Olympia Action Alert 10_11_12

Spin Cycle:


1)  FYI Section:

   1A)  People’s Movement Assembly and Michael Parenti


   1C)  Free Skool Olympia Moves Meetings to Last Word Books

   1D)  Write the US Attorney about Oppression of Local Activists

2)  AORTA (Anti-Oppression Resource and Training Alliance) Collective Workshops

3)  Grand Jury Resisters Benefit Concert

4)  Tamale Fusion Benefit Café

5)  The Gaza Ark:  A New Challenge to the U.S./Israeli Blockade of Gaza

6)  The Village Skills Series:  Restorative Justice

7)  The Village Skills Series:  Community Design Skills

8)  Homes Not Banks Meeting

9)  Children’s Alliance Advocacy Camp

10)  Bonus Tip of the Day




Hey Kids!


I was writing back in the old days before computers and electronic editing tools.  Believe it or not I actually wrote several novels in longhand.


I never had to walk ten miles uphill both ways through the snow to get to school, though.  (That was my parents…)


Now that I have access to a word-processor with a built in thesau­rus and dictionary, some of you who are familiar with my old stuff may notice a marked improvement in my vocabulary if not in my overall what-cha-call-it but I still sure feelest gladly that my English teacher learned me how to talk English so really really goodly!  For instance, with a preposition a sentence I will not end!  In addition I prom­ise all of my loyal readers (yes, both of you!) that I will retain my ethical stan­dards and my spiritual purity by never using these powerful editing tools indulging in any egotistical pettiness or transparent begging for attention that might be revealed by resorting to some cheap trick such as, say, employing arbitrary polysyllabic sesquipedalianism just to try to impress you with the fact that I know words like polysyllabic and sesquipedalianism or with the ironic appropriateness of their use in this context…


That is something up with I will not put!




Anyway, the Machine has been engaged in a full-court press to manipulate what people think for the last 30 years and their efforts have been spectacularly successful:  Large portions of the American public are utterly convinced of numerous “facts” that are completely contrary to actual reality and that is problematic because these non-facts were implanted by the Machine and for the benefit of the Machine.


Concomitant with this manipulation of perceived reality there has also occurred the most massive redistribution of wealth in all human history with all of this redistributing going from the bottom to the very tip-top.


Yep, by the Machine and for the benefit of the Machine…


I have posted this before but I want to repeat it for new readers because this is an important lesson in how the Media Machine operates…


If someone is on a commercial broadcast then they work for the Machine.


I love John Stewart but did you know that his head writer, Kevin Bleyer, is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations?




Arundhati Roy just did a good spiel on the CFR (among other things) on Alternative Radio:




The Council on Foreign Relations is a very secretive and very powerful organization that was founded by John D. Rockefeller with the purpose of installing a worldwide corporate government.


John Stewart’s role is to act as a pacifier so people won’t openly revolt.  Stewart’s March for Sanity was intended to chill everyone out so they would laugh rather than rise up in revolution.  In a way John Stewart’s job is the similar to that of the Democratic Party, i.e. he an enabler for the Machine.  As long as people believe that John Stewart or the Democrats represent the people’s voice then everything is cool.


Another example:  I recently heard Rachel Maddow do a town hall discussion on NPR about a book she wrote covering the American War Machine.




I tuned in interested to see whether she was going to try to absolve Democrats of responsibility for our mass-exportation of gruesome death — and to my complete delight and utter surprise one of the first things she said was that the War Machine was bi-partisan and that the Democrats were also in on it!


In my naïvety I literally cheered!  Rachel Maddow has finally seen the light!  She was gonna lay them out at long last!  She was going to expose the war-criminals!  On frigging NPR!


Dream on.


Rachel Maddow seems to have a heart.  She wields a lot of influence.  Such people often exist in bubbles and she has always struck me as brilliant honest and naïve.  I thought that maybe if she really knew the score she would have the integrity to trash her career and do the right thing — and thus a couple of years ago I sent her links for documented facts on CIA drug trafficking activities, corruption in the Justice Department, etc. and so on and so forth ad infinitum — and I sent her documentation on the Democratic Party’s neck-deep complicity in the corruption of the Wall Street War Machine.


