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   1A)  The Northern Now Has a Facebook Page

   1B)  The Grand Jury Resisters Now Have a Facebook Page

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2)  Weekly Open Mic at the Flaming Eggplant

3)  Ann Chaudhry Superior Court Hearing

4)  Square Dance POWER Fun Raiser

5)  Old Growth Poetry Collective Poetry Slam

6)  Breakfast for Dinner Secret Café for Incarcerated Youth
7)  Leonard Peltier Clemency Gathering

8)  Media Island KOWA Benefit Brunch

9)  Free Radio Olympia Waffle Fundraiser

10)  PFLAG-Olympia Monthly Meeting

11)   “No God, No Master” Benefit Screening for NW Grand Jury Resisters

12)  Film Screening:  No Impact Man

13)  Environmental Impact Hearing on the Proposed Coal Export Terminal

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An Open Letter:


Though we differ in political orientation and career experience, we unanimously observe that neither drugs nor drug abuse has been elimi­nated or appreciably reduced, despite massive spending on inter­diction and harsh punishments.  Attempts at enforcement have clogged the courts, filled the prisons with non-predatory offenders, corrupted officials at home and abroad, bred disrespect for the law in important communities, imperiled the liberties of the people, burdened the taxpayers, impeded public health efforts to stem the spread of HIV and other infectious diseases, and brought the nation no closer to abstinence.  We observe that today there are more drugs available in our communities, and at a lower price, than ever before.  As Congress and state legislatures enact more punitive and costly drug control measures, we conclude with alarm that the War on Drugs now causes more harm than drug abuse itself.


Judge   Morris S. Arnold

US   8th Circuit Court of Appeals

Little   Rock, AR.

Judge   Myron H. Bright

US   8th Circuit Court of Appeals

Little   Rock, AR.

Judge   James C. Paine

US   4th Circuit Court of Appeals

St.   Paul, MN.

Judge   Douglas W. Hillman

US   District Court

Grand   Rapids, MI

Judge   Nancy Gertner

US   District Court

Boston,   MA.

Judge   Morris E. Lasker

US   District Court

New   York, NY

Judge   Robert W. Sweet

US   District Court

New   York, NY.

Judge   Marvin H. Shoob

US   District Court

Atlanta,   GA.

Justice   William E. Hunt Sr.

Montana   Supreme Court

Helena,   MT.

Judge   R.A. (Jim) Randall

Minnesota   Court of Appeals

St.   Paul, MN.

Judge   J. Dickson Phillips

Minnesota   Court of Appeals

St.   Paul, MN.






Few contend that these drugs are a thoroughly deadly scourge.  Their danger is largely attributable to the central reason that so many use them:  Drugs are temporarily able to make hell seem like heaven.  With the demolition of the family structure, crass commercialism, ethical and moral hypocrisy, widespread poverty, the savagely competi­tive nature that permeates our culture; we have created a spiritual wasteland that fails to provide for the basic emotional needs of large numbers of our youth.  Illicit drugs are temporarily able to take the constant nightmare in which many live and transform it into a beautiful dream.  While this result is relatively innocuous in and of itself, before the user realizes it, the drugs have not only created a new nightmare that is even worse than the original, but in addition, the drugs have literally stolen the user’s very soul:  A person who has become addicted to drugs loses the very attributes that makes them human; i.e. they lose their compassion, they lose their objectivity, they lose their ability to care about anyone or anything except obtaining more of their drug.  Every­thing else — their family, their friends, their job, their pride, their conscience, their very life — becomes subservient to their new Need.  (Most illicit drugs actually cause physio­logical changes in the brain’s chemistry — specifically in the dopamine production glands — that make it impossible for long time users to feel pleasure unless they consume drugs.)


If your friend becomes a drug addict, then he/she is no longer your friend.  He/she is no longer the person who became your friend.  He/she has been converted into a sub-human parody of his/her former self.  Their personality and their character are destroyed as they become a literal slave to their one overwhelming Need.  Even if they love you, they will not hesitate to steal your life savings.  They will lie, they will cheat, they will steal, they will deceive, they will sell their daughters — they will do anything that they must do in order to obtain drugs.


Allegedly in response to this threat the government began spending tens of billions of dollars per year in a ‘War on Drugs’ imple­menting a simplistic, one-size-fits-all solution to a deep and highly complex problem.  This criminalization of what is in truth a health social and psychological problem has merely exacerbated the situa­tion.  One of a plethora of negative consequences of this war is that the ‘Land of the Free’ now has more people in prison than any other country in the world, both in total numbers, and proportionally.  We have a larger proportion of our population in prison than Iraq, Libya, Cuba, China, Russia, and North Korea — all countries that are labeled as ‘oppressive’ by American ideologues.  1,000 of every 100,000 Ameri­cans are in prison — or more than 1% of our entire population.)  The second highest prison rate is in Russia, which has 465 per 100,000.  Third is South Africa with 385.  Europe has 88 per 100,000.  Our prison population recently topped the two-million mark.  American citizens constitute only 5% of the world’s population, yet they represent 25% of the world’s prison population — and a huge proportion of our prison population consists of non-violent drug offenders.  It costs taxpayers $15 billion a year to support its prison population.  It is cheaper to send someone to college than it is to send them to prison.


