Oly Action Alert 10_25_12


Vultures Picnic:

1)  FYI:  Facts about Public Power

2)  League of Women Voters Ballot Issues Forum

3)  Amy Goodman at TESC

4)  Gateways for Incarcerated Youth Supports Survivors of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

5)  Anarchist Organizer Scott Crow at Last Word Books

6)  Housing Justice Project


8)  West Side Arts Walk

9)  Green Party Monthly Meeting

10)  Free Radio Olympia’s First Annual Waffle and Mimosa Fundraiser Brunch

11)  Bonus Tip of the Day




When you are pushing a lie,

The truth becomes very threatening…

                                    —Ramona Africa


Hey Kids!


If you want to start your day off with a good laugh, here is a hilarious and truly brilliant video wherein a statement by Hillary Clinton concerning the Egyptian Revolution is translated from political double-speak into the truth:






I have not received any outraged emails for quite a while now.  The thought occurs that I am not being controversial enough lately.  It is hard to top my “Obama is the House Boy for Goldman $achs” observation — but I’m ready to give it the old college try, so here we go:  The president is overworked, underpaid, and the job consists largely of cleaning up messes that rich white people leave laying around — so I’m surprised that they didn’t find a black guy to do the job a long time ago…


(Ooooooh!  One of these days I’m going to go too far…)


Or how about this:  I am going to take this opportunity to come out of the closet and publically confess to the fact that I am a total sexist!


It is even worse than that in fact; I am a committed radical and unapologetic sexist.  I am a downright evangelical sexist, in fact.


No, I don’t sit around watching TV in a wife-beater ordering my bee-atch to go get me a beer.  Besides the fact that I don’t own a TV or a wife-beater and besides the fact I don’t have a bee-atch and that I don’t drink beer I am a committed sexist because I think that women are far superior to men in almost every way that really counts.  They are smarter, they are more practical, and unlike us they can have babies and be mothers.  Another thing is that women are able to operate both halves of their brains simultaneously while men operate from either one half or the other.  We can switch back and forth but we cannot operate both simultaneously except — interestingly — purely homosexual men, i.e. men who have no sexual attraction to women.


In addition to all that I also think that women are the most magical mystical wonderful beautiful things in the known universe.  Once the ladies figure out how to have babies without us then us dudes are truly in trouble; I can, in fact, easily foresee us ultimately reaching an evolutionary dead-end.  It is possible that eventually the only thing we will be good for is being boy-toys and lifting heavy things.


Anyway, I think that women should run the world.  I am, in fact, a Radical Matriarchist.


Occasionally when I go off on this tangent people throw Margaret Thatcher into my face thus providing the exception that proves the rule; Margaret Thatcher had ‘female cop syndrome’ wherein she moved into testosterone-fueled male-dominated turf and therefore had to prove that she was more of a man than the men were.  Therefore, in my opinion Margaret Thatcher wasn’t really a “woman” in the strictest sense of the term.


So now that I’ve probably pissed off nearly everyone, let’s get down to business…




George McGovern just died at age 90.


Mr. McGovern was best summed up by Robert F. Kennedy:


“George McGovern is the most decent man in the Senate…”


Whereupon Senator Kennedy checked himself then said; “In fact, George McGovern is the only decent man in the Senate.”


McGovern ran for the presidency against Richard Nixon in 1972 on an anti-Vietnam War platform.  Massachusetts voted for McGovern.  The other 49 states all voted for Nixon.


Boy, that sure worked out, didn’t it?


George McGovern was the last truly populist candidate who ever attained a major party nomination for president.  Everyone commented upon the incredible diversity and upon the passionate enthusiasm that the delegates to the 1972 Democratic Convention held for their candidate.


The Democratic Party immediately began instituting rules making it impossible for such a populist uprising to seize control of their party ever again — though Jimmy Carter was sort of an accident resulting from the Watergate Fiasco.  However, Carter was beaten down by the Machine before his first term was even done.  Many don’t realize that Carter actually started the Great Working Class Sellout Deregulation Mania; Reagan just put it on steroids.


George McGovern kicked some major ass.  Kudos.




