Oly Oly Action 1_17 The Machine

Warning: This Machine Kills Fascists
Written on Woody Guthrie’s guitar

1) Hip Hop Benefit for Free Radio Olympia
2) Green Party of South Puget Sound Monthly Meeting
3) Ground Zero Center Action at Bangor Trident Submarine Base
4) Martin Luther King Day Action at the State Capitol
4A) POWER Action
4B) Washington Can! Action
5) Bonus Tip of the Day


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Welcome to the Machine!

All song lyrics excerpted from “Hungry” © 1993 by Dana Walker


I am HUNGRY, I’m here, and I’m looking for you…

First I will eat all your food
Then I’ll eat your house and your home
Then I will eat your sons and daughters
And then I will eat your heart
Because I’m hungry, I’m here, and I’m looking for you…


Hey Kids!

The United States Supreme Court — in all their wisdom — recently classified corporations as legal ‘people’.

Some think this contention is Through the Looking Glass levels of absurd — but the Supremes have said it is so, and so it is legally so indeed!


What a world!

The Machine is owned and operated by corporations. I think it is important that people understand some basic differences between human people and Machine people. Human people have compassion ethics hearts and souls. The Machine has none of those things. Human people care about children and flowers. The Machine cares nothing for children or flowers.

The Machine, in fact, eats children and then defecates toxic poison upon flowers.

The Machine, in fact, is a parasite that is consuming its host.

The Machine runs on money. The politicians keep saying there is no money when actually (as they well know) there is more money than ever. There is more money now — on a per capita basis and accounting for inflation — than there was during the reign of the Great Middle Class of America from the mid-40’s to the mid-80’s when common working people like my family were living the good life on the 40-hour per week working-man wages of my father.

The problem is that these days, rather than going into wages and retirement funds or building schools and bridges like it was before, all the money is instead now being diverted into the secret Cayman Island bank accounts of some very bad people.

The problem is that the rules of this game are quite literally heads they win and tails we lose.

In 1913 Congress shirked their Constitutionally-mandated duty of coining money by literally privatizing our currency and handing it over to the Banksters in the form of the Federal Reserve Bank. The Federal Reserve Bank is not federal, it is not a reserve, and it is not a bank. It is, in fact, a privately owned scam.

One reason there is so much money these days is because over the last four years the Federal Reserve has created well over ten-trillion dollars out of nothing.

Literally. First there was nothing — and then there was ten-trillion dollars.

It’s like magic, eh?

$10 trillion represents two-thirds of the GDP for the entire United States last year. This fed ‘magic money’ does not represent anything real; this wealth was not created by sweat or by making something or by growing something. It simply appeared from nowhere. Poof. This computer entry is worth ten-trillion dollars because we say so.

They conjured up nearly as much money as was created by all of the work and all of the blood sweat and tears and all of the selling and all of the services and all of the shipping and all of the manufacturing and everything that everyone in the entire United States made for all of last year only they ‘earned’ it simply by making entries on a computer.

Jeez, who needs Midas?

The Federal Reserve ‘loaned’ virtually all of this money to their owners over on Wall Street at near 0% interest and Wall Street promptly loaned a bunch of it back to the government at 3% interest.

(Your tax dollars at work!)

The rest went into ‘financial speculation’.

(I’m way oversimplifying here, but those statements are more accurate than not and I don’t want to get lost in the weeds here…)

This $10 trillion was in addition to the infamous $800 billion in direct government subsidy that was provided to Wall Street by the TARP Bailout money, wherein the taxpayer was dunned so that we could compensate Wall Street for stealing almost everything we owned.

And keep in mind when we start talking about these kinds of numbers that they are literally beyond human comprehension. “$10 trillion” or “$800 billion” slides off the tongue so easily but consider: How much money does one-million dollars represent to you? What could your school do with one-million dollars?

Consider that one-million seconds is about two weeks.

Now: Consider that one-billion seconds ago it was 1980 and Ronald Reagan was defeating Jimmy Carter for the presidency.

From two weeks to Ronald Reagan. That’s a big difference between a million and a billion, eh?

Now: Consider that one-trillion seconds ago it was 30,000 BCE.