And consider:  The 14th Amendment specifically excludes prisoners from the prohibition of forced servitude.


And consider:  There are now more blacks in prison than were in slavery at the beginning of the Civil War


Not coincidently, we also now have video surveillance of public places, police microphones on neighborhood street corners, airport security that borders on insanity, mandatory urine testing, DNA data banks, Internet censorship, litigation for everything, and a police force more criminal than most of the inmates in our ever-growing prison population.  Yet, in spite of all this [because of all this?] there are now more drugs and drug users than ever.  In the decade of the 90’s, deaths from causes related to the use of illicit drugs doubled from 3.1 to 6.3 per 100,000.  Thus, the ‘War on Drugs’ appears to be accom­plishing the exact opposite of its stated purpose of reducing drug use.  And unfortunately, when we scrutinize these predictable results (having already experienced the exact same situation during Prohibi­tion) we begin to understand the true purpose of the ‘War on Drugs’…


It is axiomatic that anytime anything happens, look for who is making money by that thing happening and you will also have found the person who is making that thing happen.  The most singular accomplish­ment that has been eventuated by the ‘Drug War’ is to provide the greatest financial windfall for criminals in all human history.


Last year, Exxon/Mobil took in over $40 billion in profits — the largest profit ever recorded by a single company.  The Bureau of Statistics estimates that the illicit drug trade took in over $600 billion during that same period.  That figure represents over 8% of all world trade, and makes Exxon/Mobil look like a mom and pop country store.  Drug trafficking represents 20% of the American economy and 60% of the Mexican economy.  To place these figures in perspec­tive, $600 billion is more than the GNP of all but a half-dozen of the planet’s weal­thiest industrialized countries.  When entire nations depend upon a highly profitable venture, legal or not, there will be no real efforts to curb it.  By making drugs illegal, the government instantly trans­formed cheap and easy to manufacture drugs into an incredibly valuable commodity.  Thanks to the ‘Drug War’, it now costs pennies to produce a product that sells for hundreds of dollars.  (In actual production costs, it is more expensive to produce a gram of salt than it is to produce a gram of cocaine.)  Thanks to the ‘Drug War’, drugs have become by far the largest and most profitable enterprise in the world.


The Earth’s inhabitants spend more money on drugs than they spend on food.  They spend more on drugs than they spend on housing.  More than they spend on clothing, education, medical care, or any other product or service.  This paradigm is directly attributable to the ‘Drug War’.  And unfortunately, when there is that kind of money to be made, there will always be people lining up to participate in the drug trade, and these people will naturally seek to increase their customer base.  Since drug addicts are constantly dying and going to prison, drug deal­ers saturate our schools to insure a steady supply of new users.  And since drugs are so expensive due to their illegality, drug addicts are forced to pillage and plunder our nation in order to support their drug habits.  Another direct result of the ‘Drug War’ is that drug money has completely corrupted large portions of our law enforce­ment apparatus.  Drug dealers make all of the money they need to buy all of the police, judges, and politicians that they need in order to assure that no one ever kills their source of income by decriminalizing drugs.  Yet another result of the ‘Drug War’ that has recently gained wide attention, (this wide attention being brought to us, ironically enough, by the nation’s leading anti-drug warriors), is that terrorist organizations are using drug trafficking to financially support their activities.


The fact is that the problems caused by the ‘Drug War’ are expo­nentially worse by several magnitudes than the problems caused by drug abuse itself.  As far as the social costs due to illicit drugs, most of these costs are because the drugs are illicit, not because they are drugs.  Drug dealers shooting people is a result of the ‘Drug War’, not of drugs.  Drug users stealing and prostituting themselves in order to pay for artifi­cially expensive drugs is a result of the ‘Drug War’, not of drugs.  The saturation of our schools with drugs is a result of the ‘Drug War’, not of drugs.  The diversion of tens of billions of dollars from the prose­cution of violent street crime and fraud to the prosecution of hundreds of thousands of non-violent drug sellers and users is a result of the ‘Drug War’, not of drugs.  The exportation of tens of billions of American dollars to foreign countries each year is a result of the ‘Drug War’, not of drugs.  The spectacular increase in the income and influ­ence of organized crime is a result of the ‘Drug War’, not of drugs.