There is yet more amazing news from the election front that you won’t hear on Fox or MSNBC:  Do you know who Paul Singer is?  Paul Singer is the very definition of a vulture capitalist.  I am not sure about this but I believe that Greg Palast may have literally invented the term ‘vulture capitalist’ specifically to describe Paul Singer.  (At least that was the first place I ever saw it.)  One of Mr. Singer’s highly profitable transactions came about when The Congo — recently devastated by a horrid civil war that killed millions — was about to have its debts forgiven so they could stem a cholera epidemic rather than spending all of their national wealth paying off the loan.  This loan was provided by a Yugoslavian bank to construct power lines so it is possible the original loan was not some scam to bilk an impoverished Third World nation as virtually all such loans are.  (If you don’t know about this scam check out “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” by John Perkins.




At best Paul Singer purchased that debt for pennies on the dollar.  At worst he stole the paperwork from a devastated Yugoslavia that was also just recovering from a brutal civil war.  Singer and his fellow vultures sued The Congo in an American court so that they could force The Congo to pay to Mr. Singer and associates the full amount that was ‘owed’.  Singer allegedly paid $10 million for the debt — then obtained a court order demanding that The Congo pay him $120 million.  Mr. Singer’s efforts seriously curtailed the Congo’s efforts to deal with the aforementioned cholera epidemic.


Mr. Singer tried to foreclose on Congolese diplomatic buildings in the US but that was too much even for the Americans.




Such practices are outlawed nearly everywhere in the world — but not in the good ole’ US of A.  This is probably one of the foulest business practices in a world chock-full of incredibly foul business practices but efforts to end the practice were nixed by — Mr. Paul Singer and his Republican puppets.


And on a side-note, Paul Singer also paid journalists to find dirt on and/or to trash the reputation of the Occupy Movement.




So anyway, you may remember that we recently learned from the LA Times and Huffington Post that Salvadoran Death Squad leaders provided 40% of the start-up money for Bain Capital and that they remain major investors to this day?


If you missed that here is Amy Goodman’s interview with Ryan Grim:




This isn’t quite as foul as that was — but it very thoroughly reeks nonetheless:  It turns out that our ubiquitous Mr. Singer is just the busiest of little bees!  Guess what?  It turns out that Mr. Singer is currently a major financier and campaign advisor to both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan — and in fact it is suspected that Mr. Singer was responsible for Ryan’s elevation to vice-presidential candidate.  Yeah, business as usual — but that’s not all, folks!  These boys never cease to amaze me:  Do you remember that auto industry bail-out that Romney condemned with such passion?  It turns out that Paul Singer and Bain Capital made hundreds-of-millions on the auto-industry bailout!  ISYN!


And Ann Romney cashed the frigging check!


Blind trust indeed.


I somehow don’t expect that any explanations to “you people” are forthcoming but — as usual— Greg Palast nails it:




It has been speculated that Romney’s refusal to release his tax returns was because he was one of the people who were caught but then received amnesty and anonymity for hiding their money in UBS bank in Switzerland in a tax-avoidance scheme.  Not only were the criminals were not prosecuted but their identities were kept secret — and the only person who went to prison was the whistle-blower who gave the information to the Justice Department.


This was fully in accordance with Obama’s policy of ignoring crimes but mercilessly prosecuting the people who expose crimes.


I would say that this rather embarrassing payoff is also a candidate for why Romney refuses to release his tax returns.


Both the Death Squad stuff and the Paul Singer stuff is signed-sealed-and delivered documented fact.  The LA Times, Huff Po, Greg Palast, and Ryan Grim all have the facts and they all name the names.  None of this has been refuted.


It has just been ignored.


I’ve been studying history and researching the Machine for decades and I sometimes forget that other people haven’t done that so please believe me:  A lot of very smart people have been intensely studying and spending lots of money on the manipulation of public perception for a long time now and they’ve got it down, especially in this age of mass-communication.


The Propaganda Machine (including Thom Hartmann, Jon Stewart,and Rachel Maddow never mind Obama and the Democrats) are touching neither the Death Squad story nor the Paul Singer story with a 10-foot pole even though both stories are outrageous and explosive.


Now why do you think that would be?


I have posited the theory that all the prominent leftists on the Media Machine work for the Machine; that their job is to act as pacifiers the Machine sticks in our mouths to fool us into thinking we have a voice and thus shut us up about the financial crimes and the war crimes and the police state.