Straight up. There is that much difference between a billion and a trillion. We’ve gone from Ronald Reagan to the Pleistocene Epoch, Kids, and prehistoric people are painting animals on cave walls in France.

That is one-trillion. Ten-trillion seconds and now it is 300,000 BCE. It is the Yarmouth Interglacial Period. Neanderthals are in the early stages of their development in Africa. Homo Sapiens do not yet exist.

What could your school do with the one-million dollars represented by those two weeks?

What did Wall Street do with those 300,000 years?

Nothing good, believe me. Quite the contrary, in fact, unless you consider looting the resources of very poor Third World people and mass-murdering families all over the world for profit to be good things.

The bulk of that money stays in house. The only thing that ‘trickles down’ is the bare minimum they can get away with and even that has been proportionally shrinking like a patch of snow on a hot sunny day for the last 30 years.

What little does eventually ‘trickle down’ is usually tinted yellow and has a foul odour.


I already ate all of the animals
I ate the rivers
I ate all the trees
I will eat the earth the sea the sky the sun and the moon
I’ll eat everything if you don’t stop me
Because I’m hungry, I’m here, and I’m looking for you…


Barack Obama has continued the proud tradition of appointing Wall Street insiders to head the Treasury Department by nominating Jack Lew to be Secretary of the Treasury to replace outgoing Wall Street insider Timothy Geithner.

Mr. Lew was formerly an executive at Citigroup, one of the most notorious of the Wall Street gambling firms. Mr. Lew believes that Wall Street should be deregulated (i.e. they should be able to gamble with other people’s money without restriction or oversight) and he is an enthusiastic supporter of austerity (i.e. making everyone but Wall Street pay for Wall Street’s gambling debts when they lose).

Jon Stewart recently asked an economist what the difference was between derivatives trading and a Ponzi scheme and the economist replied that the only difference was that one was legal and the other was not.

While that’s funny and while that’s true as far as it goes, it doesn’t go far enough because actually the main difference is the size of the scam: If your arrangement grosses under a few tens-of-millions a year then it is called a ‘Ponzi scheme’ and you may go to prison (i.e. Bernie Madoff, who made the mistake of ripping off other rich people rather than sticking to ripping off pension funds and working-people’s homes like everyone else) whereas if you start getting into the hundreds-of-millions then it is called ‘derivatives trading’ and you not only get to keep all the profits and you are not only immune to prosecution but your investors and the taxpayers pay for your fines and financial losses while you personally not only suffer no setbacks of any kind but you actually increase your compensation via taxpayer bailouts and by creating more Federal Reserve funny money out of thin air.

Heads they win, tails we lose.

Nice work if you can get it…

…but you can’t because this is also a famously incestuous family. Obama is an exception to the rule but only because he is so incredibly effective at what he does, which is to convince liberals that fascism is acceptable as long as a Democrat is doing it and that everyone should just shut up about all this police-state stuff and all this war-crime stuff because Obama is so cool and because he occasionally throws us a token bone as he is preparing to shank us in the back…

…and just as Obama is putting the finishing touches on their shiny new police state, now there’s a big push to disarm the American public thus robbing us of our last line of defense.

I know gun control advocates think they’re doing a good thing but you’re only helping the fascists to take over.


The more I eat the bigger I get
The bigger I get the more I eat
I eat every single thing that I touch
Gonna eat you eventually
Because I’m hungry, I’m here, and I’m looking for you…


Goldman $achs

Thanks to Obama, during these times of great economic stress Goldman $achs just reported last Tuesday that they managed to eke it out by nearly tripling their already magnificently overblown profits last quarter.


Yes, Goldman $achs’ house boy has come through for them again.

(Do they pat him on the head and tell him what a good boy he is? Did they promise him a place in one of their survival pods for when they finally destroy the environmental infrastructure?)

Goldman $achs has friends in high places. Goldman $achs was one of George W. Bush’s largest campaign contributors in both of his successful presidential campaigns. Goldman $achs was the largest contributor to Barack Obama’s successful presidential campaign in 2008 — though they deserted him for their kindred soul-mate and fellow vulture-capitalist Mitt Romney in 2012.

