Oly Oly Action 11_15_12


Anti-Prosperity Index:


1)  Anti-Oppression Workshop on Awareness

2)  Old Growth Poetry Collective

3)  Solidarity Action with Gaza

4)  Gord Hill Speaks; Indigenous Resistance in the 21st Century

5)  Free Skool Meeting

6)  Green Party Monthly Meeting

7)  SeaTac Noise Demo-Solidarity with Grand Jury Resisters

8)  Dine Out for the Northern

9)  Community Open Mic, Live and On the Air @ KOWA 106.5 FM

10)  Bonus Tip of the Day




Hey Kids!


Getting involved in activism is such a blast and it is so exciting and it is so empowering and it is such a great way to meet lots of awesome people who are on fire — I am amazed everyone isn’t already doing it.


And keep in mind:  By my estimate, if we can get 3% of the population out on the streets then we own the frigging place.


So come join us.  Tell your friends.




The Prosperity Index measures the overall quality of life for the citizens of each country around the world; i.e. they measure the quality of life for the citizens of each country overall.


The top ten countries are basically all of the Northern European countries, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand; except for Australia and New Zealand all them are socialist democracies.




We had a social democracy in the United States for 30 years; not coincidently this 30 years (1945-1975) coincided exactly with the longest and largest period of sustained economic growth in our history and we enjoyed widespread prosperity.


Virtually all of the Top Ten countries tax the bedoodlies out of their citizens.  Since they don’t spend half their treasuries occupying foreign countries the governments of the Top Ten instead use tax dollars to support anyone who can’t or won’t support themselves.  The result is that they get to live in a country that has virtually no poverty; there are no hordes of homeless or desperately poor people roaming the streets and alleys everywhere; their countries are thus virtually crime-free.  In return for giving half their paycheque to the government the citizens of the socialist democracies also get cradle-to-grave healthcare and free higher education for anyone who academically qualifies.  Since they have strong labor-protection laws the workers still make enough take-home pay to enjoy comfortable quality lives even with half their paycheque going to the government.  If you add what American families pay for health care and education in addition to what they pay in taxes then the ‘socialists’ in Northern Europe, Australia, and Canada are actually getting a much better deal.




The next big action I know of is the annual MLK Day March on the Capitol but I am thinking we’ll have another Meet and Greet for our keepers of the public purse strings when they return to the state capitol in January.  I personally want to target the Lobbyist House that is located directly behind the Pritchard Library that is itself just south of the sundial but more on that later…




In my efforts to find common ground with right-wingers I have two new issues to join forces on!  I am proud to announce that in an historic occurrence I am in complete agreement with Bill O’Reilly and the Republican Party!  They say that our country is being taken over by a bunch of useless parasites that “want stuff” and depend upon government handouts — and they are absolutely correct!


Where I depart from the right-wingers is in identifying these useless parasites:  They try to blame welfare recipients and school teachers and such.  Evidently all these low-income single mothers and those dastardly school teachers engaged in a massive conspiracy to transfer all the wealth from our pension funds and all the equity in our homes into Mitt Romney’s Cayman Island bank account!  Who’da thunk?


The fact of the matter, of course, is that AIG alone received by several orders of magnitude more taxpayer dollars than every welfare recipient and school teacher in the country combined — and our return on this massive corporate welfare payment was two doodlies and one squat.  Republicans scream about the deficit but never mention the fact that Exxon Mobil — the most profitable company in human history — pays not one penny in federal income tax.  General Electric has been cashing in big-time on the foreign military occupations yet they also paid not one penny in federal income tax.


These people make their own laws create their own tax breaks and control their own regulators…


…useless parasites that depend upon government handouts indeed.


Also, a bunch of right-wingers in Texas want to secede from the United States — and I think the rest of the country should enthusiastically endorse and support this effort.  I must give Texas its proper due:  I have been all over North America dozens of times and Texas is by far my very favourite place in the whole world to not be.


It’s time to get to work…



1)  Anti-Oppression Workshop on Awareness

Thursday November 15th @ Planned Parenthood, 5th Ave just east of Adams


Partners in Prevention Education [PiPE] helps abused kids.  Come learn from them.  This is open to the public.


This from Rosalinda:


In this workshop you will:

* Gain a deeper understanding of privilege and systems of oppression

* Examine the ways in which different aspects of your identity interact with power and oppression and

* Explore the connections between your identity and your work as a service provider.


This workshop is geared toward service providers but is open to the public.  Facilitators include: Shambricia Spencer, Sammy Harvell and Rosalinda Noriega.


No registration is required.  First come, first serve.


For more information contact Shambricia at shambricia.spencer@ppgnw.org or call 360-556-7527


Workshop will be held in the Planned Parenthood Education office (entrance is on 5th Ave near the corner of Adams St.)