In addition, the ‘Drug War’ has become a very effective tool for the autho­ritarian elements that have risen to power lately.  Consider:  Just after the election of 1988, 34% of Americans polled declared the budget deficit to be George H.W. Bush’s number one priority while 3% listed drugs.  Almost immediately after assuming office, Bush started barking about drugs, and the media obediently began jumping up and down and barking in concert.  After a massive media blitz in September of 1989, a new poll said that suddenly 43% of Americans now consi­dered drugs to be the top priority, with the budget deficit running a distant second at 6%!

You can’t fool all the people all the time but you can fool some of the people all the time and those are the ones the Machine wants to concentrate on.  Nothing had changed except for our manipulated perceptions.  As a result Mr. Bush was now free to ignore the budget deficit.  As a result, all of the social costs of the ‘Drug War’ began to manifest.  As a result many very wealthy people became much wealthier.  As a result govern­ment intrusion into our personal lives was greatly expanded.  Bills approved by Congress widened the application of the death penalty, limited appeals by prisoners, and allowed the police much wider latitude in obtaining evidence.  From the perspective of authoritarian oppres­sors, the ‘Drug War’ has been a rousing success.  It would seem that the only people who actually benefit from the ‘Drug War’ are criminals and fascists.




And in another of my awkward segues:  It sometimes surprises the modern American that during the Civil War women and children were actually considered sacrosanct.  (At least the white ones were…)


Women and children were not to be molested in any way — even by the likes of William Clarke Quantrill and his gang.  During their infamous and brutal sacking of Lawrence Kansas these mass-murderers — men such as Jesse and Frank James, Clell Miller, Bloody Bill Anderson, and Cole Younger — were often forced to stand stoically motionless and looking very uncomfortable as outraged women standing over the bodies of their dead husbands or sons slapped them across the cheek and screamed into their faces.


Sadly and tellingly, by the end of the war the prohibition against harming innocent civilians was abandoned by both sides.


Mass-murdering civilians is now SOP for pretty much everyone.


It’s time to get to work…



1)  FYI Section:


1A)  The Northern Now Has a Facebook Page


The Northern is an all ages, non profit performance space and fine art gallery featuring workshops, readings, and community related events.  The Northern is located at 414½ Legion Way in beautiful downtown Olympia, Washington.




The purpose of the Olympia All Ages Project is to develop, foster and promote music and art as experiences central to the lives of the young citizens of Olympia.  Toward this end it will undertake the following activities:


* Develop an all ages non-profit art gallery, workshop space and interdisciplinary performance space.


* Seek and apply for state, federal and private funds available in support of the arts.


* Develop awareness in the business community, local government, and the general public of the value of music and art in Olympia.


* Develop directories of local arts groups, artists, performing and visual arts spaces; assemble calendars and schedules of events; and compile other material as appropriate to promote music and art in Olympia.


* Work directly with local musicians and artists in the development of new projects and works.


* Foster relationships with students in the Olympia School District, with colleges and universities, and other educational institutions to develop musical and artistic appreciation in Olympia.


* Promote and encourage the artistic diversity of the city of Olympia.


* Engage in any other activities that will enhance the music and arts life in Olympia.






1B)  The Grand Jury Resisters Now Have a Facebook Page


Go here to keep up with the Grand Jury Resisters:






1C)  The Winter Holiday Grove Project


This is sponsored by the Northwest Biocarbon Initiative.


This from the organizers:


Will you join us this holiday season by hosting a living tree, native to our region, then gather all together in the New Year to plant our trees at Green Cove Creek Preserve, a watershed Capitol Land Trust is restoring?  This Winter Holiday Grove will be a gift from Olympia folks today to those 100 years from now!  Get signed up here:








1D)  Friends of Wikileaks Information


This from Friends of Wikileaks:


This is an email to all members of Friends of WikiLeaks, designed to keep you informed about relevant WikiLeaks news and updates on the Friends of WikiLeaks community.  These emails contain important information designed to help you participate as an active member and support WikiLeaks.


1. Secure connection to wlfriends.org


For the past two months the Friends of WikiLeaks website https://wlfriends.org was using a community-based certificate authority CAcert (www.cacert.org) .  Many common operating systems did not recognise CAcert-issued certificates. This was not a problem with the security of wlfriends.org , but it did give many users an error message when they went to https://wlfriends.org . We have now reverted to a standard certificate authority, which is recognised by all standard operating systems.  The SHA1 fingerprint of the new certificate is 5C:B1:0C:BB:D2:73:66:29:A8:F7:82:53:42:68:ED:4C:CF:BD:3F:DE For those who are interested, this can be verified by clicking the padlock next to the url in your browser.


2. Next Friends of WikiLeaks friendship assignment round


The Friends of WikiLeaks network is about to undergo its next friendship assignment round. This will consist of integrating newly registered member together with existing members who have dropped some of their contacts. If by now some of your assigned contacts still appear encrypted in your account then we suggest dropping them. This is very simple to do:


1. Log in to your account.


2. Click on their friend ID to go to their profile page.


3. Click on the red button at the bottom left of their profile ‘Drop this contact and get another’.


4. Choose the most appropriate reason for dropping them. If they have
not logged in yet then this would be ‘This person never logged in,


For each contact you drop, you will be assigned another friend in the
coming round.  This will help you keep your network as strong as
possible.  The assignment will happen very soon, so please log in at
https://wlfriends.org/accounts/login now to make sure you don’t miss out!