I never heard a single word back and she has never covered any of these things.


Until now.


It is amazing how powerful wishful thinking can be.  At the time I considered Ms. Maddow’s confession to be an historic event and a major turning point in our struggle.  I literally sat on the edge of my seat waiting for her to lay in.


The Great Rachel Maddow Epiphany lasted for almost two whole minutes — until I heard her say this:


“I don’t think this was a conspiratorial cabal who was trying to subvert the goals of the nation for their own purposes — that was trying to replace their interests with the goals of the nation [sic].  I think mostly it was people who thought they were doing the right thing — and wanted to take shortcuts.”


Honest.  I am not kidding.  I personally heard her say this with my own ears.  I personally read the transcript with my own eyes.  This quote was pasted directly from the transcript.  Click the link above and listen/ read it for yourself.


I loudly yelled out a profane adjective indicating profound disgust; either Rachel Maddow honestly believes that fascism is cool as long as a Democrat is doing it (if she accredits Republican war criminals with such high ideals she did not specifically mention it in this interview) or Rachel Maddow is naïve to the point of hopelessness…


…or has she made a conscious decision that it is in her own best interests to be a ‘good German’?


So, Rachel, you define mass-murdering women and children with unmanned drones piloted out of Nevada as a ‘shortcut’?  You maintain that doing this so that we can seize control of their frigging oil is a selfless act of courage that is not “subverting the goals of the nation for their own ends”?  I guess the fact that they take in hundreds of billions a year in profits doing so is just a happy coincidence, eh Rachel?  I guess all that Wall Street/ War Machine/ Big Oil money that rolls into the DNC coffers doesn’t influence their policies, right Rachel?


Adolph Hitler wrote a book.  It is called Mein Kampf.  I have read it.  I can (and sometimes do) say a lot about that (I in fact wrote an entire novel about it) but the impression relevant to the current context is that — in a shining example of the most dangerous people being those who are convinced they are doing the right thing — Adolf Hitler was utterly completely convinced without the slightest shred of doubt and with 100% certainty (as only a fanatic can be 100% certain) that what he was doing was for the ultimate good of humanity.


Adolph Hitler quite literally viewed himself as humanity’s saviour.


I also studied Joseph Stalin for this novel.  One profound difference between Stalin and Hitler:  Stalin could give a shite about humanity.  Humanity could kiss his ass.  One of Stalin’s favourite quotes:  “If you are afraid of wolves then stay out of the forest.”


Stalin murdered far more innocent civilians than did Hitler and almost all of Stalin’s murders were of his own countrymen whilst Hitler’s were almost all of non-Germans and Jews.  Stalin also murdered numerous friends allies and family members.  Agents of Stalin went all the way to frigging Mexico just so they could run a pickaxe through Leon Trotsky’s forehead.  I personally consider Stalin to be a psychopath much more alarming than Hitler but he was our ‘ally’ so therefore he is far less vilified.


(Mao actually killed more of his own people even than Stalin and proportionally Pol Pot killed more Cambodians than both, so the left should not suffer any illusions that our extremists are any better than theirs…)


Since Stalin never wrote a book and since he tended to murder everyone who ever got near him it is harder to buttonhole him — but in my view both Stalin and Hitler were animal/human mutant-hybrids and we would have been far better off had they both been drowned at birth.  Both were obviously brutalized as children and I’m sorry about that but it wasn’t the fault of virtually any of the tens-of-millions who died horribly under their auspices.  I find the fact that both men were able to do what they did to be profoundly alarming but an interesting question is which is more alarming:  The man utterly convinced that he is doing the ‘right’ thing and only kills ‘certain’ people (i.e. Jews, Native Americans, whatever) or is it the man who doesn’t give a flying fig and conducts genocidal slaughter upon everyone that his paranoia identifies as a “threat”?