2)  Old Growth Poetry Collective

Thursday November 15th, 5:30 pm @ TESC Flaming Eggplant Café


Flaming political poetry at the Flaming Eggplant!  Check it out!


This from the organizers:


The Old Growth Poetry Collective is back!


This Thursday @ 6:00 P.M. come sing and dance your way to The Flaming Eggplant (CAB 304), and join your favorite poetry procrastinators for the collective’s first poetry open-mic of the year!  Get your fill of thrills, chills and awesomely arranged words!


Followed by an interest meeting to get active on campus!


The new year is upon us! Old Growth Poetry Collective has been rockin’ the mic and tilling the community for poetry all summer.  Now that the school year is here it’s time to get registered and get our modest budget invested in some rockin’ performance poetry.


5:30: Sign-ups for Open-Mic

6:00: Poetry Open-Mic

7:00: Interest Meeting


Even if you have no poetry to read, please join us and we’ll do our best to inspire!


Performers will have 5 minutes or 2 poems, whichever comes first.  Please respect the time of the other artists.


* * * * * * * *


Old Growth Poetry Collective is a performance poetry collective based out of the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA.  We are dedicated to the creation and care of a thriving poetry community and the contributing to the world-wide Spoken Word movement at large.


The collective hosts weekly poetry workshops, hosts regular events, and collective members have been featured performers at events and venues such as the Portland Poetry Slam, Olympia Artswalk, the Occupy Social Solidarity Forum, The Northern, Localization Not Occupation, and Tacoma Tea and Co..


For more info about the Old Growth Poetry Collective:





“Poetry as an anchor in your life is only as strong as the depths it can reach.”


~Lawrence Ferlinghetti





3)  Solidarity Action with Gaza

Friday November 16th at 3:30 pm @ Corner of 4th and Washington


Come stand in solidarity with a people who are being brutally oppressed.


This from the organizers:


As the airstrikes continue on Gaza let us join with others demonstrating worldwide against the Israeli aggression. As called for by Jewish Voice for Peace together we will say: Stop the Bombs. Stop the Siege. Stop Payment on the Israeli Military’s Blank Check!. There will be a street theater element, more details to come.






4)  Gord Hill Speaks; Indigenous Resistance in the 21st Century

Friday November 16th, 6 pm @ TESC Longhouse


Come learn from a Native American activist about Indigenous resistance, anti-colonial, and anti-capitalist movements.


This from the organizers:






The Native Student Alliance Proudly Presents: An Evening with Gord Hill


Gord Hill is a member of the Kwakwaka’wakw nation from Northern Vancouver Island, B.C.  As a writer, artist, and militant, he has been involved in Indigenous resistance, anti-colonial and anti-capitalist movements for many years.  We welcome everyone to this public event to hear directly from Gord on the work that he has been involved in.  This event is made possible by:  The Evergreen State College, Student Activities, Evergreen Longhouse, Olympia Food Co-Op, Works In Progress, Last Word Books, Dumpster Values and Insanity Shack Design Studio.


Tehoovet’a xaa!


THE EVERGREEN STATE COLLEGE 2700 Evergreen Parkway NW, OLYMPIA, WA 98505 • 360 867 5367


6:00 PM




5)  Free Skool Meeting

Saturday November 17th, 6 pm @ Media Island, 816 Adams St SE


Do you want to learn something?  Do you want to teach something?  Check out the Olympia Free Skool!


This from Ava:


The November Calendar is out!!!  https://FreeSkoolOly.com
…See you in Class!

You’re all invited to a potluck and discussion on Free Skool’s Saturday November 17th at 6pm!
We’re going to go really deep into Free Skool Past, Free Skool Hopes and aspirations, and talk about obstacles and challenges we face as distributors, and partners in Free Knowledge distribution, what that means, and how we can achieve this while balancing our lives as humans, friends, family members, partners, pet owners, employees, and business owners.
Hope to see you there!

Sat Nov 17th
Media Island International
(360) 352-8526

We’ll be in the kitchen at 5pm
We’ll start the discussion at 6pm, with snacks

our Regular Meetings will return to Media Island This month
(No meeting the 22nd)
Join us at 5:30pm
this Thursday!
816 Adams st. SE

<3Thank you lovelies!

“Free Skool operates off of the Radical assertion that information should be regulated by people, not money.”



6)  Green Party Monthly Meeting

Saturday November 17th, Potluck at 5:30, Meeting at 6 pm Upstairs Above Bucks 5th Avenue, 209 5th Avenue


Come join the largest and most organized alternative to the two-party monopoly.