3. Donating to WikiLeaks


After being subjected to a relentless banking blockade for almost two years, WikiLeaks has found a way to accept credit card donations again.  You can now donate by Visa or MasterCard, as well as many other methods, by visiting http://shop.wikileaks.org/donate#dccard .  If you wish to donate by credit card, then please do so soon, as this method might not be available for very long.  Without your support, WikiLeaks cannot continue to operate!


As well as donating, you can support WikiLeaks by visiting https://beattheblockade.org/ and buying some WikiLeaks merchandise.  There are lots of things to choose from, and they make excellent Christmas gifts.  Every purchase made will help WikiLeaks continue to operate.


4. WikiLeaks news resources


The WikiLeaks twitter feed https://twitter.com/wikileaks is the main outlet for real-time updates about WikiLeaks and any important developments, run by WikiLeaks staff.  The blog http://www.thisdayinwikileaks.org/ is a great source of more broad and detailed news about WikiLeaks. It includes links to WikiLeaks releases, facts about the legal and political persecution of WikiLeaks staff and alleged sources, and information about upcoming events relating to WikiLeaks.


5. Important article by Glenn Greenwald


Glenn Greenwald has been a vocal supporter of WikiLeaks for several years. He has recently written an article on the extra-judicial attacks on WikiLeaks and heavy handed legal proceedings on their supporters over the past 2 years. We believe that this article is so important for WikiLeaks supporters to read that we are including it, in full, at the end of this email. Everyone should find the time to read this article, as it gives a clear summary of the attacks on free speech that WikiLeaks and their supporters have had to endure.




Title: Prosecution of Anonymous activists highlights war for Internet
control, by Glenn Greenwald.






Whatever one thinks of WikiLeaks, it is an indisputable fact that the group has never been charged by any government with any crime, let alone convicted of one. Despite that crucial fact, WikiLeaks has been crippled by a staggering array of extra-judicial punishment imposed either directly by the US and allied governments or with their clear acquiescence.


In December 2010, after WikiLeaks began publishing US diplomatic cables, it was hit with cyber-attacks so massive that the group was “forced to change its web address after the company providing its domain name cut off service”. After public demands and private pressure from US Senate Homeland Security Chairman Joe Lieberman, Amazon then cut off all hosting services to WikiLeaks.  Sophisticated cyber-attacks shortly thereafter forced the group entirely off all US website services when its California-based internet hosting provider, Everydns, terminated service, “saying it did so to prevent its other 500,000 customers of being affected by the intense cyber-attacks targeted at WikiLeaks”.


Meanwhile, Chairman Lieberman’s public pressure, by design, also led to the destruction of WikiLeaks’ ability to collect funds from supporters. Master Card and Visa both announced they would refuse to process payments to the group, as did America’s largest financial institution, Bank of America. Paypal not only did the same but froze all funds already in WikiLeaks’ accounts (almost two years later, a court in Iceland ruled that a Visa payment processor violated contract law by cutting of those services). On several occasions in both 2011 and 2012, WikiLeaks was prevented from remaining online by cyber-attacks.


Over the past two years, then, this group – convicted of no crime but engaged in pathbreaking journalism that produced more scoops than all other media outlets combined and received numerous journalism awards – has been effectively prevented from functioning, receiving funds, or even maintaining a presence on US internet servers. While it’s unproven what direct role the US government played in these actions, it is unquestionably clear that a top US Senator successfully pressured private corporations to cut off its finances, and more important, neither the US nor its allies have taken any steps to discover and apprehend the perpetrators of the cyber-attacks that repeatedly targeted WikiLeaks, nor did it even investigate those attacks.


The ominous implications of all this have been never been fully appreciated. Recall that all the way back in 2008, the Pentagon prepared a secret report (ultimately leaked to WikiLeaks) that decreed WikiLeaks to be a “threat to the US Army” an enemy of the US.  Thatreport plotted tactics that “would damage and potentially destroy” its ability to function.  That is exactly what came to pass.


So this was a case where the US government – through affirmative steps and/or approving acquiescence to criminal, sophisticated cyber-attacks – all but destroyed the ability of an adversarial group, convicted of no crime, to function on the internet.  Who would possibly consider that power anything other than extremely disturbing?  What possible political value can the internet serve, or journalism generally, if the US government, outside the confines of law, is empowered – as it did here – to cripple the operating abilities of any group which meaningfully challenges its policies and exposes its wrongdoing?