When all the facts tend to support your theory then that makes your theory a fact.


To be fair, I have heard both Mike Malloy and Norman Goldman trash Obama and they refuse to support him.  Unfortunately, while both men put out a lot of good information I find them to be so annoying that I can’t stand to listen to their shows.  (Malloy screams and rants and calls people childish names while Goldman’s show is mostly about Goldman…)


Again:  Exceptions that prove the rule — and possibly they are pacifiers stuck into the mouths of the anti-Obama left to chill us out?


It’s time to get to work…



1)  FYI:  Facts about Public Power


The Thurston Public Power people are marshalling their people and the anti-public power forces are marshalling their money and battle royale has commenced!  Since the other side must lie to get people to vote their way it is best to be armed with the facts whilst encountering potential voters so if you want to get involved in the public power initiative you should check out this information.


Just in from Molly:


I finally got the interviews uploaded, had to leave my house to do it.  I want to encourage you to take a few minutes to forward an interview from yesterday with Grays Harbor PUD Commissioner, Tom Casey.  We try to correct a lot of misperceptions and lies about PUDs, how they are set up, how they function, and the incredible role local politicians have, right up thru the Governor, in trying to stop this.


This might help a few undecideds there is so much misinformation about the PUD…maybe we can help a bit.



Then there’s a second part right below it…







2)  League of Women Voters Ballot Issues Forum

Today [Thursday] 6 pm @ Tradition’s, 300 5th Ave SW


This will be a debate on the marijuana legalization initiative and the charter school initiative.


This from TC ProNet:


Date: Thursday, October   25, 2012
Time: 6PM
Location: Tradition’s Cafe
300 5th Ave. SW


LWVTC – Ballot Issues forum

October 25, 2012

6 pm Social – Speakers at 6:30

Tradition’s Café 300 5th Ave. SW

The Thursday, October 25, League meeting at   Traditions will feature a panel of speakers on the pros and cons of   Initiative 502, Legalization of Marijuana, and Initiative 1240, Charter   Schools.

Speakers from the organizations giving the   pro/con arguments in the Washington State Voters Pamphlet will be presenting   their points of view, followed by questions from the audience. It will be a   lively and informative evening.




3)  Amy Goodman at TESC

Friday October 26th, 12 to 2 pm @ TESC Longhouse


Amy Goodman is a voice in the wilderness.  She is the host of Democracy Now, the best nationally broadcast news program on the air.


She will be at the Longhouse tomorrow [Friday] afternoon.


This from the organizers:


TCTV and KAOS present


Friday, October 26; 12:00 Noon to 2:00 PM

The Longhouse at the Evergreen State College

Fundraiser: $15 General Public, $10 Student


Democracy Now! is on the road!


Amy Goodman is traveling the country, going beyond the mainstream media’s obsessive focus on the latest poll numbers and candidate gaffes, to examine how people are organizing; the impacts of restrictive voter ID laws that are making it harder to vote; and how the massive influx of campaign cash following the Citizens United decision is changing how our democracy works.
We [TCTV and KAOS] are thrilled to welcome Amy Goodman back to Olympia for this special public appearance to raise funds for Thurston Community Television and KAOS – YOUR community media serving greater Thurston County.


Following her presentation, she and Denis Moynihan will sign copies of their new book “The Silenced Majority: Stories of Uprisings, Occupations, Resistance, and Hope.”

Janet Jordan





4)  Gateways for Incarcerated Youth Supports Survivors of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

All day @ TESC Sem 2 E 2126


Safeplace provides a safe place for people who desperately need one.  Donate to this worthy cause.


This from the organizers:


Twice a year the folks at Americorps engage in non program specific community action days.  Since October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we have chosen to focus our energy on a resource drive for the amazing local organization Safeplace http://www.safeplaceolympia.org/ 


All next week, Oct 22-26th we will have a donation bin in our office Sem 2 E 2126


Safeplace has listed their needs as the following


We are in immediate need of:

• Gift cards in $10, $15, $25 and $50 amounts for food and gas

• Phone Cards

• Prepaid Visa cards in $20 or $50 amounts for DMV licensing fees

• Daily Bus Tickets

• Diapers, all sizes

• Toilet paper

• Paper towels

• Full sized toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste, etc.)