Would you prefer Hitler or Stalin running your country?


Evidently Rachel Maddow prefers the former.  As long as they are unselfishly working for the perceived ‘good’ what can go wrong, eh Rachel?  And besides, even under Hitler you had it pretty good as long as you were German and non-Jewish — at least for awhile.


Some people think we should follow a third course but they are radicals and no one listens to them so you can just tell them to shut up before you go back to sleep.


It’s time to get to work…


1)  FYI Section: 


1A)  People’s Movement Assembly and Michael Parenti


This is a must attend event if you want to be an activist.  This is weekend after next[October 19th and 20th]


Michael Parenti will get you fired up Friday night and you can learn how to do something about at workshops that will be happening all day Saturday.


The PMA will be on TESC campus this year.








We use these all the time for tabling and for Food Not Bombs amongst many other things and their return would be greatly appreciated.  I think maybe Monte took a couple and never brought them back so if anyone sees him can they remind him?  Bruce took the other one so I am hoping that one will make it back but you never know.  We might need to panhandle some folding tables soon.




1C)  Free Skool Olympia Moves Meetings to Last Word Books


The weekly FSO meetings will now be held @ Last Word Books.


This from Ava:


Dear Educators, and Knowledge pursuers,

Big Changes, and Exciting news!
Meetiings this Month: Will be at last word books!!!
211 E. 4th Ave To change things up, and keep things refreshing
In the true spirit of patriarchy we’ll patronize new people!
Every Month!

More News:
We’re going to try to get our calendar printed in the Works in Progress for November,
WHICH MEANS we’ll have
a SOLID Class proposal deadline as of October 18th,
because that’s when they need it to see if they can print it.

We’re still in need of publicity! We’re made out of busi people but if
anyone wants to write up blog posts for FSO, or help be apart of organizing,
making the calendar, and other forms of
nutritive free-skool propagation we’d love your contributions!

See you at the Next Mtg.
…it’s made of people


Teach!!! You’re full of valuable wisdom! Spill the beans!




1D)  Write the US Attorney about Oppression of Local Activists


Want to fax the US Attorney and ask them stop the grand jury oppression.  Free and easy.  We have friends in jail with no charges and no convictions.  I think we should speak up about this.


You do the steps below, then you get an email. the Fax goes out when you respond to the email.


Maybe this is more than clicktivism?  That’s not to say there is anything wrong with signing petitions.  But in this case you can communicate directly with the office of the US Attorney who is conducting the grand jury investigation and putting people in jail for not wanting to answer questions.


Thanks and Solidarity,


Forward far and wide.




Dear CAPR supporter:

Leah-Lynn Plante, the last of the 3 anarchists subpoenaed to appear before the grand jury in Seattle, will have her contempt of court hearing this Wednesday, Oct 10th at 9 am. It seems most likely that she will be held in contempt and taken into custody like Matt Duran and Katherine “KteeO” Olejnik in September.

On Tuesday, October 9th, we are asking all supports to fax and call the US attorney, Jenny A Durkan, to demand an end to the grand jury and the release of all those subpoenaed.  Below you will find a Fax Petition demanding that she end this witch-hunt.  To join the petition effort, please follow these simple steps:

1) Go to http://faxzero.com/ .

2) Fill out the form with your name and email address under Sender information.

3) Fill out Jenny A Durkan under Receiver Name and (206) 553-0882 for the Receiver Fax Line.

4) Copy the text at the bottom of this email into the box that says “Type text to appear on the cover page”.  Personalize the text in the box to include your name and also anything else you would like to say.

5) Enter the confirmation code

6) Click the Send Free Fax Now button at the bottom of the box.

7) Check your email and click on the confirmation link. Clicking on this link will actually send your fax.

8) Wait for the email that confirms that your fax has been sent.

9) Once you have sent the fax, please CALL the U.S. Attorney’s office at (800) 797-6722 to confirm that they received it.  We suggest something like the following script:

“Hello my name is Miguel Gomex, and I just sent your office a fax to ask that Jenny Durkan call off tomorrow’s contempt and grand jury hearings and end the investigation.  I’m calling now to confirm that you received it.  Would you check for me please?”

