney, Bobby Lee Cook, began protecting the interests of his client rather than the interests of crooked government officials. Cook demanded documents from the CIA and the Justice Department that showed those agencies had prior knowledge of BNL’s activities and that showed that the CIA and the Justice Department knew that those activities had been instigated by BNL management in Rome! The Justice Department denied having any such documents. Representative Gonzalez submitted CIA documents proving that the Justice Depart¬ment was lying. Once again, the CIA and the Justice Department engaged in a pissing contest, both agencies correctly accusing the other of lies and cover-ups. The CIA told the House Banking Committee that they knew nothing about the loans. Gonzalez again produced evidence that they were again lying. Unable to control Judge Shoob (truly a rare event!) Justice Department prosecutors disqualified him, and started shopping for a judge that they could control.
“Their efforts were to no avail, though, since Judge Shoob refused to disqualify himself.
“Thus, in October of 1992, the cover-up started unraveling, and events happened in this order:

 “CIA officials submitted a document to an Atlanta district court that conveyed misleading and outright false informa¬tion intentionally covering up the true facts, i.e. denying that for years the CIA had had prior knowledge of BNL’s fraudulent loans.
 “Senator David Boren, showing an unusual display of duty, revealed the document to be full of lies. The CIA then drafted a memorandum to correct the falsified informa-tion in the previous document. The Justice Department objected to submission of the CIA correction since the Justice Department would then be forced to explain its own deceptions.
 “The CIA then acquiesced to the Justice Department’s demands to continue the cover-up — but the next day, the CIA prepared a document that would protect the CIA’s lies. The Justice Department refused to sign it since the document would further reveal their own lies.
 “CIA officials then testified in a closed-door Senate Intelli¬gence Committee hearing, describing the newest version of what happened, and placing all of the blame for their own lies and cover-ups on pressure from the Justice Department.
 “Attorney General Barr then told the Senate committee that the Justice Department would investigate itself, using its own guilty Justice Department personnel to conduct said investigation. As with previous Justice Department investigations of itself — such as happened in the Inslaw Scandal, the October Surprise, the BCCI Scan¬dal, and the Iran-Contra Scandal — the ‘Iraq-Gate’ inves¬tigation had the predictable result: The Justice Depart¬ment determined that the Justice Department had not done anything wrong.

“Meanwhile, the Justice Department finally managed to have Judge Shoob disqualified from Drogoul’s trial and a new judge named Ernest Tidwell took over. Things then fell into the normal pattern. Tidwell refused to allow Drogoul’s defense to subpoena now ex-Presi¬dent Bush to show that Bush himself was involved in carrying out the fraud. Tidwell refused to allow evidence about the CIA’s rôle in both the fraud itself, and the subsequent cover-up.
“Since Judge Tidwell thus deprived Drogoul of his ability to defend himself— a common prac¬tice in federal courts — Drogoul reluctantly pled guilty to something that he did not do — a common result of that practice. Thus, BNL-Rome’s rôle was never exposed, the $5 billion loan guarantees were paid, and once again, all the guilty parties skated away not only unscathed, but significantly wealthier. And once again, an inno¬cent dupe was sent to prison for their crimes, and once again hundreds of thousands of other innocent dupes were pauperized.
“Again, this is just a brief outline of the BNL Scandal. Henry Kissinger was directly involved in arranging BNL loans to Iraq with help from future Bush National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft, and future Bush Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger.
“Another thing to keep in mind is that hundreds of people were murdered as a result of threatening exposure of all these activities and/or for simply knowing too much. In addition, the CIA regularly murders low-level operatives in its drug trafficking operations. Several hundred people were murdered over knowledge of the Kennedy assassi¬nation alone. CIA whistleblowers have stated that they received orders to kill everyone involved with the October Surprise operation.
“To be fair, though, it must be noted that murder is usually the last resort. The CIA has a lengthy list of other methods useful in silencing people, and these methods are usually successful, thus elimi¬nating the necessity of murdering people. These methods include:

 Fabricating criminal charges and/or charge CIA whistle-blow¬ers with offenses that they carried out under orders from their CIA handlers.
 Seizing all assets, thus denying whistleblowers the ability to hire their own counsel, and forcing them to rely on inef¬fi¬cient and/or corrupt court-appointed attorneys.
 Block them from the ability to raise matters in court relat¬ing to the CIA under the all-encompassing umbrella of ‘national security’.
 Denying them the ability to subpoena CIA personnel or documents.
 Having CIA personnel engage in perjury.
 Paying informants to commit perjury, said payment being in the form of money and/or of significantly reduce prison sentences for their own crimes and/or vacating pending criminal actions.
 Discrediting any charges made by whistleblowers by claim¬ing that since they are felons, their word cannot be accepted.