• Bottled water

• Snack crackers

We do not need:

• Used clothing

• Stuffed animals

• Travel sized toiletries





5)  Anarchist Organizer Scott Crow at Last Word Books

Friday October 26th, 7 pm @ Last Word Books, 211 E. 4th Ave


This brought to you by Free Radio Olympia and the 99% Report.


This from the organizers:


Anarchist organizer Scott Crow will be speaking about his experiences as co-founder of the Common Ground Collective in New Orleans immediately after Hurricane Katrina and as a target of government repression and surveillance (as described in Scott’s book Black Flags and Windmills from PM Press).

What happens when anarchists become first responders?-

Common Ground was at one point the largest anarchist influenced organization in modern U.S. history- helping the people of New Orleans help themselves by providing relief services to over 150,000 people at a time when the federal, state, and local governments were failing them badly.

Crow is an amazing speaker and this will be a must attend event for anyone interested in how radical politics can work in practice in the real world.





6)  Housing Justice Project

Every Friday at 8:30 am @ Thurston County Courthouse, Building 2, 2000 Lakeridge Dr SW


This is from the Thurston County Volunteer Legal Services and they provide legal assistance to low-income people who face eviction.


This from TC ProNet:


Housing Justice   Project
Date: Friday, October 26,   2012
Time: 8:30AM – 10:30AM
Location: Thurston County   Superior Courthouse
2000 Lakeridge Drive Building 2
Olympia, WA 98501



Thurston County Volunteer Legal Services

Every Friday

8:30 am- 10:30am

Thurston County   Superior Courthouse-Building 2

2000 Lakeridge Drive
Olympia, Washington 98501

  • Landlord Tenant Advice
  • Unlawful Detainer Docket Representation

Housing Justice Project provides free legal advice and in-court   representation
to low income people in eviction proceedings.

How we can help you:

  • Advice about landlord tenant issues

    Landlord tenant problem solving advice
  • Represent clients at Unlawful Detainer hearings

    Assist Mobile home owners with complaints about rules violations,        notices from
    landlords or park owners and mobile home eviction cases.
  • For Immediate Legal Information CLEAR 1-800-201-1041        (9:15am-12:15pm M-F)

    or to Schedule an appointment






Saturday October 27th at 3 pm @ Sylvester Park, Legion and Capitol Way


One of the hottest girl friends I ever had was a witch so this is right up my alley.


The Feds are using a grand jury to conduct a witch hunt against some people who broke the windows of some corporate criminals last May Day.  The people who had their windows broken perpetrated the largest criminal fraud in human history but a full federal grand jury has been convened to find some idealistic kids who broke their windows.


This is not only a good cause this is likely to be a lot of fun.


Dressing like a witch is encouraged.


(Just keep an eye out for reactionary religious zealots bearing stakes…)


This from the organizers:




3:00 P.M. – Saturday 10/27




* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Join scores of concerned, angry, and loving comrades this Saturday before the Westside Arts Walk for a raucous procession of solidarity with grand jury resisters.  All of Olympia’s finest witches, warlocks, wizards and magic folk are encouraged to converge at Sylvester Park, 3 P.M. Saturday Oct 27th to form an enchanting mobile dance brigade!


Bring your broomsticks this weekend and head to Sylvester Park!  On the eve of Halloween this march will feature outrageous costumes, lively dancing, a mock grand jury and other guerrilla performances.  Let’s create a cacophony of voices in opposition to these attacks and celebrate solidarity by pounding feet, banging beats, and mounting bikes and broomsticks.






-DIY percussion instruments





“I cannot and will not say something that could greatly harm a person’s life and providing information that could lead to long term incarceration would be doing that.  For me choosing to resist a grand jury is about freedom of speech and association – I cannot and will not be a party to a McCarthyist policy that is asking individuals to condemn each other based on political beliefs.”

– Katherine “KteeO” Olejnik (Grand Jury Resister)


* * * * * * * * * * * * *





* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Grand juries are not commonly understood or discussed, let alone the threat they and other forms of coercion and intimidation pose to citizens and activists. This action will publicly celebrate community solidarity in a lively and defiant spirit and take up space.