The person answering the phone may offer some general assurance that they are receiving faxes.  If they do, please be insistent: “Please, it is very important to me that Ms. Durkin receive my message, and that my voice be added to the opposition to this grand jury.  Would you please double-check to verify that you’ve received my message.  My name, again, is Miguel Gomez.”

It may take a few minutes for them to find your fax.  Please be patient while they do.  Once they confirm that they have your message, remember to thank the staff for accommodating you.

10) Please send CAPR a message at nopoliticalrepression@gmail.com, to let us know that you sent the message, and what response you received when you called.

Fax message:

End the Grand Jury Investigation of the Anarchist Movement

(Fax Petition)

To: Jenny Durkan

United States Attorney for Western Washington

Seattle, Washington

Fax Line : (206) 553-0882

Ms. Durkan:

I am writing to add my voice to the hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals who have telephoned you, written and signed declarations, and demonstrated in cities around the country demanding an end to the grand jury witch-hunt of anarchists and aligned activists in the Pacific Northwest and for all those subpoenaed to be released from contempt.

This case clearly shows that your office is persecuting political dissent. It is despicable that the US attorney and the FBI are harassing and intimating this group of people for their political beliefs. I demand that the grand jury investigation be ended immediately, that the governments repression of social movements stop, and that any items seized in the raids be returned to their rightful owners.




2)  AORTA (Anti-Oppression Resource and Training Alliance) Collective Workshops

Thursday October 11th at 4 pm thru Saturday October 13th at 7 pm @ TESC, location TBA


Three days of workshops on anti-oppression at TESC.


This from the organizers:


FIST! is excited for the new school year!  We are happy to announce that Kiran Nigam and Jenna Peters-Golden from AORTA Collective (Anti-Oppression Resource and Training Alliance) will be presenting 4 workshops on anti-oppression. The workshops are on: Power, Privilege, and Oppression Fundamentals; Queer Liberation and Collective Liberation; Disability Justice; and Training for Trainers!


Are you interested in anti-oppression but don’t know where to start?  Would you like to learn more about social justice?


Do you like popular education?  Thursday, October 11th there will be a Power, Privilege, and Oppression Fundamentals Workshop from 4 – 7 PM!  This workshop is an engaging and fun introduction to anti-oppression.


Full Workshop Description: https://www.facebook.com/events/421953311201717/



On Friday, October 12th, there will be a Queer Liberation and Collective Liberation Workshop from 4 – 7 PM.  If you’re interested in seeing the connections between different systems of oppression (classism, racism, sexism, ableism, and more) but with an emphasis on Queer Liberation you will love this workshop.


Full Workshop Description: https://www.facebook.com/events/526055967408750/



Saturday, October 13th, there will be a workshop on Disability Justice at noon. This workshop focuses on oppression against people with mental, physical, and emotional disabilities.  Have you ever wondered how you could be more inclusive of people with disabilities?  Do you have a disability or disabilities and want to learn how to be more supportive of other disabled folks?  Come to this workshop!


Full Workshop Description: https://www.facebook.com/events/272508076199811/



At 4 on Saturday there will be Training for Trainers Workshop!  The Training for Trainers workshop was one of the most popular events FIST!  had last year. Would you like to make your meetings more interesting?  Do you want to learn more about popular education?  Want ideas for activities to do with your friends or in your organization?  This workshop is great for students, teachers, and activists!


Full Workshop Description:




ABOUT AORTA COLLECTIVE: AORTA is a collective of educators devoted to strengthening movements for social justice and a solidarity economy.  We work as consultants and facilitators to expand the capacity of cooperative, collective, and community based projects through education, training and planning.  We base our work on an intersectional approach to liberation because we believe that true change requires uprooting all systems of oppression.