(As Jack Lew’s appointment to Treasury proves, though, Obama did not take personal offense at Wall Street’s snub…)

(…but does Obama really think that those superiorly bred pure-WASP Banksters will actually accept him as one of their own? A guy who is half-Scottish? Really?)

(Actually, Obama’s a pretty sharp guy — so I’m thinking that he probably got that survival-pod promise in writing…)

So get this: The TARP money was given to Wall Street by the head of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, William Dudley. Goldman $achs was a major recipient of these funds. Before he was head of the New York Fed, William Dudley worked for Goldman $achs. Timothy Geithner, Obama’s current treasury secretary, was one of Mr. Dudley’s predecessors at the New York Fed. Bush’s treasury secretary was Henry Paulson. Henry Paulson was the architect and prime motivator of the Great Wall Street Bailout which, as mentioned, greatly benefited Goldman $achs. Before becoming Bush’s treasury secretary Henry Paulson had been the CEO of Goldman $achs. Bill Clinton’s treasury secretary was Robert Rubin. Robert Rubin was the central architect of the bank deregulation that allowed Goldman $achs to start gambling with our life savings and our homes and our pension funds. Before he was Clinton’s treasury secretary Robert Rubin spent twenty-six years at Goldman $achs. After leaving Clinton’s administration Robert Rubin became chairman of Citigroup. While there, Citigroup got a $300 billion taxpayer bailout from Paulson. Other Goldman alumni include Joshua Bolten, Bush’s chief of staff during the bailout, and Mark Patterson, Obama’s current Treasury Chief of Staff — who was a Goldman lobbyist until just two years ago.

(Read Obama’s lips: “No lobbyists in my White House!”)


And goshy whiz! I almost forgot Ed Liddy (sorry Ed, don’t take it personally) who was the former Goldman $achs director that Paulson put in charge of bailed-out insurance giant AIG which subsequently forked over $13 billion to — Goldman $achs!

And Goldman $achs is a worldwide concern, believe me! They are everywhere!

As my hero and role model Matt Taibbi so eloquently put it: “The world’s most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.”


Not only was the head of the New York Stock Exchange and the last two heads of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York all Goldman hit-men but the heads of the Canadian and Italian national banks are also Goldman alums, as is the head of the World Bank…

…and so forth.

Incidentally ironically insanely and maddeningly, mention of the New York Fed brings us full circle right back to William Dudley and his Federal Reserve funny money — and also incidentally ironically insanely and maddeningly — get ready for some serious cognitive dissonance now — Obama has designated the Federal Reserve Bank of New York as officially “in charge of overseeing” Goldman $achs!

Believe me; I could not make this up! If you put this in a novel you would be laughed out of the business! This is the frigging fox owning the frigging henhouse!

And the scary part is that no one is saying anything about it! The unquestioned assumption is that this is legitimate and since the talking heads and officials on the brainwashing machines and everyone else except people like me consider it legitimate then that makes it legitimate even though this is more Through the Looking Glass level stuff.

For purposes of public relations the stated reason for this multi-trillion-dollar ‘gift’ was to encourage the kindly gentlemen at Goldman $achs to pretty please with sugar on top maybe provide a few small loans to a few small businesspeople here and there so that maybe they can get going and maybe create a few jobs that a lot of people could sorely use right about now.

I am sure that William Dudley was very stern and wagged his finger at his former-and-probably-future employers as he was forking over the taxpayer’s dough. I’m sure he reminded them that he was ‘overseeing’ them, so that they darn well better watch out!

In spite Mr. Dudley’s theoretical admonitions, though, rather than providing loans, the kindly gentlemen at Goldman $achs instead began ‘speculating’ (i.e. gambling with other people’s money) on foreign currencies and oil futures. (Remember those gasoline price spikes over last couple of years? Guess where all that money went!) (Rhymes with “Kay Man I Land”.)

Like I say, nice work if you can get it.