But what makes all of this even more significant is the vastly disparate treatment of those who launched far less sophisticated and damaging attacks at those corporations which complied with US demands and cut off all funding and other services to WikiLeaks. Acting in the name of Anonymous, a handful of activists targeted those companies with simple “denial of service” attacks, ones that impeded the operations of those corporate websites for a few hours.


In stark contrast to the far more significant attacks aimed at WikiLeaks, these attacks, designed to protest the treatment of WikiLeaks, spawned a global manhunt by western nations and, ultimately, the arrest of dozens of mostly young alleged hackers, four of whom are now on trial in London:


“Four activists from the hackers collective Anonymous caused multimillion-pound losses to a number of firms in revenge for the backlash against WikiLeaks, a court has heard.


“Using the name Operation Payback, the four flooded websites belonging to companies including PayPal and Ministry of Sound with messages and requests in order to bring them down. . . .The self-styled ‘hactivists’ caused losses worth more than $3.5m at PayPal and caused sites belonging to MasterCard and the recording industry to go offline.


“Three of the group have admitted their role in the conspiracy.  Christopher Weatherhead, 22, a student at Northampton University, is on trial at Southwark crown court accused of being ‘part of a small cabal of leaders’ of the cyber-attacks…


“The four used a free internet tool called Low Orbit Ion Canon (LOIC) as a ‘destructive cyber weapon’, the court heard. ‘Once downloaded, the LOIC could be used to attack by sending internet traffic to a target computer,’ said.  ‘When the volume of traffic sent to a computer becomes too much for it to handle it would suffer a denial of service. The more LOICs used, therefore, to attack a target computer, the more likely that a denial of service will take place.'”


Last year, the FBI arrested 16 people in the US in connection with similar attacks on Master Card, Visa and Amazon, and charged them with crimes that carry 10-year prison terms.


The issue here is not whether Anonymous activists can be rightfully prosecuted: acts of civil disobedience, by definition, are violations of the law designed to protest or create a cost for injustices.  The issue is how selectively these cyber-attack laws are enforced: massive cyber-attacks aimed at a group critical of US policy (WikiLeaks) were either perpetrated by the US government or retroactively sanctioned by it, while relatively trivial, largely symbolic attacks in defense of the group were punished with the harshest possible application of law enforcement resources and threats of criminal punishment.


That the US government largely succeeded in using extra-legal and extra-judicial means to cripple an adverse journalistic outlet is a truly consequential episode: nobody, regardless of one’s views on WikiLeaks, should want any government to have that power.  But the manifestly overzealous prosecutions of Anonymous activists, in stark contrast to the (at best) indifference to the attacks on WikiLeaks, makes all of that even worse.  In line with its unprecedented persecution of whistleblowers generally, this is yet another case of the US government exploiting the force of law to entrench its own power and shield its actions from scrutiny.



2)  Weekly Open Mic at the Flaming Eggplant

Thursday December 6th at 5:30 pm @ the Flaming Eggplant Café in TESC CAB Building


TESC students:  This is political poetry and other performance art every week.


This from Coyote:


That’s right, poetry is (at least) a weekly thing!  We’re starting sign-ups at the Flaming Eggplant at 5:30, and scheduled to start the poem performing at 6.  If you’re hungry to read, bring poetry.  If you’re hungry to experience poetry, bring open ears and minds.  If you’re hungry, bring cash (OGPC takes no direct responsibility for how awesome the food is, we just enjoy it!).  Each slot on the open-mic list will be a five minute maximum, to respect the time of other poets waiting to perform.  Come join us for artful words, community-building, and a good time.


This is also a great warm up opportunity for the LAST WORD POETRY SLAM!  On Friday, December 7th (the day after this open-mic) Last Word Books is hosting OGPC’s second poetry slam in Olympia, this time featuring performance poet Sierra DeMulder.  Sign-ups for the slam start @ 7:00, we plan to commence the first round of performance poetry @ 7:30.  Bring the words!





3)  Ann Chaudhry Superior Court Hearing

Friday December 7th at 9 am @ Thurston County Courthouse Bldg 2, 2000 Lakeridge Dr SW


The persecution of the Chaudhry’s continues.  Come stand in solidarity as Ann and Zahid take on the Lacey Machine.


This from Ann:


Just when you thought it was over….


The legendarypainting of the inside of the garage saga continues.


“Wake up, wake up, friend owl!  It’s happening!!”


“What’s happening?”


“Superior Court hearing !”




“December 7th – Friday !”




“Superior Court, Building 2; (TC Courthouse complex).”


“What time?”


“9:00 a.m.”


“Hurry, hurry, let’s go!”




It’s that time again !


City of Lacey still pursues frivolous charges against the painting granny.


Learning justice has never been more entertaining, don’t you think?  Superior Court isn’t the same without you.  Don’t miss out on an opportunity to share camaraderie and learning whilst watching incredible actors and actresses prance about in their “importance” costumes.  If you haven’t seen it before, be ready to be amazed.  (Yes, they really think they’re special -just ask them.)  When you think you’ve seen it all, there’s always something that’ll blow your mind.