Jenna Peters-Golden is an organizer and artist residing in Philadelphia.  She facilitates workshops on anti-oppression, strategic planning, radical human resources, large-scale organizing and democratic education.  Jenna is a core member of AORTA and Philly Stands Up, a transformative justice collective.


kiran nigam is an educator, facilitator, and artist committed to building movements for social and economic justice.  Involved in the co-op movement for over a decade, kiran has worked with NASCO, the USFWC, and AORTA.  She was inducted into the 2010 NASCO Cooperative Hall of Fame for her contribution to cooperative education and training.  kiran is passionate about using her background in facilitation and communication to help build healthy and sustainable organizations.



Friends!  Comrades!  WE DO NOT HAVE ROOMS YET.  THE WORKSHOPS WILL BE AT THE EVERGREEN STATE COLLEGE AND THEY WILL BE WHEEL CHAIR ACCESSIBLE.  As soon as we have those fancy little room numbers you’ll know!





3)  Grand Jury Resisters Benefit Concert

Friday October 12th, 7 pm @ the Northern, 414 ½ Legion Way


Come help support brave battlers of government oppression.


This from the organizers:


$7-20 benefit for the grand jury resisters


Please check http://www.saynothing.info or http://www.nopoliticalrepression.wordpress.com  for updates.




August 2nd was the first hearing of the Seattle grand jury that has been formed to investigate Northwest anarchists. Leah-Lynn Plante read a statement that detailed her non-cooperation and then proceeded to go inside the court house to refuse to answer their questions.


The remaining recipients of subpoenas either elected not to show up to the grand jury, had August 30 or another date on their subpoena, or have not been officially served; however now all the dates have been pushed back to the 13th of September.


Please come out on Thursday September 13th to express your solidarity with the resistors and show your stance against the State’s witch hunt.


Please check saynothing.info or nopoliticalrepression.wordpress.com for updates.















$7-20 benefit for the grand jury resisters





4)  Tamale Fusion Benefit Café

Saturday, October 13th, 5 pm @ Fertile Grounds, 311 9th Avenue


This is a benefit to replace things stolen from Melanie Gary at a recent house break-in.


This from Melanie:


There is going to be a benefit this Sat at Fertile Ground.  It is to recover some of the cost of a break-in we experienced Friday evening in our home that resulted in the loss of all of our earnings for the past month as well as the camera that I use for my photography services.


This is a sad thing but we are just going to work real hard and keep looking forward.  In the mean time, we are throwing a big party.


There will be: Live music, art and such offered for a silent auction, activities for the kids

and food of course!


We’re featuring our tamale pastels- a deep dish of baked tamale made with organic blue corn masa.  And we only use organic Moroccan olive oil in our cooking and ingredients as well.


Here’s the menu:


-Shrimp Creole Pastel with Collard Greens


-Tandoori Lamb Pastel with Raw Sauce (optional), a tangy honey-lemon sauce made with brine and coconut milk.


-Vegan Sweet Potato and Green Chili Pastel


-Cactus and Cheese with Green Chili Masa


For dessert we will have


-Gluten-free Lemon-Lavender Love Cake


-Gluten-free Chocolate Caraway Cookies


To drink we offer:

-Hot Cocoa brewed in Coconut Cream with Raw Sugar, Cinnamon and Cardamom


We hope to see you there.  Please please pass this on to your friends.  We know this is short notice so any help in spreading the word will be greatly appreciated.  Info about music line-up and activities will be coming soon.





5)  The Gaza Ark:  A New Challenge to the U.S./Israeli Blockade of Gaza

Sunday October 14th, 10 to 11:30 am @ Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave SW


Come help fight brutal oppression in the Middle East.


This from the organizers:


The Gaza Ark:  A New Challenge to the U.S./Israeli Blockade of Gaza.


Retired Col. Ann Wright will give an update on the situation in Gaza and raise funds for the international effort to end the siege, which is so catastrophic that the United Nations warns Gaza may be unlivable by 2020.  In separate talks, she will also address sexual harassment in the military.