“Simultaneously, though, the same Justice Department regularly buys testimony from hard-core felons, and they have tens of thousands of people imprisoned strictly upon the word of these felons with no other evidence whatsoever.

“Again: This is all just a tiny peek into the foyer. This is the thin skin on a large apple. This is what we are up against, officers, and we need all the help we can get.”

It’s time to get to work…

1) FYI Section:

1A) New News Letter on Homelessness: “The Week in Housing Advocacy”

This is a new weekly newsletter focused upon state-level activity in the area of homelessness issues:

Welcome to the first edition of The Week in Housing Advocacy, my week in review of all things related to our state legislative agenda in You can hear two of those here.

We also organized two work sessions on affordable housing and homelessness for the House Community Development, Housing, and Tribal Affairs Committee. This provided us with a great opportunity to educate committee members on key programs like the Housing Trust Fund, Housing and Essential Needs/Disability Lifeline, and the Washington Families Fund. You can see one of the highlights from Tuesday’s session in our previous blog post here.

Finally, last week also saw significant discussion and movement on homeless youth-related issues. Casey Trupin from Columbia Legal Services did a great job highlighting the impact that a lack of safe, affordable housing has on educational achievement. He shared that over 50% of homeless students counted by their school are under the age of 10. Also, one of our Support Items, permanently reinstating the 72-hour notification rule for homeless youth in the shelter system is now officially SB 5147. Last Thursday, it passed the Senate Human Services and Corrections Committee and now goes directly to the Rules Committee. The fast action by the committee on this bill is very encouraging, and we’ll work with our allies to make sure it keeps moving.

Thanks for reading!

Michele Thomas
Director of Policy and Advocacy
P.S. Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Day is fast approaching. Don’t wait. Register now!

Our vision is that all Washington residents have the opportunity to live in safe, healthy, affordable homes in thriving communities. Help us make this vision a reality: click here to donate.

To manage the emails you receive from us, visit this link or update your contact information here.



1B) Emma Goldman Youth & Homeless Outreach Project [EGYHOP]

EGYHOP is a 100% volunteer-run organization that provides emergency resources and direct service nightly on the streets of Olympia. In order to continue our work we need new or used supplies that will help members of our community stay warm, dry, and healthy.

Some items we really need:

 Tents and tarps
 Sleeping bags and blankets
 Large size winter coats
 Gloves, hats, and scarves
 Socks
 Rain gear
 Large warm layering clothes (hoodies and thermals)
 Back packs and duffle bags
 Batteries, caondles, duct tape, sewing kits
 Vitamins, aspirin/advil/Tylenol, cough drops
 Tampons and pads
 Band aids, tooth paste, tooth brushes, and razors

Donation drop-off bin at the Capitol Theater (upstairs)

Donation pick-up = post on our Facebook wall and we’ll come to you


Or you can send financial donations to:

Done and Done
PO Box 6382
Olympia WA 98507

Make checks payable to “Done and Done”
A 501 (C) 3 tax-deductable non-profit organization


1C) Free Skool Announcement

Free Skool is going through some structural changes!

You can check out our Calendar online at http://www.freeskoololy.com/

Also, Submit your Class Proposal Forms and your class will still appear on the Calendar!

Class Proposal Form:


If you’d like to be part of Free Skool we’re attempting to find a meeting time that works for everyone.

Those interested if you could respond with a preference between Monday and Friday?
at 5:00pm 5:30 or 6:00pm

Also Sundays were working well for people in the past too.

If this is of preference let us know!

Free the knowledge
Free the people


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2) Debate: Should Drugs be Legalized?
Thursday January 31st at 1:15pm @ Building 26, Room 102 at SPSCC

A debate about the Drug War.

This from the organizers:

Debate: “Should the United States Legalize Drugs?”

Steve Dickerson (SPSCC Professor of Philosophy) will moderate a debate between Warren McLeod (SPSCC Professor of Criminal Justice, Lewis County Coroner, and CSI club advisor) vs. David Hyde (SPSCC Professor of Criminology and Sociology and BRICK club advisor), from 12 noon to 1:15pm in Building 26, Room 102 at South Puget Sound Community College (SPSCC) in SW Olympia. Sponsored by BRICK (a progressive student organization) and the SPSCC CSI Club.