We’re looking forward to seeing you all December 7th at 9:00 a.m. Superior Court hearing for Ann Chaudhry.  No information on which room, yet.


In Solidarity and Community for Justice !


Ann Chaudhry



4)  Square Dance POWER Fun Raiser

Friday December 7th from 7 to 10 pm @ Steamboat Grange, 3701 Steamboat Island Road NW


It’s a fun-raiser for Parents Organizing for Welfare and Economic Rights [POWER]!


Come join the fun for a good cause!


This from POWER:


Join us for a Square Dance fundraiser for POWER at the Steamboat Island grange hall.  Rocking old-time tunes by powerhouse band Yodelady, calling by Billie, Colin and Maggie.


Sliding Scale $5-$50.


Please use this site to post if you will be driving and have room in a car or are looking for a ride.  Also feel free to email info@mamapower.org or call (360) 352-9716 for carpool or other questions.





5)  Old Growth Poetry Collective Poetry Slam

Friday December 7th @ 7 pm @ Last Word Books, 211 E 4th Ave


Paint-blistering poetry from our local radical community.


This from the organizers:


Poets and Poetry Lovers!


Join your friendly local independent bookstore/Awesome and your neighborhood poetrees in this dynamic evening of word jousts, time limits, fish hooks, and other metaphors you most certainly never thought would make sense..


Friday December 7th




[7:00]: Doors Open & Sign-ups for Slam.

[7:30]: Slam rounds 1 & 2

[9:00] Featured poet, SIerra DeMulder graces us with her wordweaving wonder.

[9:30]: Final Round of Slam


A sign-up sheet will be present at the slam, but we are ALSO TAKING ADVANCE REGISTRATION. If you would like to reserve a spot for yourself e-mail a request to OGPoetryCollective@Gmail.com.


Last Word Books:

211 4th Ave E

Olympia, WA 98502


Suggested Donation: $3-5

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *




A slam is a competitive poetry event where judges arbitrarily grant points to poets and their poems, eliminating some and rewarding few.  BUT the point is not the points; the point is the poetry!


There are only three rules:


1.) Poets must perform their own original work.

2.) No props, costumes or musical accompaniment

3.) Poems must be four minutes or less with a ten second grace period, after which points will be deducted.


Five judges are randomly selected from the audience, scoring poets on both performance and content anywhere between 0 to 10.0.


High and low scores are dropped, three in the middle are added to give the total score.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *






Sierra DeMulder is one of the most accomplished and recognizable young women in the world of slam poetry.  After getting her start with the Intangible Collective in 2007, she moved to Minnesota to pursue her interest in poetry and slowly freeze to death. She earned “Best Female Poet” at the College Union Poetry Slam Invitational in 2009. Less than two months later, she was awarded a coveted publishing deal from Write Bloody Publishing, which led to her first full-length book, The Bones Below, published in January 2010.  With Sierra’s help, the St. Paul Poetry Slam Team won the 2009 National Poetry Slam in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Sierra went on to rank 9th in the world in the Individual World Poetry Slam in Berkeley, California and was a finalist at the 2010 Women of the World Individual Poetry Slam in Columbus, Ohio.  One year later, the St. Paul Poetry Slam Team won the 2010 National Poetry Slam, making Sierra one of the only poets to touch every finals stage in a calendar year.


Outside of her own competitions, Sierra coached the Macalester College slam team to a CUPSI championship in 2011.  She launched her own teaching initiative in which she conducted weekly poetry classes geared towards aspiring poets of all ages in the Twin Cities.  Her second book, New Shoes on a Dead Horse, was published in January 2012 by Write Bloody Publishing.  Sierra has featured in hundreds of venues across the country, performing her poetry and facilitating writing workshops in high schools, colleges, homeless shelters, prisons, churches, farmers’ markets, and people’s basements.  When not doing poetry, she enjoys playing ukulele, making full use of public transportation, and waxing on about feminism.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


*Sponsored By*


Last Word Books:





6)  Breakfast for Dinner Secret Café for Incarcerated Youth
Saturday December 8th from 5 pm to10 pm @ 503 Foote St

Do you think we should provide books and tuition for incarcerated youth or do you think we should just throw them away?


This from the organizers:


Breakfast for Dinner Secret Cafe’
for Incarcerated Youth
December 8th 5PM-10PM

Help out in fundraising money to help pay for books and tuition of incarcerated young men in Washington –

We’ll be serving a variety of delicious breakfast foods-
French Toast, bacon, Egg/Tofu scramble, Potato home fries, Gravy

Gluten-Free/Vegan options will be served

503 Foote St SW Olympia, WA 98502




7)  Leonard Peltier Clemency Gathering

Saturday December 8th from Noon to 3 pm @ St. Leo’s Parish, 710 South 13th Street, Tacoma


Leonard Peltier is a scapegoat and a political prisoner.  He has been in prison for over 30 years for something that he did not do.  This is a travesty and outrage.  Come help with this cause.