After retiring from the Army, Wright served as a diplomat, resigning in 2003 in opposition to the Iraq war.  In 2009, she went to Gaza 3 times after the Israeli attack on Gaza.  She helped organize the 2009 Gaza Freedom March & the 2011 US Boat to Gaza; was a passenger on the 2010 Gaza Freedom Flotilla.



6)  The Village Skills Series:  Restorative Justice

Mondays from October 15 – December 3, 6:30-8:00 pm @ the Downtown Commons, 911 Adams St SE


This is part of the Village Building Convergence, dedicated to transforming neighborhoods into communities.


This from the organizers:


Led by Beth Rodman, this 8-week instructional and participatory series on Restorative Justice will teach participants effective methods for dealing with crime and conflict as a community and how to build an alternative to hurtful punitive justice.


When: Mondays from October 15- December 3



Where: 911 Adams St SE (the EcoHouse in The Commons@Fertile Ground)


Cost to Register: $25


Class size limited to 12.



Beth Rodman is a restorative justice practitioner and trainer with 15 years experience and also serves as Quaker health educator.


Paul McCold is a Quaker criminologist and internationally-known scholar in restorative justice, chairs the Thurston County Restorative Justice Initiative and the Restorative Justice Working Group of Friends Committee on Washington Public Policy.





7)  The Village Skills Series:  Community Design Skills

6:15 to 8:15 pm @ the Village Commons, 911 Adams St SE


This is part of the Village Building Convergence, dedicated to transforming neighborhoods into communities.


This from the organizers:


An introduction to the basics of redesigning Olympia’s built environment, simply to make it better for people and the environment. Learning activities include observation, activities, and small-group conversations with experienced organizers, professionals and public officials.


The eight meetings will cover topics including

– sketching

– designing public spaces


– project funding

– project management

– working with the city and county


Where: 911 Adams St SE (the EcoHouse in the Commons@Fertile Ground)


When: Tuesdays, October 16 – December 18

No meetings November 6th and December 4th


Cost of Registration: $35


Class size limited to 12.


Facilitated by James Rian O’Keeffe, a community organizer whose engaging facilitation encourages participation and sparks creativity. His broad range of experience and education includes leadership in the Olympia Village Convergence, service with Native Plant Salvage, City Repair’s Village Design Course, international conflict resolution, language teaching and sharing music.





8)  Homes Not Banks Meeting

Wednesday October 17th, 6:30 pm @ St. Johns Episcopal Church, 19th Ave and Capital Way


Come help fight foreclosure.


This from Rod:


HomesNotBanks is working to help families facing mortgage distress and foreclosure/eviction.
We will continue to have meetings on the first and third Wednesdays of the month at 6:30PM
The next meetings will be Oct 3rd, Oct 17th, Nov 7 and Nov 21st

WE meet in the library of St. Johns Episcopal Church on 19th Ave and Capital Way.  Enter through the door in the parking lot off 19th Ave.

We hope to see you this Wednesday at 6:30 at St. Johns Church.



9)  Children’s Alliance Advocacy Camp

October 17 – 19 in North Bend, WA


I have only worked with the Children’s Alliance once but I was highly impressed; the bottom line is that it’s all about the kids.


This from the Children’s Alliance:


Are you an advocate for children?  Here’s a great opportunity to build your skills!


Create positive change in your community!


Advocacy Camp is a leadership training held in October at the beautiful Rainbow Lodge in North Bend, Washington.  We teach essential skills needed in effective public policy advocacy for children and families:  Media, lobbying, and community building.


Applications are open to adults in Washington State who want to create positive change in their community, imporove the lives of children, and sharpen/ learn new leadership skills.  We encourage low-income and people of color to apply.


Tuition Scholarships Available!  Transportation and Child Care Assistance!


Please contact:  Emijah Smith at (800) 854-KIDS x 25 or emijah@childrensalliance.org


Children’s Alliance

718 Sixth Avenue South

Seattle, WA 98104

(800) 854-KIDS




10)  Bonus Tip of the Day:


Blow up your TV.  Throw away your paper.  Listen to Democracy Now!







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