Info: http://www.spsccbrick.org

If you require disability accommodations, please contact the Office of Student Life at studentlife@spscc.ctc.edu or call (360) 596-5306.

3) Legislative Committee Hearing for Single-Payer Health Bill
Friday February 1st at 1:30 p.m. @ John L. O’Brien Building Hearing Room B

It would be good to show the legislature that there is strong support for single-payer healthcare.

This from TC Pronet:

Legislative committee hearing for single-payer health bill (Washington Health Security Trust): Single-payer (“Medicare for all”) supporters are still pushing for this profound reform in Washington State. The revised bill to create the Washington Health Security Trust (WHST) was filed on January 15 as House Bill 1085 (HB 1085) by Rep. Sherry Appleton. The updated version of this bill is designed to be workable under the federal government’s 2010 health care reform bill, but the basic provisions are similar to WHST’s versions going back 13 years.

The House Health and Wellness Committee will hold a hearing on Fri. Feb. 1 at 1:30 p.m. in House Hearing Room B of the John L. O’Brien Building in Olympia, just SW of the Capitol Building. WHST’s supporters want to pack the hearing room to show legislators that there is much public support. You can sign in as a supporter of HB 1085.


4) February Folk Friday with Judson Claiborne, Jared “Doc” Estes, and Old Growth Poetry Collective
Friday February 1st from 7 to 10 PM @ Kitzel’s Crazy Delicious Delicatessen, 514 S. Capitol Way

Poetry and music that’s likely to move you.

This from the organizers:

Kitzel’s rings in first Friday with home-grown and acoustic music, provided by Judson Claiborne and Jared “Doc” Estes, and with local slam poetry troupe, Old Growth Poetry Collective.


5) Transition Olympia Reskilling Workshops: From Ewe to You: Working with Wool
Saturday February 2nd from 10 AM to 4 PM
@ NW EcoBuilding Guild EcoHouse, 911 Adams Street SE

Transition Olympia is offering a number of ‘Reskilling’ Workshops so that you can start learning how to wean yourself from the Machine’s cold steel teat.

Shannon Pritchard is offering a class on working with wool:

Transition Olympia offers reskilling events from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the NW EcoBuilding Guild EcoHouse, 911 Adams Street SE, Olympia.

From 10 a.m. to 12 noon enjoy From Ewe to You: Working with Wool with Shannon Pritchard.

Info: shamkablam@gmail.com or Sewing for Survival: Basic Sewing and Repair with Beth Rodman.

Info: bethrodman@gmail.com From 1 to 4 p.m. enjoy Weaving from Weeds: Sustainable Basket Making from Cast-off Materials with Irene Hinkle

Info: gortexgirl@gmail.com

For any of these, please pre-register (class sizes are limited) at http://www.TransitionOlympia.org

More info: Gita Moulton at gitamoulton@earthlink.net

6) Olympia Mycelial Network Meeting
Saturday February 2nd at 1 PM @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE

Join our local fungus-heads!

This from Ava:

Do you wanna grow mushrooms for food, medicine, or to clean up pollution?

The Olympia Mycelial Network is a newly developing group of volunteers working to share knowledge and skills related to the use of fungi for environmental and personal betterment. The OMN is non-discriminating and open to people of all backgrounds and levels of engagement with fungi. We seek to de-stigmatize and simplify work with fungi to create greater access to the benefits they provide. Our current work plans to focus on small-scale low-tech home cultivation; community outreach via free/ cheap workshops and community mushroom plots, developing our own mushroom medicinal, and working to implement remediation projects to clean up polluted areas locally.

We are meeting this Saturday, all are welcome to attend!


7) Homeless Defense PAC/ Media Island Benefit Brunch
Sunday February 3rd from 11 AM to 2 PM @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE

For this month’s Media Island Benefit Brunch, activists in the area of homelessness will be meeting to organize in the face of recent actions by the Olympia City Council to criminalize homelessness rather than dealing with the problem. If you are interested in participating in activism on behalf of defending the defenseless then please join us. There will be many people who have been working on this issue for years in attendance. The purpose of this meeting/ brunch is to discuss alternatives and make plans for action.


8) POWER Outage: Defending the Homeless
Monday February 4th, Potluck at 5:30, Meeting at 6 PM @ Darby’s Café, 211 5th Ave SE

This month’s POWER Outage will be centered upon learning about and how to end homelessness.

This from Monica:

Dear Community Advocate,

In context of the great work you and do around homeless issues; POWER, Parents Organizing for Welfare and Economic Rights, would like to invite you and the folks you work with to POWER Outage on February 4th.