I have no conscience
I have no morals
I will do as I see fit
I treat Mother Nature like she’s my whore
I suck her dry and then I eat her tit
Because I’m hungry, I’m here, and I’m looking for you…


The Way Things Work

I think this will be entertaining even for those of you who already know how all of this works but I get new people on this list all the time and they may not yet know about this stuff — so rather than getting into endless details about some specific outrage I would now like instead to describe a generic typical scenario that has been playing out over and over and over again for a very long time now.

Welcome to the Machine:

In our fictional/ true scenario the United States government [i.e. Wall Street] makes a foreign aid appropriation to an impoverished Third World country. Some senators issue a press release, pose in a photograph, and we Americans pat ourselves on the back as we wallow in our self-righteousness and superiority.

In conjunction with all of this Wall Street dispatches an ‘economic hit man’ to the target country to inform the local political power structure that they have something that Wall Street wants and that they can either cooperate and be showered with gold or they can fight it and be showered with cluster bombs. For our generic scenario here, let’s say that Wall Street wants to build a dam; so next a massive propaganda campaign is launched to convince the local peasants that a dam would bring a prosperous Shangri-La paradise of plenty complete with milk and honey flowing through the streets for one and all.

The local president/ dictator/ whatever either cooperates and is showered with gold or he resists and is showered with cluster bombs and replaced. Either way a deal is made. A large check from the American taxpayer is written. There is a massive transfer of funds from a bank in New York to a bank in San Francisco. This pays the American contractor who builds the dam for the Wall Street ‘investment firm’ that will actually own the dam and that will make all the profits from the dam. (Actually a subsidiary of the Wall Street firm that is headquartered at a post office box in the Cayman Islands technically owns the dam — and thus escapes paying any American taxes on their American tax-subsidized income — but that’s just more details…)

There is also a check from the government of the recipient country so their taxpayers can also help defray the cost of this wonderful American company coming develop their poor impoverished country for them.

This check also goes to that bank in San Francisco.

After the local peasants have been kicked off land that they have inhabited for generations with little if any compensation for the purpose of flooding it with a dam that profits only foreigners and corrupt officials, and once the dam is up and running with an overworked staff that is paid doodly squat, there is sometimes a small token ‘tax’ that sometimes goes to the local government. Whatever portion of this tax revenue that escapes military spending and corruption sometimes gets to the actual people who live there, but not always and never much.

In many cases the only people who can afford the electricity produced by the dam are wealthy city dwellers, so the common people don’t even receive that benefit.

Complaints about this arrangement are often discouraged by torturing and murdering the complainant and the complainant’s family. (The family is thrown in to discourage other potential complainants.) If many start to complain then the United States government votes another appropriation, this time for military hardware — conveniently supplied by American war profiteers — to suppress these radical terrorist threats to world peace.

Meanwhile, back in the good ole’ US of A, the people who are being led around by their noses watching their corporate brainwashing machines are fed pap about all the wonderful things their tax dollars are doing for these poor impoverished people building dams and such when actually all of this much ballyhooed ‘foreign aid’ is administered by USAID — which often acts as a front organization for the CIA — which is itself a mass-murdering drug-dealing utterly corrupt rogue government within the government and another very messy can of worms in its own right — and the fact that the vast majority of this much ballyhooed ‘foreign aid’ consists of guns and bombs that kill hundreds of thousands every year is rarely mentioned by our valiant talking heads in the press.

All of this is standard procedure in American foreign policy for generations now — and from the very beginning if you simply change some of the dynamics.

And That is the Way Things Work

If anyone ever wants to further explore any of the things I describe in this newsletter I will be happy to forward links to the journalistic documentation for all of this stuff upon request. I have a large and ever-growing collection of such links.


I’ve gotta be honest and tell you, Kids: All of this greatly disturbs my peace of mind. It upsets my heart and perturbs my soul.

All of this leads me to believe that I must now deploy some heavy linguistic artillery.

Yes indeedy, Kids, prepare yourselves! Hang onto something and get ready for some no-holds-barred stream-of-thought outrage…

…I must now install my special asbestos keyboard protector to guard my computer against the fire flying from my fingertips…

…for I am about to unleash my Brand-New Oly Oly Action Alert Special Feature:

I’ll Tell You What I REALLY Think!

Yeah, I’ll tell you what I really think all right! I think that our entire world is owned and operated by a bunch of sociopathic human-mutant hybrids that should be exiled from normal human society!

