Election Season!

Election season!  That exciting contest every four years wherein rigged voting machines tell us which of two lying corporate shills that Wall Street is going to install in the White House this time!  The tension mounts and it’s suspense galore!  Who will it be?  The current Constitutional Scholar in Chief/ War Criminal who ignores the Constitution or his challenger, the vulture-capitalist who built a vast fortune looting and outsourcing our country’s wealth?  Who will throw the lowest punch?  Was Mitt Romney a bully in college?  What is Michelle Obama wearing tonight?  What do the polls say about Romney’s non-existent plan? 

Can the Media Machine continue endlessly plastering the known universe with immaterial poodlia speaking voluminously at great length employing enourmous amounts of excess verbiage saying absolutely nothing — whilst simultaneously reserving their right to remain silent about the truly important issues? 

It has been documented that 40% of the start-up money for Bain Capital came from Salvadoran Death Squad Leaders who occasionally took a break from their hard day of massacring villages full of civilians to rape and murder nuns and assassinate archbishops. 


Both the Los Angeles Times and Huffington Post has documented this stuff and they name names — why don’t the Democrats or the Media Machine ever talk about that? 

Barack Obama is an Indictable War Criminal for ordering and overseeing the mass murder of at least hundreds and probably thousands of innocent civilians (i.e. mostly women and children) with unmanned drones piloted from a bunker in Nevada. 


Why don’t the Republicans or the Media Machine ever talk about that? 

Rather than pointing out that our government is run by a criminal gang the Media Machine instead spews forth crapola like some never-ending waterfall of putrid vomitus completely drenching whatever news source that you may attempt to reference.  I would suggest composting it but it is highly toxic. 

As for the importance and as for the legitimacy of the upcoming ‘election’ I think it important to keep things in proper perspective:  First and foremost is the fact that right from the top it has been definitively proven numerous times over and over that the Frigging Voting Machines are Rigged


So much for ‘legitimacy’. 

In another interesting and related development neither party is even saying anything about the rigged voting machines much less doing anything about it. 

Gee, now why would that be?  Hmmm… 

Even if the voting machines weren’t rigged the only two realistic choices that we have are either a lying corporate fascist or another lying corporate fascist who is arguably even worse.  Do you really think that using a rigged voting machine to vote for a lying corporate fascist is going to bring about any kind of ‘change we can believe in’ of any kind in any way or in any manner whatsoever?  Really? 

So much for ‘importance’. 


History proves it over and over:  The only thing that ever changes anything is mass-movements on the streets.  You can rarely count upon anyone who is benefitting from the status quo to bring about meaningful “change we can believe in”.  These things always come from the bottom up. 

I have heard of research stating that non-violent civil disobedience succeeds at roughly twice the rate of armed revolutions but I don’t know the criteria or conditions or if those studies even exist and many challenge them but whatever; non-violent civil disobedience has been highly successful before and the only caveat seems to be that it only works if you have enough people.  Thus, we need everyone that we can get.  They can’t bring in the cattle cars if there are too many of us.  You really should buy a bullhorn make a sign and join us.  It’s actually a lot of fun and you meet a lot of truly awesome people.  The Machine will be making a list and checking it twice but if we don’t reach critical mass then everyone will be in for it whether or not you find yourself on any secret federal poodliation lists; the people who act now will merely be the first to be disappeared if/ when the hammer comes down but believe me, it won’t stop with us — and if it reaches that point then I think that I would rather miss that party anyway so I don’t really care.  It has reached the point that if you don’t already have an FBI file then you aren’t doing your civic duty.  It has reached the point that if you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem. 

Rather than going along with evil I will gladly be the first mouse flipping off the eagle as it swoops in for the kill — and I will recite this manifesto into their faces: 

Screw Nazis.  Screw all Nazis.  Screw all Nazis always and screw all Nazis in all forms and screw all Nazis in all guises and screw all Nazis at all times and screw all Nazis forever and forevermore amen

That’s it for now.  Next month I’ll tell you what I really think…



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