In light of the recent Olympia City Council decisions, POWER members want to devote our first Monday, monthly meeting in February to a discussion about homelessness. We would like to provide a platform for folks we rarely hear from, those most affected. Most of the homeless forums, teach-ins, or legislative hearings within our experience feature service providers serving as experts on homelessness.

We would like to provide a safe, well moderated opportunity for sharing stories and encourage open dialog on the people’s solution for solving homelessness. We will be splitting the evening into two parts; the first half is for anyone who has experienced or is experiencing homelessness to have the opportunity to say what they want folks to hear about their experience and how the city ordinance would affect them. The second half will be to discuss solutions and everyone will be invited to provide input.

What do you think? Does this feel useful from your perspective? We’d be delighted to have you there and would appreciate if you would pass this invitation on to others you think would benefit from this. We have attached a flier to help you with outreach.

We hold POWER Outage at Darby’s Cafe, 211 5th Avenue. The cafe is closed so we start our meetings with a potluck at 5:30. The Olympia Childcare Collective will provide childcare at the POWER office, down the street at 309 5th Avenue from 6 – 8.


Monica Peabody


9) Immigrant Rights Day at the State Capitol
Tuesday February 5th at Washington State Capitol

This will be a full day of workshops and lobbying for immigrant rights.

This from the organizers:

Immigrant Rights Day at the State Capitol: Workshops, advocacy training, and meetings with legislators will focus on immigrant rights in Washington.

Info: http://www.nwirp.org

10) An Afternoon with CISPES Spokesman Alexander Gómez
Tuesday February 5th at 3 PM @ TESC Seminar 2, C1107

Come hear about happenings in El Salvador.

This from the organizers:



SEMINAR 2, C1107

Mr. Gomez is President and Executive Board Member of the Union of National Lottery Workers (Sindicato de Trabajadores as de la Lotería Nacional de Beneficencia– SITRALONB) and Treasurer and Executive Board Member of the Federation of Public Service Workers (Federación Sindical de Trabajadores as del Servicio Público de El Salvador – FESTRASPES) Tour Dates: February 2-14, 2013. Cities to be visited: Seattle and Olympia, WA; Portland, OR; Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, CA.

Alexander Gómez was born in1974 in the rural outskirts of San Luis del Carmen, province of Chalatenango. Mr. Gómez works as a Commercial Technician at the National Lottery, an institution of the Ministry of Treasury of El Salvador, where he has been employed since 1994.
The National Lottery has existed for 142 years, but it was not until 1979 that Lottery workers clandestinely founded the SITRALONB union with the help of Archbishop Oscar Romero, who was assassinated the following year by Salvadoran death squads. The union workers faced serious repression during the years of the civil war and military dictatorship, including a three-day military occupation of their union hall by the National Guard. In 1981, the SITRALONB workers managed to negotiate the collective contract that they hold today. The union has survived decades of efforts by right wing administrations to destroy SITRALONB and rumored attempts to sell off the Lottery to foreign capital.

Today, SITRALONB workers find themselves, along with all public sector workers, facing an all to real threat of privatization in the form of a proposed Public Private Partnership (P3) Law being pushed by the US government. Having analyzed the law with all the FESTRASPES member unions, Mr. Gómez knows that the passage of the P3 Law will bring a wave of transnational corporations seeking to bid on public institutions.

He is certain that with the support of international solidarity, the transnational push for privatization that so imperils workers’ rights and dignity can be stopped in its tracks. Event is free and open to all.

Sponsored by Olympia/Evergreen CISPES and the Power in American Society Program. For more information contact 360.867.6513 or lmosqueda@comcast.net.

11) Panel Discussion on Indigenous Treaties & Idle No More
Wednesday February 6th from 4 to 6 PM @ TESC Longhouse

Idle No More is seriously shaking things up in Canada. Let’s learn how they are doing that.

This from the organizers:

An evening of songs and words in honour of indigenous treaties, in support of Idle No More, and in celebration of Aotearoa New Zealand’s Treaty of Waitangi Day.

The Native Programs at The Evergreen State College invite you to attend a panel discussion by local and international scholars and cultural leaders on February 6th, 4-6 pm at the Longhouse. Panelists will explore some of the issues around indigenous treaties (including the Treaty of Waitangi of Aotearoa/New Zealand), the “Idle No More” movement, and indigenous sovereignty. The panel discussion will be followed by tribal songs offered in support of indigenous treaties — drummers are welcome.

Click on the link for more details on this free, public event.



Bonus Tip of the Day:

Demand real justice.




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