This from the organizers:




 SATURDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2012, 12 NOON TO 3 PM (we must leave at 3 pm so we will start at 12 noon, please get there early)


TACOMA, WA, St. Leo Church, 710 South 13th St (Yakima Ave. and South 13th, from I-5 take I-705, exit downtown and go up 13th St).


For the last year and a half the Leonard Peltier Clemency Campaign has been building support for Clemency for Leonard Peltier with marches, rallies, video showings and other educational work.  We knew that the best opportunity for clemency being granted would be after the election.  In order for this to happen great public support must be built and maintained.

This event is for Leonard Peltier supporters to give a strong post-election push for clemency.  We ask all Leonard Peltier supporters to please join us at this event.


Please make phone calls and/or send e-mails to the White House in support of clemency:

White House Comments Line – 202-456-1111; 202-456-1112, E-mail:






Deeahop Conway, Puyallup Tribal member, Tacoma Chapter LPDOC: MC

David Duenas, Puyallup Tribal Member: Opening

Ramona Bennett: Puyallup Tribal Elder, Lifelong friend of Leonard Peltier

Matilaja, Yu’Pik Eskimo from Mountain Village Alaska.  Member of N.W. AIM since 1973, Friend of Leonard Peltier for 38 odd years and member of Tacoma Chapter LPDOC

Arthur J. Miller, Northwest Regional Organizer LPDOC, Tacoma Chapter LPDOC

Steve Hapy, Long time Leonard Peltier and Native struggles activist, Co-Coordinator of the Tacoma Chapter LPDOC


This event is sponsored by the Tacoma Chapter LPDOC and co-sponsored by People for Peace, Justice and Healing



 P.O. BOX 5464, TACOMA, WA 98415-0464




Join Tacoma Chapter LPDOC on facebook at: http://facebook.com/tacoma.lpdoc


Subscribe to Northwest Peltier Support at: nwpeltiersupport-subscribe@lists.riseup.net






8)  Media Island KOWA Benefit Brunch/ Occupy Olympia Revitalization Discussion

Sunday December 12th from 11 am to 2 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE


The monthly Benefit Brunch has added significance this month due to the fire in the KOWA studio which ruined most of our equipment.  Come eat most excellent food and meet most excellent people.


There will also be a meeting at the brunch about revitalizing Occupy Olympia


Media Island International is a resource and networking center for individuals, organizations, and movements working on Social Justice, Economic Democracy, Ecological Sustainability, and Peace.  We gather, evaluate, and distribute under-published information on critical issues at strategic times.


We have meeting space and an extensive library including numerous videos and magazines.  We also have public computers with video editing capabilities.  We are the home of KOWA low-power public radio at 106.5 FM and our kitchen is utilized by Olympia Food Not Bombs among others.


Our open house hours are noon to 5 pm Monday thru Saturday.  We are available for meetings or events from 10 am to 9 pm seven days a week.


Call us at (360) 352-8526 to make arrangements.


Stop by and say hi.





9)  Free Radio Olympia Waffle Fundraiser

Sunday December 9th from 10 am to 2 pm @ 1423 Bowman Ave, behind West Side Food Co-Op


So we have competing benefits for competing radio stations this Sunday!  (Media Island usually has our benefit on the first Sunday but the holidays are messing us up.)


If you have a really big appetite you can stop by both benefits!


This is for our favourite radio pirates at FRO!  (We have a very friendly rivalry.)  FRO has been transmitting illegally for over a decade now…


This from the organizers:


Free Radio Olympia Waffle Fundraiser


1423 Bowman Ave, behind West Side Food Co-Op


$5 Pumpkin or Curry Waffles!





10)  PFLAG-Olympia Monthly Meeting

Sunday December 9th from 2 to 4:30 pm @ Gathering Place room at First United Methodist Church, 1224 Legion Way SE


Olympia’s premiere organization for protecting the rights of our local LGBT population.


This from the organizers:


PFLAG-Olympia Monthly Meeting
Date: Sunday, December 9, 2012
Time: 2:00PM – 4:30PM
Location: Gathering Place room at First United Methodist Church
1224 Legion Way SE
Olympia, WA


PFLAG is the nation’s foremost family-based organization   committed to the civil rights of gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender   persons.  PFLAG promotes the health and   well-being of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered persons, their   families and friends through: Support, Education and Advocacy. PFLAG provides   opportunity for dialogue about sexual orientation and gender identity, and   acts to create a society that is healthy and respectful of human diversity.


See PFLAG-Olympia’s homepage for specific details about the   program which changes each month.





11)   “No God, No Master” Benefit Screening for NW Grand Jury Resisters

Sunday December 9th at 7 pm @ the Olympia Film Society, 416 Washington Street SE #208


This is to benefit those standing up to federal intimidation.