(Perhaps build colonies on isolated islands where they can prey upon each other and not infect the rest of us with their disease?)

I’ll tell you what I really think: I think we have the technology and the know-how right now to convert this planet into a verdant paradise with plenty of everything for everyone without destroying the environmental infrastructure that makes it all possible in the first place, but we aren’t allowed to do that because our entire world is owned and operated by a bunch of sociopathic human-mutant hybrids that should be exiled from normal human society!

I’ll tell you what I really think: I think that up until now ‘civilization’ has always meant rich people with guns making slaves out of the people who actually make and grow everything (i.e. the people who actually produce all they wealth they are themselves deprived of) and that a world like that is always owned and operated by a bunch of sociopathic human-mutant hybrids that should be exiled from normal human society!

I’ll tell you what I really think: I think that if the trucks ever stop rolling then there are three days worth of food in any given American city at any given time and that there are not only about three possible but probable scenarios wherein the trucks do indeed stop rolling, but it appears as if all three of those scenarios may be playing out more-or-less simultaneously sometime in the near future — especially since Americans seem so content to just eat their pie and go to sleep — and I think that unless something unforeseen happens (which is quite possible considering the definition of ‘unforeseen’) then my granddaughter’s civilization is about to collapse into a fiery apocalypse and I think that all of this is happening because our entire world is owned and operated by a bunch of sociopathic human-mutant hybrids that should be exiled from normal human society.

I’ll tell you what I really think: I think all of that really truly sucks a very big one.

I’ll tell you what I really think: I think that a few hundred-thousand people cannot tell seven-billion people what to do unless a large portion of those seven-billion people go along with it.

I’ll tell you what I really think: I think we need to stop going along with it.

And That’s what I Really Think!


Hopeful Note

Most people are good people. Most people would be outraged to their cores if they knew what was really going on and it would no longer be allowed.

That is why I dedicate myself to spreading this information.

I will end on a hopeful note tonight, for there are signs that the American people are finally starting to get it:

Cockroaches now enjoy a higher approval rating than Congress does.

And actually it’s even worse: Congress now has a lower approval rating even than France!

(How can they face their constituents?)

However, we still have some work to do: Congress still has a higher approval rating than gonorrhea.

Let’s see what we can do about that, eh Kids?

It’s time to get to work…

1) Hip Hop Benefit for Free Radio Olympia
Friday January 18th from 7 PM to 1 AM @ the Portal, 2420 Bush Ave NW

FRO is back! Come help us seize our airwaves back from the Machine! Come flip the FCC a bird!

Come help support our beloved local radio pirates!

This from Free Radio Olympia:

Free Radio Olympia is going back on the air aaaaaaaand were having a house party to celebrate and raise $.
Double B
Lawless, Hollywood, Co$tna and Dopez of Hollywood Kill Krew
The Hopped up Metaforesterz
Deaed Language
plus guests
$5 donation please
On the westside @ The Portal 2420 Bush Ave NW


2) Green Party of South Puget Sound Monthly Meeting
Saturday January 19th, Potluck at 6:30, Meeting at 7 PM @ 209 5th Avenue Upstairs

Do you want to be clubbed on the head by Republicans or stabbed in the back by Democrats?

This is a choice?

Come check out an alternative to the political duopoly.


3) Ground Zero Center Action at Bangor Trident Submarine Base
Saturday January 19th and Monday January 21st
@ Bangor Trident Submarine Base, Poulsbo

Nuclear-armed submarines in our back yard? BOOOOO!

Come express your displeasure.

This from Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action:

In a little over two weeks – on Saturday, January 19th and on Monday, January 21st – Ground Zero Center will celebrate the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. King has often been reduced (or perhaps I should say simplified) by the mainstream press, although he was truly a deep, multidimensional human being, theologian and leader. Much, if not all, of his evolution as a peacemaker has been brushed under the proverbial rug. Play it safe, as they say. Well, Dr. King did not “play it safe.”

Many people warned him not to venture off into matters of war and peace. Leave that to the peace activists, they said. Even some people close to Dr. King warned him of the consequences of speaking out against the Vietnam War. But Dr. King knew that he must speak – that “war is the enemy of the poor” and that “silence is betrayal.”