7)  SeaTac Noise Demo-Solidarity with Grand Jury Resisters

Sunday November 18th at 3:30 pm @ SeaTac Federal Detention Center, S 200th St & 26th Ave S, SeaTac


I spent several months in the SeaTac FDC myself; I spent many long hours gazing out the window at the outside world and wishing with full heart-and-soul that I could be out there.


I am looking very forward to this.


The directions below kind of suck so just know that the FDC is on S 200th St a block west of International Blvd [SR 99].  If you drive from the south you take the S 200th St exit but you then must do some loops and turns and stuff in order to actually get on South 200th so pay attention.


This from the organizers:

Nov 18: Solidarity with Grand Jury Defiance Noise Demonstration


SeaTac Federal Detention Center
S 200th St & 26th Ave S, Seatac, WA
Sunday, November 18, 3:30pm


On Sunday, November 18, at 3:30pm there will be a noise demonstration in front of the SeaTac Federal Detention Center in solidarity with imprisoned Grand Jury resisters Matt Duran and Katherine “Kteeo” Olejnik.


Bring banners, loud noise-makers, flyers, and whatever else could be useful.  Please send this announcement to listserves and invite your friends.


Matt and Kteeo have been locked away inside the Detention Center since September 13 and September 27, respectively, for refusing to cooperate with a secret federal Grand Jury investigation targeting anarchists in the Pacific Northwest.


Noise demonstrations are meant to break the isolation of prison by breaking through the walls with the sounds of solidarity.  In a very real way, this small gesture can remind those on the inside that they are not alone and that there are many of us out here who are fighting alongside them. Like other solidarity actions, this noise demo is meant to strengthen the resolve of the defiant, courageous rebels the state is trying to coerce into participating in their strategy of repression.


We also wish to acknowledge and send our love to all the other comrades whose lives have been thrown into turmoil as a result of this Grand Jury.  Please know that we’re fighting for you, too.

This event is part of the Days of Solidarity with Grand Jury Resisters:




For more information on the Grand Jury:






FDC SeaTac is located 12 miles south of Seattle and 16 miles north of Tacoma, 1 mile west of Interstate 5 (200th Street exit). It is several blocks south of the SeaTac Airport.




From Seattle: Take Exit 151 for Military Rd toward S 200th St


From Portland/Olympia/Tacoma: Take Exit 149B to merge onto WA-516 W/S Kent Des Moines Rd twrd Des Moines – slight R toward WA-99 N – turn R onto WA-99 N- Turn L onto S 200th St




From (downtown) Seattle: Take the LINK light rail to the Tukwila Station-Walk to Tukwila Blvd Station- Take the A Line Bus toward Federal Way TC, International Blvd-Get off at International Blvd & 200th-Walk to FDC SeaTac


OR take the 124 from 3rd Ave & Columbia and follow the same steps as above.


From Olympia: Take the 620 toward Tacoma Mall-Get off at SR 512-Take the 574 toward SeaTac- Get off at International Blvd & 188th-Walk to FDC SeaTac





8)  Dine Out for the Northern

All Day Monday November 19th @ the QB Restaurant, 213 4th Ave E


Evidently the QB Restaurant is donating part of their proceeds to the Northern on Monday.  I haven’t researched this but a friend recommended it so it is probably legit.


Here is the link to the Facebook event:





9)  Community Open Mic, Live and On the Air @ KOWA 106.5 FM

Wednesday November 21st, sign-up at 7:30 pm, show starts at 8 pm @ KOWA Studio behind Media Island, 816 Adams St SE


Do you want to be a radio personality?  Do you want to play music or recite poetry or scream incoherently over the airwaves?  Here’s your big chance!  You voice will be broadcast at a mighty 4 watts all over downtown Olympia!


This from KOWA:


Media Island International and your local, low-power FM community radio station KOWA 106.5 are excited to invite you to our weekly open mic radio show!


Come on over to 816 Adams to share your songs, poems, comedy, thoughts, visions, dreams, stories, performance art or ANYTHING YOU WANT this (and every) Wednesday night from 8-10pm!


Your hosts Ava Harvest and Matt Fu are here to hang out, share stories and conversation with you and the community as we seek to bring our community a little closer

through the sharing of our artistic and visionary sides!


Sign ups are at 7:45 pm and the on-air program begins at 8 pm.  This is a weekly event so we look forward to seeing you through the autumn!


Bring snacks and drinks, if you desire, but keep in mind 106.5 KOWA LPFM is an alcohol and drug free, all-ages space.  We are also a fully licensed, FCC regulated station so that means you gotta obey the rules for on-air content.  But as long as you are not swearing and are abiding by “safer space” guidelines for a supportive, non-threatening environment, we should all have a great time!





10)  Bonus Tip of the Day:


Kiss a Republican today.








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