This from the organizers:


Benefit Screening to the support the imprisoned Olympia Grand Jury Resistors: KteeO Olejnik and Matt Duran.  Benefit screening sponsored by The Reef.


Director Terry Green doing a Q and A via skype.


Sunday December 9th, Doors at 7pm, screening at 7:30, Suggested donation $5-15 dollars, Special one time screening-no passes


Dir. Terry Green/2012/ US/ 94 min/ beautiful 35mm!


In the summer of 1919, U.S. Bureau of Investigation Agent William Flynn (played by David Strathairn in what Stony Brook Press calls “…his best performance since his 2005 portrayal of Edward R. Murrow in Good NIght, and Good Luck…”) is quickly immersed in an investigation that uncovers an anarchist plot to destroy democracy, setting the stage for a timely drama with resoundingly similar parallels to the contemporary War On Terrorism.  With a cast of characters ranging from Emma Goldman, Sacco and Vanzetti to John D. Rockefeller and J. Edgar Hoover.  “No God, No Master” presents a gritty but beautifully rendered period piece set in the early 20th century that is an eerie parallel to the war on political outsiders and immigrants that is going on today.


“Emotionally persuasive performances, atmospherically evocative, cogent storytelling on a shoesting” says the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal.  This on-screen chapter out of American Anarchist history will have a Q and A via Skype Director Terry Green to answer your questions.  In a recent interview he noted that ‘The disintegration of civil liberties during times of social unrest is nothing new in America.’


This screening is a benefit to support the Pacific Northwest Grand Jury Resistors. All proceeds from this event will go towards supporting those imprisoned for refusing to cooperate with the Grand Juries that are convening in Seattle.  There will be an information table and additional speakers at the screening.  More info about the Grand Jury Resistors at:








12)  Film Screening:  No Impact Man

Monday December 10th at 7 pm @ MIXX 96 Meeting Room, Corner of State & Washington


This is a film about a guy who lives his life with minimal environmental impact.


This from the organizers:


Can you save the planet without driving your family crazy?

Join us for a free screening of




and watch as the Manhattan-based Beavan family abandons their high consumption 5th Avenue lifestyle and tries to live a year making no net environmental impact!


Monday, December 10 • 7 pm

MIXX 96 Meeting Room, Corner of State & Washington







13)  Environmental Impact Hearing on the Proposed Coal Export Terminal

Thursday, Dec. 13th from 4 to 7 pm @ Washington State Convention Center, 800 Convention Place, Seattle, WA Ballroom 6F


Come attend a hearing and express your feelings about dozens of coal trains spewing poison all over western Washington every day.  Rides available.


This from the organizers:


On December 13 there will be a huge Scoping Hearing at the Seattle Convention Center to try to stop the Coal Trains and Terminals.  We have a bus leaving from Olympia that will take people up and back.  The bus leaves at 12:30pm and probably won’t be back until about 8:00pm.  Long day but the Seattle Hearing will be our best chance to send the biggest message that we don’t want coal export terminals and coal trains in Washington.  There are expected to be over 1,000 people showing up.  Seats on the bus only cost $6 but we would need to know ASAP as seating is limited.




WHAT: Environmental Impact Hearing on the Proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal

WHEN: Thursday, Dec. 13th, 4-7 pm

(Arrive by 3 pm if possible for press conference)

WHERE: Washington State Convention Center (800 Convention Place, Seattle, WA)

Ballroom 6F


==> Actions you can take to help stop the Coal Trains<==

1) SHOW UP at the hearing wearing RED!  (RSVP)

2) PREPARE a 1.5 minute statment of concern to deliver.

3) and/or SUBMIT a written statement.


We have information and talking points to help you submit your comments.


This from  Barb:


Don’t miss your chance to take the bus to the Seattle Hearing!


Scoping for Environmental Impact Statement Hearing


Thursday, December 13, 3-7 PM

Convention Center, Ballroom 6F

800 Convention Place

Seattle, WA


The bus will leave Olympia at 12:30pm on December 13.


Climate Solutions and Sierra Club, with help from TC Pro-Net, are working hard to get at least 3000 people to the Seattle hearing about the dirty coal train that wants to wend its way through Thurston County. Climate Solutions is paying for the bus and asking for a nominal $6 bus fee; we need to know how many people are coming so we can reserve the right size bus!  (No one will be turned away for lack of funds, but you must sign up.  Contact info@tcpronet.org for more information.)


Read here for more details or see the attached flyer.


Sign up TODAY!click here to sign up and make sure you have a seat on the bus. December 10th is the cut-off date for sign-up if there are still seats available.


You CAN make a difference!


Show up in solidarity at this Seattle hearing to oppose the coal export facility.


And wear RED!




14)  Bonus Tip of the Day:


Smoke a legal joint today.







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