And so today, nearly 84 years after his birth and in a world desperately in need of his message, we honor Dr. King’s broader legacy of nonviolence, and his stand against war and nuclear weapons.

Saturday, January 19th

Ground Zero Center has planned a full, rich day of activities at The Center House next to the Bangor Trident submarine base in Poulsbo on Saturday, January 19th. The day will include a film and discussion, a dialogue with Buddhist monk Gilberto Perez on “Racism, Hatred and War”, nonviolence training, a vigil and action at the Bangor base, and more. Click here to see the full day’s schedule.

We welcome you to join us on Saturday. Please dress appropriately. We will be outdoors at least during the vigil at the Bangor gate, and may walk approximately one mile from GZ to the gate (Note: There will be a vehicle or two available for those needing assistance getting to the gate). Please dress for cold, wet weather, and bring sturdy walking shoes.

Also, please bring either a brown bag lunch or something to share for lunch. We will have coffee, tea and light breakfast fare for you. Other than that, bring your nonviolent spirit and a friend or two (if you like).

Monday, January 21st

On Monday Ground Zero Center will participate in the 31st annual region-wide Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Celebration in Seattle. We will march with our banner that reads “When scientific power outruns spiritual power, we end up with guided missiles and misguided men.” We will quite likely also have our inflatable (life size!) Trident missile. We welcome everyone in the Seattle area to come out that day, march with us, and even help carry the banner or missile. We will also have leaflets to hand out carrying Dr. King’s message of nonviolence and opposition to war and nuclear weapons.

More Details

Click here to download the event poster/flyer if you would like to share it with others.
If you missed the January 2013 issue of the Ground Zero Newsletter, click here to read it. The front page honors Dr. King’s legacy of nonviolence and opposition to war and nuclear weapons.

For more information on the Saturday event go to http://www.gzcenter.org. Questions? Either email gznonviolencenews@gmail.com or call 360-930-8697.

For more information contact Rodney Brunelle at either 425-485-7030 or rodney.brunelle@gmail.com Click here to go the MLK Seattle site.

In Peace and towards a nonviolent world,


4) Martin Luther King Day Action at the State Capitol
January 21st All Day @ Washington State Capitol

This is a huge annual event. People will be bussing in from all over the state and nearly all the local organizations will also be participating.

4A) POWER Action

This from POWER:

Monday, January 21st POWER will hold our annual MLK Day of Action, including a Telling Your Story training, march to the Capitol and visits to legislators. Please let us know if you can come and if you need help with transportation or childcare at info@mamapower.org.


4B) Washington Can Action
January 21st All Day @ Washington State Capitol

Washington Community Action Network [WA CAN] will also be here. They provide training and kits and then send teams out to talk to legislators. If you would like to express your concerns directly to your state representative then contact Washington Can!

This from WA CAN:

Please join Washington CAN! for our MLK Day March & Rally
at the Capitol January 21st 9am-3:30pm?

We will start at 9am at the Capitol Theater Downtown. Lunch is provided for all participants.

Register Here Now or reply to mariah.mckay@gmail.com .

I may call you to remind you as this is a very important rally.

Last year our members filled an entire hearing room and won a key vote in the Senate Health Care Committee on implementing the Basic Health Option in Washington State. We heard unforgettable testimony from Spokane mom Jaydra Cope and reminded lawmakers that we the people of Washington State know what is at stake for us in the budget.

This year it’s going to take all of us standing together to protect the things we care about: education, health care, a just economy, equal opportunity. That’s why on Martin Luther King Day, Washington CAN! will convene in Olympia to demand the legislature raise revenue and close corporate tax loopholes, instead of passing another all-cuts budget.

Join us on Monday, January 21st as we celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. The day will include trainings, meetings with legislators and a rally for economic justice. Meals, transportation and childcare will be provided.

RSVP required. Register on our website here:


Or contact our office or an organizer with questions.

Office: 206-389-0050
Mariah McKay: 509-939-0015


5) Bonus Tip of the Day:

Expose a bankster.




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