We’re gonna toast to the commitment and dedication of Olympia activists, Katherine “KteeO” Olejnik, Matt Duran, and others jailed with no charges beyond exercising their right to silence.  This event will spread awareness of this political repression and its dire implications to social movements in Olympia, Cascadia and beyond.


* * * * * * * * * * * * *



-Sending letters/literature



-Donate Money



-Buy GJ Resister Merch



SPREAD THE WORD!!!  Make sure to let the word out, and tell those you come across about grand juries.  Most would be appalled at the idea whatever their political persuasion.


GET EDUCATED: Check out sites like:







* * * * * * * * * * * * *

NOTE: This event [The Facebook event] is INVITE-ONLY!  That means you can’t see the guest list.  That means you also gotta invite friends if you want to spread the word.


To protect the privacy of those attending, the [Facebook] guest list is concealed.  That said, don’t EVER EVER rely on Facebook to protect your privacy.





8)  West Side Arts Walk

5 pm to 2 am @ Various Locations on the West Side


It’s the West Side Arts Walk.  This is community building at its best.  There will be various performances and art shows and various other weird stuff happening all over the West Side.  See FB Event Page to keep up on details.


This from the organizers:


The Raccoon Collective is organizing its annual Halloween Westside Artswalk!  It’s sure to be a spooky good time.  We’re currently trying to find houses on the Westside willing to host events, as well as artists willing to show off their stuff.


Examples of things we consider art:

* 2-D visual art (paintings, drawings, comics, collage)

* 3-D visual art (sculptures, installations)


* Music (loud, soft, classic, avant garde)

* Performances (comedy, dance, plays, puppets, videos, chainsaw juggling)

* Food (secret cafes, your home made jam, cook-offs)

* Things you consider art (stuff not mentioned on this list but is awesome)


If you have a house or art you’d like to show off, email us at westsideartswalk@gmail.com by Saturday, October 20th at the latest.


Now go invite all of your friends.





9)  Green Party Monthly Meeting

Saturday October 27th at 6 pm Upstairs Above Bucks 5th Avenue, 209 5th Avenue Downtown


Come join in an alternative to the two corporate fascist parties.


This from Janet:


Our regular monthly meeting is this Saturday — should have been last week but we had the People’s Movement Assembly and nobody had any energy left over after that.  Potluck at 6:00, meeting at 7:00; in the loft over Buck’s Culinary Exotica, 209 5th Avenue downtown.


Hope you went to the Assembly!  Jill Stein spoke from 1 to 2, to a crowd of about 250, and again in a workshop on ending the two-party duopoly.  You can find a video of the lunchtime speech on the GP of WA website but not of the workshop.


On her way to Tacoma after the Assembly, Jill stopped at the bridge at Exit 122 (“Freedom Bridge” — I guess that refers to freedom for corporations, to go into other people’s countries) and waved under our sign, “Jill Stein WILL bring our troops home!”  (sign courtesy of Mary A.) It’s our message to the troops. It’s a great image — look at the GP of Washington State website (gp-wa.us) to see it.  The other people in the picture are Anne S., Roy O., Tom N., Jean, Jody from Seattle, and Jill’s aide.


Did you know the Fort Lewis doctors were deliberately under-diagnosing PTSD so as to save money?


At the Assembly there were many other notable workshops, too many to take in.  I went to one by Drew Hendricks on Police Accountability.


Drew gave us many details to use in our Vigil Against Police Brutality on Monday.  We ended up with eight cases to commemorate.  It was a pretty good event.  I will put the script up on the local website.


See you Saturday!



Janet Jordan






10)  Free Radio Olympia’s First Annual Waffle and Mimosa Fundraiser Brunch

Sunday October 27th at 10 am to 2 pm @ the Sour House, 1423 Bowman Ave NW


Come attend a fundraiser for our favourite pirate radio station!  I have been all over North American literally more times than I can count and Olympia has the best political radio of anywhere I’ve ever been.  Between KAOS, KOWA, and Free Radio Olympia we’re blessed with all the info you need.


This from the organizers:


The Sour House, 1423   Bowman Ave, N.W. Olympia, WA Behind the West Side Food Co-Op.
2 Waffles &   toppings for $6.50
All vegan with gluten free option.





11)  Bonus Tip of the Day:


Expose a vulture today.







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